Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Game 6 - Full Highlights - 2016 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Game 6 - Full Highlights - Jun 16, 2016 - 2016 NBA Finals
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Автор A.D. Smith ( назад)
LeBron was absolutely incredible in this game!

Автор christopher campbell ( назад)
The Land!!!! 🙏🔥✊

Автор Prime Frost ( назад)
Not a fan of the Warriors but those calls were stupid.

Автор chris yi ( назад)
I don't wanna hear any dumb autistic warriors fan saying curry is better than lebron. Curry was never better than lebron the reason why curry got back to back mvps is because the media help him out that's why. the way how curry perform in the finals is not the mvp level right there.

Автор Nothing2watchyet ( назад)
It's easy to score 41 points if u can travel half the time

Автор Navin ( назад)
Cavs need this team in the 2017 finals, not the team that had poor defense in 2016-2017 season

Автор Navin ( назад)
How in the world are people not putting LeBron James in their Top 5 GOAT list after seeing his performance in 2015 and 2016 finals? but they have Kobe in their top 5 and not LBJ. I don't understand some people!

Автор Master Of Disguise ( назад)

Автор Martin Ballin ( назад)
Warriors gave a lot of the key pieces they had definitely not as good of a team

Автор Sergei Chen ( назад)
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Автор Geneva1968 ( назад)
CLE will R.E.P.E.A.T and I hope the soft, conspiracy theorist whiners will be there to get HUMILIATED again!!!!!!!

Автор Geneva1968 ( назад)
Kicked their soft, whining, excuse-making, conspiracy theorizing asses...

Автор Tsige Woldegebrie ( назад)
cavs are the best we could all agree on that also that thunder blew a 3-1 lead Falcons blew a 25 point lead and the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор La Fuerte ( назад)
hello why view the 2017

Автор Rocco Daboss ( назад)
Been fan for 10'years plus

Автор Rocco Daboss ( назад)
It makes laugh when GSW fans get salty when their bandwagon team loses

Автор fgh Bob ( назад)
1st lol

Автор Biff Stevenson ( назад)
9 -31 in the first quarter.... THEY GOT DICKED

Автор Straight Up Comedy Subscribe for more ( назад)

Автор Trevor Smith ( назад)

Автор Cole ( назад)
I think my favorite part of this game was when Curry fouled out and then got T'ed up I was singing with the fans at home...little bitch ass

Автор Uncle Drew23 ( назад)
"LeBrons not clutch irivng always saves him" proceeds to score 18 pts in the 4th qrt while kyrie had 3 pts the entire 2nd half.

Автор drlee2 ( назад)
No more of this shit about LeBron not being the MVP! The man facilitates EVERY aspect of the game for his team. Even prototypical point guards don't do what he does. This team damn near might not even make the playoffs without him. They can't even seem to win a freakin game without him all of a sudden. He IS the team.

Автор Aaron Wyckoff ( назад)
omg you can see my dad's hat he was the only one with orange lol

Автор Jimmie Skillz ( назад)
blew 3 1 lead lmao

Автор Raz Nabil ( назад)
Steve Kerrs salty face @9:26

Автор Thasin Chowdhury ( назад)
LeBron...The definition of flopping.

Автор Denmark Gaming ( назад)
Solid Cavs! c

Автор Quinn Childress ( назад)
Still watching in 2017.. Who's with me?

Автор CookieDaMann ( назад)
2:02 warriors blew it

Автор Hall Of Fame Highlights ( назад)
I like how this was the only game in the NBA finals that wasn't RIGGED

Автор GloMan Capo ( назад)
LeBron's will to not let it end on their home floor for the 2nd straight year was Jordanesc

Автор Katlynn Branham ( назад)
7:59 did anyone else see Curry throw the mouthpiece

Автор MarkTheFinesseKid ( назад)
most lit game to watch in NBA history🔥

Автор Richard Newborn ( назад)
Curry was heated.....lmao

Автор Felix Antonio Reynoso ( назад)
curry nunca case mejor ke rey lebron

Автор Cornell Alvarez ( назад)
tbh I a Miami heat fan but I wanted James and cavs to win just so you fake ass gsw fans can shut the fuck up 😂😂💀💯💯💯💯🤘

Автор joseline paul ( назад)
we are the champions my friend we keep on fighting till the end

Автор Mogomotsi Molapisi ( назад)
wish LeBron nd Curry could be in da same team.u are the best my nikkas keep da blust up.

