Arrow : Oliver & Laurel 5x08 ALL Dream Scenes(Will You Marry Me?, I Love You)

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Автор Black Leg Sanji ( назад)
The biggest mistake this show made was pushing Laurel out as the main
heroine in favor of Felicity. They completely flopped her character in
season 2 and their solution to fixing it was just to replace her with
Felicity. And not that I hate Felicity, but really she's only good in
spurts and too much of her just gets annoying and as a result she became
unlikeable by season 4. But I'm kinda glad that they brought her back here
to basically confirm that even though she's dead, Oliver sees her as his
true love. Which is kinda sad knowing that he can never have her back.

Автор o Black Canary o ( назад)
my Laurel :( <|3

Автор Halen Jaden Guerrero ( назад)
Every one knows we all wanted this

Автор Noë Verschelde ( назад)
the moment Laurel stepped out the douche, the entire fandom cried.

Автор Angel of Sarcasm ( назад)
Crossover or not, this episode made me cry like a bitch.

Автор Kha-Linh Luong ( назад)
Laurel is so hot wtf

Автор VD Roy ( назад)
I don't see the hype around Olicity.
Lauriver is a zillion times better.I wish the writers had not given up on
Lauriver.Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance are meant to be.

Автор Sebas Vallejos ( назад)

Автор #Animals Are Life ( назад)

Автор Wolfeyesi ( назад)
I love their chemistry ❤ I'm still mad because I wanted Oliver and Laurel
together Arrow and Canary #lauriverforever

Автор anyonebutyou87 ( назад)
How Laurel's voice breaks right at the end when she says "Don't go..."

Breaks my heart..
Every. Damn. Time. 💔

Автор Steph Payne ( назад)
I haven't seen season 5 yet but how did Oliver's scars go away??!

Автор Steph Payne ( назад)
Look at Sara's face at 1.16 ahaha "in a text" 😂

Автор Мэдисон колантуоно ( назад)
Noooooo OLICITYY!!!! ;--;

Автор Park Visualisations ( назад)
who gets out of the shower with full makeup, tied hair, earrings and dry

Автор Maria Ramirez ( назад)

Автор reyesarsenal9 ( назад)
Ugh, can't stand Laurel

Автор tri pham ( назад)

Автор Tejashwi Pradhan ( назад)
Personally, Oliver and Laurel have much much more chemistry than Oliver and

Автор Void Hart ( назад)
glad she's dead.

Автор Steph Payne ( назад)
I'm even more confused then Laurel right now. What happened at the end!

Автор Bella IB ( назад)
The chemistry Lauliver has here in one episode is better than the chemistry
Olicity share in last 2 3 entire seasons!
Want to see them both so in love like this in real af!
But the shittiest writers turns one of the best couple into crap because of
their shitty writings!

Автор Lacey Harris ( назад)

Автор Elora Choudhury ( назад)

Автор Eagon Targaryen ( назад)
so is this mean Oliver has always been in love with laurel? since he said
"I just wanna marry you or elope and get away with you? he obviously knows
something is wrong but wants to just stay with laurel?

Автор el Sequeira ( назад)
any knows the music on blackground 0:18 ?

Автор Dani ( назад)
Wasn't he with Felicity? Or how ever you spell her name

Автор Fernanda Da Silva Souza ( назад)
Oliver combinar mais com Felicity

Автор The greatest guy ever ( назад)
well hey at least he got to have sex with her one last time

Автор Liesje Aa ( назад)
1:16 The way Sara delivers that line gives me life.

Автор Rydog Courtney ( назад)
This is the best episode ever d I'm glad she's back we should form a army
and remove the cw mark g fag from the writers desk

Автор Adam • Channel ( назад)
Fuck Yeah She's Back Yeah!!!!! Eat Shit Felicity!

