texas chainsaw massacre real footage

texas chainsaw massacre real footage

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Автор Anay Gaming ( назад)
How the hell it was ed gein there and ed gein doesn't use chainsaw he just
taking skin face of his victims

Автор Rupi Pal ( назад)
This shit scared me when i was a kid i thought it was real lol

Автор Derek Ramirez ( назад)
hoaly shit

Автор harjit bassi ( назад)
scary scary shit!!!

Автор abigail reyes ( назад)
they said that Texas chainsaw massacre movie was based on true events

Автор Bobby Seals ( назад)
stfu he is real

Автор Terrance addison ( назад)
why would they say its true? are they trying to cause panomonium?

Автор Tasnim al-samad ( назад)
Doubt it's fake tbh it all seems real but this "footage" seems to be

Автор Dance moms diva ( назад)

Автор Terrance addison ( назад)
+chelly bean
well......you might be right...the end of that ranch house footage is very

Автор Terrance addison ( назад)
damn. no one knows if this is true or not. But if not, They sure did a hell
of a job making it real cause HOW can you fake all that? But...pop quiz: if
the crime scene was still dangerous, how they obtain all that evidence more
importantly the chainsaw and the footage? And what about the last girl that
got away? if there were no survivors how all that was discovered? and the
"actual" house all this took place in? look all over the internet saying
folks ACTUALLY seen the house. How can you fake a story like this? for
example, droughts, starvation, unemployment, and living in the middle of
nowhere.....try faking that.

Автор IamCreepsMcPhan TheBananaBichBro ( назад)
the police footage is real

Автор spratt626 (673 года назад)
I love how everyone calls poor Thomas a crazy serial killer even though the
cops were the ones that walked in on him while he was taking a shit. What
is wrong with you people?!?!?

Автор Hooded gamer ( назад)
Omfg i feel so bad and scared at the same time

Автор Kori Banks ( назад)
Even tho its fake its still awesome AF!!!

Автор buttercup ( назад)
this is fake

Автор fear mcintyre ( назад)
holy shit i thought this was fake not real this is freaky i thought itcwas
just a movie

Автор allealle9090 ( назад)
This is from the Texas chainsaw massacre movie from 2003,Google Ed Gein

Автор Whit Logan ( назад)
This is literally footage from the movie in 2006 lol "real" no not at all
and he never even used a chainsaw he killed them with a pistol

Автор Trisha-Lea Coomer ( назад)
he killed two victims with a pistol not chainsaws..

Автор Martin arredondo (1683 года назад)
What's the house address ?

Автор Azalia and Lorena ( назад)
I like this video jk horrifying🙀

Автор aguila1 ( назад)
My father said it was real news in 1974 so it's true

Автор MarcoJon Jimenez ( назад)
Wtf it's REAL!!!!!!!!!!😰😰😰😰😰

Автор Dessy Boo ( назад)
Can I say something bout this anybody can go around killing people with a
chainsaw it's so sad cause half of u guys are saying he didn't do chainsaw
how do u know you never ask Ed maybe he did kill people with the chainsaw
don't say he didn't unless you dum asses ask him if he was still alive 

Автор Shane Dodson ( назад)
If a movie says based on true story it is. If a movie says based on true
events, its a fictional film about events/people that that did exist

Автор Jarom Smith ( назад)
This is the the beginning of the original movie.

Автор Jarom Smith ( назад)
People are so retarddedd. They will believe anything. There was no such
thing as leatherface. There was no "Chainsaw Massacre" in Texas. And there
was definitely no such paper as "The Houston American". The Houston
Chronicle has been our paper probably since Houston's named was changed
from Harrisburg. The Texas Chainsaw massacre, as well as other movies, is
loosely, very loosely based on a crazy Wisconsin man named Ed Gein. Ed Gein
lived alone with mama on a farm in Wisconsin. When good old overbearing
mama die of a stroke around 1945 Ed decided to start killing and skinning
women around town. He would then make leather lampshades, body suits and
yes masks out of their skins. Nowhere near Texas and not even close to the
movie character.

Автор Jesus Is Lord ( назад)

Автор wyonative75 ( назад)
There is so much dumb here, I cannot even believe some people have lived so
long. Did you know that if you say the word "green beans" really slowly,
it sounds like "oranges"? Try it! It's true, for real!

