Ecuador - Sash

Ecuador - Sash!!!

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Автор Coaster Cinema ( назад)
Riddler's Revenge

Автор Neddyfram ™ ( назад)
This was uploaded on my 6th birthday. Thanks for the late present!

Автор alecris33 ( назад)
Arriba Ecuador!!!!!

Автор Kenzie Backlin (Jesusgirl) ( назад)
Riddlers revenge!!!

Автор GaelicCelt1990 ( назад)
Where do my bananas come from...? ECUADOR!!!

Автор Marcelo R ( назад)
muy buena música dance lo mejor

Автор Rubelbnews 24 ( назад)
This music just blust meeeeeee inside.......

Автор Joshua Gamboa ( назад)
Is that a picture of a person playing soccer. Renato Ibarra uses this as
their goal song.

Автор Kenny Elizeche ( назад)
Ecuador,We regret !

Автор WolfySnackrib666 ( назад)
Massive earthquake hits... ECUADOR!!!

Автор MartinoNL73 ( назад)
Best ever i love Ecuador

Автор panos hulk ( назад)
we miss 90's

Автор asriel dreemurr ( назад)

Автор asriel dreemurr ( назад)
dont worry the 90,s is still here

Автор Katariina Martens ( назад)
Awesome! :D

Автор Susy Thor ( назад)
ECUADOR the best country of the world

Автор Jesus Piceno ( назад)
I haven't heard this song since 09 but now that I look at a compilation of
old techno music , holy shit I forgot how awesome this song was

Автор Antti Rytinki ( назад)
Love this song so much

Автор Florentin Gheorghe ( назад)

Автор Parker87's Hitler Parodies ( назад)
I miss the 90s so much that it almost hurts to hear this song :P

Автор rodrigo navarro ( назад)
na época 1997, fazíamos nossa própria discoteca , época maravilhosa ,que
não volta mas....

Автор Leke Tutos ( назад)
1:13 sounds like mortal kombat!

Автор Hevin's Things ( назад)
A beautiful song!

Автор nourilondon ( назад)

Автор keta548 ( назад)
pury Energy song

Автор Jesper w ( назад)

Автор Aaron Long Huynh ( назад)
This is Catchy

Автор CZmrkrecekCZ ( назад)

Автор Stephanie Allison ( назад)
Groovy song

Автор gustavo bedoya ( назад)
E S C U C H A M E, E C U A D O R, love it, from Boston, Mass.

Автор Mightyraptor Colby ( назад)
This song fucken ROCKS!!! Why don't we have a lot cool songs like this?!

Автор Admir Šarić (1729 лет назад)
This song when I was 2 years old was best song ever ! :D

Автор Terry Kane ( назад)
Brings back childhood and teen s nice, old dance tune .

Автор sarah marie joanne pitts ( назад)
it s good music

Автор yoshi117613 ( назад)

Автор Alex Dallara ( назад)
fa paura !!!!

Автор Mario Donatelo ( назад)

Автор Mario Donatelo ( назад)
tou tou eucadooo forever be gone obnly with you !

Автор arcangel NEGRO (1849 лет назад)
dame tu manooooo........... y vengan conmigo........... ECUADOR......

Автор Harold Slikk ( назад)
Nearly 1,000,000 views... OH MY GOD!!!

Автор Alexandre Carlos ( назад)
ecuador é muito som ... melhor que as desse seculo ... 

Автор Robertas Profcard ( назад)
Anyone is watching SUI-ECU :) ?

Автор SuperIsabello ( назад)
i love this song

Автор Kiraboshi ( назад)

Автор Kerrie Hinton ( назад)
Oh, those were the days!, on the Dance Floor all Night

Автор Deny Casa ( назад)
sash! is legend

Автор Tester ManTv ( назад)
What is this language

Автор Elias Van Winkel ( назад)
E C U A D O R ( S O U T H - A M E R I C A )
This one's gonna be my fav. summer song 2014, even know this song is from
1997... it's 17 years of good old memories for those who are above the age
of 17 right now!

Автор MrDudu444 ( назад)
esto mi recuerda la cubanita - toca me

Автор Doctor Slappy ( назад)
same tune as this is nightlife by ItaloBrothers

Автор NewHolland,Class Polska ( назад)
THE BEST ;)!<3

Автор TheAtrix4g ( назад)
thats just a crap version of this song.

