Arrow 3x19 Extended Promo "Broken Arrow" (HD)

Arrow 3x19 "Broken Arrow" - Lance (Paul Blackthorne) continues his mission to take down the Arrow (Stephen Amell) so Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) orders Oliver to keep a low profile. However, when a meta-human named Jake Simmons (guest star Doug Jones), who kills people with blasts of energy and plasma, starts terrorizing Starling City, Oliver is forced to ask Ray (Brandon Routh) for help. The unlikely duo is forced to team up to save the city. Doug Aarniokoski directed the episode with story by Jake Coburn and teleplay by Ben Sokolowski & Brian Ford Sullivan (#319). Original airdate 4/15/2015. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on YouTube for more Arrow season 3 promos in HD!

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Автор nicky anne nasution ( назад)
my gosh I can't wait

Автор Wolf hunter654 ( назад)
back when we felt that action and love between the characters there was a
bond but now it's just like "Hey let's team up ,ok good job we got him see
u tomorrow " but I still love arrow no matter how bad it gets cuz it's one
of the originals

Автор Serafim ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of the song from the beginning of the clip?

Автор Kai-Riin Kanarbik ( назад)
Poor Roy. :(

Автор MrGuigui57 ( назад)
best promo of arrow season 3

Автор Shaswat Chaubey ( назад)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF0yGNiyP0s is the song. I had to search a
lot to find it, so, just offering it to people who may want to listen to

Автор tenekalom ( назад)
Jack Trammel - Exiled

Автор Maha ( назад)
This promo is so bad ass. I love how packed Arrow episodes are.
Also: that stunt at 0:48? Badass man. It was Amell himself doing it too.
Loved Oliver-Roy mentor-sidekick relationship. I'm gonna miss it alot.

Автор Liza Diasamidze ( назад)
Watching this trailer months later and even before I have watched all the
episodes, I am watching this trailer with the same emotions, cause I
remember what I felt when I saw this video for the first time and I was
crazy cause I didn't know what was going to happen and this trailer was
epic! And then the few seconds of Olicity making love made the whole fandom
scream! That was amazing and I watch this trailer with the same emotions!
That's why Arrow is the best show! Cause no matter how many times you have
watched it, or any trailer, promo or any video you watch it with the same
pleasure and emotions cause it's amazing and you remember how you waited
every week for the new episode, you were seeing posts on tumblr, talking
with other fans...This show teaches me a lot of things and gives me nice
memories too! That's how the show must be!!

Автор Riley Schultz ( назад)
the music alone gives me goosebumpsssssss

i hate thea atom and felicity they ruin everything.Laurel must be the girl
not nerd face felicity.Long live Merlyn,Diggle,Slade Wilson,Deadshot.

Автор Jen Tan ( назад)
what is the soundtrack from this????? I NEED IT

Автор Medium HD ( назад)
i hate the atom

Автор Mariarita Cribari ( назад)
olicity <3

Автор Stephanie Walker ( назад)

Автор Fusionz Animations ( назад)
What song

Автор Tanzia Rahman ( назад)
I watched this promo like a thousand times!! EVERYTHING IN THIS PROMO MAKES

Автор DSkiter ( назад)
No offense but this season is so so getting to like acient stuff

Автор Huyek ( назад)

Автор Skitah Lego ( назад)
Gross olicity have sex *tongue out*

Автор bboyninja3396 ( назад)

Автор crypticbeliever123 ( назад)
I HATED this episode!!! When I first saw it I seriously thought they were
canceling Arrow. First off, when Roy was said to be dead I thought that it
was just a ploy by Quentin to get Oliver to confess by lying about Roy
surviving. But then it was actually a trick by Felicity and Diggle so that
Arrow could be dead in the eyes of the public, which would mean that Oliver
would have to give up being the Arrow! Then Ra's stabbed Thea, another
major GONE! It honestly seemed like they were trying to kill the show!

Автор Telamond ( назад)
I thought that this was when Green Arrow came out of the closet... since
the episode is called Broken Arrow and all...

