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Автор Shari Fain (2 месяца)
where the hell did the other music go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор epelham100 (9 дней)
aww the music is gone....what was the name of the song again?? i loved it

Автор Anna Grig (9 месяцев)
HI! Can you help me teach y horse to go tackless? we're already good with
neck-rope alone, but elf-fashion... well you get my meaning! And also, what
is the second song? i can't seem to remember it being by Loreena

Автор thedrloboski stevens (3 месяца)
The best i've ever seen. loved it..and it was great fliming to.

Автор ast5515 (1 год)
I would love to do this! Sadly it's not that simple around here.

Автор Shubham Gaikwad (1 год)
Great concept. Great video. Great music. Great girl. Great horse. I love

Автор Shubham Gaikwad (1 год)
Temple Run: Brave

Автор Captain Starlight (8 месяцев)
Wow, I am totally subscribing! Please post videos on how to ride like

Автор Viktória Kóňová (8 месяцев)
beautiful :)

Автор Kitty Cat Kiss (1 год)
Amazing! Beautiful Arab you got there!

Автор Koně jsou neeej (7 месяцев)
This is very good. How long do you archery and ride on the horse ? I ride
on the horse and sometime archery.

Автор Una Mclister (9 месяцев)
Katie good horse women, good horse womanship!

Автор Flavia Furtos (10 месяцев)
Ok this was epic!

Автор Una Mclister (9 месяцев)
Very good! riding, attitide both horse and rider..Kata and Jebe

Автор Amy Gail (1 год)
Such a beautiful horse. You know you're every World of Warcraft gamers
dream girl right? lol Great video!

Автор maryann arnautov (1 год)
are you like Meridia or something?

Автор Angela Rahn (10 месяцев)

Автор Claire Harper (1 год)
i think this would be very dangerous because you dont have anything to
control the horse with and if the horse goes darting off you could fall off
and might get a head injury.

Автор Heidi D (1 год)
I tried to ride without saddle for the first time today! Wooo, so proud of
myself lol.

Автор Edyta Batruch (1 год)
Very inspiring video, thank you for sharing. Who is the author of the
songs, can't find anything like this wherever I try.

Автор Marjorie Miller (1 год)
I wish you didn't have the music on there so I could hear the real sounds
of horse hooves and you talking to your horse and even possibly the sound
of the arrow flying!!! Nix the music!!! You have given me a better
understanding of how to ride a horse without all the trappings!!! It's all
about balance and subtle communication with your horse! But I wasn't able
to hear if you were also speaking commands to your horse, like heeyah to go
faster or something. Thanks for posting!!! Nice horse!!! :)!!! :D!!!

Автор Meghan McDonough (1 год)
What a gorgeous horse!

Автор Amy Schumacher (1 год)
Looks like she must be pretty...

(puts on sunglasses)



Автор Ryan Rackley (1 год)
Everything about this is beautiful!

Автор Athena Bac (1 год)
Merida! Your destiny awaits you!

Автор Antra Kapilinska (1 год)
this is really cool :)

Автор Elizabeth Hernandez (1 год)
my 19 month old son loves this video! its so pretty!

Автор Vanessa Cadar (1 год)
This video gives me the feeling of the knights and ladies era...lovely
horse, amazing riding and archery skills, and the songs fits perfectly !

Автор matthew henthorn (1 год)
Mongolian style i see. how long does it take to get a horse use to the
arrows flying away from it?

Автор Kelly Eirini Kalymnos (1 год)
That;s just too WOW!! <3 

Автор Georges IV (1 год)
can you do the same thing naked?

Автор AmarinthIkukami (1 год)
I've trained horses before and a wild mustang I grew up woth I always rode
him bareback. He trusted me and I him. We rode for hours and he loved being
in the forest and on the mountain trail. I miss those days.

Автор LoneStarRider (1 год)
Best way to ride bare back and no shoes<3 Horse back riding and archery.
Best combination ever!

Автор shelen knight (1 год)
very nice :)

Автор Angel Vegan Wolf (1 год)
xlnt, this was a pleasure to watch - plus I've learned from you and your
horse via this vid thankyou 

Автор Fiona Wilson (1 год)
stunning. Beautiful Saluki as well.

Автор tracy mccleaf (1 год)

Автор Brianna Buckner (1 год)
there good am i right

Автор massimiliano angelini (1 год)

Автор Renee Hartman (1 год)
I am in awe! I want to get to this level of skill and relationship! I
have always loved bareback riding and it wasn't until I met a horse that
once used a hackamore that I realized bitless riding was possible too. But
what I have always wanted is this. Cuddos to what you've done!!!
Now...how did you do it!!? Omgosh, I want to learn what you know!

Автор jess teats (1 год)
where do you buy that kind of bow?

Автор veritaserum1000 (11 месяцев)
i like people who dont use horse JUST as a tool for sport or enjoyment.
this horse is really loved :)

Автор alexis baldwin (1 год)
I love doing horseback archery

Автор Leo theLion (1 год)
Poor dog used for archery target practice.

Автор A Swerdloff (1 год)
you are AMAZING!!! what is the first song called?

Автор nzartlisacampbell (1 год)
a lot of people have so much fear and you have so much faith in your
relationship with this horse. Natural horse-womanship all the way!!!! bring
on those old school values of freedom and faith! this is such a beautiful

Автор nzartlisacampbell (1 год)
yay keep painting the world with your awesome magic!!! you have such a
beautiful connection with your horse! thank you for showing me it can still
be done and that not all people believe in being so domestic lol I love it
love it love it 

Автор Claudia T-C (2 года)
I'll have to wait until I have a job to pay for it, haha

Автор classeycase101 (2 года)
its like the movie Brave lol xD

Автор yaq123459 (2 года)
Visit something similar! Not that bad! Traditional Hungarian style of horse
riding and horseback archery: type "kalandoor" in youtube search box!

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