Tuning a kick drum with a tune-bot

A video showing how I tuned my kick drum with a tune-bot. I'm using a little trick with a stick because the tune-bot will not fit well on every kick drum hoop. This works great.

In the last clip you can hear the audio of the camcorder and the audio recorded with a kick drum mic and 2 overhead mics.

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Автор Thomas Nappo ( назад)

Автор LukeVaderSkywalker ( назад)
Would you recommend the tune bot to other drummers?

Автор Steven Velasquez ( назад)
Your drums have a gorgeous finish on them

Автор wiremessiah (499 лет назад)
How the hell did you mute the kick while playing? That just mindfucked me.

While having a solid frequency to go save and go back to on kick, I have
found, especially with a muted kick, that you are not really hearing the
fundamental too much, even more so when playing with bass. I usually just
mute the kick and get just the smack and click from it, while the resonance
comes from other precisely tuned drums. If you worry about getting the
fundamental of the kick in tune with other drums, you won't be able to get
the right beater response and timbre. The only exception is if you have a
resonant kick, but I don't really like that sound.

Автор LeafBucket ( назад)
I just got the tunebot and I have noticed a problem. Not with the tunebot
itself but with drummers, my main instrument isnt the drums although I play
a little, I just love nifty little gadgets that make instruments sound
good. In my experience drummers with little to no studio or professional
stage experience always tune their drums too low. I did sound at a show
recently where one of the drummers shared their kit. The kit was already
there and I knew the drummer (and how he doesnt really tune his drums :P)
so I started tuning up the drum before the guys arrived. I had just
finished up the rack tom when they arrived and were jokingly horrified by
how high in pitch the drum sounded. Again with humour they told me that
they didn't want me to mess with the floor tom, they whacked the drum and I
had to admit the thing sounded like a badass bass drop. After micing up the
kick the rack tom sounded great straight away, the floor tom however
sounded horrible like mud with no definition, impossible to put in a mix.
That was my realiziation and probably why the comment section on this video
is so split. Like a scooped tone guitar, über low tuned drums sound badass
acoustic and on their own, but dont really work in a mix. I bet this kick
drum with a little eq and a litte compression would sit awesome in a mix,
on its own however is a little shaky sounding. I feel like the tunebot is
teaching me how drums are supposed to sound and how to chose shells and
heads better when before I would think of it as more of a gimmick!

Автор Dez Leighton ( назад)
Very informative video Eric, thanks.

Автор Andrey Gubenko ( назад)
Great video! Thanks!
But i always wandered how a hole in the side of a resonant head influences
on a tension of lugs and a general tone of the head. In all probability the
tension near by the hole is bigger than the tension of a regular part of a
skin. So that can actually affect on sound.
So, should we tune it as always (i mean to even all lug`s tensions) or
should we use some different settings?
Sorry for a stupid question, though!

Автор lite Roadie ( назад)
i personally wouldn't bother doing that with the bass drum since it's size
makes it too insensitive to adjustments that small to matter.i like the
stick idea though!

Автор angeltread ( назад)
sounds good man. well done. you should always do a whole kit comparison at
the end of the vid. some ppl just dont know its good until they can hear it
in comparison... even better than that would be to play along with
something and have the audio "build" the music (first just he kick drum
track for a few seconds, add in the rest of the kit for a few seconds, add
in guitars, bass, whatever... to show that this is indeed a good sounding
drum., i mean if you have that ability to do that. anyway thats just my
idea is all. i cant say crap though cause i dont have any videos showing
so. good job.

Автор nick fabian ( назад)
Really great post. Loved the stick idea. It would seem a lot of the
comments from people on here about the post are about personal opinion such
as how high / low we like our bass drum, what type of heads we prefer as
individuals and not about using a tune bot to tune a bass drum! Really
enjoyed this and will give it a go on my little 18" Gretsch kick. Cheers

Автор mike evangelista ( назад)
I like they way you mount it to the stick great idea. I used to just hold
it around the kick which works . Everyone has there own tuning preference I
thought it sounded good but haven't tried to tune it to those settings
because I have my own. I saw some other comments and if people don't like
that setting for there style then just find there own no need to be a
negative nancy about it. Thanks for the video and I am going to mount that
tune bot to a stick and get my bass drum sounding even better

Автор Douglas Cook ( назад)
Sounds like crap...

Автор Zu-Unboxing e Reviews ( назад)
Tune-bot Or Drumdial/Tama TW100? who wins..

