Jared Leto (30 Seconds To Mars) sings Bad Romance/Hurricane/Capricorn/The Kill in Tulsa crowd

Brady Theater
Tulsa, OK

Jared explains his hair about half way in, during The Kill when he walks through the crowd just follow the pink- I mean pomegranate colored hair :P

Night of the Hunter
Vox Populi
From Yesterday
A Beautiful Lie
Search & Destroy
Closer to the Edge
Bad Romance
The Kill
This is War
100 Suns
Kings & Queens

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Автор theHannah ( назад)
me too mayfireONmars

Автор debbie bradek ( назад)
i remember him from my so called life man those were old days... Jordan
Catalano + Angela Chase = forever!

Автор DianaTorez ( назад)
@Fan2Rihanna75 okay! you to

Автор DianaTorez ( назад)
@Fan2Rihanna75 okay! you to

Автор DianaTorez ( назад)
@Fan2Rihanna75 okay! you to

Автор DianaTorez ( назад)
@Fan2Rihanna75 Thats kay

Автор DianaTorez ( назад)
@Fan2Rihanna75 Hell Yeah!!!! I listen to them every single fucking day, My
family gets sooo annoyed. Im like "Keep calm and listen to 30 Seconds To
Mars"!!! They are my life, no one can change that, not even my family can
change who i am, or what i do. Ima add you kay

Автор DianaTorez ( назад)
@Fan2Rihanna75yeah i knw, but i guess i didnt rread it all the way.Lol I
really LOVE them soooooo much, Im a 30 SECONDS TO MARS BELIEVER!!!! they
are AMAZING, i could go on and on and on.(:

Автор DianaTorez ( назад)
@Fan2Rihanna75 Me to, i was like bitch no he doesnt, but then i clicked on
it and it said bad romance so im good.(:

Автор MayfireONmars ( назад)
LOVE this Mohawk <3

Автор AleaRose24 ( назад)
How can a men be so hot?

Автор bube137 ( назад)
@Rebeccals008 lmao that made me laugh :p haha. i like fruits ^-^

Автор Bronwyn101411 ( назад)
Some one can't read and accidently hit dislike

Автор 30STMMusicvideos ( назад)
Love him (:

Автор amarparavivir ( назад)
7:41 - 7:46 I love this Jared L :)

Автор OAniO ( назад)
when he said "kill that spot" at the end I think he was trying to pull his
pants up or something

Автор Anna Blah ( назад)
Hurricane is my fav. *.* I love 30 Seconds to Mars so much *.* BEST BAND

Автор alexandralalou ( назад)
no one dislike this!!! so awesome ^^

Автор Teskue ( назад)
So Awesome!

Автор sourpatchkids1231 ( назад)
@dieselboise you be the douche, my friend.

Автор Andrew Cherney ( назад)
Очень хорошо исполняет.)

Автор TomboyFreddibub ( назад)
I heard Capricorn, I was like HOLY FUCK I LOVE THIS SONG! Jared is a sexy
son of a muffin.

Автор fuctupasusual ( назад)
@reginevet fuckin right that's what matters, i criedween i seen this ause i
haven'tt seen them yet.... grrrr i can't wait!!!

Автор Luísa Leão ( назад)
CAPRICORN! Damn, I fucking love this song. I really hope that in the day
they come here, to Brazil, they play this song.

Автор Kayleigh Simmons ( назад)
@dieselboise what has he ever done to you ?^o)

Автор Kayleigh Simmons ( назад)
ughhh i love him and his band and his music so muchhhhh !!!!! and i love
his hair !!! x

Автор Luindriel ( назад)
I love how you can see glimpses of pink... uh, I mean, pomegranate, as he
goes through the crowd.

Автор mez mer ( назад)
Lololol, by the way this isn't pink, it's fucking pomegranate.

Автор reginevet ( назад)
pink or pornegranate...does it matter?? he sings great and his songs are
beating my heart. and that's all that points.

Автор dieselboise ( назад)
what a douche

Автор 30secondstomars7198 ( назад)
It's not pink it's fuckin pamegranate lol I love 30 seconds to mars

Автор inLOVEwithJAREDleto ( назад)
Okay so I went for my birthday and this was by far the best birthday I've
ever had!!! Show was amazing and I touched Jared when he ran through!! Lol
oh and if you see a video of him saying "girl on someones shoulders...get
the fuck out" yeah...that was me.

Автор KrisMarie1990 ( назад)
@Rebeccals008 he actually took a picture of the hair dye bottle that says
pomegranate and posted it on his twitter lol.

Автор 89Judy89 ( назад)

Автор Parker Shen ( назад)
OMFG!!! you are so lucky there, i'm jealousy now, and they give the kill a
whole new performance, so excited!!!

Автор kriisa57 ( назад)
OMFG!...he's crazy!!..I dont know what I would do if I was this close to

Автор MiskaHanuska ( назад)
Every day isn't the best. Even a master carpenter is sometimes short. :) I
love him <3 :)

Автор moemo01 ( назад)
i love youtube, i was there at the first show in north america and even
though i cant be at every concert i can see all the vidoes that the fans
made at different places.30 stm rocks!!!!! jared is fucking amazing!!!!

Автор lilly perez ( назад)
btw...this isn't pink its fucken pomegranate ...lol anything looks hot u
don't have to explain

Автор Dalia Sánchez ( назад)
great video. thanks a lot!

Автор Dalia Sánchez ( назад)
@Lavidaloca111 Exactly hahaha

Автор Undeniable30STM ( назад)
Capricorn <3 Love to see him go into the crowd, and come out perfectly fine

Автор rebel4thecolorbrown ( назад)
that show was so bad ass especially when we chanted one more song and they
played kings and queens

Автор Rebeccals008 ( назад)
its not pink its pomegranate...

Автор Haco2 ( назад)
oh gosh...although I don't see myself in this clip, I see my sister who
left my side thankfully in order to get this close to him =D unfortunetly I
was a dumbass though that took her camera to film behind him...and I am
pretty far away...but aw, well...at least I see her in this clip and know
she wasn't lying lol XD it was a great show!!! =)))

Автор Terry S ( назад)
@kleighbirkes :D :D yes you're right ! But I have to admit that in Italy
pomegranates are not exactly that color :D :D

Автор kleighbirkes ( назад)
@Terry977 its pomegranate. hahaha.

Автор Terry S ( назад)
The pink mohawk shines in the darkness ^^ Great video, thanks for sharing !

Автор Lavidaloca111 ( назад)
his punky looks while singing acoustic ballads is weird but sweet.

Автор bevrocksjared ( назад)

Автор 1ofthelostones ( назад)
An amazing show. So glad you got this on film. Cause I was up by the
barrier in the pit, so I could just hear this.

Автор jennfo33 ( назад)
awesome!! i couldn't see this part cuz we were closer to the stage so i
just jumped around!! thanx!!

Автор kleighbirkes ( назад)
@kleighbirkes it was the most amazing show. we were up closer to stage so
we couldnt see any of this part. you rock.

Автор kleighbirkes ( назад)
thank you so much for sharing all this.

Автор blacksway30 ( назад)

Автор dixiebeka ( назад)
Thank you so much for the video, makes me want to jump around like I did
last night!!!

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