Big Bore Air Rifle Russian Boar Hunting with Gargoyle 45-1.wmv

Big Bore Air Rifle Russian Boar Hunting with a Gargoyle 45
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Длительность: 9:30
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Автор SUPERSONIC ( назад)
Идиот,в очко зачем стрелять. Я с хатсана 65 223 калибр 40метров между глаз
херачу сразу ложатся.

Автор oak hunter ( назад)
hello mr. tyneecat how much the max. air capacity air filled on that big
bore in PSI " ??? pls tell me email me for your answer toink_0011@yahoo.com
thank u,

Автор airplane nerd ( назад)
You try to buy 22LR ammo lately? NOT AVAILABLE

Автор Bob Fentzlaff ( назад)
Muzzle loader and air rifle are very similar the newer muzzle loaders are
more powerful. These air rifles are close to old time black powder rifles.
These guns under 75 yards will kill just about anything

Автор nc airguner ( назад)
If I want to purchase an air rifle for deer hunting and target shooting
which caliber should I go with that powerful enough to take down a deer in
100 yards also give me a flat trajectory for target shooting in 150-200
yards? .308, .357 or .45 ? are these air rifles very loud ?

Автор Void Jango ( назад)
did u say male nipple around 1:50-2:05 lol

Автор shoptime69 ( назад)
Damn that would have hurt. How did that prick even run

Автор ugleeamerican ( назад)
Lewis and Clark brought a .58 caliber air rifle with them on their voyage
of discovery (1802-1804) , with which they killed a Grizzly Bear.

Автор youHU2840 ( назад)

Автор AirGunHunter97 ( назад)
How much was the gun and where can I get one

Автор Maria Felix ( назад)
i have a bone watching this shit

Автор krqkan ( назад)

Автор cheevous ( назад)
I am just curious! why would you want to shoot an animal especially a hog
with an air rifle. Wouldn't a rimfire for smaller game and a centerfire for
bigger game be the obvious choice. You might be doing it for the challenge
aspect and in that I would agree. That is why I muzzleloader hunt for the
challenge and it extends my deer season. I do not know to much about air
guns but I am sure they are building some pretty powerful guns with our gun
technology today.

Автор Tate ( назад)
should have took the shat at 5:22

Автор Ryan Czerman ( назад)
dude, im like sittin here like shoot the damn thing haha

Автор rocknrolla12992 ( назад)
the should make one for a paintball sniper rifle

Автор ComoNor ( назад)
i also like to watch pigs in slowmo.

Автор Mrhollowpoint1 ( назад)
@MrMaule90 I believe its $700 a hog for 3 days lodging included

Автор 1keloso1 ( назад)
Nice, congrats on your pig hunt.

Автор corto12malteze ( назад)

Автор tyneecat ( назад)
oh come on its only a couple of minues of slowmo and you love it.

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