Katie and Jebe: reinless riding and horseback archery.

No boundaries, no bridle, no saddle, no shoes! Just Jebe and I riding around, and then doing a little horseback archery. I love my horse! I had to change the music due to copyright issues.

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Автор desertcitysun1212 ( назад)
Beautiful video & horse! I totally agree...bitless and barefoot are the
way to go. I use the Dr. Cooks bridle (on any horse)...love it. I've never
used bits and never will. I do boot my horse because I live in a very rocky
area. I can ride her completely "free" (no bridle, saddle, etc..) but she
wants to go in her own direction. lol! We're working on that...at her own
pace. Enjoy your horse too! :-)

Автор SasquatchyCowboy ( назад)
Watching this video inspired me to learn to ride tackles. which has
improved my horsmaship ten fold. thank you Katie.

Автор HeidisHeart ( назад)
so incredible...love the connection you two have:)

Автор Faith Chambers (1156 лет назад)
Ikr! The first music was AMAZING 

Автор epelham100 ( назад)
aww the music is gone....what was the name of the song again?? i loved it

Автор Shari Fain ( назад)
where the hell did the other music go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор thedrloboski stevens ( назад)
The best i've ever seen. loved it..and it was great fliming to.

Автор Koně jsou neeej ( назад)
This is very good. How long do you archery and ride on the horse ? I ride
on the horse and sometime archery.

Автор Captain Starlight ( назад)
Wow, I am totally subscribing! Please post videos on how to ride like

Автор Viktória Kóňová (625 лет назад)
beautiful :)

Автор Una Mclister ( назад)
Katie good horse women, good horse womanship!

Автор Una Mclister ( назад)
Very good! riding, attitide both horse and rider..Kata and Jebe

Автор Anna Grig ( назад)
HI! Can you help me teach y horse to go tackless? we're already good with
neck-rope alone, but elf-fashion... well you get my meaning! And also, what
is the second song? i can't seem to remember it being by Loreena

Автор Fla Fla ( назад)
Ok this was epic!

Автор Angela Rahn ( назад)

Автор veritaserum1000 ( назад)
i like people who dont use horse JUST as a tool for sport or enjoyment.
this horse is really loved :)

Автор Amy Gail ( назад)
Such a beautiful horse. You know you're every World of Warcraft gamers
dream girl right? lol Great video!

Автор Shubham Gaikwad ( назад)
Temple Run: Brave

Автор Shubham Gaikwad ( назад)
Great concept. Great video. Great music. Great girl. Great horse. I love

Автор Kitty Cat Kiss ( назад)
Amazing! Beautiful Arab you got there!

Автор Heidi D ( назад)
I tried to ride without saddle for the first time today! Wooo, so proud of
myself lol.

Автор Ryan Rackley ( назад)
Everything about this is beautiful!

Автор nzartlisacampbell ( назад)
a lot of people have so much fear and you have so much faith in your
relationship with this horse. Natural horse-womanship all the way!!!! bring
on those old school values of freedom and faith! this is such a beautiful

Автор nzartlisacampbell ( назад)
yay keep painting the world with your awesome magic!!! you have such a
beautiful connection with your horse! thank you for showing me it can still
be done and that not all people believe in being so domestic lol I love it
love it love it 

Автор Athena Bac ( назад)
Merida! Your destiny awaits you!

Автор Amy Schumacher ( назад)
Looks like she must be pretty...

(puts on sunglasses)



Автор LoneStarRider ( назад)
Best way to ride bare back and no shoes<3 Horse back riding and archery.
Best combination ever!

Автор jess teats ( назад)
where do you buy that kind of bow?

Автор Niki 95 ( назад)
my 19 month old son loves this video! its so pretty!

Автор Vanessa Cadar ( назад)
This video gives me the feeling of the knights and ladies era...lovely
horse, amazing riding and archery skills, and the songs fits perfectly !

Автор Leo theLion ( назад)
Poor dog used for archery target practice.

Автор Edyta Batruch ( назад)
Very inspiring video, thank you for sharing. Who is the author of the
songs, can't find anything like this wherever I try.

Автор Matthew Henthorn ( назад)
Mongolian style i see. how long does it take to get a horse use to the
arrows flying away from it?

