Introducing Roy Buchanan - Greatest Unknown Guitarist in the World [1971] [PART 1]

FULL DOC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg4Cj7NqGD4

This video needs to be seen by all the fans of Roy, and I wanna be the one to put this documentary out there, to keep it alive. Cheers. PART 1 of 3

PART 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edld2Yo4ebc&feature=relmfu

Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N9qTFiVWaw&feature=plcp&context=C433e133VDvjVQa1PpcFPlP_wsvgTqS5pjAeeox6y7p3DdhQOzW7A=

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Автор Zarkmoon ( назад)
Caught him in a club in 1986-ish. Most jaw-dropping display of technical
guitar wizardry in the blues-rock genre I ever witnessed, and I've
witnessed a lot. He didn't connect emotionally in the same way many other
did Page, Vaughan, Santana, Garcia, others but the man was as connected to
his instrument as anyone I ever heard.

Автор penguin99ify (764 года назад)
One of the greatest underrated players ever.

Автор joel quinn ( назад)
Rory Gallagher is better

Автор Keith Ninesling ( назад)
Tremendous reputation among guitar players, worldwide, for good reason,
but, virtually unknown to the General Public.

The most overlooked guitarist of the past 50 years.

There's certain aspects of his style that could have been better
considered, but, damn, no one ever, in the popular genres, understood the
instrument better.

First heard him around 1968, yet, he still impresses the Hell out of me.

Great attack and delicacy, super articulate. Awesome soul to his playing.
Masterful use of country and blues voicings. A genius, actually....

Автор Stavo V ( назад)
The sound from that guitar and how he played. Where have those days

Автор mouli g marur ( назад)
30 people dislike this!!!???

Автор Andrew Myers ( назад)

Автор redmaj11 ( назад)
Wow. I love my music, but never heard of Roy Buchanan until I saw The
Departed, heard the ending credits music and had to find out who did it. I
was blown away and continue to be.

Автор Colin Teeling ( назад)
he is soo very great.

Автор Marvin Gershowitz ( назад)
I saw this when it came out and ordered his 1st national album several
months before it actually came out.

Автор Voodoo Yam ( назад)
pure heaven!

Автор Beverly Hiott ( назад)
No matter what denomination.... Or just always in good Spirit

Автор jake schleifer ( назад)
I don't get it, why is there a documentary with scenes of his life and him
being interviewed if he was such an "unknown" guitarist?

Автор Anıl T ( назад)
I discovered Roy from The Departed movie soundtrack about a seven years
ago,this film had blew my life away. And then,i found it and watched this
PBS and that is just fantastic what a humble giant musician. That man gave
me my inspiration on guitar playing and that was the major reason to bought
myself a telecaster. I love Roy Buchanan. greetings from istanbul.

Автор Mary Todd ( назад)
Again, Thanks for posting, Casey.

Автор Mary Todd ( назад)
Talk about sweet! Jonny Otis Show, Roy B on the far left, and Suge Otis in
between. That is f-ing show business, man!!

Автор Mary Todd ( назад)
( That previous note was about a different B&W vid i saw a while back. It's
out there. Like all of us. )

Автор Mary Todd ( назад)
Are you kidding me !!!! Why isn't this shit taught in first grade ??
America, I love you!!!
PS: There's also a great vid of Roy at home with his family. Thank you for
the upload!
Rock on !!

Автор buck riddle ( назад)
look at him move his chin!!! this dude is straight business!! he's a bad

Автор dejalanee215 (1371 год назад)
I saw him in a little club in Pittsburgh back in the 70's and he barely
moved, sometimes putting a cigarette in the top of his guitar neck and that
damn guitar talked the blues like I never saw before !!!

Автор Terry McNamara ( назад)
A bad ass player -one of the best ever -I love his playing !

Автор buck riddle ( назад)
this dude is bad!!! straight up awesome!

Автор Glenn Moore ( назад)
I've been a Roy fan since the early '70's. No one pours out emotion through
the tele like Roy. Thanks for posting.

Автор Jb Diamond ( назад)
I think Roy was Danny Gatton's idol...

Автор Melody Wilcox (MEL) ( назад)
it's like watching a home video of my family in Oklahoma <3

Автор thehoundz1 ( назад)
Best electric blues guitar player in the world...Guitar Player Magazine

Автор Duffy Dunphy ( назад)
amen roy,,,you were the real mccoy,,,!!

Автор Jay Simmons ( назад)
Roy was born in Ozark, Arkansas not Ozark California...

