Mini Bluecor Lightweight Foamie RC Delta

Small, lightweight, nimble foamy RC delta electric model airplane weighs only 68 grams (2.4 ounces).

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Автор Killer Bacon ( назад)
How longs its battery

Автор Vince Lorenca ( назад)
Nice job, how long have you been building / flying?

Автор john hurd ( назад)
great looking aircraft gary for some reason your email for the plans dont
go thought ..i love to build one like that one ... my email address
flyingeagle91@yahoo.com great video too..

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
Try the pause button on the lower left.

Автор Henk Hatzmann ( назад)
My e-mail is hhatz@hotmail

Автор Henk Hatzmann ( назад)
Nice build!! Do you have some plans or measurements. Thanks

Автор Charbel Hanna (1994 года назад)
wooooooooooooowwww pleasse can u send the photos with the measurements and
stuff to me too? my email is : charbelhanna1996@hotmail.com thank you!!

Автор BUSTER3020 ( назад)
Can i buy one?

Автор sq “sqhunter” hunter ( назад)
hey , love that little plane, and wanted to know if you would send me some
photos and measurements. im at mjcavlan@yahoo.com

Автор Mister Jujubes ( назад)
Beautiful and fantastic. 

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
It's sure a lot of fun! Thanks!

Автор Airspaceuser ( назад)
that is so cool! micros are awesome!

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
@Mrecio83a I don't have plans, but if you send me your e-mail, I can send
you some photos with measurements. I'm at sr71afan@yahoo.com

Автор Mrecio83a ( назад)
Sir, would you share the aircraft Plans? It is amazing!!!

Автор QSensations Foster (1910 лет назад)
nice plane but wow look at your fly area i,d be putting a monster in the
air lol im sure u do tho

Автор Nick Mercurio ( назад)
wow that flies great for being so light weight. must have been very calm

Автор LTF85199 ( назад)
@sr71afan Great, after looking at your design, I first made a 90 degree
sweep one, didn't fly so well, it was more like a "flying wing" than a
"true delta", I had a hard time keeping it stable , I just got though
building a 60 degree one, I have glide tested it and works very well, I
can't wait to go out try it out, but this wicked cold weather is keeping
things delayed. hey thanks for the response..

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
@LTF85199 54 degree sweep on the leading edge.

Автор LTF85199 ( назад)
SIr, what is the wing sweep angle of that delta?

Автор killmore75 ( назад)
Nice plane. I guess it's very easy and cheap to repair.

Автор LTF85199 ( назад)
you inspired me to make my own, flies great, lots of fun, thank you!

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
@stevenw2032 The second failure at that address. It says "This account has
been disabled or discontinued [#102]. - mta1077.mail.sk1.yahoo.com". Do you
have another e-mail I can send it to?

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
@stevenw2032 I got a failure notice at that address!%$#@?!

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
@stevenw2032 Sure! message me your e-mail.

Автор Mike A ( назад)
do you have to be an expert to fly this? 

Автор AVA Magnetic Levitation ( назад)
Nice work love the deltas my smallest delta is 4.2 inches long 6 inches
wide and top speed of 75+ Kmh using brushed micro motor

Автор Rex Holes ( назад)
great flying!!!

Автор LTF85199 ( назад)
thank you!

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
hexTronik 5gram Brushless Outrunner 2000kv, 2S 240mAh LiPoly battery,
Spektrum AR6300 receiver, Blue Arrow 2.5 gram servos (x2), Castle Creations
Thunderbird 6 ESC, and GWS 5/4.3 prop.

Автор LTF85199 ( назад)
could you please share the details of the electronics? like what size
motor, Kv?, battery size cell number etc?

Автор vsci79 ( назад)
Nice and simple yet effective. Flies well.

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
It'll handle 10mph wind; was designed for indoors; plans outta my.....head.

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
CG at leading edge of ESC (7.5 inches from nose).

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
CG is 7.5 inches back from the nose.

Автор don dao ( назад)
I need a summer project and this is such a cool plane. You should make a
step by step video and post it on youtube..

Автор jbs127845 ( назад)
nice plane

Автор sr71afan ( назад)
SUGeek, Sorry, I didn't mean it! I take it all back! 8-) Ronnie, not soon
enough! Annihil8ted, no plans as it was only an experiment. 20 inches wide,
16.5 long, and moved the motor mount forward 3.5 inches. Gary

Автор Ronald Pope ( назад)
Awesome, Gary!! When are you going to make it back to D/FW and fly with us?
Take care, Ronnie

Автор annihil8ted (1207 лет назад)
that is very kool. do you have plans for this plane?

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