ronda rousey on cyborg juicing & gina carano - esnews mma boxing


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Автор Keith Fitzroy ( назад)
gina corana film

Автор samuel hint ( назад)
fuck you ronda you are too lucky because you have never met my girl gina in
the ring

Автор morgan Daniel ( назад)
every time i hear that cyborg name i just think of nick diaz picking her
hubby to pieces in the cage and wonder if maybe she,d have given nick a
better challenge.she got more juice in her than pineapple concentrate.ugly
as fuck to boot.

Автор mero jr ( назад)
when ronda was ....... ronda
i literally dropped some tears

Автор TheHypernaught ( назад)
Carano was clearly up against a roidhead.

Автор Boar Hog ( назад)
bust that jaw

Автор frobsey ( назад)
Rousey won't fight cyborg because the fight would be too close,so she keeps
bleating on about the juice.Rousey wants a 90% chance of winning. cyborg
would fight even if she only had a 10% chance of winning.I think Rousey has
the edge, but I don't think she thinks she has.

Автор laxpopov ( назад)
weird ass..

Автор Michurin ( назад)
cyborg will make out of you ronda a little white bitch!

Автор Iron Batman ( назад)
gina carano should be considered still undefeated since cyborg was the only
one with beat her and no cyborg been caught juicing so her victory over
gina carano should be nullified.

Автор Ana Maria Da Silva (318 лет назад)
Ashley Montana that was BEFORE that fight so learn more and shut the fuck
up you ignorant.

Автор Thai Xiong ( назад)
ronda rousey fighting lil bar and stripper girls.. cyborg will fuck her
up... cyborg use to be on juice years ago now shes clean n ronda fans still
complaining.. ronda hating on maywheather but at the same time using
excuses n complains about steroids jux like maywheather

Автор Kaliman Chanoc ( назад)
Rouse is a honest sports woman. She doesn't juice she's a martial artist
like carano. Fuck cyborg the name tell s you all tito ruined her fuck that
fool he sued Jenna Jameson. So fuck you puto.i rooted against him every
fight I'm glad I was right he's proven to be a idiot. Please don't say your
mexican. Sued jenna.fuck you bitch.incredebly.bitch status.

Автор MrTedMcForehead ( назад)
I love Rousey and she's a great, great fighter but Cyborg woud destroy her.

That being said, this is as hot as I've ever seen her look.

Автор Ashley Montana ( назад)
I don't understand why being caught juicing only gets you a suspension. You
should be forever banned and be stripped of all your titles.

Автор Rap Brown ( назад)
I Don't know what it is. IV have nothing against Rousey but, something
inside of me would love to see her get her ass beat. Its not the fact that
she is dominate. I hated when tyson lost. I dont know what it is???????

Автор Melissa Dieter ( назад)
Can't wait to see her fight against cyborg 

Автор G Fp ( назад)
I drink orange juice every morning


Автор Larry Medina ( назад)
He wanted to go balls deep....
Ellie Sack all the way back

Автор kerri barker ( назад)
I love all men fighters. They are so fine. Their fit bodies drive me
crazy!! Love to watch them.

Автор Sexydudeuk ( назад)
Personally I don't think the fights gonna happen at least not for a while.
The reason for this is because of the weight issue. First off Ronda
competes at 135lbs Cyborg competes at 145lbs so Cyborg would have a weigh
advantage if they were to square off at present time. Also the women's
weight limit currently in the UFC is bantamweight (135lbs)with no other
weight classes available. Secondly I know many people want a catch weight
of 140lbs for them 2 to fight yet Ronda is not willing to fight at 140lbs
as she is very comfortable fighting at 135lbs plus even putting on an extra
5lbs could cost her a bit of mobility as well as stamina. Cyborg on the
other hand dropping down to 135lbs would mean having to lose 10lbs in total
and although she does reckon she could make it it would be very difficult
to lose 10lbs plus it would mean having to lose muscle and power and would
also leave her weight drained giving Ronda an advantage.