Автор Arel Tross ( назад)

Автор free for ever ( назад)
Oliver and Felicity making love

Автор joseph uribe ( назад)
Does anyone know the music for this ? Pleaseeeee

Автор Randy Peace ( назад)
Remember in episode 2 this season Oliver told Felicity in the Arrowcave the
life he is leading; "It only ends one way." Is that Ollie's voice towards
the end saying "This only ends one way" or is it Ras, voice?

Автор sara filipa. ( назад)
EPISODE? w h y

Автор SandovalM ( назад)
At 0:59 Oliver says something interesting 

Автор SandovalM ( назад)
Damn this is a hella of a promo

Автор Awesomee AN ( назад)

Автор Mun craft ( назад)
Oh god this trailer gives me the chills every time omg😍😍

Автор MrsDeeDee313 ( назад)
This episode was so emotional. I cried, smiled, and then cried again.

Автор Frank Garcia ( назад)
God, Ra's is the biggest baby/bully I've ever seen 

Автор LifeOfWorld ( назад)
It's gonna be an epic final!

Автор Barbara Cp ( назад)
WHAT???? Watching this episode RIGHT NOW!

Автор Malefizia ( назад)
i swear if oliver and felicity get together and then he dumps her for the
wet blanket , i ll be off this show. i loved all three seasons befor and
the fourth one is just as amazing but if the writers pull THAT trick, its
bye bye arrow for me.

Автор Pauliina P ( назад)
"I think we all know who's fault this is" Yes, it's your fault, you
craphead Q. Lance, you are capable of doing NOTHING right. Do everyone a
favor and disappear for good.

Автор lycanrevenge777 ( назад)
i hope there's a lot of action in next series

Автор Samora Mabuya (Amo) ( назад)
Man, this whole Olicity thing is starting to seem forced. But what like
about the romantic side off this show, is the fact all the heroes
Oliver,Barry,Ray Palmer are in love with a techno geek, instead off a
annoying wining love interest like Iris, and Lana Lang. Laural has changed
since she became Black Canary, so she's not annoying anymore.

Автор Komakyu A ( назад)
I didn't see the olicity moment when is it ?

Автор Elena Hein ( назад)
I am so afraid. Yes, many awesome things are happening here, but also many
intense things that I don't know if I can deal with. Someone comfort me

Автор nikey k ( назад)
Felicity cheating obviously means
-Ray dies
-They break up

Felicity wouldn't cheat on Ray. She doesn't sound like that kind of girl

Автор Apex EU ( назад)
What happened to this episode? nothing in the trailer happened

Автор 100 Subs With No Vidz ( назад)

Автор Lauren ( назад)
Didn't see the scene olicity in the episode 

Автор Sapphire Burton ( назад)
Is it only me or did that Felicity and Oliver Scene making love never
happened in the episode? Or did i miss it tonight? Cause my eyes did not
leave the screen .

Автор allie hoffman-shaw ( назад)
To all Olicity fans, you guys do know that Green Arrow and Black Canary
together is endgame, right? Just like Lois Lane and Clark Kent on

Автор Alex Z ( назад)
omg, this is not happening, literally can't breath.

Автор Reno Thomas ( назад)
Why do people want to see Oliver and Felicity together? They work so much
better as friends. Personally I want to see Arrow and Black Canary
together, because, y'know, comics

Автор Dana Marie ( назад)
I don't care about Olicity, I want Roy out of jail!

Автор MasterMind ( назад)
man arrow is dark right now so sad that i know roy is dead in this next ep
and i bet they will show us his flashbacks as a goodbye

Автор serenity0324 ( назад)
OMG my shipper heart is exploding from the #Olicity moment! THEN I see The
Atom *dead*

Автор weiner69er ( назад)
When are you going to post a promo of arrow s03 e20??

Автор xDPrismshotxD ( назад)
Someone wanna translate what Ra's says at 0:56? I can't quite make clear of
what he said. Something about birth and rebirth?

