The terrorist group beheading priests in the Philippines

Jolo Crisis - Philippines, 2000 - The Catholic state of the Philippines could be paying the price for it's treatment of Muslims as extremism grows rapidly.

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Will the two aims of the Filipino government - to save the hostages and destroy their kidnappers -prove incompatible? This film gives the background to a conflict between a Catholic state and an extremist Muslim minority.

Produced by ABC Australia. Ref - 800

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Автор Dale Allen ( назад)
well I was in Mindanao in March 2015 . my wife's family took care of me and
kept me safe .

Автор justclimb77 ( назад)
After watching all this shit, I can say Filipinos are as dumb as their own
govt for not standing up for but rather participating in this corruption
just to make a VERY SMALL buck.. not even a buck sometimes honestly. Idk
how you guys even have internet access. I don't want to hate on you bc I
love everyone, but man up, and make things right or you will die. Simply as

Автор Barry irlandi ( назад)
this is shameless propaganda. they are not fighting to make a place for
Islaam..they are just Natives still trying to defend their land and

Автор Journeyman Pictures ( назад)
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Автор Valeria anna ( назад)
why are you there? Colonizers are not welcome everywhere. you go visit next
time you come back and build a hotel you are not wanted everywhere.

Автор Rob Poulson ( назад)
The MILF want an Islamic caliphate (even though they already live in a free
country), just so they can make their people suffer under sharia law and
enjoy less religious and political freedom, prohibit their women from
voting, driving or going to school, and force all their people to regress
culturally, politically and economically back to the 6th century B.C. while
the rest of the Philippines continues to develop into a first world

Автор Martin Stein ( назад)
Fuck all Muslim kill themselves

Автор Joey Santi ( назад)
kapal ng mukha mo angelo reyes ikaw nagbebenta ng armas sa terrorista!

Автор Nestor Mondigo ( назад)
but may abs-cbn ang nag interview nitong mga terorista...tang ina..alam
pala nila kung saan ang kuta ng mga terorista nito..but d nila ipinag alam
sa goberno natin..?!!
ano isa cla sa membro..?!!

Автор SJ Hall ( назад)
Fuck the UN.And of course more nutcase muslims.

Автор matt gentile ( назад)
dirty fucking muslims

Автор kerrowmoar4 ( назад)
Anyone like Baboy??

Автор AnarchoRepublican ( назад)
...sounds like basically everyone's got the same problem...all over the

Автор Socialboxies2 ( назад)
ABU SAYAF is a real terrorist group, they are a shame in the MUSLIM WORLD.
NPA, MILF, MNLF are totally different. They have solid ideals, they dont
use the name of ALLAH in exchange for MONEY. Im a christian and the most
disciplined people I know is the muslims.

Автор john jameson ( назад)
+Alexa KS
Failure is the product of all the"CORRUPTIONS" in the Government of The
Republic of the Philippines...........Shame on all you Filipinos for
electing and re-electing these corrupt government officials. And shame on
those capable on stopping them for not doing so..........THINK ABOUT IT

Автор juhhben cabilan ( назад)
You people are too harsh with your comments. They just want war. They say
that it's peace that they want. But their act is on the contrary, both for
the government of Philippines and these Muslims.
So what do you guys think that we should do about this.?

Автор jessebel atilano ( назад)
Daba pod dapat we depend our country to others countries who wants to take
over our land why among countries Philippine lng ang nag laban2 sam kapwa
Filipino. Sana naman palawakin ang isipan sa mga taong walang magawa may
mga pamilya din kayo. Nasasaktan at nadadamay we both have soul. Stop being
use by evil spirit maiksi lng po ang buhay kaya gamitin natin ito na may
kabulohan. Sana rin sa mga nag comments wag isali ang religion dto.thank

Автор Krizzdale Tabios ( назад)
Why the hell do this Muslims want an independence... I mean they have
freedom already, they can do whatever they want as long as theyre not
breaking the law, they can live wherever they want, what else do they can
ask for, what else do they want. I personally think that theyre are
rebelling due to personal/group interests. DIE YOU MUSLIM TERRORISTS!!!!!

Автор Dio Rex ( назад)
Animals! kill all those terrorist pigs!

Автор Roman Marchus ( назад)
Alahu Akbar..

Автор kerrowmoar4 ( назад)
Muslims should eat more Lechon.

