The terrorist group beheading priests in the Philippines

Jolo Crisis - Philippines, 2000 - The Catholic state of the Philippines could be paying the price for it's treatment of Muslims as extremism grows rapidly.

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Will the two aims of the Filipino government - to save the hostages and destroy their kidnappers -prove incompatible? This film gives the background to a conflict between a Catholic state and an extremist Muslim minority.

Produced by ABC Australia. Ref - 800

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Автор Ranases (1 месяц)
"My god is better than your god" and people die...until the end of time.

Автор Reddylion (2 месяца)

Автор John B (3 месяца)
Which Province ? You people must of gone too far south where they have the
crackhead Muslims.

Автор Barney Muthu (3 месяца)
Where do you think these terrorist are getting their weapons? They are
getting support from certain people who are in support of this group. 

Автор John Michael Sumbillo (3 месяца)
And BTW.. WHO DA FAQ will go scuba diving on Sulu Sea??? A Sea occupied by
Islam people? with a strong presence of this Abusayaff?? and They already
knew during 2,000 (President Estradas Administration) a War against Muslim
terrorist is happening, so it is not really safe to go there whatever
happens?? especially they're white!!! They can go scuba diving on Boracay,
a more safer place.. I wouldn't risk my life for an exotic Vacation.. i
wouldn't even go there whatever happeneds..

Автор GEPARD2025 (1 день)
God will destroy those Snakes, and they will burn in Hell forever and ever
to Eternity !

Автор Muslim Nad (3 дня)
Allahu Akbar

Автор Dazel Charm Dayondon (13 дней)
2:00 is that manny? lol

Автор peter hann (4 месяца)
Another stupid war over religion and a god that exists in there imagination
on both sides.

Автор Yung Josh (15 дней)
The Muslim people need to fight their share of the oils' profits..that they

Автор john ibasco (15 дней)
Enter mindanao at your own risk.

Автор Arsianna walker (16 дней)
Unbelieveable how one sided this twisted documentary is. They hardly
mention the fact that muslims kill, torture, and attack Catholics and
Christians almost on a daily basis there. I have friends from the
Philippines who know the truth.

This documentary is trying to make the Philippine military look 'evil' for
trying to rid muslim terrorists from the southern islands. -Imagine if the
U.S. was exposed as "evil" for attacking al queida in the middle east?
Same thing.

Автор xTiduussx (17 дней)
I say just drop a few nukes on the middle east...problem solved

Автор lord squidington (22 дня)
"The Catholic state of the Philippines could be paying the price for it's
treatment of Muslims as extremism grows rapidly." How does this prove them
wrong? they where right to treat them as they are.

Автор jim wright (4 месяца)
No need to drop THE bomb. Just need to suck up your BALLS... And make them
pay so savagely they give up. If they Know the names of the terrorists,
they should round up their entire families. And Burn them to death with
Napalm. Screw Muslims. 

Автор prikov1 (23 дня)
Do you think they complained to their travel agent when they got home?

Автор GEPARD2025 (1 день)
Read the Book, the only Book of God, the Bible and You will know the Truth

Автор fordge mustang (28 дней)
Not more religious freaks

Автор John Michael Sumbillo (3 месяца)
I'm from Philippines... I live in Iloilo. Philippines had 3 main island
The Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.. Luzon and Visayas are Catholic states,
and Mindanao is a Muslim state but there are still Catholics that lived
there.. I believe not all Muslims are murderers, there are still some of
them that are good. Luzon and Visayas is a safe and fun to visit..
Mindanao had also had a lot if nice places, but there is a lot of number of
kidnapping for ransom (espicially when you're white. Muslim terrorist
hates white people) because of this Muslim Abusayaff rebels and many more
Muslim Front.. you know We can say that ''Drop an atomic on those Muslim!!
Wipe them out, they're shit they just cause trouble in many places on the
world''... But please think of every Muslim who are innocent that also just
wanted peace in this Planet.. I'm Catholic but i still respect and love a
Muslim if he will also love and respect me.. But if he tried to kill me or
harm my Family.. forgive my Lord for what I am gonna do..

Автор Heil Wolf (1 месяц)
Free the Philippines from Muslims send them back to Malaysia 

Автор invertedlow (1 месяц)
Fuck you pathetic religious scum. You're killing innocent athiests. You are
the scum of the universe.

Автор Dazel Charm Dayondon (13 дней)
i saw one video of these abu sayyaf terrorist group where they beheaded
innocent people (some say they're Christians) like they're just playing,
laughing while holding the beheaded heads.. i could say that they are the
worst terrorist in the world even worst than talibans.. abu sayyaf are
DEVILS walking on earth.. they don't believe on nothing, they don't fight
for a cause.. they fight for money and their way of life of killing people
for their satisfaction.. i don't agree on killings but if these demons are
the target, i would aim precisely.. 