Автор levena lincoln ( назад)
OMG!!!!!!!!! :D Olicity..

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
This is a superhero show not a love story stop this "OLICITY" madness she
is good with ray

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
0:50 "My brother's gonna kill you" B***h Plz he almost killed your brother

Автор Anthony Cotto ( назад)
Is that talia 

Автор Rayra Lopes ( назад)
I didn't buy "Olicity", at the last season we will see Oliver and laurel

Автор ANGRY2O4 ( назад)
Why is no one talking about Thea in the hood?!

Автор cadettipk ( назад)
lol Oliver actually gave Ray a high five

Автор john sar ( назад)
song name ? dont say darude..

Автор Hugo Carrillo ( назад)
What does oliver say when he says "Im......and you will obey"?

Автор mijan hoque ( назад)
This show is gone so shit now. Daredevil and flash are way better

Автор KuroAshi Sanji ( назад)
Looking forward for Dig-icity too :D

Автор Jennifer Ilukena ( назад)
can we just agree that whenever felicity lets her hair down, shit bout to
happen between her and oliver.. from episode 18 felicity already realizes
she has the choice to make, well she already by heart choose oliver by
realizing she is not inlove with Hot i must Ray Palmer.. But guys all I
want to know is who is Felicity's dad, its like her mom couldnt stop
talking about him, which means his role is coming up and its going to be an
important one... maybe the next vilan or maybe Ras :o

Автор choirangel161 ( назад)
Oliver and felicity finally getting together after every other girl is
awesome. People need to stop the negativity and let the writers do their

Автор Andi H ( назад)
3 episodes ago Felicity fucked Ray and now Oliver? What a bitch.

Автор Sebastian Vallbo ( назад)
I love Arrow, so I really hope they ll find a way to explain why lance
arrests roy for being arrow while he knows roy is arsenal!!

Автор Eva van der Grift ( назад)
Everyone is talking about olicity and stuf ( i want them to happen to ) but
we for get the end of the trailer!!! Is oliver being tortured WTF!!
?!?!?!?!? 😱😲😲😲😱

Автор DankCellarTM ( назад)
Holy shit is that Talia?or Shiva?

Автор Emma Bella ( назад)
I am way too excited for this episode.... Probably because of olicity, i
woke up my parents from screaming because of me fangirling

Автор Hiba997 ( назад)

Автор Ally Cat ( назад)

Автор Glosh Pats ( назад)

Автор Moow Minogue ( назад)
OMG this gave me chills

Автор TangibleChop ( назад)
Okay this is a bit confusing. In the Flash promo, we see Oliver in a black
suit which makes me think he's accepted Ra's offer already. So what the
hell? Arrow airs the day after flash so isn't things going to be spoiled on

Автор Cheesy Smith ( назад)
WHAT DO YOU MEAN FINAL FIVE EPISODES?!?!!....you mean of the season

Автор Fanny Eriksson Palm ( назад)
Omg, Oliver and Felicity finally! :D

Автор Fritzie Bunny ( назад)

Автор John S ( назад)
I love seeing this come to pass always wanted Oliver and Felicity but i
have a feeling the Flash crossover effect coming will see the timeline
undone so no Ras Amell or Olicity at least we get a taste 

Автор Cinder Mouse ( назад)
OLICITY! Can't wait, oh my God!

Автор Mike Hatcher ( назад)
Count me in on those who are tired of the Oliver and Felicity pairing. I
try to stay away from the arrow online fandom because of all the "Olicity"
stuff. As an adult male, and as hard as I try, I just don't understand the
"shipping" fangirl/fanboystuff that the teens are all about (I blame fan
fiction for going mainstream) I really like this season especially the
Black Canary stuff. I do like all the characters but I just find it hard to
believe Oliver would be "in love" with Felicity.

