iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S 2

Detailed spec comparison & photos: http://bit.ly/ppv25y
Full iPhone 4S review: http://bit.ly/tSkfdu
Full Samsung Galaxy S II Review: http://bit.ly/lAHVY8

The iPhone 4S (available on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint) and the Samsung Galaxy S II (available on T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint) are two of the best smartphones on the market right now. In this video we compare program launching speed, web browsing performance, gaming smoothness, specs, 1080p video recording, and even artificial intelligence in terms of the digital assistant software included on both. Which of these high-end smartphones is better?

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Автор Rafael Lopes ( назад)
What happened with this guy?

Автор q e t o ( назад)
ipone 4s

Автор Brett The vlogger999 ( назад)
The 4s looks prettier but the s2 is better

Автор anurag gupta ( назад)
Samsung Galaxy S2 was fastest at that time.

Автор Andrew Bloodworth ( назад)
Should have had the animations turned on on the S2 for the speed test. Even though this video is ancient it still should have been a fair test.

Автор tabtel info ( назад)

Автор Adams Vlogs ( назад)
I recommend the glaxy s 2

Автор Kubix TV ( назад)

Автор xX Игровой Канал Davidos Xx ( назад)
у гелекси с2 нету анимации

Автор QBwarren 21 ( назад)
idiots iphone is the safest device in the world because android are easy to hack and easy to have virus idiots! steve jobs is still the greates of them all R.I.P

Автор Tabby Nation ( назад)
Nice video

Автор I Refuse To Defuse ( назад)
The s2 is future proof the 4s now after ios 9 update is almost unusable it's laggy as hell and the experience is very frustrating and don't let me start with the grey wifi problem what's up with that ? On the other hand my s2 gingerbread still rocking solid 10/10 it's snappy just like it was 5 years ago.

Автор sargam brown ( назад)

Автор H1987 ( назад)
The iPhone 4s is such shit. After a month I sold it to get the Galaxy s7 edge I couldn't be happier. Everything is way better. Samsung > apple

Автор yusuf selman ( назад)
s2 çok güzel

Автор Legendary ( назад)
Iphone 4 = Samsung s2

Автор Awab Khurram ( назад)
Samsung s2≥iphone 4 or 4s

Автор Treble 12 ( назад)

Автор Imam Fauzi ( назад)

Автор danceparttyy ( назад)
Pocketnow has come a long way. Watching it on my Galaxy s7 Edge.

Автор Tom Bunyon ( назад)
best driver.

Автор Tristris 389 ( назад)
At least you can still run the latest on the iPhone 4S without hacks.

Автор Rocktopia123 ( назад)
am i the last man who still have the sgs2? i think its a great phone, much better than 4s

Автор Kamil Nikodem ( назад)
Who from 2k17?

Автор Nick Gr ( назад)

Автор Mete Çağlar ( назад)
iPhone 4s > Galaxy S2

Автор David Chozah ( назад)
no creemballimdeal

Автор MC Gamerz ( назад)
The iPhone 4s looks slower because it has animations
They were disabled on the Galaxy s2

Автор eystein2010 ( назад)
funny watching those phone reviews in 2016. Man we've come a long way lol

Автор MegaBojan1993 ( назад)
The iphone looks like a toy compared to the Galaxy S2 :)

Автор Akshay Mykar ( назад)
iphone 4s was struggling with focus,plus the sound quality was mono and yet it is still mono on the 6s what a shame

Автор 신세인 ( назад)
iphone is better than samsung...l think😃

Автор Hashim Ali Awan ( назад)
on s2 animations are disabled. that makes it look faster than iPhone

Автор Glenn Murray ( назад)
Ah I remember then I was comparing those phones to see what one I wanted.

Автор r0cksteady1 ( назад)
I'm watching this on my sgs2 running cm.12.1 lollipop. This phone is so powerful, almost 5 years now.

Автор massimiliano covri ( назад)

Автор Cre8Tor2 ( назад)
Everyone loves apple to much. They wont give this other stuff a chance. Soon there going to make a Itable and everyone is going to buy that dumb normal table.