Автор James Rockford ( назад)
this guy could be the king of goofy guitar faces though

Автор James Rockford ( назад)
yet an other overrated tele fanboy....... YAWN

Автор Chris Hedge ( назад)
that version of Sweet Home LA (chicago) was amazing with Roy's playing

Автор Harpgrindin ( назад)
Does anyone know if that's Muddy Waters' bass player, Calvin "Fuzz" Jones,
playing with Johnny Otis at the 23 minute mark? Those glasses and that face
looks just like him

Автор Harpgrindin ( назад)
Robert, watch as much of this guy as you can. Also go to the Live 1976
(Austin City Limits I think) here on youtube and watch him reach over and
grab a beer while blazin' that left hand. Incredible!

Автор Leif Wallin ( назад)
26 boneheads

Автор Zeppelin911 ( назад)
Randy Holden, Roy Buchanan and Chris Whitley are the greatest unsung guitar
heroes ever!
great video...thanks a lot.

Автор Andrew Peachey ( назад)
I heard Roy in the late 70s and have been a fan ever since. He's still my
favourite tele player. He is so humble and makes it look so easy. Roy is
greatly missed. An absolute legend.

Автор Jamey McNutty ( назад)
just learning of Roy and gotta say his playing no doubt demands respect but
I really have to see a lot more before I agree with the claims. His
playing seems too technical and clean, very robotic and mechanical. I know
this is admirable but there are tons of session/studio musicians that are
exactly the same way. Don't get me wrong dude is awesome and I can't hold a
candle to him. I just can't feel the guy like I want to. With that said
....that's the worst case of blo-jaw I eva seen lol

Автор nigg mcmuffin ( назад)
I have the same last name as him and have been playing for 15 years, he is
still better than me.

Автор SuperCarver2011 ( назад)
Never heard of him, and to think his unique blues style came from his
"bible thumping" share cropping family background.
Travelling on the road and making barely enough to pay for his food and
lodging, sleeping in fields sometimes.
There are the Missippi Delta blues, the Chicago blues, Texas blues but his
blues style was more unique that you could
maybe call the California blues.
Reminds me of Woody Guthrie's "pastures of plenty" . You just never know
from what background some of these influential guitarists come from. "The
Messiah will come" is one of his greatest contributions to his legacy.
Rather sad to read about the way he left us.

Автор Zombie Space Pilot ( назад)
Born in "Ozark Arkansas. " Not Cali ;)

Автор Jimmy King ( назад)
The preservation of films like this one is so important for all of us.
Thanks for sharing this. Its wonderful.

Автор dean mccaskill ( назад)
I heard he turned down the Stones. Is that true?

Автор d ha (1391 год назад)
Follow Jesus christ

Автор FauxReal ( назад)
I believe the actual name of this broadcast is, "Introducing Roy Buchanan"
but thanks for uploading it!

Автор Barnekkid ( назад)
Thanks to Casey for sharing this. Precious little is known about Buchanan,
but I can see where Danny Gatton copped some of his licks.

Автор Ven Ban ( назад)
Thank you ...just loved him.

Автор redshaftedflicker ( назад)
great footage thanks!

Автор Michael O'Brien ( назад)
Thanks for sharing. Someone mentioned getting hooked on "Loading Zone,"
that was the only one I owned. Saw him once at a club near Univ of Bpt (CT)
near the end but unfortunately he was pissed and awful. This is a great
doc, will look for parts II and III.

Автор pau1ynz ( назад)
Thanks for this from New Zealand. Been a big fan of Roy Buchanan since the
early 1970s. The self-titled album and "That's what I am here for" held
pride-of-place in my record collection in the early days and I now have
those titles on CD. Amazing to see one of the greatest guitarists the world
has ever seen was such a humble, down-to-earth man. Tearing up watching
these videos...

Автор Rineke RobertsonvanDam ( назад)
Roy is my Boy!!! LOL

Автор Kyle Krutsch ( назад)

Автор bornin59 ( назад)
What a sweet soul this man had, and a great guitarist.

Автор Mitch Wild ( назад)
Hey thanks Casey!

Автор Michael Zambetas Jr ( назад)
thanks casey bruke

Автор Michael Bush ( назад)
the worlds greatest unknown guitarist.

Автор John Wilson ( назад)
F****** A! I commandeered an LP by Roy 40 years ago (one of the few
benefits of a radio career). This is the only other time I've heard
anything about the guy. Many thanks.

Автор Cliff Works ( назад)
check out a young Shuggie Otis at 24:10! wow what a great learning ground.
I saw Roy and T Bone and others live at an event called The Guitar
Explosion at the Hollywood Bowl in the mid 60's Roy stole the show.

