Teen Wolf 6x07 Promo "Heartless" (HD) Season 6 Episode 7 Promo

Teen Wolf 6x07 "Heartless" Season 6 Episode 7 Promo - Scott and Liam try to capture a Ghost Rider while Malia and Peter try to get into the Wild Hunt. Subscribe for more Teen Wolf season 6 promos in HD!

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Teen Wolf 6x07 Promo/Preview "Heartless"
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 7 Promo
Teen Wolf 6x07 Promo "Heartless" (HD)

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» Starring: Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien

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Автор Rafael Arcas ( назад)
Holy fuck !!!!! Is that that son of a bitch named Theo and Peter Hale ??? Why they come back every time ? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy ???

Автор EM1R ( назад)
watch teen wolf online free legit 100% working

Автор Flynn Hooper ( назад)
was that episode the mid season final?

Автор Ashley Aka-Mensah ( назад)
The writing on this show is so one dimensional. Most of the characters have as much personality as a cabbage patch kid and continuity seems to be unheard. I am glad this show is getting cancelled. It could have been great but all the showrunners seemed to focus on was shirtless men and corny jokes.

Автор vitor moerh ( назад)
meu falsiano theo ta vivvooooo

Автор Mr Backo ( назад)
Cannot believe this show is over soon.. I only think this show is getting better by every episode, and the love/boúnd you get with each and everyone in the series is so nice, and not to forget the awesome music choice in every episode of teen wolf.

More to the episode.. How could they forget the fact that raptors Ghost Riders always move in packs? You stare at him, and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side, from the other two raptors Riders you didn't even know were there.
They're moving in herds. They do move in herd!

If anyone interested or forgot to watch it on MTV, you can watch it for free on *Chillnflix* .. Just search on google "chillnflix teen wolf season 6"

Автор Fairy DoOvE ( назад)
Cmon bring back Stiles it doesn't look the movie good without him.. And Scott need his bestfriend and Lydia need to be together with him

Автор Alex Santos ( назад)
who else thought that was peter😂😂

Автор Adriana Uguna ( назад)
okaaaay but where IS DEREK

Автор Maaike de Goede ( назад)
When I saw Mason I got so excited and I was like please let Corey be in the episode too so they can have some cute/sexy time. 😂

Автор The Time U Wasted ( назад)
does anyone know of any meet ang greets their doing

Автор KingCleo ( назад)
where is he though WHERE IS STILES

Автор jamie deeney ( назад)
Can someone please help me and tell me when teen wolf is on in the uk ? Can't seem to find it

Автор errlo09 ( назад)
the spark has been missing from the past couple of eps. we need derek and some of the OGs to bring it back!

Автор Jenny Kalenga ( назад)
it's so funny how the two people that stiles hates are the only ones that remember him

Автор Bira Baba ( назад)
everyone wants stiles..wtf stiles is just lame and its getting boring that scott is a weakling alpha

Автор Banshee Editions ( назад)
Hey Guys !!!!! i invite you to watch my editions !!!!!!! come and take a look on my videos

Автор bb ki vines bullgam ( назад)
see Peter ghost website on my channel

Автор Jenna ( назад)
DONt hurt my lil Peter thx (((::

Автор Dejah ( назад)
MOMMA STILES IS EVIL! I CAN FEEL IT! Everytime Lydia was near stiles door she just come around to stop her from investigating !!!! SHE IS EVIL

Автор Hunter Allen ( назад)
All this talk about stiles maybe dying and leaving the teen wolf cast could turn the show up a couple notches. Actually making Scott kinda a badass since he would be like Fuck you and you I lost everyone so I'm going to just hone my powers and become a real alpha

Автор Supernatural The Best ( назад)

Автор Supernatural The Best ( назад)
Will be stilles in that eposode??Man 6 ep stiles is on only two i cant wait to they save stilles!!

Автор Paula Klüver ( назад)

Автор T21 ( назад)

Автор Captain of Squad 11 ( назад)
oh liam 😍

Автор Beste Karaca ( назад)
I want stiles

Автор Kate Browne ( назад)
anyone else nearly crying cuz Derek isn't back?

Автор Niamh E ( назад)
why'd you bring back theo

Автор Gossamer ( назад)
Shocking fact at the part at the end when "Scott" says 'It's been a long time' it's actually Derek Hale who is saying it's been a long time to the ghost rider who is actually the killer of Dereks Mother

Автор Beuty Nikki ( назад)
İs he Aiseec OMG

Автор Dare - wait for it - Devil ( назад)
I really don't care about them bringing Theo back. I would have preferred them bringing in Derek or Isaac or Ethan. Not Theo. His story is told, I don't give a shit about his redemption. He doesn't deserve it.

Автор Ann-Mari Hillestad ( назад)
Do anybody now a god Streaming download site. Or were I can download my favoritt tv series like Teen Wolf, Arrow, Flash, The Librarians and other tv series.

Автор alcy sousa fortes ( назад)
i think Peter would lik Theo

Автор Atakan Akbulut ( назад)
Guys who is that alpha??