Автор Kelly Eirini Kalymnos ( назад)
That;s just too WOW!! <3 

Автор LightAmari120 ( назад)
I've trained horses before and a wild mustang I grew up woth I always rode
him bareback. He trusted me and I him. We rode for hours and he loved being
in the forest and on the mountain trail. I miss those days.

Автор ast5515 ( назад)
I would love to do this! Sadly it's not that simple around here.

Автор Marjorie Miller ( назад)
I wish you didn't have the music on there so I could hear the real sounds
of horse hooves and you talking to your horse and even possibly the sound
of the arrow flying!!! Nix the music!!! You have given me a better
understanding of how to ride a horse without all the trappings!!! It's all
about balance and subtle communication with your horse! But I wasn't able
to hear if you were also speaking commands to your horse, like heeyah to go
faster or something. Thanks for posting!!! Nice horse!!! :)!!! :D!!!

Автор Antra Kapilinska ( назад)
this is really cool :)

Автор Meghan McDonough ( назад)
What a gorgeous horse!

Автор Georges IV ( назад)
can you do the same thing naked?

Автор Claire Harper ( назад)
i think this would be very dangerous because you dont have anything to
control the horse with and if the horse goes darting off you could fall off
and might get a head injury.

Автор Renee Hartman ( назад)
I am in awe! I want to get to this level of skill and relationship! I
have always loved bareback riding and it wasn't until I met a horse that
once used a hackamore that I realized bitless riding was possible too. But
what I have always wanted is this. Cuddos to what you've done!!!
Now...how did you do it!!? Omgosh, I want to learn what you know!

Автор maryann arnautov ( назад)
are you like Meridia or something?

Автор shelen knight ( назад)
very nice :)

Автор Angel Vegan Wolf ( назад)
xlnt, this was a pleasure to watch - plus I've learned from you and your
horse via this vid thankyou 

Автор Fiona Wilson ( назад)
stunning. Beautiful Saluki as well.

Автор alexis baldwin ( назад)
I love doing horseback archery

Автор tracy mccleaf ( назад)

Автор massimiliano angelini ( назад)

Автор A Swerdloff ( назад)
you are AMAZING!!! what is the first song called?

Автор Al5lo8ah ( назад)

Автор sanserof7 ( назад)
Your horse archery is shit, but well, you are a woman so that explains it

Автор Fred ( назад)
That is just so beautiful. You both move as one. Such mutual affection and

Автор galaxy ( назад)
JEBE was mongolian general during gengis kahn's time,right?

Автор Alora Farrell ( назад)
This is the most beautiful video I have seen. you and your horses movement
are just perfect. Truly one with your horse. This gives me inspiration to
keep going forward, try new things, but never forget your dreams.. and who
supported you on them. I do not have a horse now, but I will! :) 

Автор Tias Pramuka ( назад)
It's truly amazing watching ur video. I'm wandering how long you teach you
horse like that. 

Автор the Onca ( назад)
the aesthetic within this is undenyable. pure ultra master art. YEAH!

Автор MandiMal00 ( назад)
That was simply amazing! You are an inspiration to me as both an equestrian
and an archer. Wonderful video!

Автор TheWildScarletRose ( назад)
Amazing video! Could you please tell me the name of the song of Loreena
that is heard?

Автор knight runner ( назад)
not sure what it took to train the horse. but if you didn't use any painful
methods I salute you. 

Автор NannySassy ( назад)
wonderful. so relaxed the both of you. just wonderful to watch. Thank you. 

Автор MsWillowP ( назад)
This is MAGNIFICENT! You ride beautifully, and have such amazing accuracy!
I adore the bond between you and your horse. 

Автор hey75123 ( назад)
This is gorgeous! just wonderful! And I must add: Redhead on horseback with
a bow and arrow? Disney Pixar's Brave?

Автор Hayhay ( назад)
Wow, love it! 

Автор Sarah Yasue ( назад)
Wow. Beautiful ways of bare back riding and archery. Every part of the
video is magnificent. The music, the weather, the environment, everything.
:) And beautiful horse btw. ^^

Автор Julia Lapena ( назад)
Wow. Can I use this? I'll give you credit.

Автор Julia Lapena ( назад)
Wow. Can I use this? I'll give you credit.

Автор tessa mandley ( назад)
I keep sitting here wishing I had that relationship with my horses with 1 I
do tho but uve got a beautiful relationship 

Автор MsBlackbirdflying ( назад)
That's just way toooo cooool!!! 

