ronda rousey on cyborg juicing & gina carano - esnews mma boxing


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Автор frobsey ( назад)
Rousey won't fight cyborg because the fight would be too close,so she keeps
bleating on about the juice.Rousey wants a 90% chance of winning. cyborg
would fight even if she only had a 10% chance of winning.I think Rousey has
the edge, but I don't think she thinks she has.

Автор laxpopov ( назад)
weird ass..

Автор Michurin ( назад)
cyborg will make out of you ronda a little white bitch!

Автор Iron Batman ( назад)
gina carano should be considered still undefeated since cyborg was the only
one with beat her and no cyborg been caught juicing so her victory over
gina carano should be nullified.

Автор Ana Maria Da Silva (317 лет назад)
Ashley Montana that was BEFORE that fight so learn more and shut the fuck
up you ignorant.

Автор Thai Xiong ( назад)
ronda rousey fighting lil bar and stripper girls.. cyborg will fuck her
up... cyborg use to be on juice years ago now shes clean n ronda fans still
complaining.. ronda hating on maywheather but at the same time using
excuses n complains about steroids jux like maywheather

Автор allan menezes ( назад)
Ronda Rousey oii eu preciso da sua ajuda bom eu quero vou ta para o MMA
mais eu fui pasado para trasi pela a equipe que eu tava eu predi tudo o
que eu tinha no MMA minha vida toda foi pelo MMA foi de Sacrifício dia
e noite eu não to na luta mais o meu sonho é vouta para o MMA Ronda
Rousey me ajuda a vouta a treina e a vouta para o luta no MMA por

Ronda Rousey oii I need your good help I'll want ta for MMA more I was
pasado to Trasi by the team that I was I predi everything I had in my life
was MMA by MMA was sacrifice day and night I not to the more my dream fight
is vouta to MMA Ronda Rousey helps me vouta the trains and the vouta to
fight in MMA please ..

Автор Kaliman Chanoc ( назад)
Rouse is a honest sports woman. She doesn't juice she's a martial artist
like carano. Fuck cyborg the name tell s you all tito ruined her fuck that
fool he sued Jenna Jameson. So fuck you puto.i rooted against him every
fight I'm glad I was right he's proven to be a idiot. Please don't say your
mexican. Sued jenna.fuck you bitch.incredebly.bitch status.

Автор MrTedMcForehead ( назад)
I love Rousey and she's a great, great fighter but Cyborg woud destroy her.

That being said, this is as hot as I've ever seen her look.

Автор Ashley Montana ( назад)
I don't understand why being caught juicing only gets you a suspension. You
should be forever banned and be stripped of all your titles.

Автор Rap Brown ( назад)
I Don't know what it is. IV have nothing against Rousey but, something
inside of me would love to see her get her ass beat. Its not the fact that
she is dominate. I hated when tyson lost. I dont know what it is???????

Автор Melissa Dieter ( назад)
Can't wait to see her fight against cyborg 

Автор G Fp ( назад)
I drink orange juice every morning


Автор Larry Medina ( назад)
He wanted to go balls deep....
Ellie Sack all the way back

Автор kerri barker ( назад)
I love all men fighters. They are so fine. Their fit bodies drive me
crazy!! Love to watch them.

Автор Sexydudeuk ( назад)
Personally I don't think the fights gonna happen at least not for a while.
The reason for this is because of the weight issue. First off Ronda
competes at 135lbs Cyborg competes at 145lbs so Cyborg would have a weigh
advantage if they were to square off at present time. Also the women's
weight limit currently in the UFC is bantamweight (135lbs)with no other
weight classes available. Secondly I know many people want a catch weight
of 140lbs for them 2 to fight yet Ronda is not willing to fight at 140lbs
as she is very comfortable fighting at 135lbs plus even putting on an extra
5lbs could cost her a bit of mobility as well as stamina. Cyborg on the
other hand dropping down to 135lbs would mean having to lose 10lbs in total
and although she does reckon she could make it it would be very difficult
to lose 10lbs plus it would mean having to lose muscle and power and would
also leave her weight drained giving Ronda an advantage.

Автор Aron Sides ( назад)
Who the fuck is cyborg

Автор Mile Lilio ( назад)
Although cyborg may be juicing or what have you i think Gina Carano started
the whole great women fighters in UFC, and shes HOT!!! but i dont think at
Rouseys point of her career she would have beaten CARANO, Ronda's weakness
is when someone boxes her she just takes blows that way. she needs to stick
with judo and submission until she improves her boxing a little more but i
would like to see her fight meisha tate again, its like tate has her then
in one second the fights over and rousey is the winner

Автор Horace Au ( назад)
why can't ronda rousey become wonderwoman? seriously?!