Автор Imran Nadeem ( назад)

Автор Nikita Zaycev ( назад)
Iphone 4s is waaaaaaay better than sgs2 even running ios 9

Автор marshalvin Syahwal ( назад)
iphone 4s better than fucking galaxy s2

Автор Jedd Simon ( назад)
Still have the 4s very fast still, just dont update to ios 9

Автор Dark Rayne ( назад)

Автор Salama Hassan ( назад)
salama Hassan

Автор Andrei ( назад)
S2 looks old

Автор Will ( назад)
Still got that iPhone 4s with iOS 6 , works like charm

Автор Josh G ( назад)
Oh my god look ma it's the fucking dark ages.

Автор fulfulfulfulful ( назад)
s2 best phone ever, still works after 4 years.

Автор TheBoyRecovers ( назад)
Do Clove Technology sell new phones or refurbished?

Автор Rislan Shaan ( назад)
s2 top

Автор Rusu Elvin ( назад)
Samsung Galaxy S 2 wins

Автор Christopher Stokes ( назад)
Watching this on a iPhone 4s

Автор RuthlessMint M ( назад)
Come on just face it apple isheeps, the only reason you get an iPhone is for fashion statement. Mos the isheeps don't know what android is. Most don't even know what powers their phone.
So basically iPhone is for people who don't what a CPU is and are usually uneducated in technology (teenage girls). Android is for those who want to tweak their device.

Автор Team Fnatic ( назад)
Кто смотрит из 2015 ;) 

Автор Joey Fish ( назад)
Omfg who cares which kind of phone is better, all you people who are hating over android or ios just let me say, they both have their advantages over each other but really, does it fucking matter they both do the same
thing. Shit, my tablet is samsung my phone is apple my tv is samsung and my pc is apple nigga it doesn't matter for fuck sake. I'm so tired of you people bitching over how Samsung or apple sucks, you like what you like, and keep your dumbass comments to yourself you idiots.

Автор ayman mun ( назад)
If you put the video speed at .25 when he does the speed test, you can clearly see that apple won most of them, it may have been because he didn't click them both at the same time, but there is still a big gap regardless

Автор total random cow ( назад)
i still have s2 but im getting an upgrade on Monday

Автор Marwa Kassem ( назад)
Gonna change my phone to an iPhone and never getting back to the galaxy

Автор Ionut Mihalache ( назад)
4s 7.1.2 is actually better than s3 even s3 neo or s3 lte.. Tested: sound a lot better, opens apps the same if not faster, better display and build quality. AND YOU GET FUCKING EMOJIS + iTunes

Автор DaDoritoBagz ( назад)
Hey iPhone lovers don't want samsung to exist, than iPhone would not exist because Samsung makes most the parts for the iPhone Apple just puts them together

Автор TEKKU ( назад)
The good ol days

Автор PlaystationQUAD-Pro ( назад)
i still have my s2 and it looks like it can hold up another 4 yrs

Автор Shamz ( назад)
Are u sure that your 4s is real because mine is well faster then urs

Автор Kire Dimitrov ( назад)
Guy that knows nothing about tech makes videos the iphone also has a turn by turn navigation when he asks Google Voice to make hem a meeting it just googles it hey Pocketnow i will easily replace this guy.

Автор Kire Dimitrov ( назад)
bitch put the netflix part in slo mow the 4s rapes the shit out of the s2

Автор Feel the wind ( назад)
samsung galaxy s2 is one of the best samsung phones even of s3 because its made so good but more love iphone 4s because is so small and slim and powerfull

Автор Tuhin Zaman ( назад)
iPhone 4s is a much loved phone,the last iphone to be the best

Автор Emma Johnson ( назад)
Geez guys it's a phone, you don't have to go at each other life this...

