Introducing Roy Buchanan - Greatest Unknown Guitarist in the World [1971] [PART 1]

FULL DOC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg4Cj7NqGD4

This video needs to be seen by all the fans of Roy, and I wanna be the one to put this documentary out there, to keep it alive. Cheers. PART 1 of 3

PART 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edld2Yo4ebc&feature=relmfu

Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N9qTFiVWaw&feature=plcp&context=C433e133VDvjVQa1PpcFPlP_wsvgTqS5pjAeeox6y7p3DdhQOzW7A=

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Автор flwolf2000 ( назад)
I wonder who the 50 morons are that don't like this!

Автор Warren Jayne ( назад)
Thanks for posting. I saw Roy at Buffalo State teachers college in the mid
1970s. He and his backup band came on and did a little warm up for a few
minutes, then got into a slow blues. The bleachers were peppered with
guitar players, you could just tell. We all leaned forward at the point
where we knew he was about to solo, and as Paul Simon said, he just blew
that room away! Pushed you right back in your seat and caused your hair to
stand up.

Автор nitroxsam66 ( назад)
I'd bet SRV was a RB fan.

Автор teleuser ( назад)
The title " Greatest Unknown Guitarist In The World " goes to Danny Gatton.

Автор WORSTXB1PLAYER Tyler Tee H C ( назад)
Thanks for sharing This man is a Guitar Hero

Автор Robert Hereford ( назад)
Roy played with so much soul. I remember watching him live on t.v. and my
father, who is black, said "that sucka can play!"

Автор jdez10 ( назад)
I got turned on to him in 1976. saw him in 1978 in Westbury L.I.N.Y. been a
fan since Hi. and Gary Moore... didn't get the exposure they deserved. thx
for the upload..

Автор ROTTERBOSS ( назад)
I saw Roy in mid 80's in a place designed to legally hold about 150 people.
It had about 300 and the AC was out. We roasted but Roy kept right on and
blew us away. I was close to the stage and watching him was amazing.

Автор Dee Hatfield ( назад)
Great guitarist

Автор John Tolve ( назад)
Yo Arf Arf Yo

Автор Gregory Jewell ( назад)
Saw Roy once when I was a student at Indiana University. He played at the
auditorium. He played like a musician.

Автор duster71 ( назад)
the most annoying,irritating guitartist ever!!

Автор Diane Strano ( назад)
Is that the Snake Stretchers he's with?

Автор billyx67 ( назад)
Just had a great Halloween but one thing I got from this is Roy saying
"love your neighbours"
They were all great and it's one night when everyone is outside and having
a hoot. Giving chocolate bars and chips to the kids while having drinks
with friends outside on October 31st and creating a wicked spooky light
show watching people take pictures and videos of my house just put a great
feeling in my heart. Gotta' love Toronto !

Автор johnnydtractive ( назад)
I'm not a huge fan of "guitar rawk" & I'm not exactly sure how I ended up
here lol, but I was very moved by the footage of him returning to his
family & their church. The images we see everyday of white people in our
culture are mostly middle class white people, very neat & tidy & all the
loose ends tucked in, nothing showing, no untidy emotions or passions, work
work work & spend spend spend & only do exactly what your neighbours do
neither more nor less.

It's just incredible to watch the footage, white people with very little in
the way of material wealth but so expressive, so moved by passion, love,
devotion, esp in the church that minister is rockin, lol. So much more free
& uninhibited, so unself-conscious. It's amazing to be able to see this
footage, & to see the vibrant, powerful source of his music--his family &
his church. Very special.

Автор Haiku Automation ( назад)
what a great video shot of the family coming together.

Автор sküll düggery ( назад)
the hosts' voice reminds me of kerouac.

playing has gotten so much better since Roy Buchanan's time. He did make
his messiah song, better by Gary Moore

Автор 郑卜川 ( назад)
Is Jerry Garcia unknown?

Автор Daniel Rodriguez ( назад)
Thanks for the video! This video really proof that he did go to church with
his parents. Wikipedia shows otherwise.
Great video! Thanks!

Автор Herding Cats ( назад)
Check out Albert Lee, Vince Gill, James Burton and Stuart Smith.

Автор joynthis ( назад)
He was in every other issue of Guitar Player in the 70's, so, known.

Автор jane doe ( назад)
the thing about Roy is that he was able to combine and deliver those
complex but simple beats smooth, clear and nonchalant (except for that
chin, which just by watching you can see the mastery at work) he could
trasition from a slow tempo to a fast dramatic complex beat... like many
others unknown he could deliver part of his soul to his music...

Автор iceWaterProductions1 ( назад)
What is the piece of music that starts at 13:30

Автор Taco Gillespie ( назад)
The True Master of the Telecaster.