Автор Carlos Matheiu ( назад)
mathafacka nice song...!! ;D God bless Ecuador 

Автор Up 2 no good ( назад)
Yes it happened to me and they took me to tis place they call jail so other
can hear it too! :D

Автор DDayEvents ( назад)
hm that sounds familiar :P 

Автор steveothehulk ( назад)

Автор Parker87's Hitler Parodies ( назад)
Yay!! :D Feeling nostalgic... :)

Автор Petrik181 CZLP ( назад)
beautiful song 

Автор Sandy Herchcovicth ( назад)
saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash *-* 

Автор ronald patricio ( назад)

Автор Alexei Last ( назад)
Still better than most techno out there today 

Автор DOWWADC ( назад)
grats :D great song

Автор alessandro fernando jordao ( назад)
musicao muito da hora msm

Автор dabuttareo ( назад)
Esta es la original 

Автор dabuttareo ( назад)
This is the original. Italobrothers stole it 

Автор MrGang45 ( назад)
My neighbours so much liked this song, that they call the police to hear it
too! :D

Автор Mikko S. ( назад)
yeah man!!

Автор Jose Romo ( назад)
jjajajaja espero que sea broma por que tu comentario esta igual de mal que
el de la niña de que dijo que Guns n Roses y le habia copiado a Tokio Hotel

Автор Darkvirus094 ( назад)
I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор gorrath007 ( назад)
season 13 ep 9, i think around 25 min

Автор JanzQi ( назад)
Actually this is original and This is Nightlife is just ripoff

Автор Jervis Germane ( назад)
I can't remember the exact episode, but Jon was saying you could identify
the Ecuadoran Embassy (where Julian Assange was (still is?) hiding) by its
Sash windows. Nobody got it, and nobody got it after he explained it

Автор Fran Pelegrin ( назад)
Esta cancion es de This is Nightlife de Italobrothers

Автор catty2378 ( назад)
what was that then? love 8 out of 0 but dont remember that?

Автор Joseph Lickman ( назад)
2013 best..

Автор Jervis Germane ( назад)
8 Out of 10 Cats brought me here. Thanks to Jon Richardson and one of the
least successful jokes ever told.

Автор Nicu6923 ( назад)

Автор HarlotEffect93 ( назад)
I remember this on an old NOW Cassette, that my sis had. Memories. 

Автор ajulianj ( назад)

Автор Poppof ( назад)
this is nightlife :P

Автор Johny V ( назад)
motherfking 97' bitches and still kickin

Автор Mathieu Bourit ( назад)
au ptn c'est trop de la balle cette musique 

Автор Xavilainen ( назад)
OMG! Look at what is on my recommended section!! Home!

Автор noora “NoName” kallio ( назад)
tulee teini ikä mieleen=) ylä peukku 

Автор japheth west ( назад)
italobrothers brought me here 

Автор theGUYwho1 ( назад)
XD im glad sum1 is on the same page as me XD living in a town house complex
is just GREAT eh? :D LMAO mind you its ALL my fav songs HAHAHA!

Автор kesse3400 ( назад)
my sub is smoking becuse i play this song so loud...

Автор C4ZiiN0 M0DZ ( назад)
Italobrother les a repris ;) Avec This NightLife ! ;)

Автор Burdin Hugo ( назад)
Moi j'ai découvert Ecuador par Guillaume radio 2.0 sur NRJ

Автор Shayne Neitsch ( назад)
what program do you use or what setup do you have? 

Автор LonelyCubone54 ( назад)
This song would be the best techno song ever

Автор Terry Kane ( назад)
Woops it actually came out in 1997,i was a child then ha.

Автор Terry Kane ( назад)
Aw ,reminds me of goin to teenage discos.A proper tune in its day,still is

Автор Benjamin C. ( назад)

Автор alessandro fernando jordao ( назад)
musicao bom demais

Автор drugfckd ( назад)
when your nighbours move out im moving in! play it as loud for as long as
you want my man.

Автор dario salvador aranguiz ( назад)
do you noob?

Автор dario salvador aranguiz ( назад)
Saludos para ECUADOR

Автор Amy W ( назад)
They should play this in the Ecuadorian Embassy ALL the time - then Julian
Assange would leave...

Автор Nikola Tnt ( назад)
the most popular country in 1997 :D

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