Assassin’s Creed | Cal's Story | 20th Century FOX

Whose blood runs in your veins? Trace your bloodline to find your Assassin ancestor at http://WhosInYourBlood.com.

Through a revolutionary technology that unlocks his genetic memories, Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) experiences the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain. Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Templar organization in the present day.

ASSASSIN’S CREED stars Academy Award® nominee Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Days of Future Past, 12 Years a Slave) and Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard (The Dark Knight Rises, La Vie en Rose). The film is directed by Justin Kurzel (Snowtown, Macbeth); produced by New Regency, Ubisoft Motion Pictures, DMC Films and Kennedy/Marshall; co-financed by RatPac Entertainment and Alpha Pictures; and distributed by 20th Century Fox. ASSASSIN’S CREED opens in theaters worldwide on December 21st, 2016.

In Theaters - December 21, 2016

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Michael K. Williams

Directed by Justin Kurzel

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Assassin’s Creed | Cal's Story | 20th Century FOX

Просмотров: 74935
Длительность: 1:32
Комментарии: 198

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Автор Cobbster PT ( назад)
Was that the theme from ACII? Ezio's Family?

Автор Rahmadani Rahman ( назад)
Isn't it was the theme song of AC Syndicate?

Автор Fi Skirata ( назад)
A man grows with the greatness of his task

Автор Coshcosh ( назад)
Arno is in the movie!!!

Автор Farty Bart ( назад)
I already watch this movie... It's awesome I love it

Автор Ameya Vinayaraj ( назад)

Автор Raylan Carver ( назад)
Such a great movie! I watched it twice will most likely see it again.

Автор Riko DJ ( назад)
каким бы не было мнение "критиков" я жду этот фильм!!!

Автор Unknown ( назад)
isn't that the main theme from syndicate?

Автор Miguel Arellano ( назад)
When do they ever say "We work in the dark, to serve the light." In any of
the AC games, I've never heard them say it and I think its made up.

Автор StarWarsHolic ( назад)
*Assassin’s Creed* ᴴᴰ | m o v i e - o n l i n e | --►

Автор Mulgarate / Romain ( назад)
What's the name of the actor of young Callum ?

Автор aniruddha mandal ( назад)
it's the best action movie of this year....it's the dimwit public and
hypothetical critics who are hating it,they can go to hell

Автор MrGreen ( назад)
Finnaly some good music <3

Автор Al-faith Bravo 6 ( назад)
It's good to see some people actually enjoyed this movie in the comment
sections, btw that AC Syndicate Theme + Ezio's Family is really good though
(Why didn't they just make the first two trailers with the game's original
theme songs?)

Автор Zhangir Duiseke ( назад)
Soundtrack is terrible. Should've used Kanye West.

Автор Gopal Chatterjee ( назад)
this is why its always advisable to not watch any reviewers or any critics
....i ve watched so many reviewers on youtube and the xtremely low
metacritic score has made me not go watch this movie which otherwise seems
not great but good enough.....

Автор Classic Boy ( назад)
a first assassin creed movie and they used black outfit, why not white one

Автор ruizj2006 ( назад)
This movie was great. It answers all my questions I've had for the games
that the games could not have explained.

Автор TasmaDevilI ( назад)

Автор isthisagoodnameforyou youtube ( назад)
ya just casually play syndicate theme thinkin people wont notice

Автор Randall Cattermole (FIRE ASSASSIN91) ( назад)
NO DISLIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS YOUR GUYS'S PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!????!!!!

Автор Akesh Samuditha ( назад)
Finally they got the music right .

Автор Randall Cattermole (FIRE ASSASSIN91) ( назад)
Ezio's theme NEVER gets old

Автор faraz Ehtesham ( назад)
I've been waiting for this movie since mid 2014 when it was announced 😊

Автор vindyviper ( назад)
the games and the movie are two different types of entertainment so if you
don't look at it as a game movie but as a movie then I think it'll be a
success and to have separate storyline shows their the willingness to take
a leap and make it a movie so well done to u is often and Michael
Fassbender in doing a great job

Автор John F ( назад)
Loved loved loved this movie.

