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Автор Gian Santiago (5 месяцев)
unfortunately the Philippine military share the same interests (money and
greed) as these abu-salsals as stated by the irish priest who was freed
after the local military "negotiated" millions of pesos for a "forced
attack" against these retarded extremists, as the priest said they
government forces met with the extremists started firing blank rounds just
to make a show and even counted their shares infront of the priest.
Philippines is doomed.

Автор Brice Cook (2 месяца)
always you see muslims hide their faces because they are evil deceitful
liars .... they will act like a friend until no one sees then stab you in
the back
Islam is lies cheating and deceit

Автор റ്റീരചീ (6 месяцев)
Thanks to the lovely Philippine government, 17 billion pesos ($389 million
USD) in so-called "development" funds are given to these Shariah-thumping
jihadis every year (and this doesn't even include "aid" funds from NATO).

*Bravo, Aquino, Bravo*!

Автор Allan Canares (3 месяца)
Mga putang ina nyo M.I.L.F sana ibomba na kau agad para diretso na kau
impeyerno para kasama nyo si Allah nyo bitch kung nandyan ako papatayin ko
kayong lahat saka papatayin ko rin ang mga anak nyo saka irarape ko ang mga
asawa nyo tapos papatayin ko rin ang mga asawa nyo punyeta kau allah nyo
walang kwenta sa mundo saka beliefes nyo mga sira ulo kaya kau mga tarando
bwesit mamatay na kayong lahat Bitch

Автор Mc Yas (3 месяца)
The war of a greedy Philippines government and a build of Islamic states
M.I.L.F.. The suffering is the Filipinos people's.PEACE is the solution of
this wars..

Автор Ernesto Perez (4 месяца)
Seeing a bunch of overzealous bigots in here. 

Автор Kotētahitangataepatuwairangi (2 месяца)
Christianity and Islam are the main trouble makers in this world. And yes,
I did mean Christianity.

Автор shwarma kubos (8 месяцев)
mga muslim sa mindanao mga tamad yan ang tutuo...

Автор Sol Cuddeback (3 месяца)
Hardly objective, this contrived product.
Extremely transparent support for Violent Islam.

Автор Jasper Williams (25 дней)
Hmmm, not one word on *"beheading priests"* - but a whole lot of
pro-barbarianism via *islam's allah, a.k.a. muhammad?*
Obviously, the uploader, doesn't want anyone to "bother" themselves with
searching the truths of the barbarianism of islam - any further than their
propaganda video?
Hopefully, you viewers are smart enough to know to look beyond one
communist media's vision for a world of barbaric islamic control, and dig
til' you learn the *fact,* *this is EXACTLY what the barbarians
[Palestinians] have been doing to Israel for decades?*
*FIRST,* they move into a land through their common/typical, barbaric
slaughtering of anyone who's in their way - "according to the peace
*barbarianism* of *islam's allah, a.k.a. muhammad."*
Than, when the actual people who control the political boundaries of the
land decide they've had their fill of the barbarians and work to annihilate
them, *(as they should and as they have EVERY right to do)* - that's where
the *infiltrated western communist media* picks up the story lies, and
begins brainwashing people with *islam's allah, a.k.a. muhammad,* born lies
about their *peaceful* intentions.
It is astonishing that, with these kinds of *precedences* screaming in our
media *specialists* and ALL, ENEMIES OF CHRISTIANITY and other
non-barbarian people's.
UPLOADER - you ought to be ashamed for enjoining the brainwashing processes
of the barbarians!

Автор jose manuel (6 месяцев)
Jesus said, except a man be born again, he cannot enter into d kingdom of
God. john 3:5

Автор HOLYMANSASSASIN (3 месяца)
if everyone converted to being atheist, there would be no religious

Автор Carter Bransom (3 месяца)


Автор Reymark Cruz (3 месяца)
dapat ang malasia bombahin sila ang sumosoporta sa mga terrorist sa
mindanao pilipno ay para sa pilipino ang bansa hindi para ankinin at mag ka
pwersa ang ibang bansa ubusin lahat ng masasama para matapos na ang

Автор Enasni Almazora (10 дней)
Malakas na sana ang pilipinas kung nagkakaisa lang lahat.. 