Автор tyjghjghhh ( назад)
you see that dumb ass euro trash giving middle finger to the camera,
the only few things that can help speed up his rescue,
he gives his fingers off for no reason.

do you want to rescue this asshole?
LOL fuck no, let him die.

Автор Enasni Almazora ( назад)
Malakas na sana ang pilipinas kung nagkakaisa lang lahat.. 

Автор Horace Ball ( назад)

Автор Jasper Williams ( назад)
Hmmm, not one word on *"beheading priests"* - but a whole lot of
pro-barbarianism via *islam's allah, a.k.a. muhammad?*
Obviously, the uploader, doesn't want anyone to "bother" themselves with
searching the truths of the barbarianism of islam - any further than their
propaganda video?
Hopefully, you viewers are smart enough to know to look beyond one
communist media's vision for a world of barbaric islamic control, and dig
til' you learn the *fact,* *this is EXACTLY what the barbarians
[Palestinians] have been doing to Israel for decades?*
*FIRST,* they move into a land through their common/typical, barbaric
slaughtering of anyone who's in their way - "according to the peace
*barbarianism* of *islam's allah, a.k.a. muhammad."*
Than, when the actual people who control the political boundaries of the
land decide they've had their fill of the barbarians and work to annihilate
them, *(as they should and as they have EVERY right to do)* - that's where
the *infiltrated western communist media* picks up the story lies, and
begins brainwashing people with *islam's allah, a.k.a. muhammad,* born lies
about their *peaceful* intentions.
It is astonishing that, with these kinds of *precedences* screaming in our
media *specialists* and ALL, ENEMIES OF CHRISTIANITY and other
non-barbarian people's.
UPLOADER - you ought to be ashamed for enjoining the brainwashing processes
of the barbarians!

Автор Peter Hunsader ( назад)
So why are there not american troops helping??? Oh that's right! They
don't have oil! lol

Автор Lex KS ( назад)
Kagagawan ito ng putang inang America na yan. Kasabwat nila ang MILF, na
kunwari pinapakita nila na kaaway nila ang mga MILF. BASTA! America is the
root cause of this all. Our country had the potential esp during Marcos'
administration, but what happened, America used our own people to gang up
against Marcos to have him step down, bcos they don't want to see The
Philippines succeed which the brilliant Marcos had the potential to do so.
At this point, America has tied our hands so that we'd always depend on
them and make them look like they're a 'helpful' nation. No wonder why
China is always so annoyed with them everytime there's a China-Philippines
relations bcos America always meddles needlessly! China always refer to
America as, 'some external country'.

Автор Kōpenupenutekūaretanga ( назад)
Christianity and Islam are the main trouble makers in this world. And yes,
I did mean Christianity.

Автор DawnOfTheDead991 ( назад)
Filthy jihadist scumbags

Автор BLUE ANGEL ( назад)
i pray to all victims, god have mercy...
an evil heart to do killing, mistreated and abused the victim, god has no
mercy when you do killing, you choose death in hell

Автор althegreat17 ( назад)
their mentality is very stupid that is why their region is very poor, take
for example our Davao city (located in mindanao). It is known to be a
progressive and a peaceful city.

Автор Ruth Fajardo ( назад)
Pls do not say rude words about Filipino cause not all Filipinos are
Muslims. It is actually a Christian (which is my religion,) yet a little
Catholic, country.

Автор Ruth Fajardo ( назад)
Muslims, they are so scary. I mean, they always do what they want, even
though they know it is


Автор Saurav Gggg ( назад)

it is inevitable to see a civil war, after muslim have multiple in any non
muslim country. 

Автор TheJoshua7820 ( назад)
What? The media found them on tv, yet the terrorist group is still active.

Автор pinoy ako ( назад)
style marcos,within one wik ilikas lahat ng civilian tpos bombahin na buong

Автор Sol Cuddeback ( назад)
Hardly objective, this contrived product.
Extremely transparent support for Violent Islam.

Автор Mc Yas ( назад)
The war of a greedy Philippines government and a build of Islamic states
M.I.L.F.. The suffering is the Filipinos people's.PEACE is the solution of
this wars..

Автор Carter Bransom ( назад)


Автор Ruby Abutanmo ( назад)
Did alah told you kill people ha....