Автор Katie Bobb ( назад)
I don't understand how they're not expecting to make money on this. it
looks so badass. The company does have a really great attitude about it
though, they just want the story told because they love it. I've loved
assassin's creed ever since I saw it played years ago. The graphics were
boss and the stories they put out are always awesome. I'm so jazzed to see
a big production film finally, and I love Michael Fassbender.

Автор Enenra X ( назад)
Rumors say it the next movie will pass in EUA.

Автор NiGHTSFangirl ( назад)

Автор Lan Nguyen ( назад)
gonna go see this in theaters tomorrow-- i have faith in the assassin
creeds game series fans who disagree with the critics

Автор julius lim ( назад)
just watched its, actually is not bad at all,
dose anyone spot the easter egg???

Автор DaredevilX90 ( назад)
Just here to read the comments, coz it won't be available where I live
untill 29th December :( please be good

Автор Navid Esmaeili ( назад)
"Family" Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Автор Mazin Baig ( назад)
Not the soundtrack please not the soundtrack it's making me cry.

Автор Nick Andreas ( назад)
I can't wait to see this!

Автор andre1cruz ( назад)
Recycling music like a boss?!?!

Автор Furkan Trk ( назад)
is that ezios family or am i tripping

Автор Matia Sharka ( назад)
can i watch the movie??

Автор Chris ( назад)
Finally a nice song choice..

Автор Captain Rebel-Man ( назад)
I somehow think the main reason that this movie was getting a lot of
criticism in the beginning was because of the music in the first trailer. I
really don't how anyone can dislike a movie that is not even based on any
of the games, just the stories of the franchise. It's not like Prince of
Persia: Sands of Time or the Hitman movies that were made in the past. The
criticism that I've heard about this movie had made me question many times
if it's worth seeing or not. But the fact that it's a whole new story is
what gives me the desire to see and think "it shouldn't be a bad movie."
I've saved a ticket a whole year for it and I'm gonna see it no matter

Автор Will Tang ( назад)
BGM stars from 0:27, sounds like ever heard at somewhere in the game.
anyone knows?

Автор Arþur “Tataarujin” D ( назад)
Everything is RIGHT in this trailer! Both story and ESPECIALLY music!

Автор Ascendance ( назад)
Seems like an interesting story, wonder why people didn't like it? Can
someone explain, with no restrain on spoilers, please? This movie comes out
on January 12 and I have no desire to wait until then to get the full

Автор Kshitiz Gautam ( назад)
Ezio's Family :0
The soundtrack!!!

Автор Jorge Rodriguez Messina ( назад)
Finally!!!!!! A TRAILER WITH THE CORRECT MUSIC!!! i´m dying to see it

Автор Faris Hizami ( назад)
I really appreciate them for making this movie
Thank You to those whos involve in this

Автор dragonmcmx ( назад)
Where can I find this specific version of this song?

Автор Joey Zuraski ( назад)
Not surprisingly, YouTube results have "Assassin's Creed Full Movie".

Автор rajat demon ( назад)
They Should Make a Movie about Ezio

Автор rajat demon ( назад)
It's the Ezio's Song from AC2😍😍😍

Автор Bart W. ( назад)
Now the critics destroyed this movie they focus on the gamers finaly.

Автор GEEKEIRO ( назад)
Oh my god! That music!!!

Автор longlivingdude ( назад)
Should have been the first trailer.

Автор Jonathon Felix ( назад)
Just got back from watching this movie, and I don't understand why this
movie is getting bashed so badly. I was kinda ify about the new animus
going into the movie but I think it just made it visually better. The movie
does do the game series justice though by sticking to its roots and not
swaying off of what we already know. Overall great movie! If you're a fan
of the game series, you'll be in awe the whole time! Go watch it!

