shake what yo mama gave ya

punjabi video

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Длительность: 3:17
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Автор jedimaster2cool (4 года)
This shit go hard my nigga Jedi all day master2cool

Автор Tinkerbell0909090909 (5 лет)
like 4real

Автор Langdon Taguiped (5 лет)
how the hell did Poison Clan "Shake What" morph in to this.. original as
original bike company

Автор krunkaintdead69 (7 лет)
wooooooo luda!!!!!!!!!!

Автор MrThesexiest (4 года)
wtf dis video is mad wack tumps up if u think is true

Автор tokri3 (5 лет)
general levy should have consulted the sikh punjabi youth before making
this track. still a good track could have made bhangra jungle track. legend

Автор adtnu (4 года)
its a copy of chop suey

Автор Arjun Sharma (3 года)
got a black black magic woman

Автор TheIcebaron (2 года)
whats the name of the artist ? cuz it have a nice vibe :)

Автор mo hanif (4 года)
where can i download disss?

Автор nisa202 (6 лет)
I suggest you convert it from youtube to mp3 file, just typ in youtube
converting on google, I'm sure youll be able to find some usefull hits ;)

Автор margala4u (4 года)
fukkin classic memories! raw uk talent 4real!!!

Автор Tanveer Khan (2 года)
!0th grade memories....2005

Автор Kameenah (3 года)
Mate Bally Jagpal is the shit !!!! He is so much better then any of the
Rishi project, Raghav, MC etc etc

23 ppl mus cnt shake wat dey mama gave dem

Автор derrick redding (7 лет)
shit sound betta than whats playing over here in the states

Автор glzrsinghglzr (7 лет)
amzinnnnnnnnnnnn bally zeus n levy keep it up

Автор rackandstack (3 года)
babes stop hating yep i sad it if anybody hav a issued cum deel wit me
haterss yall no yall cant sing like dat i can cuz i sing way betta den yall
trash ohohh

Автор vijunshiji (5 лет)
hot indian mix and really good shit dude. I had this on my truck and the
shit was ripping it up and had heads turning yo

Автор Louisa13579 (7 лет)
dis is chill.

Автор ep0ppad0m (2 года)
Jnr station boyz

Автор VJSco (4 года)
cowboy nigga

Автор wpojer (5 лет)
haha I saw DJ Zeus wasted in Australia grabbin' a kebab with his bodyguards

Автор eaturpeach101 (5 лет)
dood this shit is gayer than a bag of DICKS !! lol " TECHNO KID "

Автор tejinder pal singh Randhawa (4 года)
@eskiixo tell me if u still havnt got it

Автор hunnycakehourse (3 года)
man i must have this song!!!!!

Автор besobar (3 года)
YES .... i love curry again

Автор Mahay Sat (3 года)

Автор kemipops (8 лет)
Thats Heavy.

Автор TheMikemike0330 (4 года)
Man that's dave chapelle! LOL!

Автор Xefer Rahman (4 года)
dis shyt is tight!!

Автор brokenwings420 (3 года)
is that Dave Chappelle?

Автор Iana p (6 лет)
i beg someone to send me this somehow.. i cant get it of limewire or nefin
pleasee xx

Автор gummyzelle (6 лет)
damn...good...who is dis??? peace

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