Автор Aron Sides ( назад)
Who the fuck is cyborg

Автор Mile Lilio ( назад)
Although cyborg may be juicing or what have you i think Gina Carano started
the whole great women fighters in UFC, and shes HOT!!! but i dont think at
Rouseys point of her career she would have beaten CARANO, Ronda's weakness
is when someone boxes her she just takes blows that way. she needs to stick
with judo and submission until she improves her boxing a little more but i
would like to see her fight meisha tate again, its like tate has her then
in one second the fights over and rousey is the winner

Автор Horace Au ( назад)
why can't ronda rousey become wonderwoman? seriously?!

Автор Joe Hazelwood (39 лет назад)
I agree with Ronda.....the women need more *exposure.*

Автор keithsa41 ( назад)
Gina isn't coming back to MMA. She is making movies and making more money
at that than sweating it out with MMA. She's been away from MMA for a long
time.. Would need some tune-up fights.. but i don't think she has the will
for it anymore... much like GSP.... They move on to other celebrity
vehicles like making movies...

Автор Veronon Parker ( назад)
Gina Carano is the one person that could beat Ronda Rousey its to bad she
went to do movies .

Автор Jonathan Augustin (398 лет назад)
Ronda would own Cyborg. Watch the Carano - Cyborg fight... Gina
out-techniqued Cyborg. The only reason Cyborg won was because of that
freakishly unnatural strength the steroids gave her. Take that away and
Carano would've owned her.

Автор Ammar Ali ( назад)
I'll fuk her hard

Автор Roberto Rodwell ( назад)
This girl is a beast she's going to stay unbeaten until she retires 

Автор Raz Chamber ( назад)
Rousey looks like a bodybuilding tranny – look at the shoulders and traps.
She's juicing.

Автор MrNikosnik ( назад)
Ronda i would of married u! heheh ;D 

Автор MegaFlank ( назад)
So badly do I wanna see her and gina fight. A kick from either one of their
sexy bare feet can knock out an elephant with ease. I think gina will take
it though she's too strong and probably bulletproof 

Автор Anthony Hunter ( назад)
Rousey is a scary bitch cyborg number 1 gina number 2 and she can have
third with her ugly fat face

Автор zabuku hoang ( назад)
First MMA champion to fuck their coach

Автор skitsmaxn ( назад)
She's the best

Автор Andrew Flood ( назад)

Автор Kamillo ReyVegas ( назад)
When I first came across this woman I hated her.Now I love her. Please
baby, do not do permanent damage to anyone !!! OK?

Автор WILLIAN Willcavacobanjo ( назад)
Não entendi nada o que conversaram, porém só sei dizer que ela é uma
tremenda gata ashauhaaaaaa....

Автор james fiacco ( назад)
lol Maybe if your coach wasn't so interested in flirting with you when
training you would be classified as a headhunter with the punching ability
to knock people out. 

Автор james fiacco ( назад)
At what age did you coach start slapping you, he's an opportunist. I used
to work for Iranian who had the same exact attitude all about money that
he is not really, entitled to. The Iranian guy I work for cheating on his
wife In in every state we went to. I used to detail cars and drive cars to
auctions all over the country for this Iranian guy.He Had three kids at
home and he's driving across country with me cheating on his wife. He I did
not Get Hit by a truck slayer riding when I was eight for stupid shit like
that, so I stop working for him...... I'll put it to you like this Rhonda
if I had your coaches physical looks or knowledge on fighting I would wish
to not exist and I pray for God to make that wish To be heard. what is it
too much to be professional, not with a touchy-feel y opportunist from
Iranian, but you tolerated I would Say It's said but it's really
pathetic. He will never coach another champion for as long as he lives
I'll bet my eternal placement on that. You can have anybody coach you and
you will still be the champion Think about your soul mate think about your
father who is spiritually known as big red to guardians warriors soldiers
and messengers Thanks for making you feel like I took the sleigh ride
solo. Your coach gives to slap What's next spanking you. 

Автор Peter Cao ( назад)
I wanna kiss and get beaten by Ronda.

