Vertical Maze Dubai - 4K

When you fly, your mind is fixed on the route and doesn't run free.
The flight to greatness is a fine line between your dreams and reality.
The ultimate place to fly this fine line is in Dubai, through its concrete mountains and tarmac valleys.

Watch us challenge the maze, the line and the mind.

In collaboration with Lenovo.

Music Credit: Empires of Fire by Ninja Tracks & Turning Point by GENERDYN

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Автор Ganeshwar Jairam ( назад)

Автор Odd Blizzard ( назад)
Hell the fuck no too close to buildings mah dude

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
Whenever I see people at high heights my feet start hurting for some reason

Автор Flight Wicked ( назад)
Bruuh i wanted to see that chicks reaction at the end

Автор Camilo Carrillo ( назад)
los putos amos

Автор Misont ( назад)
morite e.e

Автор Camilo Chanks ( назад)
500 mega por minuto????

Автор Tatman1212 ( назад)
Good thing they are wearing helmets in case they bump into a building!

Автор andrej jakovlev ( назад)
crazy mans

Автор TexasGunLover ( назад)
Dude, this gets me hard. I watch this every single time before I get into
the shower. ✊🏻🍆💦💦💦

Автор Freddy Junior ( назад)
Döp£ ShiT

Автор AB ( назад)
I'd be willing to do this any day

Автор Евгений Усков ( назад)

Автор Koi Khairul ( назад)

Автор 安文龚 ( назад)
best view,amazing!

Автор GORDO HUMILDE ( назад)

Автор Pauline MacLeod ( назад)
That looks like fun but I wouldn't have the nerve to do it. I'd be way too

Автор Yomomma ( назад)
i wonder if anyone saw them flying by their office windows

Автор Janusz J. ( назад)
your technique is impeccable

Автор Claudio Ferrari ( назад)
crazy guys......

Автор tavolorgia ( назад)

Автор Mobile_Gamer ( назад)
This is not 4k

Автор M ( назад)
Just a tip everyone put mute on. Sit back and just enjoy the footage.

Автор Cho Cheng ( назад)

Автор Ertugrul Dur ( назад)
I am watching this 4K video on the new 2016 Macbook Pro 15 inch I just
bought and got home with and I am literally having orgasm.

Автор rwhdragonmaster ( назад)
If I were young again I would learn how to do that in a heart beat . Good
for them that they were allowed to have some REAL FUN with out all the
stupid laws over here. Some times you just have to let people do what know
one has done before , that's called LIVING.

Автор sAud saud ( назад)

Автор Jerry Richards ( назад)
it's ok to want to soar like an eagle but remember weasels never get sucked
into jet engines [wurlitzer]

Автор David Robillard ( назад)
Awesome video loved it!

Автор Jo-Anne Simpson ( назад)
oh wow! MY adrenaline is still rushing!

Автор Jojo Maakt Niet Uit ( назад)
the 4k sucks: is it just my pc or is it youtube?

Автор Geralda Aparecida ( назад)

Автор DARK_KILLER YT ( назад)
0:17 wow

Автор Alex Bostan ( назад)

Автор TOXICGamergroup ( назад)
My pc can do it about 25 seconds without stoping but my internet is trash

Автор DARK_KILLER YT ( назад)
Transformer in dubaï lol

Автор GlobeTrotter Productions ( назад)
Go check out my Youtube channel, I make travel montages using GoPro and a
DJI phantom 3 professional. Let me know what you think!

Автор Pop Alya Tz ( назад)
هل يوجد احد هنا؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

Автор wasim B ( назад)
this is one of the best video ever by Xdubai...its great... speechless...