Автор joseph muche ( назад)

Автор Christian Hoffmann ( назад)
Lets not pretend that the Cavs needed the refs to win this game... Lebron was hitting his 3, which everyone knows what that means for the other team...

Автор BDI Mister Magic ( назад)
A Team That Wins 73 Games In A Season Does Not Deserve A Superstar Former MVP #NotFair To All Other Teams That Deserve To Be In The Finals. By Doing That, The Warriors Are Cutting Everyone's Chances Which Is Not Fair At All. If They Win This Year, They Didn't Earn This. U Gotta Work For This. Western Teams That Earn Their Reward (& Deserve A Chance): Utah, OKC, Portland, Lakers, Clippers, Dallas & Houston :)

Автор Geneva1968 ( назад)
What happened to the Big Donkey in this game??? All you lame gs bandwagoners say if you had your genital-fixated Donkey in Game 5 you would have put CLE away. Well, Donkey not too good in Game 6 lol. AND ya had him in Game 7, AT HOME, and LOST AGAIN!!!! Oh, yeah, and ya had Donkey in Game 3 - whoops!

Автор Terrel Suggs ( назад)
in what world is that a good strip by Curry? hahahaha

Автор Red Jay ( назад)
where kevin durant at?

Автор Gidekung CastingGame ( назад)
7:47 - 7:53

Автор heyitsme ( назад)
6:49 look at richard jefferson pulling barbosa 😂😂 and the ref was standing right there.. i was pulling for cleveland but.. come on.. is he blind?

Автор TeamJ-Money ( назад)
I don't like how curry shoots the ball

Автор Campion ( назад)
That was a foul

Автор Jonathan Moritz ( назад)
Now that it's been several months, when I watch Curry's final foul on James you can clearly see him hit James's hand before the ball. Weak foul? Yes but still a foul.

Автор Chris H ( назад)
Told everyone like a month before that Cleveland was going to win lmao

Автор can't nxbxndb ( назад)
cavilers sucks!!

Автор jaylon weston ( назад)
Lebron: Go read your bible Curry, make sure it's a King James Version

Автор Dimes from CP3 ( назад)
Steve Kerr's face at the end xD

Автор pyara singh ( назад)
Your right

Автор Neka Harris35 ( назад)
you teach me how to play basketball

Автор Trey Richard ( назад)
Congratulations Cavaliers fans!!! Your team deserved this championship! Golden State's Title was lucky and i am greatful that your hometown hero Lebron exposed the warriors for what they are. It's a damn shame kyrie and kevin love were hurt in the 2015 nba finals you guys would have had two titles instead of one but this one is special because the cavs beat a 73-9 team in their house Oracle Arena

Автор Trey Richard ( назад)
7:57 is the best part of this entire video

Автор christopher campbell ( назад)
Yo Kyrie had 20 in the 1st half n averaged 30 over the last 4gms 🔥

Автор Matt Byler ( назад)
As a Cleveland fan and native, I got a lot of satisfaction when Curry threw his mouth piece and got ejected

Автор Doug LaCour, III ( назад)
BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!🏀😆😂🏀

Автор SniperGang Quez ( назад)
Klay Thompson jumper so damn ugly but when he shoot I always think it's money

Автор ItsFrosty ! ( назад)
LeBitch can't guard people his own height bully

Автор iambatmanbro15 ( назад)
Mo Williams was in the locker room like "shit I got my two points on the board" lol

Автор Ken West ( назад)
this video gave me the chills man

Автор Bionicle8j ( назад)
Pussy destruction...

Автор Kevin Hartly ( назад)
same two months later

Автор mini chris smoove ( назад)
How many of yall just come back here to watch lebron block curry. And then curry have a tantrum because of the foul out?

Автор Geneva1968 ( назад)
Cavs vs "SuperTeam 1" = 4 - 3 = World Champions

Cavs vs "SuperTeam 2" = 4 - 2 = World Champions, back to back.

Автор Bruno Santos ( назад)
7:52 never forget.