Автор zenolia3 ( назад)
Talk less, fight more Ronda. DANA WHITE SIGNED CRIS CYBORG, SHE'S NOW AN
UFC FIGHTER. He wouldn't sign a fighter who's juicing or is a compulsive
cheater. A fight aat 140 is a catchweight, you don't loose your belt, Cris
doesn't loose hers and fans will have the superfight they want. Don't be
like Laila Ali vs Ann Moser, the superfight thaat was hyped for years and
never happened.

Автор Joe Hazelwood (38 лет назад)
I agree with Ronda.....the women need more *exposure.*

Автор keithsa41 ( назад)
Gina isn't coming back to MMA. She is making movies and making more money
at that than sweating it out with MMA. She's been away from MMA for a long
time.. Would need some tune-up fights.. but i don't think she has the will
for it anymore... much like GSP.... They move on to other celebrity
vehicles like making movies...

Автор Veronon Parker ( назад)
Gina Carano is the one person that could beat Ronda Rousey its to bad she
went to do movies .

Автор Jonathan Augustin (397 лет назад)
Ronda would own Cyborg. Watch the Carano - Cyborg fight... Gina
out-techniqued Cyborg. The only reason Cyborg won was because of that
freakishly unnatural strength the steroids gave her. Take that away and
Carano would've owned her.

Автор Ammar Ali ( назад)
I'll fuk her hard

Автор Roberto Rodwell ( назад)
This girl is a beast she's going to stay unbeaten until she retires 

Автор Raz Chamber ( назад)
Rousey looks like a bodybuilding tranny – look at the shoulders and traps.
She's juicing.

Автор MrNikosnik ( назад)
Ronda i would of married u! heheh ;D 

Автор zenolia3 ( назад)
We'll have to wait and see is this Cris vs Ronda will happen. Everybody
says Ronda will win with her armbarr. They forget Cris is a brown belt
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If they watch her fights and trainings, they'll see
her doing many take downs, how skillful and strong she is to scape from a
arm lock or leg lock. Geez, in a training with Tito Ortiz she was able to
scape his attempt of armbarr by raising him off the mat and slamming him
down! He's 205 lbs and she's 145 lbs. So ppl who understimate Cris Cyborg
ground game may have a surprise if these two fight. Standing up, Cris is
100 times better than Ronda. Besides, why does Ronda says she'd take Gina
Carrano that doesn't fight for a long time but won't take Cris and they're
in the same 145? Ronda's talk about Cris is getting old, It's like Chael
Sonnen badmouthing Wanderlei Silva with roid stuff and more but he never
fought Wand for real, Ronda Rousey talks the talk, but will she walk the

Автор MegaFlank ( назад)
So badly do I wanna see her and gina fight. A kick from either one of their
sexy bare feet can knock out an elephant with ease. I think gina will take
it though she's too strong and probably bulletproof 

Автор Anthony Hunter ( назад)
Rousey is a scary bitch cyborg number 1 gina number 2 and she can have
third with her ugly fat face

Автор zabuku hoang ( назад)
First MMA champion to fuck their coach

Автор skitsmaxn ( назад)
She's the best

Автор Andrew Flood ( назад)

Автор Kamillo ReyVegas ( назад)
When I first came across this woman I hated her.Now I love her. Please
baby, do not do permanent damage to anyone !!! OK?

Автор WILLIAN Willcavacobanjo ( назад)
Não entendi nada o que conversaram, porém só sei dizer que ela é uma
tremenda gata ashauhaaaaaa....

Автор james fiacco ( назад)
lol Maybe if your coach wasn't so interested in flirting with you when
training you would be classified as a headhunter with the punching ability
to knock people out. 

Автор james fiacco ( назад)
At what age did you coach start slapping you, he's an opportunist. I used
to work for Iranian who had the same exact attitude all about money that
he is not really, entitled to. The Iranian guy I work for cheating on his
wife In in every state we went to. I used to detail cars and drive cars to
auctions all over the country for this Iranian guy.He Had three kids at
home and he's driving across country with me cheating on his wife. He I did
not Get Hit by a truck slayer riding when I was eight for stupid shit like
that, so I stop working for him...... I'll put it to you like this Rhonda
if I had your coaches physical looks or knowledge on fighting I would wish
to not exist and I pray for God to make that wish To be heard. what is it
too much to be professional, not with a touchy-feel y opportunist from
Iranian, but you tolerated I would Say It's said but it's really
pathetic. He will never coach another champion for as long as he lives
I'll bet my eternal placement on that. You can have anybody coach you and
you will still be the champion Think about your soul mate think about your
father who is spiritually known as big red to guardians warriors soldiers
and messengers Thanks for making you feel like I took the sleigh ride
solo. Your coach gives to slap What's next spanking you. 

