Yorkshire Terrier

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The Yorkie is considered hypoallergenic and is the second most popular breed in the world.

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Автор Yorkshire terrier Peggy ( назад)
cute yorkie :)

Автор Phoebe Croxford ( назад)
I have a silky who does the snorting thing and I could never figure out
what it was!

Автор John Boyle ( назад)
They were originally bred to sleep on your bed and keep the rats off you.
Fantastic little dogs.

Автор Mckenna Pyle ( назад)
she's a yorkie

Автор Renee_ ( назад)
Such a cutie. Planning on getting one soon.

Автор browneyedbeauty ( назад)
My yorkie sparkle is amazing she rarely barks but is my feisty little
cuddle bug

Автор Anivia Medeiros ( назад)
i used to have one

Автор Animal Lover ( назад)
The sweetest of the little guys <3

Автор Becca m ( назад)
why was the goose part so funny hahaha

Автор Anime Luver ( назад)
What was that?
That wasn't even the whole thing. Not even half of it.
Do the whole video

Автор BeautyBy Irene Michala ( назад)
Elate stin omada twn ellinikon yorkie!

Автор Kelly Longo ( назад)
Seriously.. I am fangirling over these yorkies!

Автор Jose DimaS ( назад)
When I was 3 I had 2 dogs one was a Yorke he eat something poison

Автор June Walker ( назад)
I've had 3 yorkies. I have one now! I live in a flat..never had a problem
with barking!

Автор AngieChan666 ( назад)
I prefer big dogs like German Shepherds but Yorkies are the best tiny dogs
ever. My neighbors have a Yorkie and she is so headstrong! I've been that
dog's best friend since she was a few weeks old, and she won't hesitate to
dart away from her yard and into mine to see me (thankfully I don't live
across the street from her so no serious danger). The "little body big dog"
is so true, she's always trying to fight my big dog. Still, they're a
lovable breed!

Автор Yorkielover07 ( назад)
I love my yorkie as I'm typing this she is in my bed :)

Автор Agermanshepherdsheba ( назад)
I had a yorkie for 5 years he NEVER honk like that never

Автор Jayd West ( назад)
In the description

Автор Aisha Bahrami ( назад)
where da faq is the rest of the video?!

Автор sandra lopes ( назад)
são mt fofinhos adoro..

Автор Ece Öğretmen ( назад)
mine's called Marco <3 love him

Автор Yorkielover07 ( назад)
I have a yorkie and she is is my life :)

Автор HollyJollyAru ( назад)
Our Gabby is a small dog with a BIG personality. She was spoiled as a puppy
so now she knows that she can get away with almost anything. It's funny
though because even though she's a small dog (though bigger than the
average Yorkie), she's afraid of dogs her size or smaller! She has no
problem with giant labs coming up to her or great danes but when a shih tzu
comes running over, she runs and want's nothing to do with them. Probably
cause they can get in her face. XD

Автор wheels0503 ( назад)
my Yorkie chased my neighbors lab one time. Yep.

Автор Jessica Westhead ( назад)
Pharyngeal gag reflex

Автор southeast htx ( назад)
I want one so badd

Автор jay Andreaa ( назад)
my dog makes all the big dogs afraid of her she's just like me

Автор Simple Curiosity ( назад)
Name it Stepney! (It's a train joke...)

Автор dennis2001ish ( назад)
my yorkie does not snort like a goose

Автор 123chrchr ( назад)
Aww such a cute dog!!! But the gag reflex is so adorable and funny :)

Автор Domonique Alexander ( назад)
My friends Yorkie is the cutest little nugget. And he's so friendly, he
just lets me pick him right up for a cuddle.

Автор starwarsguy123ful ( назад)
Mine's called Rambo! i know big name for a little dog

Автор danessa deanda ( назад)
the sound like little pigs

Автор crypter27 ( назад)
I think I've seen this breed in my neighborhood.

Автор Travis Walsh ( назад)
I love Yorkies they make good mops for a floor ahahah

Автор warcity888 ( назад)
The part with the gag reflex is so funny lol love these dogs they're so cute

Автор Wesley Snaggletooth ( назад)
My Yorkie acts as if everyone on Earth is her best friend, she loves
everyone Lucky for her I am retired, and she is almost never alone She
suffers from separation anxiety, when I come home from the store after
leaving her alone for an hour, she is so happy to see me; she acts as if I
have returned from the dead She never allows herself to be more than 3 feet
away from me, and always wants to sit on my lap. Is that normal behavior
for all Yorkies or was she taken away from her mother too early?

Автор InsanePalmNinja ( назад)
I have a yourkie and she hates me to no end... But the feeling is Same for
me as well .

Автор Dogs R Us ( назад)
I have a Cavachon names Squeaky and a poochon names Waffles, they are best
friends subscribe to my channel to watch them. she is a puppy

Автор lpsgogo ( назад)
My yorkie is Victory. We have been arguing with my mom for many years and
on my birthday, we won our Victory!

Автор Brey Porter ( назад)
I have owned many Yorkies. Born and raised with them. They are AMAZING with
children. My Yorkies were born and raised with kids so that may be why.
keep calm and love Yorkie! :)

Автор Roisin Loughlin ( назад)
I have a yorkie called Muffin! Love him to bits!