Автор Daniela Barrera ( назад)
DIOSSS MIO, Sin duda se que será un buen capítulo, ahora a

Автор Zubair Rehman ( назад)
why do i think that it isn't felicity who is getting giggly with Oliver.if
u watch it again, u don't see the blond girls face.

Автор rach_vamp ( назад)
this is for flash people as well.
i think they should swap the day for arrow, so flash would be Wednesday and
arrow would be Thursday as we can till wants going to happen on arrow with

than again we might be wrong what happens.

Автор KelMc13 ( назад)

Автор eligamerman ( назад)
Nice! This episode comes out on my birthday!

Автор RockRebelfull ( назад)
Them feels when lance says 'I'm still trying to save you son, and Roy
replies with a tear in his eye, 'I don't need saving' :(

Автор RockRebelfull ( назад)
The lack of Roy this season has really made me love his sacrifice even more

Автор Uouttooo ( назад)
That woman defying the Demon Head (Oliver), is she Talia who comes back to
take the job from Oliver?

Автор Eric2010l Redsonic ( назад)
In my opinion, Barry should be in the bed with Felicity.

Автор husslord ( назад)
Cough cough I bet Sarah is still alive due to Lazarus pit! Ra's is using
her as leverage! Still wonder if that is Talia in the promo??

Автор megan fricker ( назад)
everyone is more concerned about olicity, IM CONCERNED ABOUT ROY!! everyone
is saying his is gonna die in this episode ;-; IM SAYING THIS AND IT FINALE
CW???? even the cw producer took a picture and roy is not there
isn't roy close to a main charatcher here? and they dont die! plus dont die
roy... my bae ;-;

Following a short hiatus, the third season of The CW's immensely popular
Arrow returns next week with "Broken Arrow", its nineteenth episode. The
show's last installment, "Public Enemy", saw Quentin Lance give the order
for a city-wide manhunt after Ra's al Ghul revealed the Arrow's true
identity. Oliver duly handed himself over to SCPD, but he reckoned without
Roy Harper, who ambushed the police convoy and declared that he was
responsible for the murders the Arrow had been charged with. Despite Oliver
promising Diggle he plans to break his friend out of jail, the trailer for
the rest of Arrow Season 3 shows Roy seemingly being stabbed in the back
during a prison riot. What's more, producer Marc Guggenheim recently
tweeted a photograph of the cast ahead of the season finale, with a key
actor noticeably absent from rehearsals.

Автор Felicity “Oνєяωαтcн” Sмσαк ( назад)
"So its a team up? High five!"

+Ray Palmer +Oliver Queen +Roy Harper +Ra's Al Ghul 

Автор AnbuNinjaXIII ( назад)
Olicity used to be great because it wasn't part of the main plot. It wasn't
forced. It was slow. It happened organically. It still had a long way to
go. But in this season, they propelled that shit forward way too fast,
forced a bunch of love confessions, and manufactured angst out of trivial,
out-of-character scenarios that could have easily been avoided with a
single conversation. They think we want Olicity to be the main plot, but we
never did. Not to mention, everything people liked about the two of them
together in the previous two seasons was the close bond of friendship and
loyalty which kind of sealed Team Arrow together. Ironically, this whole
season they've been icing each other out and every scene they have together
is filled with boring, repetitive angst, not to mention the whole Felicity
sleeping with Ray thing, which came out of nowhere. Now for all we know,
Felicity might actually sleep with Oliver while still dating Ray. So
romantic. So good job writers...you tried to give Olicity fans what they
wanted and instead ruined everything that was great about it.

I wouldn't even be surprised if Oliver ended up with Laurel at this point.

And the Ras al Ghul plot is badly developed, tired, and extremely boring.
Ray's entire character is a badly developed, unlikable, pointless
catastrophe. Ultimately, the only interesting parts of this trailer are Roy
Harper and Thea. Is this season over yet so we can get back to the show I

Автор Ori Edri ( назад)
wow wow wow wow

Автор Nani Soledad ( назад)
No felicity! Oliver no

Автор ARK ANGEL ( назад)

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