Автор Scott Matheson ( назад)
Roy seemed to channel the feeling of the day with this thoughtful off the
piece. You can almost hear the mild summer breeze and blue sky and how he
might have felt about seeing his folks after so many years of being on the
Listen to it's simple bitter sweet sound: 13:28

Автор Woody Woodward ( назад)
Does anyone know the title of the first instrumental, how can I get it?

Автор Billy Jones ( назад)
It is the same stuff the blues guys play. It's ok but nothing new.

Автор Jamie Crosmas ( назад)
I didn't know Nathan Bedford Forrest played a Telecaster lol

Автор Linda Jones ( назад)
HUGE thanks for this. I've loved Roy's beautiful music for a lifetime. This
one often disappears so thanks again, great post.

Автор MATTHEW WAYNE Valentine ( назад)
thanks for this upload, i just discovered Roy yesterday...

Автор 3tongues ( назад)
wow amazing guitarist! I could listen to his music forever.

Автор grumpy wine ( назад)
What gives? I listen to all sorts of blues transmissions including the much
lauded "Sirius Satellite B.B King" channel and not once have I ever heard
the great Roy B. Lucky for me I picked up an album 35 years ago so I was a
convert way back when.There's no new Roy so let's honour the man from his
past accomplishments. Rest in Peace good man.....

Автор Halcyon Night Dream ( назад)

Автор laydbakk1 ( назад)
Anyone fortunate enough to have ever seen Roy play live still has this
amazing man burned in their brains and hearts... I am one of them...

Автор Tony S ( назад)
Absolute monster... Such a unique style and sound. I heard that he slashed
the speaker cone in his amp to get more of a distorted tone. Only way to
distort that fender twin...

Автор A Van ( назад)
Unknown to who?

Автор jimicrack29 thibodeaux ( назад)
then came along or already was danny gatton !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Sacco Belmonte ( назад)
brutal coke bruxism

Автор Offhisrocker ( назад)
Americana sans deluxe real time

Автор blkjckgtrnut ( назад)
A big thank you to youtube for preserving These videos and histories!!

Автор Buck Riddle ( назад)
one of the weirdest styles out there, yea he was bat shit crazy, but hey.
aren't we all! the dude is hella good.. rip Brother!

Автор guitarcoyote ( назад)
Bill Graham --- how many legends did he introduce us to? God Bless Bill

Автор Keating Simons ( назад)
10:20 Oh we'll understand it all in the sweet bye and bye......

Автор e james ( назад)
roy buchannon needs to have a guitar in his hands, not a pair of scissors.
judging by his haircut anyway......

Автор Djura Cosic ( назад)
Thank you very much for this video ... there are many more people who know
how to appreciate this,than twit who make some cartoons ...

Автор Edward Davis ( назад)
Did you know that he was asked to join the Rolling Stones, and said "No

Автор motak bell ( назад)
,,,,Thanx 4 sharing yon vid-clip of the greatest unknown who was n' still
is 1 of me fav guitar player's of old time.....cheers!!!...

Автор Mike Liptsyn ( назад)
Kind of like frank Zappa except more sane and playing a tele

Автор dan holm ( назад)
This guy and Rory Gallagher, 2 of the best 'unknowns'

Автор Jon Bassett ( назад)
Saw him perform three times. God bless the man. A troubled soul with
immense talent...

Автор DobeBob ( назад)
It's very hard to believe [and disturbing!] to listen to some of the
negative [ignorant, fucking stupid] comments being made about Roy! just
sayin'.........just F--- Off if you don't like- don't be stupid!

Автор David Koval ( назад)
His "The Messiah will Come again" Will move you to tears

Автор Kuskule ( назад)
Da se zalediš...!!

Автор sigmundfloyder ( назад)
3 or 4 $ a night.

Автор Stjepan Blagaj ( назад)
excellent player in deed good control ,,wao nice sound on telie

Автор Morgan Rieder ( назад)
Wish I'd discovered him earlier.

Автор getredytagetredy ( назад)
There goes my 61" ford f 100 and gas was 35 cents a gal...and my 59 tele
cost 100$

Автор Brisdad53 ( назад)
Like melted butter... smooth all the way.

Автор tedmich ( назад)
Lonnie Mack died today, quite a Jam in heaven I should think.

Автор Rob Walker ( назад)
He was born in Ozark, Arkansas, not Ozark, California, Bill.

Автор gwmerr ( назад)
Washington DC featured live Roy and live Danny Gatton in small venues!

Автор Tom Mai ( назад)
I wish I would have seen him playing love his guitar screamin for mercy.
R.I.P. Roy

Автор Don Loughrey ( назад)
I saw him in a bar in '78 I think it was. About 200 people, he rocked the
house down. It is still one of the best shows I have seen,and I seen some
great ones. I was cleaning my car recently and was listening to Roy (loud)
when an old friend walked up said "I haven't seen you in 20 years and
you're still listening to the same fuckin' song." Thanks for posting this.