Автор Sarah Swomley ( назад)
The same response and show of the ring Felicity did. It would have been
more interesting when she said that, if he flashback to that same moment

Автор Saul Acosta No es cierto son metidoso y pstanas ( назад)
matatico. es. lo. quiere. ver. toda. la. jente

Автор Darshana Summun ( назад)
Guys I think that Laurel comes back finally because of Flash point Barry
saves the day... go watch season 5 episode 9 and be happy and sure that she
will be finally back...
I really hate that bitch named Susan Williams who is in love with Oliver
she is just manipulating him cause she already came to know that Oliver was
not on the island for 5 years but on fact in Russia

Автор Darshana Summun ( назад)
fuck Olicity they are boring as fuck... plus I hate Felicity she is like a
fucking bitch

Автор The Two Harlings ( назад)

Автор Shakeema Edwards ( назад)
"In a text!" Sara is so scathing.

Автор girlwithwings ( назад)
Okay it feels good to see her again, but tbh it pisses me off that she
seems so weak and independent. Laurel Lance is a strong badass woman that
is able to defeat herself and to think. She loves Oliver, but she doesn't
need Oliver for everything idk

Автор ArtsyAllAround ( назад)
Anyone know the soundtrack on the first scene?

Автор Okyanus Gün ( назад)
I don t like laurel, she seems so fake

Автор Official Filmilen ( назад)
I feel like all the Laurel and Oliver love scenes are so forced. Katie
Cassidy cant act and this romance is worse than thr Olicity romance. I know
Oliver and Laurel is together in the comics but this is horrible.

Автор Angus Chan ( назад)
For the Arrow who has everything

Автор Sydney Saxman ( назад)
I starred crying when Laurel came out of nowhere!

Автор Zhy'Nydryous Drew ( назад)
what really happened was Oliver remember what laurel looked like without
makeup on lol

Автор Kenneth Monfil ( назад)
The "beginning" nd "ending" of this "episode" r such beautiful scenes, but
the "ending" is sad which made me cry even after watching it over nd over

Автор Lexi Bleach ( назад)
This is what could've been had they done Green Arrow/Black Canary right.
They better bring my baby girl back on the show.

Автор Anna Beatriz Marques ( назад)
Why do this to my heart ?
Why don't just make at least this like the comics ♡
Green Arrow and Black Canary ♡♡♡
Oliver and Laurel ♡♡♡

Автор Stella Sewe ( назад)
Why do people keep cutting onions near me. DC you messed me up real good
this episode. I chocked up.

Автор Hanan Awan ( назад)
To hell with Olicity - Laurel Lance and Olive Queen are soulmates.

Well at least this pairing feels less cheesy and more genuine.

Автор walter koh ( назад)
Dream is something even director cannot fixed unless they messed up our

Автор pinkldy101 ( назад)
A stab through the heart is what this was.

Автор Johnno ( назад)
I want bring back Laurel! If didn't was Laurel, Oliver would have died on
that island. Lost you the scenes where he often looked the picture of her?
Him love for her kept him alive on island... Guggenheim seems that after
season two completely forgot the whole story... It's disgraceful! Shame,
Guggenheim. Shame, CW for this writters and producers... Kreisberg made a
good work with the first 2 seasons... I want him back at Arrow!

Автор TheBrothernumber4 ( назад)
and people said oliver and laurel had no chemistry, smh 😂 and most people
forget that one of olivers main focuses or anchors in season 1 was laurel,
she grounded him and is just perfect for him! plus katie cassidy is a total
babe ;)

Автор Solen Tadesse ( назад)
In season 4 Oliver finds out he has a son named William and his biological
mother Samantha the girl he dated when he was with laurel he got Samantha
pregnant and Oliver's mother Moira have Samantha a million dollars to say
she lost the baby. When he found out he had a son he comforted Samantha and
she gave him a choice that if he wanted to see his son he shouldn't tell
anyone that it's his kid. Damien found out he had a son because of Malcolm
he kidnapped him and felicity and the others found out. Felicity felt
betrayed and then they broke up. Which was pretty unfair because he was
faced with an impossible decision.

Автор Lachlan Morningstar ( назад)
Using an Olicity line was out of order.