Автор trevion sewell ( назад)
Them 3 bogus calls on Steph cost us the game
Especially that clean as a newborn steal he had on Kyrie

Автор Bunny Bear ( назад)
cant see

Автор johnnyphoenix74 ( назад)
@0:57 looks like Spike Lee in the hat.

Автор chao chen ( назад)
in 7.54, what a humiliation

Автор Kent Urbina ( назад)
Mahal ko si Yanna.

Автор Jarman Iones ( назад)
sooo..one question.....if tha cavz win next year against gs ...will that b rigged ........fuckn idiots...finals rigged for a game 7 fa monie n views..... LMMTFAO.......yeah sure.....tha NBA iz broke az hell......the u NEED monie..so they rigg tha series.....😂😭😂

Автор INAUDIATIOSNESS 43 ( назад)
Every time Cavaliers dunk it, I shout... CAAAAAAAVS

Автор angel Hernandez ( назад)
ixk Kui on your site and your friends. We will have

Автор Ben Chieng ( назад)
MAMA, There goes that man....

Автор Joe Black ( назад)
whoever thinks that this game was rigged is not watching the game properly. The warriors were already done after the first 3 minutes…done. they did not play well. so what if Curry went out, he didn't play great in game 1 and 2m sat on the bench and they won comfortably. that's what happens when GSW fans cannot accept the fact that their team went through a looooong playoff season and were exhausted and played it cool and nonchalant and got physically beaten up. this team wouldn't have survived in the 80s and 90s let alone be a champ with the physical style of play. Being the champ does not mean you relax and people should respect you, it means going out and repeating like the Bulls, Pistons, Lakers did by playing like crazy and even better than last year..If you are a true GSW fan you would admit that the team did not play well in this series. they were not the same team. Be honest and say: "we will do it next year".

Автор Geneva1968 ( назад)
"Mama, there goes that man"!

Автор Geneva1968 ( назад)
Duds are HUMILIATED!!!!!!!


Автор Robbie Poterack ( назад)
Cavs won the series! They pulled off the greatest upset ever and greatest comeback ever. LeBron is the best player in the world. He's better than Curry because he's a far better all around player and all around is better than just offensive. Cavs won ESPYS best team award as well. Cavs are the best.

Автор Ŕèďà Āł_ïŕàqï ( назад)
LeBron James in 5:15 Wow

Автор Sanjay Kulkarni ( назад)
curry hand checks all the time. thank god they noticed it at least in this game!
what was curry trying to do with lebron controlling the ball there ? did he have a chance? was james fumbling. he pulled the hand there and clearly a foul!

illegal screens of GSW galore! when the same medicine is meted out to them-a bit- they are found wanting!
they cant handle toughness and more to come this season!

cavs have given a template how to check GSW, ie: attack the god damn paint as though there is no tomorrow, and do one on one mano a mano, face to face defense! And make them work for the point. not just dribble and shoot from golden gate bridge!

you get me?

Автор Sanjay Kulkarni ( назад)
the tsunami was getting full steam from this game! game 5 it was gathering!

Автор Geneva1968 ( назад)
"It's not how you drive, it's how you arrive. Mama, there goes that man"!


Автор Geneva1968 ( назад)


Автор Geneva1968 ( назад)
Duds were humiliated in front of the whole, wide WORLD!!!! 73-9 don't mean a thing, if ya ain't got that RING, biatches!!! WHEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DOGGIE!


Автор mya thornton ( назад)
Klay better than curry to be honest

Автор Tableta Telefon ( назад)
omggg curry blocked by James. . Look at James face😂😂

Автор Tableta Telefon ( назад)
look at 6:39 wtf😂

Автор Tableta Telefon ( назад)
I don't see defense

Автор Tableta Telefon ( назад)
εμμ βασικά δεν υπάρχει άμυνα. ..

Автор Geneva1968 ( назад)
It's not how you drive, it's how you arrive. Mama, there goes that man!!!!!!!


Автор Kohji Wada ( назад)
Basketball was a bit rushed. Of course it is about more than just winning or losing.

Автор Kohji Wada ( назад)
This game was a bit rushed.

Автор Gabe Campbell ( назад)
I go for Utah so I don't care whose better

Автор Cameron Kessler ( назад)
I'm a bigger Cavs fan than most and I can still say with the utmost honesty that Steph's fouls were complete and utter bullshit

Автор jamescollin peralta ( назад)

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