Автор anthony ortega ( назад)
Watch this on 27' iMac (latest version) and 4k....that's INSANE

Автор Sreardon2020 ( назад)
my laptop made it to 53 sec befor it stoped

Автор pratik Patra ( назад)
i am watching this to test my internet speed lol

Автор Heliosvaleriy ( назад)
Thank you! - https://vk.com/club51917729?w=wall-51917729_91260%2Fall

Автор vanlang123456 ( назад)
hết cả hồn

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
did anyone get a tingling feeling because I did just watching the video 😂

Автор gabigamer ( назад)
fucking 4k easy

Автор VR 4k ( назад)
الي عربي او عربيه لايك

Автор Krishneel Vyas ( назад)
Imagine if u crush in the man made mountains

Автор Riaz Uddin ( назад)
and then they're like F Arabs

Автор Adrian DiBenedetto ( назад)
This is badass on my 70 inch! Feels like I'm there!

Автор Dustin Zilbauer ( назад)
Oil-rich dune coons would be living in mud huts without all that black

Автор FILMANDGAMES ( назад)
wunderschönes Video

Автор Gokuhflow z ( назад)
4K?? wtf? dislike

Автор Rob H ( назад)
Bad Ass!!!

Автор المحترفين بالالكترونيات ( назад)
waw good

Автор Gogeta SsgSs ( назад)
who still in 480 p

Автор zTheo ( назад)
allahu akbar

Автор DoVe ( назад)
I am here to test my new pc. :)

Автор friendsANDsuch350 ( назад)
There should be a movie of 4K

Автор Imany b ( назад)
wow i can believe this

Автор Apace ( назад)
just bought a 4k monitor and chose this video to try it out. I'm amazed!

Автор Brandon Miller ( назад)
This is sick but white folks are crazy. lol

Автор EGOR PROSTOGAD ( назад)
You guys are the best.......

Автор EGOR PROSTOGAD ( назад)
You guys are the best.........

Автор Steve Erkel ( назад)
one of the best videos ive seen on youtube

Автор Dimitris Tsitsiras ( назад)

Автор lynxf ( назад)
would be really cool to see the full unedited video

Автор rafa17gamer ( назад)
4k é tão hd que meu pc n aguenta

Автор Daddy Chris ( назад)
It was amazing!

Автор Videos Random ( назад)
Me corre hasta con lag el video jajaj

Автор Frank Killz ( назад)

Автор sappyz ( назад)
they must have felt like a bird

Автор cloudsbutterfly ( назад)
One of the best wingsuit work I've never seen in my entire life ....
Respect Dudes !! ;-))

Автор Funhouse 107 ( назад)
That is falling with style

Автор Mack0nPete ( назад)
Lol one day they gonna end up like Peter Griffin.. :D

Автор Pablo Schnaider ( назад)
What you'll remember in your life?

Автор Michael Wirz ( назад)
1:07 this sound is giving me the chills xD

Автор 1805connor ( назад)
looks amazing in 144p

Автор thekalil strain ( назад)
realmente es 4k? porque mi notebook lo reproduce 0.o

Автор Stop Media Fakery ( назад)
I don't suppose you're a Freemason by any chance? Lol. X for Saturn and the
Beehive System colours.

Автор Александр А ( назад)
При приземлении, крикнул "Атас!")))

Автор Jeremy Clay ( назад)
so fucking awesome 👍👍👍👍👍

Автор PQ5 ( назад)
Wow!!! wOOOw so much fun!!! the adrenalin rush!!

Автор The FerValvex ( назад)
My eyes! is very nice!!!

Автор Jehu Christan ( назад)

Автор XTZTwinTurbo ( назад)
Youtube buffing sucks..

Автор JUAN ROJAS ( назад)
144p is hd?

Автор Live Life ( назад)
what camera did you use?

Автор the best gamer ever seen in the world ( назад)
anyone testing local internet XD

Автор Arsalan Wahid Asghar ( назад)
No 4k option on mobile ???

Автор Gurdeep Singh Interior Designer ( назад)

Автор Proximo Veronus ( назад)
reminds me of when Anakin chases the bounty hunter on Coruscant.

Автор Romain Damerval Skydive panda ( назад)
Omg its so nice guys

Автор aldo villamil (kabrony) ( назад)
32 people hate life jajajaja

Автор JT T ( назад)
I want to do that someday.

Автор Funny TV ( назад)
The guys is crazy

Автор 李岩 ( назад)
how can i downloadit?

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