Автор Liam Blackburn ( назад)
00:48 a look of pure guilt washes over her face

Автор Peter Cao ( назад)
I wanna kiss and get beaten by Ronda.

Автор ThePantruca ( назад)
Rhonda is very articulated .funny.charming and pretty as hell.. but my
heart belongs to Cat Zingano. Rhonda still very young and have a bright
future ahead of her....Cyborg is a cheating freak that cannot be trusted. 

Автор bdegrds ( назад)
yup Ronda won a bronze metal in the Olympics and is the #1 female fighter
on the planet and she has never juiced lolol ya ok. what a hypocrite. 

Автор Andrew Flood ( назад)

Автор E.B Jombo ( назад)
This chick scares the fuck out of me!

Автор Take Detour ( назад)
At least Ronda and Gina are clean athletes.

Автор Родион Исмагилов ( назад)
Блеать она здоровая пиздец, как мужик сука.

Автор Rob Margolin ( назад)

Автор buddyofborland ( назад)

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Автор Kyle V ( назад)
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Автор mary gaczewski ( назад)
I hope cyborg beats her ass and breaks her arm

Автор Jackson H ( назад)
One Trick Pony

Автор Jackson H ( назад)
HAHAH GET ' EM !!!!!!

Автор Paddy O ( назад)
Being in shape has nothing to do with taking punches. You shouldn't tell
someone not to stay stupid shit, because you yourself seem stupid.

Автор sYnCrazyYello ( назад)
female action films...LMFAO.... so cute. In m day we called them porno's

Автор bill smith ( назад)
For sure. And Ill assure you that Gina Carano doesn't either. The only time
Carano did anything against Cyborg, it was a really dumb grappling mistake,
and she kept getting mounted right when the fight hit the ground. As a bjj
practitioner, I can tell you Cyborg could fix that mistake in a week or 2
of training...it wouldn't happen again...which equals Ginas pretty face
getting re-arranged.

Автор Sideler74 ( назад)
She will never fight Cyborg, she is too scared of losing to her.

Автор Boxwith straight Right ( назад)
None of them are scared of each other, they both want to fight each other.
If any of the haters watch the old interviews Ronday waa looking forward to
fighting Cyborg. The fight was being made, then Cyborg got popped for
drugs! !!. I like both of them as they both train hard. So I want to see a
fight where both athletes are on the same even playing field. No drugs!
What a fun fight that would be to watch!

Автор bill smith ( назад)
What?? lol She is scared shitless of Cyborg..video after video of reminding
people of the juicing. She wants to discredit her as much as possible.

Автор YankeeBacon ( назад)
Her coach, please... she has hooked her cart to the wrong horse. He is
walking around acting like shes my bitch! I am the only one who can slap
her.. WTF is that shit!! I cant wait for the day coming soon when she
realizes what a douche bag he is and kicks his Armenian ass to the curb!

Автор Thivanka R. Perera ( назад)

Автор VKVDM ( назад)
She needs to be in Expendables 4 woooo yeah!!!

Автор abeeftec ( назад)
How could anyone vote your comment negative? Morons!

Автор abeeftec ( назад)
You really are stupid. Ronda would beat Cywhore if Cywhore was 145 and on
Roids and Ronda dropped to 130. You don't have a clue how bad ass RR is and
I think its sort of cute how you throw in that RR cant take a pounding.
Where the hell do you get that idea? That is just horribly inaccurate. When
someone is in phenomenal shape they can take some serious pounding. It goes
with the territory. Stop saying stupid shit. You look like an idiot.

Автор Jon S ( назад)
She is gorgeous unlike a the rest of them that look like dudes.

Автор keith hobbs ( назад)
she is scared

Автор Kev Urbie ( назад)
Ugh...so full of her damn self. I hope Miesha Tate kicks her ass!

Автор Dennis Vickery Jr ( назад)
Cyborg's jaw is bigger than mine, you don't get them features from
weightlifting, all roids....

Автор mirmidonas34 ( назад)
Ronda keep fighting women! Stop the stupid comments about Ronda being
'scared' she's not but why she should fight a man?

Автор Wyatt Nite ( назад)
I think it's most likely that it's just the high levels of testosterone
transforming her body from the steroids. If you look at the transition
female bodybuilders go through, they become very masculine.