Автор mcolottiboy ( назад)

Автор Chichi Odueze ( назад)
Who else thought they were both naked in the thumbnail

Автор Pym100 McpeMelon ( назад)
Black canary rejected OooOooOoOoOOoOoOoOo

Автор jazz265 ( назад)
Unless Flashpoint revives Laurel somehow I think the Laurel we're going to
see in future episodes is Earth-2 Laurel as a recurring antagonist to Team
Arrow and the Legends. I think this because Laurel is considered a universe
regular like Malcolm and Snart, both of whom are going to be in the Legion
of Doom. I think Earth-2 Laurel will be a secret 5th member of the Legion.
What I hope will happen if this does occur is after Earth-2 Laurel fights
both teams, she is forced into some kind of reluctant team up with Oliver
and starts to redeem herself and becomes the next Black Canary.

Автор Lazy Sunbather ( назад)
Can someone please tell me what happened to Felicity???

Автор Seohyunatic ( назад)
I love and hate The CW at the same time with this episode. I hate them
because they made me bawl my eyes out for the 2nd time, broke my #Lauriver
heart for the 2nd time, and most of all... they made me miss Laurel
again... :'((((

At the same time, I love them because they let me (and the rest of her
fans) see her again in Arrow. And I sooooooooooooooooooooooo love this
episode I kept repeating it because damn... I just miss Black Canary so so
much #LauriverForever #BlackCanary #LaurelLance

Автор Julio Burgos ( назад)
This makes me hate Felicity so much more. Reminding me what could have

Автор Andrea Oliveira ( назад)
Can I ask a question? What did happen with Arrow and with Olicity in season
4? Because I have only watched till season 3, and back them almost
everybody loved the tv show and Olicity,...., Can somebody explain to me,
please, why now everybody hates Olicity???

Автор mcolottiboy ( назад)
We all want laurel to come back full time right?

Автор Ester Samuelsson ( назад)
I really miss laurel

Автор cas 291 ( назад)
Laurel needs to come back permanently. I miss her as Laurel Lance and the
Black Canary. Arrow is just not the same without her. Laurel and Moira
brought so much depth and complexity to this show and they kill them off
and then later have a cheap stripper from Vegas (i.e. Donna Smoak). Also, I
just have to say this: Fuck Olicity. It's nothing more than teeny boppy
high school fanfiction. The chemistry between Laurel and Oliver is amazing
and it's sad that we get their best moments in her death. Laurel Lance, you
are missed.

Автор Kao Feng Yang ( назад)
I didn't like Arrow after Oliver and Felicity got together. I like them
when they were with other people. Even after they broke up, I still don't
like it until I saw this crossover episode. Oliver was and is always meant
to be with Laurel. She needs to come back.

Автор phoenixgod22 ( назад)
Did anybody else cry when Oliver said goodbye to his parents and Laurel? I
know I did, this episode was very emotional for me!

Автор Monty Magou ( назад)
I feel a great disturbance in the speed force, as if thousands of olicity
shippers cried out in terror, and then were suddenly silenced... by canon.

Автор Zombiemaster2424 ( назад)
I cried at the end

Автор SlenderMarc ( назад)
Laurel is just freaking gorgeous

Автор JaredLeto IsLife ( назад)
Wow, so I stopped watching arrow when they killed Laurel off and so I see
tht ppl are going crazy over Laurel being on this episode and sure enough
look at the beauty of Laurel and Oliver together and happy and now I am
bitter af because Guggenheim and Wendy fucked everything up to pander to a
bunch of whiny brats who I bet don't even know what a comic book is and now
the show has gone to shit. Does anyone know, do they plan on bringing Katie
Cassidy back?? Is tht god awful Olicity nightmare over with?? I will be
happy to start watching this show again if the black canary is treated

Автор Apple leonardo michaelangelo Donatello Raphael ( назад)
poor ollie it was all a dream

Автор Goulaxx ( назад)

Автор Emmanuel A ( назад)
Jesus Christ when I saw this scene I almost cry out of all the season I
have to say season five is the best. This scene is powerful and part when
oliver say good bye to his parents

Автор thatbeautifulsoul ( назад)
Another clue that if he could have Laurel , he would
Only reason he chose another was because he didn't thik he was good enough
to have Laurel.