Автор ThePantruca ( назад)
Rhonda is very articulated .funny.charming and pretty as hell.. but my
heart belongs to Cat Zingano. Rhonda still very young and have a bright
future ahead of her....Cyborg is a cheating freak that cannot be trusted. 

Автор bdegrds ( назад)
yup Ronda won a bronze metal in the Olympics and is the #1 female fighter
on the planet and she has never juiced lolol ya ok. what a hypocrite. 

Автор zedlips ( назад)
Ronda please do not fight this man!!!!!!!!

Автор Mauricio0d1 ( назад)
Ronda , você é uma gatona mulher casa comigo, te adoro, coisa mais linda,
princesa, sou te fan brasileiro, loira gata casa comigoooooo

Автор draakmanz ( назад)
if ronda needs to cut to 135 in a slow way, whats the fking deal with
fighting cyborg? dont cut and fight at cyborgs weight

Автор OnlyBrothers ( назад)
omg!! she said she like me im gonna die :)

Автор Travis Rodriguez (trvsrdrgz) ( назад)
go here http://dsdomination.com/sp/pro?aid=trvsrdrgz

Автор El Presidente ( назад)
God what a cutie

Автор bane bukowski ( назад)
who gives a fuck about her movie with all the old geezers left in
hollywood...she acts like she was the 1st female to be fighting in mma...i
wish Carano wasn't past her prime

Автор Abrokensword ( назад)
shut up and kiss me

Автор Rodolfo ahumada (1827 лет назад)
all you lame asses are some haters she has been knocking bitches out left
and right dana white isn't dumb he found gold.

Автор Mayweather_Retires_Undefeated ( назад)
She owns. Fuck the haters.

Автор Osiris D'Ruler ( назад)
#rondarousey #cyborg #juicing 

Автор Lindsey harris ( назад)
Cyborg even called her out even in the park n lot I think Rousey is scared.

Автор Andrew Flood ( назад)

Автор zalez777 ( назад)

Автор E.B Jombo ( назад)
This chick scares the fuck out of me!

Автор The Dude ( назад)
Dear Ronda,
Please sit on my face.
Sincerely, Jox. 

Автор Buddy Bear ( назад)
fight Cyborg...and If you win...you will be the greatest : )

Автор jamienoah222 ( назад)
Rhonda is scared period she keeps useing excuses i dont hive a fuck if
someone used steroids ill fight them it dont make them invincible shes a
pussy period

Автор Take Detour ( назад)
At least Ronda and Gina are clean athletes.

Автор Ashley James Williams ( назад)
Gina in the front, Ronda in the rear ;*X

Автор paul lunney ( назад)
shes pretty cool

Автор VALERA ( назад)
Блеать она здоровая пиздец, как мужик сука.

Автор Richard Kerr ( назад)
Cyborg is a cheating c##t.

Автор Cheezeburger Walrus ( назад)
I want her to beat me up.

Автор Carlos Kano ( назад)
Nobody cares about Rousey vs. Carano. The only fight that matters is Rousey
vs. Cyborg. Everything else is pointless...........
Vitor Belfort deserves Title Shot...... Cmon UFC move the fight for him he
is clearly the number one contender!!!!! WEAK WEAK WEAK Micheda vs Weidman?
LAME!!!!!! IT should clearly be Weidman Vs. Belfort and Micheda gets
WINNER!!!! Y'all are messing up!!!!! VEGAS RULES ARE WACK what
timing........ Horrible!

Автор 0460ify ( назад)
listen to that roid voice

Автор Rob Margolin ( назад)

Автор buddyofborland ( назад)

Rousey has been known to drink XS Energy Drinks from Amway! Find them here

They aren't bad either!!
Check out this competition vs Monster and Red Bull

Автор johnbs199 ( назад)
if i could spend one night with gina and ronda..gahdamn

Автор Max Moore ( назад)
Ima fan...I like you too. And Ronda does have what it takes to be a female
action star. I predict that's where her career is gonna end up

Автор Everlot Stark ( назад)
Now Now Rousey dont nring up that juicing shit only pusses say
that......Shes a Female Women with a Pussyhole like you and you each weigh
the same at 135 make the battle happen

