MW3: The Best Infected Game Ever?

Infected is so much fun to play, my finger was a little tired after this game though. :P

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Автор The Titan ( назад)
If this was public then I woul've liked it

Автор Michael Laloo ( назад)
I got 756 kills before

Автор Adonis Green ( назад)
keep up the good job I'm your biggest fan thank you for doing these videos
I don't play mw3 I lvl 80 but know I won't to play with you know thank you
for doing these vidos and nice game

Автор paul scotland ( назад)
rapid fire controller

Автор Caian Windsor ( назад)
private match is better than public match infectid

Автор IM_ ALED_ ( назад)
he means the worst infection game ever yeah thet right

Автор In The DiRT ( назад)
despite all the hate comments about no throwing knives for infected I think
did spectacular. I've seen a few comments saying "Cheat like a champ is
better" but overall you are because you didn't use cheats si a job well
done to you. legend😉

Автор Fwog ( назад)
way to not give the infected throwing knives you dick

Автор Andre Rozzolino ( назад)
private match

Автор adrian rosas ( назад)
Fake Moab, pay attention to the mini map

Автор Living Leyend 501 ( назад)
dude not the because its in a private match butt pretty cool

Автор XXXYOLO SWAGXXX69 ( назад)
This was when infected used to be good but cod ghosts and advanced Warfare
ruined it.

Автор GtFy Clan (1341 год назад)
ahahah in private game the infected have only knif! suck!

Автор Tropic Islands ( назад)
Dude nuce, we need more people like you who host, were trying to bring
infected back amd need ur help! Do u still play?

Автор iFluttxr Shy ( назад)
i went 50-0,...... in a public match

Автор eric greenwood ( назад)
Lol you're a faggot. Anybody could do that in a private match 

Автор Fullmetal Panic ( назад)
Man i got 169 kill but it's a nice score to am proud of you son :D 

Автор No name ( назад)
Nigga got a M.O.A.B!!! 

Автор gmoany22 ( назад)

Автор Kpatel ( назад)
Private match

Автор valtsuu ( назад)
Infected ones did not have throwing knives so its kinda easy

Автор Lucas S ( назад)
Damn 115 killzz

Автор aambalada ( назад)
Are you working at activision

Автор Dz Psycho ( назад)
no doubt the best INF game ever!!!!!!!!

Автор math27 ( назад)
trop cool ton moab ta resister longtemp bravo

Автор Lewis Pike ( назад)
Can you get 2 moabs

Автор Jeffrey Zeis ( назад)
this really sucks whats the point of the riot shields

Автор Nick Barker ( назад)
It's sad how he thinks he good because he can camp a bridge and kill people
with an overpowered MK14. Not to mention that the people didn't even have
knives so it was pointless to post you shooting "clay pigeons" pretty much.

Автор Roman Powers ( назад)
commando lunge at the end

Автор Fabiola Vargas ( назад)
Fricken awsome

Автор crazyfrog2311 ( назад)
he is not... i promise you

Автор Samuel spencer ( назад)
hes modding

Автор Ryan Cleasby ( назад)
I got 153 today

Автор woo hoo ( назад)
all i gotta say is BRING ME 115!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Christine Tobin ( назад)
you controller is moded

Автор Kida Masaomi ( назад)
We're you camping?

Автор Nela Jagatić ( назад)
he hacking

Автор Zeeshan Mehedi ( назад)
This guy is legend

Автор CraftLlamas ( назад)
lol sounds like someone is making popcorn

Автор CraftLlamas ( назад)
Yes but there are always private matches

Автор DakraiLetsplay ( назад)

Автор jake hall ( назад)

Автор iiHyydro ( назад)
Very well said... I couldn't agree more.

Автор DayaanDoesDaBestGamez ( назад)

Автор Killaah ( назад)
No (it means yes) if no means yes then yes means no what if yes means yes
and no means no and what if no means yes and no and yes?Hmm Interesting.

Автор Randomness8797 ( назад)
How do u record?

Автор Sam Rocks ( назад)
If u turned around faster u could hav gon longer

Автор James Davis ( назад)
thats PRIVATE MATCH so it doesn't count

Автор TheSpinner13 ( назад)

Автор Bence Moro ( назад)
Ah..... No!