Автор SAAPBOii (3 месяца)
Fuck Islam and Mindanao and fuck Abu sayyaf kill them all drop a bomb on
Mindanao and kill all Muslim wannabes fucking idiots

Автор Saurav Gggg (2 месяца)

it is inevitable to see a civil war, after muslim have multiple in any non
muslim country. 

Автор althegreat17 (2 месяца)
their mentality is very stupid that is why their region is very poor, take
for example our Davao city (located in mindanao). It is known to be a
progressive and a peaceful city.

Автор Mogul Siren (3 месяца)
civilians should stop complaining and start supporting your Gov't and
military, what they're doing is for you own good in the long run.

Автор Ruth Fajardo (2 месяца)
Pls do not say rude words about Filipino cause not all Filipinos are
Muslims. It is actually a Christian (which is my religion,) yet a little
Catholic, country.

Автор pinoy ako (3 месяца)
style marcos,within one wik ilikas lahat ng civilian tpos bombahin na buong

Автор TheJoshua7820 (2 месяца)
What? The media found them on tv, yet the terrorist group is still active.

Автор Kelly Diel (3 месяца)
mga salot sa tong mga terorista na to. dapat sa mga to sunugin ng buhay. 

Автор AlienElysium (10 месяцев)
"My god is better than your god" and people die...until the end of time.

Автор DawnOfTheDead991 (2 месяца)
Filthy jihadist scumbags

Автор Mogul Siren (3 месяца)
they should wage another war with MILF.... Fuck it, they're already an

Автор Barney Muthu (1 год)
Where do you think these terrorist are getting their weapons? They are
getting support from certain people who are in support of this group. 

Автор Teodoro Jr. Quindara (8 месяцев)
I was assigned in Mindanao for more or less eight years with the Special
Forces (Airborne), Philippine Army. I have heard lot of reasons, why, these
Filipino Muslims wanted to secede Mindanao from the Philippines but what I
want to connect with all their reasons is the fact that there are more
BLOOD DEATHS (Muslim against Muslim) in Mindanao than deaths caused by
their secessionist movement. Therefore, they love fighting and killing;
hence, give them Mindanao and Mindanao will still be a war zone just like
Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. They want an Islamic
State and they say that once the land is a Muslim then Christians are not
allowed to live. So why Muslims come and go to cities occupied by
Christians. So what they want is to rule this world, make it an Islam
world. Therefore, giving them Mindanao would not stop them from continuing
to wage war until they occupy this whole world.

Автор Joshua Lee (7 месяцев)
trying really hard to respect muslims as a religion but there so many
problems with them

Автор admiralcrash1 (4 месяца)
looks like filipinos killing filipinos to me. That's all. They are a bunch
of retards. what else is new anywhere in the world?

Автор Alexa KS (1 месяц)
Kagagawan ito ng putang inang America na yan. Kasabwat nila ang MILF, na
kunwari pinapakita nila na kaaway nila ang mga MILF. BASTA! America is the
root cause of this all. Our country had the potential esp during Marcos'
administration, but what happened, America used our own people to gang up
against Marcos to have him step down, bcos they don't want to see The
Philippines succeed which the brilliant Marcos had the potential to do so.
At this point, America has tied our hands so that we'd always depend on
them and make them look like they're a 'helpful' nation. No wonder why
China is always so annoyed with them everytime there's a China-Philippines
relations bcos America always meddles needlessly! China always refer to
America as, 'some external country'.

Автор bulag (3 месяца)
you want to be endipendent but you want a badget 

Автор Ruby Abutanmo (3 месяца)
Did alah told you kill people ha....

Автор Ruth Fajardo (2 месяца)
Muslims, they are so scary. I mean, they always do what they want, even
though they know it is


Автор SKOLL.PERUNU.NIDHOGG (5 месяцев)
Dr. Bill Warner is the American author of several books, including "Sharia
Law for non-Muslims" and "Factual Persuasion: Changing the Minds of Islam's
Supporters". He currently operates the website, PoliticalIslam.com.
According to his official bio, Warner has a lifelong interest in religion
and the effects that religious beliefs have on the course of history and
civilization. After leaving college he began a more intensive study of the
foundational texts of the the world’s major religions, and has now been
studying Islam for over 30 years.
Before he began writing and publishing books about Islam, Warner was an
applied physicist trained in quantum physics, and a University professor;
he holds a PhD in both Physics and Mathematics.