Автор midnight121190 ( назад)
This is so completely inspiring and beautiful. Fantastic work. PS reminds
me of Tangled... :) 

Автор Kas Raeann ( назад)
Teach me your wise ways oh Elven goddess... :D 

Автор alexis baldwin ( назад)
your amazing

Автор Klara Chuda ( назад)
It's the most beautiful horse riding I've ever seen! I do horse riding,
too, I learn horse jumping, but still I am not able to gallop very good,
without saddle only walk. So I admire you very much, I would like to do the
same (archery) from now! :3 Thank you! 

Автор FrostFire ( назад)
She's either Sylvanas Windrunner, an Elf or Merida.

Автор Sarah Lewis ( назад)
Absolutely gorgeous riding, and great music selection too! I love Loreena
Mckennit (not sure if I spelled her name right, though). I like archery,
although I haven't done it since I was a kid. I have been talking about
trying it again, now your video has inspired me to go for it! I don't know
if I can do it from horseback, as I'm a para (disabled) rider and have
limits on what I can do riding. You are amazing, and very peaceful to watch
in this video. Such a bond with your horse too! GREAT vid!

Автор Karina Friedrich ( назад)
..and the salukibring the arrows back? wonderfull, complete team! 

Автор Aptus Plavt ( назад)
Добрая лошадка у вас! Привет от коллеги по лучному делу и верховой езде на

Автор Amy Chen (animalluv101) ( назад)
shed be perfect as merida from brave

Just awesome! 

Автор xXAngelWolfXx ( назад)
thats what im thinking of doing :P

Автор Katie Stearns ( назад)
Thank you! I am from the USA :) 

Автор Judy Hart ( назад)
Please wear a helmet! Things that are totally unexpected can and do happen,
you could get killed.

Автор 8Tiger8 ( назад)
Katie - that was without doubt one of THE most beautiful displays of- bare
back (& bare foot) archery \riding Ive ever seen. Your riding, your poise,
your accuracy were just wonderful to behold. I'm an Australian (& an
archer) ..... from where do you hail \ where was this magnificent
demonstration of skill filmed? Europe? The U.S? Fond regards, Michael

Автор Marisol Castaneda ( назад)
if they a brave movie live they should chose you to be the girl 

Автор thehickschannel ( назад)
Seriously you HAVE to be that chick of Brave... Red hair, awesome free
horseback riding, archery... Love it!!!

Автор jckanzel ( назад)
beautiful in every way... love the late afternoon sun, clear blue skies set
against vibrant green and gold. love your horse, your riding. I feel your
freedom, great setup, excellent teaching with the horse, nice setup,
progression through your exercises. Sweet musical accompaniment choice,
great camera work. 

Автор jdee1130 ( назад)
hey say something nice! and she isn't an elf and that is a wonderful video
great job!

Автор haveniznumba1 ( назад)
this is just beautiful!

Автор Tiffany Coy ( назад)

Автор Orchid398 ( назад)
I wish I had that kind of balance! Jealous!

Автор Whitney Woodside ( назад)
if you are a friend to a horse, it will play with you, and only play, like
it does with other horses..not a good idea. 

Автор Zahra Smart ( назад)
Thos reminds me of BRAVE.... o.o! You're such a good rider!

Автор Lily Grenden ( назад)
i look like a crap rider next to you! you and your horse must have a strong

Автор Laura Jaco ( назад)
The most AMAZING thing EVER!!!!

Автор Maria Roten ( назад)
I'm getting so happy while watching this! It's unbelieveable how good a
relasionshihp between a horse and a human can be! :)

Автор Anna girl ( назад)

Автор horseluver1409 ( назад)

Автор kbcade ( назад)
Loreena McKennitt is the artist's name. The two songs of hers that are
played are (in order): The Mummer's Dance, All Soul's Night.

Автор connie colfox ( назад)
Hi Katie I have a horse `i ride bridle less, and I am always looking for
good videos of horses that look well trained and happy, not stressed and
bullied. It was great seeing your clip. Thanks

Автор Lexi Feldmann ( назад)
I wish I had the balance to ride bareback like this. I used to on a QH
horse but the Haflinger I use now? he is WAY to bouncy. I wrap my hand in
his mane just to stay on fora three stride point. 

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