Автор Olivia Wiltshire xx ( назад)
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute

Автор daelove7 ( назад)
Lol, same here with my yorkie!

Автор SDADSDSFDSGDA ( назад)
They're the 2nd most popular dog? Or are Toy breeds the 2nd most popular
after the Labrador?!

Автор Paul Warman ( назад)
mine's called max he is a 3 year old miniature Yorkie he eats my Grandma's
home made soup?

Автор Vagabond Zav ( назад)
Mine, Toby ran out side and was jumping around a pitbull. He wont attack
them just jump back and fourth and around while barking. For some reason
though he scared a german shepard, so bad in fact he backed it up into a

Автор VegasFirefly13 ( назад)
Haha that's so true about Yorkies trying to attack bigger dogs. My Yorkie,
Coco, escaped from our house and tried to attack my Mom's pitbull once.
She's definitely a troublemaker but I love her :)

Автор dragonballzfan3 ( назад)
I have a 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier, and he's a huge asshole. I still
love him though.

Автор soundadapter ( назад)
very nice shots, cute doggy

Автор Thaddeon Tan ( назад)
Mine's called Tenji but he died when he was 1.. :c

Автор Pinterest Princess ( назад)
Mine's called Amber! She honks like that all the time! So cute!

Автор SVTCobraNick ( назад)
I have a yorkie named lulu after Louis vuitton. Check out my video of her I
just made. I promise you will laugh.

Автор Natasha Topping ( назад)

Автор detphemale ( назад)
Love my Yorkshire "Terrorist"!

Автор Cat Lover ( назад)
Some Yorkies are friendly and outgoing, but many have the standoffish or
suspicious nature of a true terrier.

Автор Nicole Burgon ( назад)
so sorry. Praying for you. :(

Автор Nicole Burgon ( назад)
True!! :D

Автор Nicole Burgon ( назад)
True!! :D

Автор Magic ( назад)
Probably because they don't got one! :D

Автор Hawke S ( назад)
hahaha my morkie is exactly how they described it in the video

Автор Alice Hughes ( назад)
They are so cute and funny :)

Автор Xristina Patouxea ( назад)

Автор Brenda styles ( назад)
brenda smells like cheese

Автор Pepe beast ( назад)
Auténtico perro patada por sus ladridos chirriantes,es el animal más fiero
y peligroso del mundo,al único ser que temo.

Автор MyJewels1779 ( назад)
if you have allergy problems don't get a Yorkshire Terrier my moms sister
has a yorkshire terrier which gets her so allergic

Автор Анастасии Прохоровой ( назад)
ı love my yorkshire AGATH

Автор Nicole Burgon ( назад)
Thank you! Might not watch it but I think I will. ;) Thanks so much!

Автор Valentino Valente ( назад)
The full video can be found here: on.fb.me / XzJZSD {}s

Автор Daniel Foster ( назад)
OMG I live in Yorkshire yea man check me out. P.s the blonde n blue eyes
bird is is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit <3

Автор lamis hamila (951 год назад)
I have one

Автор Heinäsirkka34 (1835 лет назад)

Автор Heinäsirkka34 (1852 года назад)
I have yorsch

Автор Liam Mcleod ( назад)
i have a yorkie all he does is beg for food, sleep and look adorable

Автор Emily King ( назад)
i have a yorkie called Yorkie lol we're very creative

Автор Smalllady11 ( назад)
SOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

Автор Smalllady11 ( назад)
I want one

Автор wheels0503 ( назад)
I have one and he is so sweet! He is also so smart! If you are about to do
something bad he will bark at you, he learns quick and all. He is also so
cute!!! I recommend these dogs!

Автор INVONT ( назад)
88 Dislikes, some do not like them :)

Автор Jane Doe ( назад)
My cousin has one, his name is max and I hate him....lol but he's so

Автор Nicole Stark ( назад)
I have 2!

Автор JamVlogs ( назад)
and 10 more..

Автор NicoTheGreat29 ( назад)
lolwut. That's very weird.

Автор Smalllady11 ( назад)
I want one sooner

Автор Evelina Limo ( назад)
I love my Yorkie Bemmer! :) <3

Автор Megan Hilton ( назад)
I have a yorkie called Ollie

Автор Yorkielover07 ( назад)
I have a yorkie name Bella

Автор mmunevar123 ( назад)
Nope. I rarely ever find a hair in my house from my yorkie.

Автор Jesus Hernandez (189 лет назад)
Nuri Hernandez

Автор Kamilė Valantinaitė ( назад)
No, poodle is better <3

Автор Lasdil Elizaga ( назад)
does this dog shed hair frequently? im afraid my pc will be full of hair
when i carry him near it

Автор washi mashi ( назад)
how the hell did i get here from gangnam style? :o

Автор littleghurrl ( назад)
ahahahahah this is so true, my dog who is a mix of a yorkie and amaltese
harasses my austrialian shepard.

Автор Almantas Paulauskas ( назад)
small rabbit dogs :) they are like mouses.....

Автор Monica Martinez ( назад)
Thank You For the info. (: (:

Автор 1205juergen ( назад)
I have also a cute one ...

Автор Mixpirate ( назад)
I have 5 yorkshire terrier

Автор dolpee11haha ( назад)
they look like ewoks. i like ewoks

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