Автор empirical43 ( назад)
When I watch Cris Cyborg in action, I see a man in all aspects, not a
woman. In the 70's the East German Women won most events in the Olympics
and other contests. After a continual and loud outcry by different Olympic
committees, those E.G. were tested for sexual gender and the texts came
back positive for being male. That put an end to E.G. wins. I mean no
offense to Cris, but has she had a gender test, if not she should-if she?
has nothing to hide.

Автор Angie2466 ( назад)
<3 Ronda Rowdy!!!!!!!!

Автор Thivanka R. Perera ( назад)
exactly. she mentions it herself in this interview: it all about "different
combination" of drugs so you don't get caught; believe it or not, combat
sports like boxing and MMA have more leeway for roids than other sports.

Автор Thivanka R. Perera ( назад)
rhonda, what a piece of white trash

Автор JIMMY DANGLE ( назад)
i would love to see ronda destroy the shemale cyborg, but i truly doubt
cyborg will step in the ring with her not on some type of steroid.

Автор gideondavid30 ( назад)
I would be scared to fight a SHIM as well. I don't doubt that Ronda has a
healthy fear/respect for Cyborg, but the truth is she is an unworthy
opponent. Cybrog can wait in line behind the honest contenders ( ie
Cantano, Tate, Mcmann) as far as I'm concerned.

Автор empbox ( назад)
Exactly. Ronda is very level headed.

Автор DAKINGPIN1999 ( назад)
Fuck off go and cook and clean

Автор Dookyx IVBz ( назад)
The only reason Ronda is cutting down to 135lbs is because she is scared of
Cyborg...plain and simple, she doesn't want to be at 140-145 lbs. It's
crazy how "champs" like to dodge and pick their opponents just to keep the
belt a little longer....If you are an mma fighter you should live, eat and
sleep fighting....you should take on every challenge and anybody that calls
you out to prove that your the best.

Автор Di Bicround ( назад)
Ronda says what she thinks and that's refreshing!

Автор crazIEgamer03 ( назад)
Thats very hypocritical of Tito Ortiz to tell Ronda to not let her head get
too big, because Titos head is fucking gigantic. He needs to worry about
his own head growing too big.

Автор crazIEgamer03 ( назад)
Ronda and Gina should be in a movie together, either as friends or enemies.

Автор BADTREKK VAPOR ( назад)
rhonda is soo hot

Автор Karl Owen ( назад)
Your'e an idiot! They kicked Cyborg out for cheating/juicing! Stupid

Автор Jordan Horrell ( назад)
Ronda rousey looks pretty good here. I think she would smoke cyborg
regardless of steroids or what have you. I don't think any1 has had a
better submission game than rousey. weather you use 1 submission or 20, if
you have a 100% success rate at winning by submission in a professional
arena, you are the best. period. You rock RR!

Автор snarkleton26 ( назад)
Please zoom OUT a bit next time, just if even for a few seconds, so we can
see all of Ronda's gorgeous BOD! She looks like she's less than 8 percent
bodyfat here if I had to guess :) The only thing that makes me cringe about
women's MMA just a bit: I get queasy thinking about women as beautiful as
Ronda and Gina having their faces smashed up! Ronda is super-hot just like
Gina. Don;'t like that cheater Cyborg tho!

Автор Matt Wiggins ( назад)
Was gonna say I'd liked to have seen Rousey/Carano, but I like the
Rousey/Gracie idea.

Автор Kapilan Balakumar ( назад)
Dream matches: Ronda Rousey vs Kyra Gracie Gina Carano vs Cyborg 2 Anderson
Silva vs Jon Jones Cain Valesquez vs George St Pierre

Автор HGHenergizer101 ( назад)
Ronda would crush Gina.

Автор I Art Laughing ( назад)
Women need more "exposure"? Yeah, okay.

Автор based zeus ( назад)
I open it with my gains

Автор StreetArtillery ( назад)
i open cans with my dick

Автор based zeus ( назад)
you can't even open the can faggot. lelelel.

Автор StreetArtillery ( назад)
No problem. I will pop open a can of spinach a la Popeye so that my forearm
thickens the size of Hulk forearms. Then i will ram it up your anus.

Автор based zeus ( назад)
you can't because you're too weak. :)

Автор Jason Castle ( назад)
I love it that Rhonda is super ready to Crush Cyborg. Would love to see
Cyborg rematch Gina...that first one was better then a lot of the guys

Автор StreetArtillery ( назад)
STFU before a ram my entire blazing forearm up your anus :)

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