Автор Kian Ehtesham ( назад)

Автор Sithira Siriwardana ( назад)
now thats my fav soundtrack :D

Автор Austin Williams ( назад)
im a huge fan of the AC series and i have to say i definitely recommend the
movie. Slow at the start but badass overall. Not disappointed at all

Автор VivaLaFamous ( назад)
the action scenes were really good but i felt as if the movie could of been
way better . they followed the concept of the game but not the games story
, the story line was different from the game , and same with the characters
. But movies based off other things never turn out to be like the original
but this movie was cool .

Автор Fi Skirata ( назад)
This should've been the first trailer

Автор Lado Wilson ( назад)
stop using Ezio's Family please

Автор Giovanni Alckmim Russo ( назад)
For those ones who are fans of the game and already watched the movie, is
the movie good?

Автор Sonal Saha ( назад)
I hope the story is as good as good as the promotional content.

Автор Nathan Stark ( назад)
This movie is actually really good. Saw it tonight. Way better than I
thought it was gonna be.

Автор sunnistarwarnew ( назад)
no showed face assassin better handsome XD

Автор Skoomax ( назад)
Is the movie worth seein or what?

Автор Son Gabriel Prz ( назад)
ooh. the músic of AC II

Автор yashiro otonashi ( назад)
the way I feel was my ancestors also assassins

Автор Zaron Black ( назад)
it was ezios family

Автор Zaron Black ( назад)
omg that soundtrack

Автор Leonor Rosales ( назад)
2 hr ago this was publish!!early!!❤I saw the movie already thoe...really
GOOD movie

Автор Raul Balarezo ( назад)
woow, ac syndicate music awesome!

Автор jim smith ( назад)
Awesome movie!!!

Автор Medicine Alpha ( назад)
Make an eagle cry !!!

Автор Kshitiz Anand ( назад)
Ohhh not that soundtrack #EzioFamily whenever i hear it it make me

Автор KRMetus ( назад)
*play video and hears "Family" from Assassin's Creed: Syndicate... What the

Автор Azmi Hakam ( назад)
i already watched the movie its great, i dont agree at most the critics. i
dont think this movie lift the curse about video game movies but this is
the video game movies that really stay to its original material

Автор Jonathan L.gaol ( назад)
Finally, the proper song for the proper title

Автор The Squealer Dealers ( назад)
That's the Main theme from Assassins Creed Syndicate

Автор A.C ( назад)
Just watched its a great movie absolutely loved it

Автор Elijah Hudson ( назад)
al right how saw the movie and thought it was good not the best but good

Автор lawson ballinger ( назад)
Movie was awful, and thats coming from a true ac fan

Автор Hokunin ( назад)
Finally, there is no da hood gansta rap in trailer, but a proper AC music.
Too late though, damage been done.

Автор Tyrion Lannister ( назад)
cant wait to pirate this

Автор NasTheBaller NASIR ( назад)
Finally ezios family's music

Автор Noob Gaming ( назад)
They used the music from Assassin's Creed 2 nailed it!!

Автор Tom Cabler ( назад)

Автор CrazyLIFE GAMING ( назад)
Been here before 500 views hit that like for me ^_^ ps : 456th tobe exact

Автор Uncle Siu ( назад)
this is definitely one of the wor st films of the year

Автор Tye Parker ( назад)
I like the music

Автор Ahmed Juvale ( назад)
not first

Автор KaptainKris ( назад)
im so hyped for this movie

Автор KaptainKris ( назад)

Автор Vasil “Vaas” V. ( назад)
assassin's crewd, the movie... (drums) and I've been waiting for this
moment for all my life

Автор Ravindu Mapatuna ( назад)

Автор Alejandro Gar ( назад)
CCaallate me encanta comer Serpientes en Callate
Es muy buena la estupida película que bien sindo ñoño

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