Автор asward noir ( назад)
sony is the best

Автор XDKX101 ( назад)
S2 really is a timeless phone. My gf has one for a long time and still works perfectly. Same goes for the Droid RAZR

Автор Larry Witte ( назад)
I am up for an upgrade through Sprint. I don't know if I want to get rid of my s2. It still works darn good.

Автор Aaron Weeks ( назад)
watching this on my iphone 6

Автор Paulette Barnes ( назад)
samsung sucks i have an s3 it lags real bad 
i also have a 4s it way better

Автор Bobby Espada ( назад)
both are great phone.. for me, the performance are quite the same. i know it cause i have both of em..If you want the phone for gaming, then pick s2, for messaging, pictures, videos , nice user interface then go for 4s.  if you want everything, definitely the 4s

Автор McMacWaffle ( назад)
The iphone 4s wins!!!

Автор Shane Tom ( назад)
He blind lmao it was most tied and a lot more the 4s

Автор FC Soccer Tv ( назад)

Автор beletruz ( назад)
iPhone is IPS...

Автор Martin Dimitrov ( назад)
S2 wins!<>

Автор S ( назад)
It's so obvious this guy is pro-Samsung and I haven't even watched half of the video yet. He claims the iPhone doesn't have turn-by-turn navigation when it does. And when he asks to make a remainder Siri makes a reminder while dumbass Google Voice shows search results on Google, and he doesn't even say anything.

Автор Acelya ( назад)
Your for the samsung Galaxy 2;/

Автор Smoke Gaming Channel ( назад)
Try gaming on both and see how s2 sucks hahah.. And if u have 4s with ios6 that would be a overkill

Автор Dezzy Tho ( назад)
Both great phones but personally i think ios and apple is just better than android 👍😎

Автор Smoke Gaming Channel ( назад)
Samsung cant even make a good launcher or music player or video player atleast iphone stock apps is way better i cant even come back to samsung cause how suck the music player is compared to iphone it doesnt even have cover art

Автор Gnm Software 2012 | Gnmpolicemata ( назад)
For gods sake, you didn't close the apps on the s2 before clicking HOME! Android devices have a "Back" button, you know?

Автор Oliver Masangcay ( назад)
iphone 4s is the best.

Автор Hmada Nahas ( назад)
I will try ios

Автор Squidward hates Patrick ( назад)
look at the camera the gs2 camera sux

Автор Squidward hates Patrick ( назад)
how could the galaxy s2 win the iphone 4s if the iphone 4s beats the galaxy s3

Автор Fabian Hardan ( назад)
i got first the s2 and i get today my iphone 4 . IPHONE 4S IS DA BOMB

Автор Cristinelu 097 ( назад)
and it's obvious that you are one of that samsung fans... no offence man, but you should be neutral

Автор Cristinelu 097 ( назад)
The fact is that the animations on the iphone 4s kind of lags the opening of the apps, so it's not faire... if you turn on the animations for the s2 there will be a uge difference in opening apps on s2... which is shit compared to the 4s..

Автор RAP1073 ( назад)
Samsung RULES

Автор Kurt Yabut ( назад)
HAHA "MYPHONE 4s has 512 Mb of RAM" REALLY? "MYPHONE 4s? thats new! hahaha xD

Автор Tristens the name ( назад)
I have a Samsung that works great so thoughs people saying "apple I phone works better" no its dosnt the I phone lags

Автор PhilleDille ( назад)
i love samsung galaxy s ll win

Автор Xrazor bladeX ( назад)
S2 is bedder than iphone 6

Автор Theor Cracy ( назад)
I used s2 for about three years and now I am bored and changed to 4s which is better appearance and smoother..Now a days android is like shit.Iphone 4s is better

Автор Archit Kumar ( назад)
Coming back to check how things have changed, nostalgia :D

Автор tom maenen ( назад)
And the s2 is shit because I won't charge anymore

Автор tom maenen ( назад)
I had an samsung galaxy s2 plus but it's absolute shit the memory was full and the phone lagged so hard so I switched to the 4s and I have no problems it looks better and ios7 looks awesome samsung sucks

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