Автор Montavius Dixon ( назад)
My grandmother told me this was breaking news back in 1974. 

Автор Jesse Rodrigues ( назад)
My dad said he used to live in Texas

Автор tyler aycock ( назад)
This is based on a true story

Автор Jayson Aguilar ( назад)
Ive been living my life that it was real til i just went back to the story
all over again.
and its NOT.
If the cops do an operation especially with this kind of case. They should
have been more prepared. And regarding with the video that Thomas Hewitt
appears. That should have been a case closed. !!!
I would rather believe if they were a documentarist or someone else. But
they a cops..
But that was a great lifetime urband legend... !!! 

Автор Aboy 666 ( назад)
Whole story could be true but it's a fake video, you can easily figure out,
the way that police office is acting, you think it's true. Honestly, that
police officer ruin your entire fake videos...

Автор ViciousShredz ( назад)
lol this isnt real just so u people know. the chainsaw massacre isnt even
real too

Автор Gareth Davies ( назад)
Did they find the saw

Автор Metaluna Zombie ( назад)
Leatherface is not Gene.. but Leatherface, Cook & Hitchiker (all from the
original 1974 film) have some traits from Gene. His personality was divided
to 3 characters, rather than one.. if they wanted to make a Gene film it
would have just been 1 guy who lived in the farm house, who put on masks
and act like other people , who grave robbed and who seemed very normal and
worked at the gas station, being social to the teens & later butcher and
hang 'em up.. oh and Grandpa wouldn't have actually been alive, he just
would have treated him like he is.

Автор Anthony Coleman ( назад)
this footage and film is fictional but it is inspired by two serial kilers.
One being Danny Rolling also known as the gainsville ripper who killed 5
students in flordia. The other being Ed Gein . murderer and body part
collector , whom the whole franchise is inspired by , mainly the character
"leatherface" . the=is why the title follows by "inspired by true events" .
they know by putting that it will draw in an audience since most people
will think this is what actually happpened

Автор VKY DU ( назад)
is this true?

Автор Bingoradar123 ( назад)
Lol... it happened in Wisconsin

Автор oFizzeH ( назад)
You realize the story is fake and the movie was based off of Ed Gein which
was in Wisconsin. Facts please.

Автор ninjaa54 ( назад)
theres no way that end part was real lol

Автор hotttapeppa ( назад)
Omg. Lol this is from the remake.

Автор Renia Roman ( назад)
Did Texas chain saw stab him in the back was that a KNIFE is that guys back
that creepy DUDE ay yo Texas chain saw come at me bro

Автор Renia Roman ( назад)
Dude I so believe you....now go pass the joint

Автор mrsedwards32407 ( назад)
He is rill and scary

Автор Jack Bresnahan ( назад)
the real thing happened in Wisconsin retard

Автор 1000jorj ( назад)
dude i so believe you.... now pass the joint

Автор Scotty Harvell ( назад)
Nothings scarier than a chainsaw. Nothing.

Автор Andrew Flood ( назад)

Автор J1Entertainment ( назад)

Автор Nessa Jalomo ( назад)
I thot that video looked real

Автор Christ Lutz ( назад)

Автор Deathikiss Blackheart ( назад)

Автор Jonathan Di Renzo ( назад)
hey you guys, this real. i went there 2 with my sisters and we saw the
leatherface with his chainsaw and then the ufos came out and we were beeing
chased buy the aliens and chainsaw guy. so i took my gun becuuz i am from
texass and i shot that mother fucker. it was true guys. it.....was true.

Автор smoothbeer4u ( назад)
Not real! Some people are really stupid!

Автор alexirv24 ( назад)

Автор BorealNeal ( назад)
it really happened? wow I thought I was the only one to ever escape from
that house

Автор Yousif M.a ( назад)
the case today is still open, but in hollywood

Автор Yousif M.a ( назад)
pause at 2:35 hes face is like: i gonna be on the telly! hey ma!