Автор ReEm AL-TaMiMi ( назад)
Ohhh yeah

Автор Trinity Price ( назад)
We need derek & Isaac back.

Автор Sola Anima ( назад)
OK am I the only one who actually cares about Liam, Hayden and Theo? I mean I also love all the Stiles-scenes and I would do 3 backflips when they would bring Isaac, Derek or the twins back. But I dont't unterstand why people say Liam and Theo are just a waist of screentime :0

Автор Ann-Mari Hillestad ( назад)
my theory is: Stiles is Supernatural and he will die in 6x10.

1.) Lydia will save Stiles by tapping into her Banshee powers. Bring him back to Life.

2.) Scott will Turn him into a werewolf.

3.) Ghost Riders will make him a Rider. He goes with them.

4.) Stiles might be saved by the Nemeton.

That my theory what do you guys think...

Автор pussy destroyer ( назад)
0.16 "its been a long time" who is dat?!

Автор HIROZ GAMING ( назад)
what thé fuck on fire Wolf ?

Автор StarRoseAngelic ( назад)
So since Theo's memories hasn't been affected, I hope he ends up getting in a situation where he mentions the fact that Stiles' mom is supposed to be dead!!

Автор hassan qureshi ( назад)
when dose it come out

Автор Tanya S ( назад)
+ why is no one mentioning how lydia screamed allison in the last episode

Автор Justin Miller ( назад)

Автор Ann-Mari Hillestad ( назад)
I have a tumblr blog AnneH91-us

Автор Ann-Mari Hillestad ( назад)
Titles of the last episodes of Season 6A were released: On Twitter.

6x07 - Heartless
6x08 - Blitzkrieg
6x09 - Memory Found
6x10 - Riders on the Storm

Автор Cruziify - ( назад)
The alpha at the end is not deucalion! It's the Nazi Alpha AKA MR.DOUGLAS

Автор Даша Белобородова ( назад)
о чем здесь нароооррд?

Автор Asia Carter ( назад)
MTV needs to make a show called Teen Human and The Banshee, for all the people who only watch the show for Stydia and leave Teen Wolf for everyone else.

Автор Aline Almeida ( назад)
tio Peter 😎❤

Автор Emilia W ( назад)
As long as I won't have to see Stiles' face it might be fun. But it seems like they'll be talking about the asshole so probably no fun.

Автор Salih Alpcan ( назад)
who else wants a fight between scott and nazi warewolf ?

Автор TjaKeM ( назад)
There's like way too little Stiles in these episodes.. ._. It just sucks that Dylan had that accident.. Stiles is by far my favorite character and since this is the last season I'd like to see more of him. At least the story line is about him, which is better than nothing I guess... and Dylan's getting better which is obviously more important in this kind of situation.

Автор Titi Mars ( назад)
1 word awesome but I need Stiles to survive

Автор Shika Balraj ( назад)
been a long time??? holy shit its already getting my so exicted

Автор xelloss004 ( назад)
Peter is alive :)))))

Автор Ann-Mari Hillestad ( назад)
My theory is about Stiles Stilinski:
1.) Stiles is Supernatural or sick thats way the Ghost Riders tok him.
2.) Ghost Riders needs Stiles Help too get out of Beacon Hill.
3.) Stiles is gonna die and becomes a Ghost Riders.
4.) Stiles becomes a Sheriff or training to be a Druid. He becomes a Guardian of Beacon Hill.

Автор aQuaDuDe1212 ( назад)
so Lydia's the reason the ghost riders won't leave?

Автор Jordan Bagshaw ( назад)
Are they doing the ghost riders storyline for the whole season like the dread doctors? Or are they doing a season 3 and having two different story lines for part A and part B? Does anyone know ?

Автор Maurice Beltcher ( назад)
I been wanting to try to get into it looks good next time I'm on Amazon or ebay I'm going to order the dvds of the first 2 or 3 seasons depending on the cost

Автор Paola Galloza ( назад)
Wait what?! But wasn't peter with stiles?

Автор Maddie M ( назад)
daddy is back

Автор Yasmine Moussa ( назад)
i think malia is the same as kira lisa wallone

Автор Yasmine Moussa ( назад)
i think kira,isaac and derek should be back

Автор Yasmine Moussa ( назад)
who was the alpha at the end i think it might of been derek

Автор Gaia B. Pažitka ( назад)
And bring back Isaac btw. 😘 I mean it would be freaking great. (I am on 3rd season now so....yep.)

Автор Gaia B. Pažitka ( назад)
God did Peter got burned again??!!! 😂wtf. that man has no luck with fire. I mean he survives but u know. Karma gets him as fire.😂😂but he's cute. I mean,once syco,always a bit syco. And everyone hates him and no one ever wants to hear him sing😐😋poor alpha.