Автор Jimmie Hultman ( назад)
Must be having flashbacks cause I'm feeling " FAR-OUT " !

Автор Benco SMS ( назад)
THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS MAN!!!! I had a Roy album back in 1973.
Man, I'd never heard anyone play like that before!

Автор Gene Digiovacchino ( назад)
Roy was hooked up with the original Temptations that came out of Bayonne,
New Jersey years ago according to Bob Moore of the original white group

Автор bisp25 ( назад)
roy is just an awesome player. another one is barry bailey. so underrated.

Автор DaMuses ( назад)
Sadly, the title listed for this video is incorrect. The correct 1971 PBS
title is and was "Introducing Roy Buchanan".

Автор Timothy Abell ( назад)
Crossroads in Bladensburg Maryland!

Автор hankjrr ( назад)
would see him at that Bladensburg Md club...Peace Cross. Hippies on one
side of the room, country boys on the other with their white socks aglow
from the blacklights.....all there for the same thing,,,,to hear this
incredible man play ......Hank to Jimi...plus his own originals .....he
killed it

Автор Michael Daddario ( назад)
I saw Roy live.boy oh boy could this man play. rest in peace Roy.

Автор TheAvailable43 ( назад)
Does anyone know of any Roy and Danny audio?

Автор TheAvailable43 ( назад)
I miss Roy Buchanan, Danny Gatton, and Rory Gallagher ! But its nice we can
still listen to them....My favorite acoustic players are: Gram Parsons, Jim
Croce, and Harrry Chapin.... Long Live these Musicians!

Автор TheBigvolt ( назад)
He had a band call the Snake Stretchers, Billy Price would sing and they
would play around PGH.PA. Even then Jimi Hendrix and other big name Guitar
player all knew about him, Jimi Hendrix said he was the best there ever
was. Warm Regards BV 

Автор royboy56100 ( назад)
Roy had a unique way of sounding like two guitarists at the same time!He
was a Wizard of sound unparalleled by anyone else!!

Автор guildx700 ( назад)
Always loved Roy!

Автор ryanasaurus0077 ( назад)
Did it start with a Scanimate logo that says "The following program is from

Автор Purple Hayes ( назад)
I've been a fan of Mr. Roy Buchanan since the 70's..

Автор Dennis Dullea ( назад)
Roy was the real deal. He makes most of us look like beginners. Figure it
out...He took Danny Gatton under his wing when Danny was just a kid. Then
Danny Gatton took Joe Bonomassa under his wing when Joe was 13.
I saw this on a 13" B&W TV when I was a 20 year old Hippie...and never
felt the same since. Rev. Muddy

Автор Gary Schipper ( назад)
Astounding player.

Автор Pete Talley ( назад)
Mother grew up in Pixley I know the valley and it was a great place to grow
up I suppose I grew up in Pasadena but when I heard loading zone I was

Автор minfo2000 ( назад)

Автор minfo2000 ( назад)

Автор e james ( назад)
goin' back to watts
gonna drink a little wine,
hey hey

Автор Tom Taylor ( назад)
My look at who they play with

Автор Tom Taylor ( назад)
So cool!

Автор Lefty Bass (397 лет назад)
I remember seeing this on PBS when I was a kid. Back then I thought the way
he moved his chin was the secret to being a great guitar player ! When you
only got five or six channels on the ol' TV, having this come on one night
just blew me away.

Автор Milica grbović ( назад)
After SRV, every blues is so boring...

ωραιο βιντεο.Θυμαμαι το 1975,ειχα αγορασει μαζι με τον ξαδερφο μου,το
guitar album.Εκει πρωτακουσα το πρωτο κομματι του βιντεο.Από τοτε κολλησα
με το τυπο...φοβερος κιθαριστας...γιος παππα...διαολου εγγονι

Автор Mike383HK ( назад)
He had such masterful ease of the guitar. Such control. I love his albums
and will keep them forever. He is so missed.

Автор Jeff Cearfoss ( назад)
It's a Roy Buchanan kinda Thursday.......

Автор jerry jah ( назад)
At 17:00 Merle Haggard and Roy cook up a storm Roy is so loud Merle turns
down his amp.

Автор robert harding ( назад)
when you think you have seen the best there is to see, you come across
this guy, lam 57 and l have only just discovered him, and you tube is

Автор LAND727 ( назад)

Автор Ron Fray ( назад)
Greatest Unknown Guitarist in the World....
don't care who knows.) We saw Roy 'live' in Kalamazoo Michigan at a
downtown theater. (about two blocks from the Gibson factory.) Across the
street from the 'PRO-CO' sound folks!!! I was never the same after that!
Thank you Bryce.

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