Автор Kira Jeppesen ( назад)
I came here to see if I could feel the chemistry and love for them, but to
me its just so awkward and weird. Like seeing two people try and work out a
relationship everybody knows is dead, like they really want it, but
everybody knows they wont work!!!
I did however love the last scene, becasue Oliver is right, Laurel deserved
so much better than him, he was an asshole to her.. Tommy loved her so much
and she took it for granted, I think Laurel and Tommy are in heaven getting
it on!! :D

Автор Dk Soulstice ( назад)
Katie Cassidy is gorgeous, I demand CW bring her back lol.

But seriously, here's hoping for the return of Laurel and the permanent
death of Olicity.

Автор B. Adelina ( назад)
God, them leaving Laurel just kills me. I miss her so damn much. Andrew
Kreisberg was right about Laurel being at the heart of the show. She has so
much history with so many characters and there was still so much that
could've been done with her. After everything, she and Ollie could've still
been endgame. She understands Oliver and loves him, flaws and all. Oliver
is right, he doesn't deserve Laurel. But shipping aside, Laurel was just
hitting her stride as Black Canary. There was still so much damn potential
with her and they wasted it. I just hope they bring Katie back as Black
Siren and make her a regular again. It won't be the same, she won't be our
Laurel, but Katie has such great chemistry with all the actors, she's
usually a highlight whenever she shows up. Awesome 100th episode and I am
damn happy that the showrunners remembered and honored Laurel/Katie's
contribution to the show and brought her back for this milestone.

Автор Zak Rosenfeld ( назад)
That dream flash of dying Laurel at 0:51 was so haunting, especially since
i can relate. Since my mother died recently i have been having dreams about
her being alive, but always at random moments during the dream, i remember
her seeing her dead on the hospital bed :( in flashes like that

Автор Zak Rosenfeld ( назад)
Laurel and Oliver had much more chemistry and development than that
shitfest Olicity ever did, killing off Black Canary is like killing off
Lois Lane in Superman. The only reason that ship exists is because Mark
Guggenheim caved in to the vocal minority of Tumblr Fangirls, and killed
off Laurel cause she was an obstacle. This episode makes me even more mad
at the Olicity fangirls cause of what could have been

Автор Angels On Fire ( назад)
Laurel will make me love Arrow again,its good to see her again and i can
not wait to see her return and go to other shows too.
As long as she is alive i do not care if she leaves the show.

Автор linda ( назад)
Dinah Laurel Lance. The prettiest girl in the whole damn world. We were so
lucky. 😔❤️

Автор Livingston Hampton ( назад)
I cannot believe how some of you commenting are actually condemning and
judging Oliver. When he told Laurel during this dream sequence that he
didn't deserve her or her love that was him acknowledging his past mistakes
and the person he USED to be. Please don't sit on your high horse and throw

Автор wally West ( назад)
where is artemis????!!!!!

Автор Steve Rogers ( назад)
Sad af but if they bring laurel back it'll be even worse

Автор MrJag135 ( назад)
0:11 who else wished arrow was on HBO for this episode just to see some

Автор Ivan Fadilah Silondae ( назад)
so this somekind closure for oliver and sara about laurel death

Автор Isa J.López ( назад)
Sorry Olicity fans but for me is always gonna be Laurel and Oliver and the
last scene was so so heartbreaking 😭😭😭❤️

Автор William Galerani ( назад)

Автор CarVie16 ( назад)
Dream or no dream, these are the most beautiful moments in Arrow Season 5.
The last part really made me cry, especially when they exchanged "I love

Автор Chrissan Lewis ( назад)
Omg.....this gave me the chills😍😍 #bring her back!!!

Автор Aileen Castaneda ( назад)
Every superhero should go through this because they have the perfect life
everything they ever wanted but they still choose the selfless route. They
grew stronger together and individually. This was beyond acting I nominate
Arrow Season 5 Episode 8 for an Oscar. Stephen, Willa played a beautiful
brother and sister part!

Автор ryanestabrooke12 ( назад)
Laurel >>>>>>>>> Felicity no question

Автор Jonathan Gounou ( назад)
ouao j'attendais patiemment le moment et enfin.

Автор unkillablebella ( назад)
just seeing laurel again makes my heart happy her and oliver were always my
favorite on arrow never liked felicity with him

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