Автор Niels Emil Naumann ( назад)
I hope it sounds different in real life. cuz the mic doesn't help in this
situation xD

Автор apinakapinastorba ( назад)
Gratz on having the ultimate bass drum and the ultimate bass drum tuning

Автор apinakapinastorba ( назад)
Right, apparently your taste is just different? If that's your idea of
"dead", "horrible" and "high" sound.

Автор Niels Emil Naumann ( назад)
The pich is high, and the drum gives a really dead sound... horrible

Автор Niels Emil Naumann ( назад)
It doesn't sound good at all, i have a kick drum which is also a superstar,
in 22"x18" sounds much better, not even tuned for a while.

Автор apinakapinastorba ( назад)
But yet... it sounds great. What is this sorcery?

Автор Niels Emil Naumann ( назад)
But.. it sounds terrible?

Автор Jetpacks Jupiter ( назад)
Great video. When you sat the head and actually saw the frequency
drop........truth in itself. Thanks, JETPACKS TO JUPITER

Автор ericBdrums ( назад)
Haha, ja klopt. Ik houd niet van stilte!

Автор ericBdrums ( назад)
Heb ik iets gemist?

Автор ericBdrums ( назад)
Great your drums sound phenomenal! I am no expert but I found that most
important for good sounding drums are: 1) proper tuning 2) quality of the
heads 3) quality of the drums.

Автор TJ ( назад)
Just used your settings on my cheap mapex q series kick and it sounds
phenomenal. P.S. I am still using the same heads from when back in 2008. I
know its time for new ones but this just goes to show how awesome right
tuning and the tune bot is!

Автор ericBdrums ( назад)
Yes. Somehow someone decided to have the blank wood on the inside and the
cherry coating on the outside. I never understood why...

Автор ericBdrums ( назад)
Glad you liked the video. No eq, EMAD2 as a batter, Tama reso head (tuned
higher), AKG 112D mic in the port hole pointing at the beater and an Evans
EQ pad slightly touching the reso head.

Автор Jordan Robinson ( назад)
this is the sound i want for my gretsch catlina mod kit- 20 ich bass drum
seems to suit the style and sound going for thanks a dozen, pus after
seeing this video i really wanna invest in this product 

Автор ericBdrums ( назад)
A Panasonic HDC-700.

Автор rodrigo galvez ( назад)
What cam are you using?

Автор ericBdrums ( назад)
Was toen 115 GBP (besteld in de UK), is nu EUR 98 bij Thomann. Thomann riep
toen dat ze de tune-bot niet in het assortiment gingen opnemen omdat ze de
Drum Dial al hadden. Foutje bij het inschatten kennelijk.

Автор Luuk Meijwaard ( назад)
Hoeveel kostte ie je?

Автор jimmythemonkey (1146 лет назад)
I use it for everything. I find it more accurate overall

Автор tokageroh1988 ( назад)
after this I can't wait to have mine *ç*

Автор ericBdrums ( назад)
For a 22"kick, a note of 1D to 1E is suggested. I had it low before but it
lacked some punch so I decided to try a 1E note.

Автор Michael Ozayu ( назад)
What exactly are you going for with your resonance for your kick drum?
Like, are you simply using the "low resonance" tuning method to get a
deader sound? And whatever you use, may I ask why? I'm going to get one of
these, and I want an overall good sound out of my kick.

Автор ericBdrums ( назад)
Right, I guess the note indicator is as accurate as the Hz readings when
they also displayed decimals. However, the rounded Hz values will also get
you pretty close and might prevent you from becoming too much of a
nit-picker (even though I am one). Also, as you might have guessed from my
video, giving a couple of strong hits on the head will also throw off the
tuning. One tip for tuning drums: keep on stretching the head. If you don't
do it while tuning, detuning will happen while playing.

Автор jimmythemonkey ( назад)
Exactly. The note indicator is more precise. I was a bit frustrated with
the Tune-bot until I started using the note line indicator. Now I can get
it pretty much perfect.

Автор ericBdrums ( назад)
That's a good suggestion. I notice I can hear some slight pitch differences
when the Hz readings on the tune-bot remain the same. Probably because the
line indicator can give reading in between whole Hz values.

Автор jimmythemonkey ( назад)
Good video. Sometimes if I want to get it really precise, I switch my
tune-bot to note mode and get all of the lugs to the same point there. The
line on the note indicator is even more accurate than the hz indicator!

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