Автор Pawknee123 ( назад)
Ronda Rudey Rednose does not have what it takes to be a good actress, look
at how she acts now? She in nothing but a white trash nigger with
incredible fighting skills. I can't stand her fake attitude, or her fake
smile, especially when she's working that lower lip to show her bottom
teeth. The crowds are very fickle.... She will be forgotten about soon
enough. Then she'll get really fat and nobody will want to be friend
anymore. Only then will she start to get humble because she'll be all

Автор pajacs1979 ( назад)
Muhhaha! Fuck off Ronda! Fuck you Rousey!
#1 GINA!!! Carano the best!

Автор Geraldo Vaz ( назад)

Автор Han Dee ( назад)
You rock Rodney I m a FN fan love words you choose, respect love YA.

Автор exterminador858 ( назад)
Sombody knock this fucking Hore teeth in.

Автор Joseph Swartz ( назад)
All u f$$ks are weird an I bet some hoes posted comments on here lmfao!!!

Автор Shy Vavavoom x. ( назад)
yeah UFC has turned the way boxing has been, a place to protect their money
makers instead of letting the fighters meet and compete..

Dana White get it together LET THEM FIGHT!!!!

Автор Sarah Hardy ( назад)
Ronda shouldn't even be fighting in the weight class that she's in. She
cuts weight like crazy. She should be in the same weight class as Cyborg,
but she knew that Cyborg would have beat her because Ronda, only being able
to win by one way, wouldn't be able to get an arm-bar on her. 

Автор Anaphiel ( назад)
MMA is cake and Rhonda is the frosting and what is cake without frosting?

Автор danoasislives ( назад)
cyborg looks like she has a sausage in her panties

Автор Robert Wiegand ( назад)
Screw it. Let them all juice openly. Then there's no excuses. They all
cheat where they can. Pain killers, steroids, growth hormones. Juiced up or
not everyone who watches this stuff including myself loves to see an ass
kicking more than a long boring technical fight so juice em up and let the
mayhem begin!

Автор lisa white ( назад)
All of you retarded brazilians claiming Ronda is dodging are really fucking
stupid. Dana white decides who fights who. So if Ronda refused to fight the
Brazilian man she would lose her belt. Cyborg has to get clean tests and
stop juicing first if she really wants to fight . The only women dodging
the fight is cyborg she is scared and keeps juicing to avoid fighting top
notch fighters

Автор Tactical Priority ( назад)
yeah "movie" some call it porn, but whatever….

Автор Saul Yanez ( назад)
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Автор Saul Yanez ( назад)
check this't one i make over $ 2,000 a month part time


Автор Candy Rose ( назад)
Ronda is a stupid bitch

Автор Macsization ( назад)
Ronda rousey omg. She's soooo hotttttt

Автор Ja'Maul Redmond ( назад)
Gina is the true female warrior. Rousey is juicing just as much as cyborg,
she is looking more and more masculine every year. 

Автор CLIFF, DR. DETRIOT, LYNCH ( назад)
cyborg is a man, once a cheater always a cheater, carano would have won the
fight if cyborg wouldnt have cheated, and steriods do increase speed , and
power.why do you think people take them,

Автор Ken Say ( назад)
steroids dont alter your dna. cyborg looks like a man because she has
probably ruined her estrogen forever if she was using testosterone..besides
a women how trains hard with weights and has certain dietary restrictions
will also increase the test levels. look at the majority of cross fit
females. steroids wont help you stance your movement . you guys watch the
akano vs cyborg fight if you wanna see what will happen to rhonda.

Автор mike ryan ( назад)
I have juiced sooo many times and shot up Olympic medalist. Its easy to
beat the tests. You hold water, notice the body is hard always looks
pumped up,many times you'll see acne or bad skin, you don't fatigue easily,
become very aggressive and of course your stronger and female clit enlarge.
You can easily look at cyborgs neck its far from normal and her muscles are
holding water..face looks bloated.

Автор PedroPablo ( назад)


Автор vergel redondo ( назад)
u like me? yehey hahahahaha

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