Автор bulag ( назад)
you want to be endipendent but you want a badget 

Автор Mogul Siren ( назад)
they should wage another war with MILF.... Fuck it, they're already an

Автор Mogul Siren ( назад)
civilians should stop complaining and start supporting your Gov't and
military, what they're doing is for you own good in the long run.

Автор Reymark Cruz ( назад)
dapat ang malasia bombahin sila ang sumosoporta sa mga terrorist sa
mindanao pilipno ay para sa pilipino ang bansa hindi para ankinin at mag ka
pwersa ang ibang bansa ubusin lahat ng masasama para matapos na ang

if everyone converted to being atheist, there would be no religious

Автор Larrysfo ( назад)
stop crying gringo stop being pussy, pay your own way

Автор 0ragon kah ( назад)
The terrorist group beheading priests in the Philippines:

Автор Allan Canares ( назад)
Mga putang ina nyo M.I.L.F sana ibomba na kau agad para diretso na kau
impeyerno para kasama nyo si Allah nyo bitch kung nandyan ako papatayin ko
kayong lahat saka papatayin ko rin ang mga anak nyo saka irarape ko ang mga
asawa nyo tapos papatayin ko rin ang mga asawa nyo punyeta kau allah nyo
walang kwenta sa mundo saka beliefes nyo mga sira ulo kaya kau mga tarando
bwesit mamatay na kayong lahat Bitch

Автор SAAPBOii ( назад)
Fuck Islam and Mindanao and fuck Abu sayyaf kill them all drop a bomb on
Mindanao and kill all Muslim wannabes fucking idiots

Автор Kelly Diel ( назад)
mga salot sa tong mga terorista na to. dapat sa mga to sunugin ng buhay. 

Автор Ernesto Perez ( назад)
Seeing a bunch of overzealous bigots in here. 

Автор admiralcrash1 ( назад)
looks like filipinos killing filipinos to me. That's all. They are a bunch
of retards. what else is new anywhere in the world?

Автор Justine Zingg ( назад)

Автор Gian Santiago ( назад)
unfortunately the Philippine military share the same interests (money and
greed) as these abu-salsals as stated by the irish priest who was freed
after the local military "negotiated" millions of pesos for a "forced
attack" against these retarded extremists, as the priest said they
government forces met with the extremists started firing blank rounds just
to make a show and even counted their shares infront of the priest.
Philippines is doomed.

Автор Trevor LeFiles ( назад)
You'd think the catholics would protect their brothers... Shame on the pope
for not helping them

Автор Joseph Nez ( назад)
Kill the dirty flips! Free Bangsamoro!

Автор micky mondo ( назад)
Rather unfortunate choice of name for their group MILF apart from that
they're typical filthy Islamist scum intent on domination and subjugation
of non Muslims. I hope they are wiped from the face of the earth along with
their transvestite sodomite false prophet.

Dr. Bill Warner is the American author of several books, including "Sharia
Law for non-Muslims" and "Factual Persuasion: Changing the Minds of Islam's
Supporters". He currently operates the website, PoliticalIslam.com.
According to his official bio, Warner has a lifelong interest in religion
and the effects that religious beliefs have on the course of history and
civilization. After leaving college he began a more intensive study of the
foundational texts of the the world’s major religions, and has now been
studying Islam for over 30 years.
Before he began writing and publishing books about Islam, Warner was an
applied physicist trained in quantum physics, and a University professor;
he holds a PhD in both Physics and Mathematics.

Автор റ്റീരചീ ( назад)
Thanks to the lovely Philippine government, 17 billion pesos ($389 million
USD) in so-called "development" funds are given to these Shariah-thumping
jihadis every year (and this doesn't even include "aid" funds from NATO).

*Bravo, Aquino, Bravo*!

Автор jose manuel ( назад)
all murderer and liar will cast into the lake of fire. revelation 21:8

Автор jose manuel ( назад)
Jesus said, except a man be born again, he cannot enter into d kingdom of
God. john 3:5

Автор lucduf ( назад)
Not good, group.