Автор Yung Josh (15 дней)
It is power, money and wives. Why democratic? Would you??? Share wealth
with others and the rest of the people? You are the King, you keep it all.
The earnings and profits from vast lands of oil.. Why change and give it
up? This is why they will fight and die for the power..Chaos of the people
to divert attention..Blame other races how bad ( us ) foreigners are,and
different religions and opinions, instead of on focus how to better their
own country or government..When the country's majority people are poor and
uneducated,.. they are easily persuaded, controlled and manipulated....

Автор Joseph Stalin (1 месяц)
the stupid pinoy government is not raging a war against these muslim thugs
but a gang fights! No wonder it took them decades and still no solution in
sight. Look at Sri Lanka -- rage a deadly war and murdered all combat tamil
and it will definitely end. One way or the other.....

Автор Be Good (1 месяц)
The true enemy is the media. Every one have problems and they belong home
and not in a country that they dont know nothing about.

Автор Zaphod Trillian (1 месяц)
Exterminate all muslims from Philppines

Автор chill66blog (1 месяц)
Islam... AGAIN and AGAIN, it's going to be either china or Russia that will
really take these muslim crackpots to the slaughter me thinks.

Автор Yush Musilon (4 месяца)
The abusayyaf are those people wild living in banditry, the black sheep of
the of Muslim infact they are destroying the true image of islam . This is
an opposite of the prophet teaching

Автор Yung Josh (15 дней)
Where do you think Muslim people in Mindanao get money from? Raising
camotes,coconuts or copra ? When they cannot even afford to buy foods or
shoes? Much more weapons? Weapons and war equipment are not cheap at all.
So let us do the Math? The poorest part of the country but the richest
and abundance in guns and weapons though >>We the rest of the Philippines
better wise up..Think let us do the Math and think over...

Автор Jim T (2 месяца)
muslim scum, animals, disciples of Satan

Автор TheBlazerminecraft (5 месяцев)
Drop Atomic bomb

Автор Chris Nata (8 месяцев)
I am a white man living in the US and I have never been to the phls. I
support the phls and those damn muslims need to be wiped out...all of
them..that is how I look at it...

Автор Yap Kris Carmelo (6 месяцев)
Islam. A cult.not a religion..

Автор Mike Strickl (2 месяца)
Derka Derka?

Автор AJ Amran (2 месяца)
Hey general....go fuck ur own president....fucking corrupted country and

Автор Yung Josh (15 дней)
Why other Muslim leaders in the Middle East look and do nothing. Why don't
they stand up and say out loud it is not their friendly group or associated
with them. But instead most Muslim terrorists are linked or assisted
them thru financial help or war training by other Big Muslim or paid by
big Muslim leaders/groups from other Muslim leaders from other
countries.This is the reason why the problem does not stop.Why don't
other Muslim leaders say publicly to stop for bring bad name to
Muslims. Not one Muslim leader would stand up and say wrong to behead
innocent people. We do not like your Muslim religion but we do not behead
people....That is the difference that everytime we disagree or dislike
things or other religion..we kill or behead them..Or train kids to kill...

Автор KOLERA KA PESTE KA (3 месяца)

Автор Awal Noor (3 месяца)
Damn those barbaric invading Hispanic Catholics,they are a scourge on the
face of the planet and it's history 

Автор Billy Gallardo (3 месяца)
moro owns land of mindanao?every one has ryt to live in mindanao!!!...

Автор aancalgary (3 месяца)
Muslims get strong,,fight the Crusaders,,
remember the Spain invader,,? The philipine was not exist unitl King Philip
came over sending his fucking crusader to kill civilians including the
native people. now the native has been brain washed by Catolic to accept
their false Christianity.

Автор Sander van der Hoek (3 месяца)

Автор jimcunningham61 (7 месяцев)
the phils is great to visit , just don't go to the south

Автор yan thex (4 месяца)
they cant kill the spirit of all bangsa moro.. if we die today?? we sure
tomorow our children will stand and fight again!! allahu akbar

Автор Skodaman2 (4 месяца)
Save a child. Kill a priest.

Автор Peter Joseph (4 месяца)
Nuclear Abu sayaf.

Автор Dale Allen (4 месяца)
Its a war of greed covered by islamic beliefs. 

Автор Pasha Ali (4 месяца)
oh look i speak english very good..catholic fancy nyum2 got fuck by
american GI..damn idiot..this people are very problematic and uncivilised
wether they're catholic or muslim...u should meet one if you dont believe..

Автор christopher ramos (4 месяца)
One sided sirs.. Sorry.

Автор Sandyrson Mohametano (4 месяца)
this fighting for money and politics 

Автор r2d2green1 (5 месяцев)
I was born in Manila and this is just really sad 

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