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Автор German Military Power (4 месяца)
░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/︻╦╤─
◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \


Автор Dennis Costea Jr (22 дня)
The remotely piloted vehicles will be used to investigate accident scenes,
chase strom cells where an ordinary aircraft would be in extreme danger,
and perhaps even locate a missing child using some sort of
as-yet-to-be-developed locator transponder. I think this technology is the
future of situational awareness, if it has not already proven itself as
that by now.

Автор Bailey-Angel Tabbernee (4 месяца)
After 3 minutes u say ''1 - General Atomics MQ-1 Predator'' But it is a
General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper, The MQ-1 Predator does have the rear wing
facing down and is smaller, the MQ-9 Reaper does have up facing wings like
a normal plane and is bigger.

Автор galpner (2 месяца)
those will come in useful for guarding Americas borders. Keep those damn
Canadians out! 

Автор King Talkah (5 дней)
Hail Sky Net 2014 ..

Автор Ariel Wollinger (2 месяца)
I could barelly read the titles. Very loosely edited.

Автор Baybee K (3 месяца)
The Reaper is the most infamous, not necessarily the best.

Автор ramairgto72 (5 месяцев)
Did I miss 7 of 9?

Автор FullMetalJudge (28 дней)
Achtung!! Go away and remake this poorly edited video. Make sure people
have time to read the text instead of displaying it for a few

Автор aleks stencel (3 месяца)
MQ-9 Reaper is best for me too. it Has a 14 Load of AGM Missiles and more.
Also MQ-1 Predator,Because works slimary to Reaper but it has Hellfire
missiles instead of AGMS.

Автор UAV Drone HQ (2 месяца)

Автор Joseph Stokes (4 месяца)
Why don't you talk to your audience and pass some information instead of
playing shitty music? This is terrible! You blew it! Best of luck.

Автор Robin Adams (4 месяца)
I saw a Bell Eagle Eye fly over my place just a few months back. Most
people (neighbors) who saw the Drone thought it was a a manned aircraft. I
happened to be standing in the right place when the Drone flew over at
approx. 200' altitude. Positive ID was made. 

Автор Huey Freeman (4 месяца)
Drones: Killing Muslim children,women,men old people Near you! I feel bad
for those people that get all happy when a drone kills another ''muslim
terrorist'' because when the us govt is done with us they will eventually
come for you ( as the great Pastor Niemoller said)

Автор D Phil (2 месяца)
3.54 is over Cancun, 4.10 over Manilla??, 4.22 is over

Автор CloverPickingHarp (4 месяца)
I can't wait til they start flying more of these pieces of shit over
America and people start... That is after there done killing 30 innocent
people per one successful "terrorist" or his 16 year old son over in
boogeyman land.

Автор MrLoveSmoke (4 месяца)
And iranien? RQ170 is only a Fake!

Автор Mark Frost (1 месяц)
Make the words stay up on screen longer

Автор Pa Co (2 месяца)

Автор Myron Vu (1 месяц)
One drone looks like a dong aka dildo. Lol..

Автор bolderiks (4 месяца)
Who cares.

Автор PriVacy Matters (5 месяцев)
These drones aren't shit compared to the ones that fly over my house.

Автор Spherical Cube (4 месяца)
Why are all these "top ten" drone videos about flying militant drones. What
about the amazing grounded rescue drone that are already saving lives
around the world.

Автор Chris Watson (3 месяца)
Shop worrying about the zombie appoclips and start worrying about robots
taking over the world! There already here! O--O

Автор djguy100 (4 месяца)
name of the song please

Автор ufozeon reds (2 месяца)
I always see Surveillance jet drones as small but It changed my perspective

Автор A. Abraham (4 месяца)
if they kill muslims terorists its a good thing

Автор Arif Irawan (2 месяца)
They're so good for you because they will give you a lot of money by
killing a lot of people in the world. I learnt natural sciences not for the
war, but you learnt them to make the war robots. You are criminal if you
think it's so good. War is never good for our planet. Would you think a
lot of children will be sad because their parents will have been killed in

Автор Abhiram Vedala (2 месяца)
name of the song?

Автор besemeable (1 месяц)
you are putting the names up too danged quick!!! this makes the video

Автор Gunny11795 (1 месяц)
The General Atomics shown wasnt the mq-1, it was the mq-9.

Автор ghost000ghost000 (3 месяца)
I'm the only one saw an ufo? 3:20

Автор Leo TL (3 месяца)
These are ruining RC hobby

Автор Infidel Atheist (3 месяца)
The only motivator is fear,the politicians,public servants,military
officials must be made to fear the people.A direct quick disciplinary
action is required to get enemies of the state in line quickly they are our
servants we are not theirs .

Автор Eugene B. Crawford (2 месяца)
... Where does it all stop !? This is a bad stain on our nation !
No one can justify insanity !
...To kill human life without their knowing it; is PURE EVIL !
What diabolical mind is it that will devise a method by where you may kill
someone without their knowledge of it happening !? That is a ghoulish act
by a pathological mind !...Using Drones is in fact; the act of a ghoulish
coward ! Killing the unexpected without the knowledge that it is happening
is a Cowardly act ! Think seriously about that ! Right now, if you were
bombed by a drone at this second, with no warning and died !? What is that
!? It would be a pathological type trained to kill via a command station
100 miles away: possibly while eating lunch ! That is playing God with
lives ! We cannot excuse it by using the term "war"

Автор MrLoveSmoke (4 месяца)
1:18 Brothers horten lets greets! :p

Автор Myron Vu (1 месяц)
Did I saw a gundam wing? 

Автор Infidel Atheist (3 месяца)
Philip K Dick wrote about drones in his 1950-1960 pulp fiction books.

Автор moises de faria (7 месяцев)
Top 10 Drones no mundo

Автор ELYOR01 . (5 месяцев)
this drone successfully, captured by iran 1:43

Автор larsonb33 (5 месяцев)
Just for the record: FUCK GOOGLE +. Now that that is said, I am lubed up
and ready US government come and shove a camera up my ass there might be a
terrorist up there hiding!

Автор Тупой ютюб канал (4 месяца)
The man in last car make a wrong comment on youtube.

Автор Эдик Четверик (6 месяцев)
тшсу мукн пщщв

Автор Tiberiotertio (9 месяцев)
Wonder what is left of those top ten when laser pointers, GPS jammers & CB
devices are used against them? My guess a small heap of scrap material.

Автор German Military Power (1 год)
thanks man!

Автор kicktaekwondo (1 год)
but for usa. its killing towns and citys of kids and innocent people. so
thats why taliban gets strongers everyday. cuse thos towns grow hatred for
the usa

Автор tinypanda511 (7 месяцев)
the words go to fast

Автор BloodTar (1 год)
Yes, protecting the lives of the invaders and illegal occupiers

Автор mahbub nezami (11 месяцев)
the little bird uav variation is definitely in the top

Автор pilatunes (1 год)
I wonder how much longer we'll need pilots.

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