Автор Goth Schaefer ( назад)
Islam is a religion that is pure evil , I feel disgusted in this cult.
They will pay the price for their religion of lies, and to all the converts
to Islam your so pathetic and need some mental health professionals help

Автор Willy D ( назад)
Muslims are liars by their book, they have what is
written, term named Taquila check spelling, but it allows the holy ones as
they like to call themselves, which means "set apart" well, to treat
infedels or non proclaiming muslims as less than human and lying or killing
them is encouraged if they resist the dominant movement of jihad or holy
So non muslims better opposed them and those who don't oppose (so called
good muslims who don't know their own books writings) well, help them to
know they affiliate with a dangerous book and if they don't root out the
evil in their ranks, then we don't trust them as non muslims "Taquila" 

Автор Nabil Tohoin ya habibi ( назад)
let islam back to philippines

Автор Mick Sydney ( назад)
Let isis rule them then ,, see ya ,,,,,, bomb the crap out of them ,, dogs

Автор Joshua Lee ( назад)
trying really hard to respect muslims as a religion but there so many
problems with them

Автор Spinning Starr ( назад)
muslems been trying to takes over there and the world for hundreds of years

Автор Sunny One ( назад)
Uhmmm? Did I Blink and miss the Beheading Part 0r is this just ANOTHER
Misleading Heading on YouTube?

Автор BLUESTAR KING ( назад)
drop napalm on the terrorist. kill every rat .kill them muslims.

Автор BLUESTAR KING ( назад)
kill all terrorist

Автор rodolfo radam ( назад)
Ginagamit nyo ang Allah. mga Demonyo! Shaitan!

Автор jozsefkacsa ( назад)
What I don't understand is the German Government spokesperson said that
Germany,wont,negotiate with Terrorists,and wont pay the ransom! So why
should the Philippino Government pay 20 millions for 12 German Citizens???

Автор brianbirc ( назад)
more killing for god organised religion sucks Forcing one false god on

Автор shwarma kubos ( назад)
mga muslim sa mindanao mga tamad yan ang tutuo...

Автор anoy silarde ( назад)
As I know, Abu Sayyaf is not a muslim! It is not about war of a religion.
It is about money!!! They want Ransom! Because they don't have work. They
cant eat 3 times a day. Easy work for them is kidnapping. To all Muslim,
the meaning of ISLAM is PEACE!! Forbidding to kill innocent people,
children and women. As I know. Abu Sayyaf group are animal! They are the
DEMON disciple!!! Dont shout ALLAHU AKBAR if you are not true Muslim!!!!
The terrorist are destroying the image of ISLAM!! Often times,, read the
Noble Qua ran to lighten your mind!

Автор Chris Coffey ( назад)
Ive been many times to the Philippines and spoken with both Christians and
Muslims and to be honest and fair , I know the Christians are prepared to
share but the Muslims are not , they want their rights is the usual reply
but nobody else has rights in their view an Islamic state in a 95%
Christians country , I dont think so , so I suggest you go back to
Indonesia where you can have your own state ,as Ive seen your freedom
fighting for myself and I can honestly say that MILF is nothing short of
being a band of bandits using religion for their aims ,,Sorry if truth

Автор Faux Hawk (1191 год назад)
IF you think about it what cause to this problem is the difference of
religeous belief to what god they follow and believe too many story its
chaos to this world its a shame cant agree for everthing you just gotta
figured things out ur own so be a kind man theres a lot of greedy ppl for
something they want this fact might offended you and I dont give .I. may
god bless you god always beside you no matter where when keep calm and
peace out!

Автор Teodoro Jr. Quindara ( назад)
I was assigned in Mindanao for more or less eight years with the Special
Forces (Airborne), Philippine Army. I have heard lot of reasons, why, these
Filipino Muslims wanted to secede Mindanao from the Philippines but what I
want to connect with all their reasons is the fact that there are more
BLOOD DEATHS (Muslim against Muslim) in Mindanao than deaths caused by
their secessionist movement. Therefore, they love fighting and killing;
hence, give them Mindanao and Mindanao will still be a war zone just like
Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. They want an Islamic
State and they say that once the land is a Muslim then Christians are not
allowed to live. So why Muslims come and go to cities occupied by
Christians. So what they want is to rule this world, make it an Islam
world. Therefore, giving them Mindanao would not stop them from continuing
to wage war until they occupy this whole world.

Автор demimond11 (1450 лет назад)
The war has been going on for a long time. One solution is to promise
pinoys that they can have the Muslims lands there if they will fight for it
and retake the lands. Arm and train a hundred thousand men and give them
cart blanch to ferret and eliminate as many as they encounter until they
are thorough in diminishing the population of men of fighting age. Their
reward will be the lands they take and settle. Let them fight for as long
as it takes them to clean out the area.