Автор Tanya Boo (Tannie) ( назад)
Stevie Ray Vaghn Texas Blues styling too! 25:26

Автор Lightnin Hopkins ( назад)
RIP Mr. Haggard and Mr. Buchanan. A day when Merle had two of the greatest
Tele players ever in his band.

Автор Les Wagstaff ( назад)
Magic, thanks for sharing....

Автор Whitevaliantwarrior ( назад)

Автор August West ( назад)
Bill graham misspoke, Roy was from Ozark, Arkansas. In NW part of state,
near Fayetteville.

Автор BloozeDaddy ( назад)
in spite of what Jerry Garcia said I don't think Roy was ever "super
fast"....and that's what guitar pickers loved about him...his soul was in
the notes....not the technique.

Автор Jeff Horsey ( назад)
Thanks for this.

Автор Justin Nizza ( назад)
Discovered him a few years back. A lot more interesting of a person than I

Автор Soriddo Sunēku ( назад)
13:36 That's real nice, was this ever put on record?

Автор lanes58 ( назад)
There is no such thing as the greatest guitarist in the world. You have
Andres Segovia, Joe Pass, Chet Atkins, Mike Bloomfield, Jimi Hendrix,
Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton,
Guthrie Trapp, Greg Koch, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Danny Gatton, Brent
Mason, Tommy Emmanuel, Jack Pearson, and a host of others. They all have
their own style. So, lets not have 5th grade arguments, about who's the
best. Instead, lets appreciate, enjoy and learn from them all.

Автор PlanetRockJesus ( назад)
His dentures were always coming loose. This is well known.

Автор Charles J Gartner ( назад)
nah... Danny Gatton is the greatest unknown guitarist. I remember hearing
of roy as a teenager... I think I had one of his albums on CD. Danny I
didn't hear of until my mid 20's at least.

Автор James Lumpkin ( назад)
ARKANSAS BOY.........played with Ronnie Hawkins & Levon Helm. Wish he would
have stayed & played with the Band F@#K Robbie!!!

Автор Pop Schlepp ( назад)
One might argue the same claim for Danny Gatton.

Автор Yukon Woman ( назад)
He would have to battle Danny Gatton and Terry Kath for the title.

Автор brandolf harpoon ( назад)
i wish it showed his hands at 2:48-2:51. wtf is going on.

Автор Doug Thompson ( назад)
Wikipedia says he was born in Ozark, Arkansas then moved to
California...not sure what Bill was thinking...Roy could definitely play a
guitar though...very big around the Baltimore Washington area for a while.

Автор TheDreamtheaterlover ( назад)
His version of Can I Change My Mind one of the greatest songs ever

Автор Fender Stratocaster ( назад)
one word . ORIGINAL!!

Автор I am become Death (1737 лет назад)
I caught this myself back in the 70's. It wasn't the first time it came
out, but it showed me why I loved Roy so much. One of the BEST soooo many
never heard. He was like Graham A. Barnes in that he didn't enjoy the fame
part of music. RIP Chin Man.

Автор withgoddess (469 лет назад)
I can remember the first time I heard Sweet Dreams on vinyl...I played it
over and over and someone didn't like that....oh well..

Автор withgoddess (542 года назад)
Unknown...? Hardly!!!

Автор Richard Reitman ( назад)
used to see him in the Crossroads bar when he played with the
Snakestretchers back in the late 60's

Автор Jeff Baker ( назад)
17:34 That solo that he plays w/Merle Haggard....god damn.

Автор jason lowery ( назад)
sounds more like a blues guitarist, close to jimi hendrix with the howling
sound, maybe he should of went to the britain and return to the states like
jimi...people in the usa are a little behind on recognizing genius

Автор Freddy Walston ( назад)
anyone know the song at 13:31?

Автор Ross Howell ( назад)
I remember him from when I was a little, back then he was Le Roy Buchanan.
His father was a preacher and they lived close to us in Pixley California.
He had a cousin that played Fiddle and they would play in church. He has a
couple of sisters that still live in the area

Автор pike606 ( назад)
Thanks, bro.

Автор edward paradis ( назад)
I seen him once in Houston Texas. in 1980. So damn good. RIP ROY. and THANK
YOU so very much.

Автор Mick Kennedy ( назад)
"If you have it, ..you've got it." --- Well, Merle, I would counter, "If
you've not a' got it, ...you haven't had it."

Автор Mark Schlack ( назад)
Saw Roy playing at the Crossroads in Bladensburg, MD circa 1971. ONe of the
great music moments of my life. Roy was basically playing in a cover band
playing in a roadhouse bar. He wasn't even the front man. He did blazing
versions of The Thrill is Gone and Hey Joe, among others.I think he was
playing a dark green Tele. Just sat there eating soft-shell crabs, drinking
beer, and soaking up Roy. What a great night!

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