Автор Yousif M.a ( назад)
i like it , when 1950s people got better 720p HD cameras, to make real
footage of texas chainsaw

Автор StrongAndTasty ( назад)

Автор Renee Prater ( назад)
I want more prooof

Автор chase green ( назад)
This is from the movie lol ed only killed 2 people lmaoo

Автор WeCameToBrawl ( назад)
he killed 2 people when he was caught, he was a grave robber mostly his
name was Ed Gein, and he was from a small town in Wisconsin.

Автор airik quinn ( назад)
Ed Gein Hes The Real Guy !!

Автор Lets Play Gaming ( назад)
Lmao!!! Leatherback?!? Haha

Автор Japraal Holloway ( назад)
wow stfu.

Автор Kaylia Windom ( назад)
All of this is just from the Movie

Автор aura1267 ( назад)
This actually was just a lie. Sorry fools

Автор mechachrist ( назад)
SMH... morons

Автор mechachrist ( назад)
who the hell is Leatherback? lol

Автор steve rodriguez ( назад)

Автор aura1267 ( назад)
I'm lived in texas for 45 years we went camping to leatherbacks house we
found all sorts of thing and are family went in and my uncle didnt make it
out in time we went inside and found his head all the skin was gone and we
hear a chainsaw we ran out and my sister got her stuck and she died the
last I heard was she was screaming help but I had to leave her the hate
wouldn't open so we found a hole in the side of the house and we escaped
this is real guys don't say it's not real cause it happened

Автор aura1267 ( назад)

Автор TheCardGhost ( назад)
Ikr and plus the real Thomas Hewitt was from Wisconsin yet the 2003 and
2006 versions say he is in Texas. These story's are to far fetched to tell
what is true and what is fake anymore. Although the Hewitt family killed
30+ people over a 4 year period, I think any of these story's is far

Автор Corey Kauffman ( назад)
this is from the movie... there is no thomas hewit... ed gein was the real
killer and he didnt use a chainsaw but wore the faces and skin "suits" of
his victims mostly female as this is what he was trying to become... so ya
whoever posted this and says its the "real" footage is a moron

Автор John Burns ( назад)
The massacre never happened in real life. This is the jessica biel one.

Автор Eric Ripper ( назад)
August 20th is my bday lol

Автор In Hibernation ( назад)
0:48 Oh Alfred!

Автор TheAlbinoWatermelon ( назад)
The guy's name was Ed Gein, he killed with a pistol, and lived in
Wisconsin. Also it happened in like the 50s. And he only killed women like
Buffalo Bill

Автор Aidan Wilkinson ( назад)
I doubt it's real

Автор xLilCuzzo420x ( назад)
LOL im sorry u have ur thumb shoved up ur ass u fuckin think u know it all.
Im not 12 btw dipshit I been outta school and no one is getting mad like u
are fairy

Автор sagar verma ( назад)

Автор Samantha Garcia ( назад)
id tap that

Автор Rosilee Lace ( назад)
So fake!

Автор JJ Sanchez ( назад)
Mad tv logo?

Автор moriah wilsco ( назад)
Completely fake. This didnt even truly take place in texas, it was

Автор Ej Brooks ( назад)
Remember danger is very real but fear is not

Автор patrick ray ( назад)
it's not really fake dude, the movie was BASED on Ed Gein, just like
chucky, nightmare on elm street...in all reality it's not fake.

Автор bbelalak ( назад)
This is freakin creepy

Автор Rebecca Polzin ( назад)
It's all fake because its based off of Ed Gein here in Wisconsin up north
from where I live. This footage has all been staged

Автор Down range film ( назад)
5 Secs - fake

Автор Johnny Johnson ( назад)
Lilcuzzo420, judging by your name your probably 14. Youve got some growing
up to do bud. Alot in fact, your not even on my level. You have not one
shred of evidence of this ever happening. Yet all you do is spew blind
hatred and pathetic attempts at insulting someone. fo have mommy make you a

Автор Johnny Johnson ( назад)
Lol how old are you 5? Go on believing nonsense makes no difference to me.
Dont look into it or anything, you might find out its fake. Dont know if
you fragile phyche could handle that. Its fake its fake... Idiot. They got
the idea from ed gein then the director through a chainsaw in the mix. Its
actually funny how stupid and blind you are to believe a movie. Dipshit.

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