Автор jozsefkacsa (8 месяцев)
What I don't understand is the German Government spokesperson said that
Germany,wont,negotiate with Terrorists,and wont pay the ransom! So why
should the Philippino Government pay 20 millions for 12 German Citizens???

Автор Goth Schaefer (6 месяцев)
Islam is a religion that is pure evil , I feel disgusted in this cult.
They will pay the price for their religion of lies, and to all the converts
to Islam your so pathetic and need some mental health professionals help

Автор jose manuel (6 месяцев)
all murderer and liar will cast into the lake of fire. revelation 21:8

Автор micky mondo (5 месяцев)
Rather unfortunate choice of name for their group MILF apart from that
they're typical filthy Islamist scum intent on domination and subjugation
of non Muslims. I hope they are wiped from the face of the earth along with
their transvestite sodomite false prophet.

Автор Muslim Nad (9 месяцев)
Allahu Akbar

Автор Horace Ball (14 дней)

Автор John Michael Sumbillo (1 год)
I'm from Philippines... I live in Iloilo. Philippines had 3 main island
The Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.. Luzon and Visayas are Catholic states,
and Mindanao is a Muslim state but there are still Catholics that lived
there.. I believe not all Muslims are murderers, there are still some of
them that are good. Luzon and Visayas is a safe and fun to visit..
Mindanao had also had a lot if nice places, but there is a lot of number of
kidnapping for ransom (espicially when you're white. Muslim terrorist
hates white people) because of this Muslim Abusayaff rebels and many more
Muslim Front.. you know We can say that ''Drop an atomic on those Muslim!!
Wipe them out, they're shit they just cause trouble in many places on the
world''... But please think of every Muslim who are innocent that also just
wanted peace in this Planet.. I'm Catholic but i still respect and love a
Muslim if he will also love and respect me.. But if he tried to kill me or
harm my Family.. forgive my Lord for what I am gonna do..

Автор Larrysfo (3 месяца)
stop crying gringo stop being pussy, pay your own way

Автор BLUE ANGEL (2 месяца)
i pray to all victims, god have mercy...
an evil heart to do killing, mistreated and abused the victim, god has no
mercy when you do killing, you choose death in hell

Автор 0ragon kah (3 месяца)
The terrorist group beheading priests in the Philippines:

Автор anoy silarde (8 месяцев)
As I know, Abu Sayyaf is not a muslim! It is not about war of a religion.
It is about money!!! They want Ransom! Because they don't have work. They
cant eat 3 times a day. Easy work for them is kidnapping. To all Muslim,
the meaning of ISLAM is PEACE!! Forbidding to kill innocent people,
children and women. As I know. Abu Sayyaf group are animal! They are the
DEMON disciple!!! Dont shout ALLAHU AKBAR if you are not true Muslim!!!!
The terrorist are destroying the image of ISLAM!! Often times,, read the
Noble Qua ran to lighten your mind!

Автор BLUESTAR KING (7 месяцев)
drop napalm on the terrorist. kill every rat .kill them muslims.

Автор jim wright (1 год)
No need to drop THE bomb. Just need to suck up your BALLS... And make them
pay so savagely they give up. If they Know the names of the terrorists,
they should round up their entire families. And Burn them to death with
Napalm. Screw Muslims. 

Автор Joseph Nez (5 месяцев)
Kill the dirty flips! Free Bangsamoro!

Автор Chris Coffey (8 месяцев)
Ive been many times to the Philippines and spoken with both Christians and
Muslims and to be honest and fair , I know the Christians are prepared to
share but the Muslims are not , they want their rights is the usual reply
but nobody else has rights in their view an Islamic state in a 95%
Christians country , I dont think so , so I suggest you go back to
Indonesia where you can have your own state ,as Ive seen your freedom
fighting for myself and I can honestly say that MILF is nothing short of
being a band of bandits using religion for their aims ,,Sorry if truth

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