MW3: The Best Infected Game Ever?

Infected is so much fun to play, my finger was a little tired after this game though. :P

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 4:22
Комментарии: 1123

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Видео загрузил: Liam Wilson
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18 people infected MW3
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skip to 2:20 to see full game
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Автор Fanta Size (1 месяц)
Dude nuce, we need more people like you who host, were trying to bring
infected back amd need ur help! Do u still play?

Автор iFluttxr Shy (1 месяц)
i went 50-0,...... in a public match

Автор No name (2 месяца)
Nigga got a M.O.A.B!!! 

Автор Ghetto Family (15 дней)
ahahah in private game the infected have only knif! suck!

Автор valtsuu (6 месяцев)
Infected ones did not have throwing knives so its kinda easy

Автор eric greenwood (1 месяц)
Lol you're a faggot. Anybody could do that in a private match 

Автор Hokuto Beast (1 месяц)
Man i got 169 kill but it's a nice score to am proud of you son :D 

Автор Pablo Martinez (2 месяца)

Автор Airplane299 (3 месяца)
Private match

Автор lil_lucas_232 (7 месяцев)
Damn 115 killzz

Автор aambalada (11 месяцев)
Are you working at activision

Автор Dz Psycho (11 месяцев)
no doubt the best INF game ever!!!!!!!!

Автор Lewis Pike (1 год)
Can you get 2 moabs

Автор Jeffrey Zeis (1 год)
this really sucks whats the point of the riot shields

Автор Nick Barker (1 год)
It's sad how he thinks he good because he can camp a bridge and kill people
with an overpowered MK14. Not to mention that the people didn't even have
knives so it was pointless to post you shooting "clay pigeons" pretty much.

Автор Joseph Martin (1 год)
commando lunge at the end

Автор math27 (1 год)
trop cool ton moab ta resister longtemp bravo

Автор hockeygamer45 (2 года)
Why is not anibody throwing a knife on him?

Автор brian fruti (2 года)
usuk \

Автор SGT5LAUGHTER408 (1 год)
I think hes ready for a Zombie Apocalypse

Автор jake hall (1 год)

Автор kayan cunningham (2 года)

Автор Magiik (2 года)
You don´t say!

Автор Tony Montana (1 год)
Me and two randoms i was playing with all got a M.O.A.B in infected. And it
was a public match. Unfortunately the last guy died just as the 3rd moab
went off =) that was MY best infected game, whats YOURS??

Автор Christian Carreon (2 года)
ohh i thought it was real

Автор dfmrh12345 (1 год)
sooooooooooo fake

Автор Marty tate is amazing (2 года)

Автор Jayme Cecile (2 года)
Private matches are fucking retarded.its SOOOO hard to call in MOABS when
the infected people have no way to kill you. good job camping it up, bitch.

Автор MrTyrie55 (2 года)
no the best but that was pretty boss though

Автор Ana forrest charter (1 год)

Автор yuki423 (1 год)
lamar u suk

Автор Isaac (1 год)
private match camping mk14 op gun shit. not the best game at all.at least
use somthing that isnt a 2 shot

Автор Kostasetrou (2 года)
my granny can do that without throwing knife

Автор James Novak (1 год)
he is epic at that!!!!

Автор tijmen1204 (2 года)
So?, it are still all players

Автор Frank da Brony (2 года)
i swear you guys a fucking pussies you need to make a private match where
the infecteds have nothing not even a throwing knife because you know youll
get your asses handed to you.

Автор Lukestadude A (2 года)

Автор MARÇAÐÅR WOW (2 года)
Nice but it was Privat Match.. so:D 1: YOU ARE RELLY GOOD!!! :d:d:d:d

Автор MrBuzzchem (2 года)
Nice aimbot

Автор GasMaskChecker (2 года)
STAGED- you can tell by how much the players held back

Автор Eliz Mountjoy (2 года)
They suck

Автор Venkatesh Krishnan (2 года)
That was retarded...

Автор Daniyal Ahmed (2 года)
exactly... look at u

Автор Maso (2 года)

Автор Fabiola Vargas (1 год)
Fricken awsome

Автор Ryan Cleasby (1 год)
I got 153 today

Автор Neverstopgaming98 (2 года)
like if u think no throwing knifes is stupid

Автор Matt2Pro4u (2 года)
no i am not

Автор burrito64burrito64 (1 год)
why are they not using throwing knives?

Автор aaron mills (2 года)
Nice but I've had better

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