Автор Adam Hadland ( назад)
I just wanna see Scott kick some ass because so far what's so great about being a true alpha so far Deucalion is the most bad ass werewolf

Автор Hunter Allen ( назад)
Deucalion is Demon Wolf/ Alpha of An Alpha pack. Who then took all of those alphas powers except for the twins/Voltron Wolf. Deucalion when in his full moon state had an almost gargoyle look to him, and then also in one scene his whole eye was glowing red. I do think the Nazi Wolf is very powerful or knowledgeable because why else would the dread docs rely on his power to extend their lives. Now onto the correlation that the Nazi is a Demon Wolf I would say no because he had a lot of darker facial features almost as when Scott was on top of the hired gun guy and his face had a lot of cgi in it with him growing more teeth pupils becoming smaller. Could just mean that he:Nazi Wolf is a very powerful foe or friend.
Does any one else hate how Scott this big ol hyped up True Alpha is about as strong as Milia at most times. I wish Greg Davis would Alpha him up some.

Small Theory. Peter was able to leave cause werewolf so in order for stiles to leave a place that don't exist then he would need an Alpha to come thru with ghost riders and bite him allowing him to travel back to our plain/dimension. All in all giving the fans what they want by turning him into an Abominable Snow man Wolf.

Автор Ahmad Seymour ( назад)
i don't understand why they got rid of kira but there sure is a lot of lighting shit she could have helped with

Автор Fatin aqilah ( назад)
okay what if the nazi alpha werewolf wants to also finding somebody close to him? tht would kinda explain why he said its been a long time to the ghost rider(?)

Автор Hunter ( назад)
Arent scott and liam supposed to like smell there teacher is also an werewolf?

Автор Shisui Uchiha ( назад)
you know i think stiles mom has something to do with the ghost riders. i mean think about it so far we have only seen people taken, erased from pictures, and erased from memories. never before have we seen a whole person come into the picture. plus she seemed pretty intent on keeping that wall paper there...

Автор Beste Karaca ( назад)
I know that teacher doing something with the gjost riders.

Автор Ebony Hartley ( назад)
Teen wolf at the minute is actually amazing but it's missing one thing; Stiles. I miss him so much fgs

Автор Kiesha Middleton ( назад)
who is the alpha at the end ???

Автор Hatice bee ( назад)
stiles dönsün artık o değilde önceki bölümde Theo nun stiles ve Scott nerde demesi of orda bittim zaten ... Bu bölümde çok heyecanlı 1 hafta kim bekliycek altyazı için teşekkürler.

Автор peachykeen315 ( назад)
I think styles mom is the "caleb" of beacon hills. Someone brought her back and now the ghost riders will take everyone.

Автор Victoria CoolOrNot ( назад)
i am not sure i understand what's going on with Claudia and why she's there but as i've understand it has to do something with that little boy Caleb who's dead being with his banshee mum at Canaan

Автор Jenita Theodore ( назад)

Автор Aqsa ( назад)
omg I want the next episode like now this is so nerve wracking!!

Автор Courtney Cherise ( назад)
yesss papa Stilinski tear down that damn wall and remember Stiles ❤

Автор Rigo Hernandez ( назад)
I've heard that Dylan O'Brien won't return for Season 6B, and if that's true, then I sort of hope Stiles dies. I love Stiles, don't get me wrong, but I can't watch another character leave for no reason because the actor won't be coming back. It makes their character meaningless considering they're still out there in the Teen Wolf universe. If Stiles really won't come back for the second half of the season, I hope he dies protecting Lydia or Scott so his death can have an actual meaning, like Allison's did. BUT if he will come back for season 6B, then forget what I said and keep him lol."

Автор stella9caro7 ( назад)
Next episode looks lit 😍

Автор Amjad Ali ( назад)
Stiles would be rescued everyone. Calm down i watched the whole season since I'm from germany

Автор bbyelx ( назад)
Who is the alpha at the end of the trailer?

Автор krikonir ( назад)
am i the only one that thinks stiles mom is the villain?

Автор BrizyComics ( назад)
Okay, you have my undivided attention.

Автор PheonixCrys ( назад)
Anyone agree that there's something wrong with Claudia?? I mean she's supposed to be dead!! She's creepy! :/
Welcome back Peter! Deep down you're not that bad! let's hope Derek come back too!

Автор loryvvell2 ( назад)
So, Mama McCall and Papa Argent?

Автор Jessie Melanson ( назад)
Ahhhhhh I'm so excited!

Автор Emily Cowap ( назад)
Can't we just have derek back I'm bored

Автор Thomas Williams ( назад)
In the end I think Liam will save Scott's life by killing the nazi Alpha and becoming an alpha himself

Автор kostas minas ( назад)
Who is that Alpha?0:17

Автор reyam 121 ( назад)
Yessssss peter is alive :D

Автор The Sassiest Of Buttercups ( назад)

Автор Killye Lina ( назад)
So we got Peter and Theo but no Derek and Isaac (I love Peter but I love Isaac and Dereck more and I don't really like Theo

Автор Amony President ( назад)
the nazi werewolf look like the leprechaun

Автор ESTEBEEZY96 ( назад)
What if somehow at the end of 6a or 6b where we end up seeing the biggest battle ever between all of Scott's allies like Deucalion, peter(maybe), other werewolves and etc fight against all Ghost Riders and the nazi werewolf. Maybe it will happen in the next season if they carry the two main villains through the next half of season 6.

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