Автор SGT5LAUGHTER408 ( назад)
I think hes ready for a Zombie Apocalypse

Автор Gavin Baeza ( назад)
Aim bout

Автор jamaree wells ( назад)
dude private match people dont put throwing knife on

Автор Ana forrest charter ( назад)

Автор Jackson Laurie ( назад)
This was when infected wasn't a game mode. They set it up in private match

Автор Continuinq Minecraft ( назад)
he is epic at that!!!!

Автор iPannyDhantom ( назад)
sooooooooooo fake

Автор billygriffitts54 ( назад)
Opsmaster it always looks like that because on those types of guns in any
cod game always makes the recoil look weird so it seems like its modded.

Автор Agqhia ( назад)
that was boss

Автор Opsmaster703 ( назад)
Am I the onley one that sees this

Автор Opsmaster703 ( назад)
That's a m14 it's a single shot rifle one of the first kills u let out a 3
or 4 round burst modded

Автор Isaac ( назад)
private match camping mk14 op gun shit. not the best game at all.at least
use somthing that isnt a 2 shot

Автор burrito64burrito64 ( назад)
why are they not using throwing knives?

Автор Tony Montana ( назад)
Me and two randoms i was playing with all got a M.O.A.B in infected. And it
was a public match. Unfortunately the last guy died just as the 3rd moab
went off =) that was MY best infected game, whats YOURS??

Автор leisahbailey ( назад)
Your using a modded controller

Автор Kenzeboss ( назад)
lol Me 122-1 /watch?v=EGePJPPvqSg

Автор juho suomela ( назад)
not bad!

Автор fabianfnninja ( назад)
me personally i would have jumped n hide after the MOAB deployed... n
really 115 kills, ZOMBIES

Автор xI Grant ( назад)
Well obviously, there isn't an Mk14 online infected lobby, + when he got xp
is was silver not gold.. Well done captain obvious

Автор Per Knutsen ( назад)
Its not fake. Its a private match adn this player and possibly his friends
are enjoying an infected priv. match together. I think everybody knows its
not online because he is using mk14, portable radar and so on and that is
not in the online playlist. Know your facts before talking shit!

Автор yuki423 ( назад)
lamar u suk

Автор yuki423 ( назад)
what console me add u

Автор Joe Carty ( назад)
248 people died in this rampage of awesomeness

Автор FIFAPLAYA ( назад)
private match

Автор Gabriel Neves ( назад)
no no no no no no no no no yes

Автор Jack Brown ( назад)
It was a private so they didnt have throwing knives. You cant get mk14 or
riot shield on infected

Автор Ian Mcgreechin ( назад)
Your good mate

Автор CarbonationTime ( назад)
Back then, there wasn't throwing knives for the infected.

Автор HockeyGamer45 ( назад)
Why is not anibody throwing a knife on him?

Автор Steve Crozier ( назад)
1 Match i got 79-1 but this other guy got 174-1! didn't go on UTUBE though.
+ U ROCK, This game awsome, I = SUB!

Автор ruudcaelen ( назад)
your a camper

Автор WawFusion10th ( назад)
worst mod ever walmart one;P

Автор david zepeda ( назад)
its mw3 not bo2 you dumbass

Автор GR24rules ( назад)
You dont say?

Автор Justin Dart ( назад)
anyone notice that guy got 115 kills.................ELEMENT 115

Автор Mike G. ( назад)
Lol it was like sup bro dead he was just mowing them down

Автор Hobosocks14 ( назад)
Wat was retarded?

Автор Venkatesh Krishnan ( назад)
That was retarded...

Автор Kyle Greaney ( назад)
115 its a sign!

Автор Kyle Greaney ( назад)
they need dexterity

Автор Nathan Molina ( назад)
Waste of time

Автор David Fosh ( назад)

Автор TotalDramaNoahh ( назад)
You don't say?

Автор Magiik ( назад)
You don´t say!

Автор Jayme Cecile ( назад)
Private matches are fucking retarded.its SOOOO hard to call in MOABS when
the infected people have no way to kill you. good job camping it up, bitch.

Автор 1bananaprogamer1 ( назад)

Автор ( назад)
Nobody cares

Автор Daniel Tuck ( назад)
wow man you suck, uploading private match ... kill yourself

Автор Daniel Tuck ( назад)

Автор Halo 4 Sucks Dick ( назад)
If only this was a public match. It would be even more sick.

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