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Автор PlaystationQUAD (4 месяца)
i still have my s2 and it looks like it can hold up another 4 yrs

Автор ivova753 (1 месяц)
Кто смотрит из 2015 ;)

Автор Joey Fish (1 месяц)
Omfg who cares which kind of phone is better, all you people who are hating
over android or ios just let me say, they both have their advantages over
each other but really, does it fucking matter they both do the same
thing. Shit, my tablet is samsung my phone is apple my tv is samsung and my
pc is apple nigga it doesn't matter for fuck sake. I'm so tired of you
people bitching over how Samsung or apple sucks, you like what you like,
and keep your dumbass comments to yourself you idiots.

Автор total random cow (2 месяца)
i still have s2 but im getting an upgrade on Monday 

Автор Ionut Mihalache (3 месяца)
4s 7.1.2 is actually better than s3 even s3 neo or s3 lte.. Tested: sound a
lot better, opens apps the same if not faster, better display and build

Автор Christopher Stokes (11 дней)
Watching this on a iPhone 4s

Автор XDKX101 (7 месяцев)
S2 really is a timeless phone. My gf has one for a long time and still
works perfectly. Same goes for the Droid RAZR

Автор RuthlessMint M (27 дней)
Come on just face it apple isheeps, the only reason you get an iPhone is
for fashion statement. Mos the isheeps don't know what android is. Most
don't even know what powers their phone.
So basically iPhone is for people who don't what a CPU is and are usually
uneducated in technology (teenage girls). Android is for those who want to
tweak their device. 

Автор ayman mun (1 месяц)
If you put the video speed at .25 when he does the speed test, you can
clearly see that apple won most of them, it may have been because he didn't
click them both at the same time, but there is still a big gap regardless

Автор Tolbert Wangila (1 месяц)
Did you make a copy of Smartphoneenvy?

Автор Filip Håkansson (2 месяца)
Well i gotta say i've always had samsung phones and i just switched over to
the iphone 5 to test it and i gotta say i hate it samsung was so much
smoother than the iphone and the storage was bigger and overall it was just
fantastic im going to switch back to samsung soon bye apple fags

Автор Marwa Kassem (3 месяца)
Gonna change my phone to an iPhone and never getting back to the galaxy

Автор RAP1073 (1 год)
Samsung RULES

Автор TEKKU (4 месяца)
The good ol days

Автор SerbianGamer .srb (6 месяцев)
samsung galaxy s2 is one of the best samsung phones even of s3 because its
made so good but more love iphone 4s because is so small and slim and

Автор Shamz (5 месяцев)
Are u sure that your 4s is real because mine is well faster then urs

Автор Rawhidekid GAMER (3 месяца)
Hey iPhone lovers don't want samsung to exist, than iPhone would not exist
because Samsung makes most the parts for the iPhone Apple just puts them

Автор asward noir (7 месяцев)
sony is the best

Автор Tuhin Zaman (6 месяцев)
iPhone 4s is a much loved phone,the last iphone to be the best 

Автор Aaron Weeks (7 месяцев)
watching this on my iphone 6

Автор Martin Dimitrov (8 месяцев)
S2 wins!<>

Автор McMacWaffle (8 месяцев)
The iphone 4s wins!!!

Автор beletruz (8 месяцев)
iPhone is IPS...

Автор Franz Pogi (9 месяцев)
Try gaming on both and see how s2 sucks hahah.. And if u have 4s with ios6
that would be a overkill

Автор FC Soccer Tv (8 месяцев)

Автор Dezzy Tho (10 месяцев)
Both great phones but personally i think ios and apple is just better than
android 👍😎

Автор Emma Johnson (6 месяцев)
Geez guys it's a phone, you don't have to go at each other life this...

Автор RamiV2 (1 год)
I love Apple products. Mainly because it's simplistic & the accessories are
"universal". Meaning that it's not hard to find add ons or chargers for
iPhones. IMO it's a bit more organized too. Android lets you have a bunch
of customization which is something that bugs me, I can see why people like
more freedom tho (:

Автор llamaman (1 год)
I have s2 x and i have used iphone 4s as well , 4s has a better display but
the tiny screen ain't meant for watchong movies, s2 has the better
smartphone sized display iand is more customizeable better for gaming ,
better camera ,is also cheaper then 4s , what i am trying to say is with
galaxy s2 you cant get bored with it, but with a 4s, you discover all the
features in the first week so s2 is def better overall

Автор TheVideoShroom (9 месяцев)
It's so obvious this guy is pro-Samsung and I haven't even watched half of
the video yet. He claims the iPhone doesn't have turn-by-turn navigation
when it does. And when he asks to make a remainder Siri makes a reminder
while dumbass Google Voice shows search results on Google, and he doesn't
even say anything.

Автор Larry Witte (7 месяцев)
I am up for an upgrade through Sprint. I don't know if I want to get rid of
my s2. It still works darn good.

Автор Kire Dimitrov (6 месяцев)
bitch put the netflix part in slo mow the 4s rapes the shit out of the s2

Автор Bobby Espada (7 месяцев)
both are great phone.. for me, the performance are quite the same. i know
it cause i have both of em..If you want the phone for gaming, then pick s2,
for messaging, pictures, videos , nice user interface then go for 4s. if
you want everything, definitely the 4s

Автор tom maenen (1 год)
I had an samsung galaxy s2 plus but it's absolute shit the memory was full
and the phone lagged so hard so I switched to the 4s and I have no problems
it looks better and ios7 looks awesome samsung sucks 

Автор Hamzah Ahmed (1 год)
S2 is way better

Автор oliver masangcay (11 месяцев)
iphone 4s is the best.

Автор Dávid Putz (1 год)
Apple is best! Samsung is cover shit :)

Автор Kn Dude (1 год)
Galaxy S2 ROCKS 

Автор Paulette Barnes (7 месяцев)
samsung sucks i have an s3 it lags real bad
i also have a 4s it way better

Автор Kire Dimitrov (6 месяцев)
Guy that knows nothing about tech makes videos the iphone also has a turn
by turn navigation when he asks Google Voice to make hem a meeting it just
googles it hey Pocketnow i will easily replace this guy.

Автор Weekly Vlogs (1 год)
why do the phone shop I go to sell 4s cases but not s2 cases? :(

Автор Shane Tom (8 месяцев)
He blind lmao it was most tied and a lot more the 4s

Автор Bernier Amezquita (1 год)
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site URL is attiphoneunlocking, come and have a look, you will discover the
most reliable service you ever endured over here.

Автор Muhd Syafiq (1 год)
galaxy s2. i have it. very nice and smooth. :D

Автор Hmada Nahas (1 год)
I will try ios

Автор Emil ev Edgar (1 год)
look at the camera the gs2 camera sux

Автор Kurt Yabut (1 год)
HAHA "MYPHONE 4s has 512 Mb of RAM" REALLY? "MYPHONE 4s? thats new! hahaha

Автор tom maenen (1 год)
And the s2 is shit because I won't charge anymore

Автор Fabian Hardan (1 год)
i got first the s2 and i get today my iphone 4 . IPHONE 4S IS DA BOMB

Автор Jasmine Gardiner (1 год)
the samsung is better i have had it for 3 years

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