Автор Sean Quinn (1956 лет назад)
Dont people know that this is how Islam has always spread. Its pure evil.
These islamists always will murder people. They need money to continue
there jihad so ransom is going to happen. If I was help by these people I
would hope the Filipino military would carpet bomb my position to kill
these people. I'd have know problem with that. Thats a fact.

Автор GEPARD2025 ( назад)
God will destroy those Snakes, and they will burn in Hell forever and ever
to Eternity !

Автор GEPARD2025 ( назад)
Read the Book, the only Book of God, the Bible and You will know the Truth

Автор Muslim Nad ( назад)
Allahu Akbar

Автор Jubilee dela cruz ( назад)
Hey motherfuckers wait for me after I graduate and become a soldier i
pledge that i will kill you and I will rip your head and even your smallest
cells will not be seen MARK MY WORDS. 

Автор Dazel Charm Dayondon ( назад)
2:00 is that manny? lol

Автор Dazel Charm Dayondon ( назад)
i saw one video of these abu sayyaf terrorist group where they beheaded
innocent people (some say they're Christians) like they're just playing,
laughing while holding the beheaded heads.. i could say that they are the
worst terrorist in the world even worst than talibans.. abu sayyaf are
DEVILS walking on earth.. they don't believe on nothing, they don't fight
for a cause.. they fight for money and their way of life of killing people
for their satisfaction.. i don't agree on killings but if these demons are
the target, i would aim precisely.. 

Автор Yung Josh ( назад)
The Muslim people need to fight their share of the oils' profits..that they

Автор Yung Josh ( назад)
It is power, money and wives. Why democratic? Would you??? Share wealth
with others and the rest of the people? You are the King, you keep it all.
The earnings and profits from vast lands of oil.. Why change and give it
up? This is why they will fight and die for the power..Chaos of the people
to divert attention..Blame other races how bad ( us ) foreigners are,and
different religions and opinions, instead of on focus how to better their
own country or government..When the country's majority people are poor and
uneducated,.. they are easily persuaded, controlled and manipulated....

Автор Yung Josh ( назад)
Where do you think Muslim people in Mindanao get money from? Raising
camotes,coconuts or copra ? When they cannot even afford to buy foods or
shoes? Much more weapons? Weapons and war equipment are not cheap at all.
So let us do the Math? The poorest part of the country but the richest
and abundance in guns and weapons though >>We the rest of the Philippines
better wise up..Think let us do the Math and think over...

Автор Yung Josh ( назад)
Why other Muslim leaders in the Middle East look and do nothing. Why don't
they stand up and say out loud it is not their friendly group or associated
with them. But instead most Muslim terrorists are linked or assisted
them thru financial help or war training by other Big Muslim or paid by
big Muslim leaders/groups from other Muslim leaders from other
countries.This is the reason why the problem does not stop.Why don't
other Muslim leaders say publicly to stop for bring bad name to
Muslims. Not one Muslim leader would stand up and say wrong to behead
innocent people. We do not like your Muslim religion but we do not behead
people....That is the difference that everytime we disagree or dislike
things or other religion..we kill or behead them..Or train kids to kill...

Автор john ibasco ( назад)
Enter mindanao at your own risk.

Автор Arsianna Walker-Johnson ( назад)
Unbelieveable how one sided this twisted documentary is. They hardly
mention the fact that muslims kill, torture, and attack Catholics and
Christians almost on a daily basis there. I have friends from the
Philippines who know the truth.

This documentary is trying to make the Philippine military look 'evil' for
trying to rid muslim terrorists from the southern islands. -Imagine if the
U.S. was exposed as "evil" for attacking al queida in the middle east?
Same thing.

Автор xTiduussx ( назад)
I say just drop a few nukes on the middle east...problem solved

Автор lord squidington (682 года назад)
"The Catholic state of the Philippines could be paying the price for it's
treatment of Muslims as extremism grows rapidly." How does this prove them
wrong? they where right to treat them as they are.

Автор prikov1 ( назад)
Do you think they complained to their travel agent when they got home?

Автор fordge mustang ( назад)
Not more religious freaks

Автор Heil Wolf (409 лет назад)
Free the Philippines from Muslims send them back to Malaysia 

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