Naoki & Riko (Buzzer Beat) - i'm always all for you

Edit* I so forgot to put my watermark so please don't steal or i will hunt you down & feed you to the alligators!!! k thanks xoxo

So i watched this adorable drama is less than two days! i seriously could not stop watching it!! i loved it so much! it's rare for me to find a Japanese drama that i love, there's only a very few that make it on my list of favorites & this one certainly made it to the list fast!! (: Maybe cause i was crushing on Yamashita Tomohisa or because of the amazing chemistry between him & Kitagawa Keiko but i loved every second of it!!! but anyway i hope yall enjoy it, i enjoyed making it.♥

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Автор GGPinkProductions ( назад)

Автор Hiro N ( назад)
Selling the BLUE MOLTEN Basketball Yamapi used in this drama! go to ebay
then search Molten Buzzer beat! VERY RARE AND LIMITED!!! YOU CANT FIND

Автор shofan09 ( назад)
0:44 seriously, one of Yamapi's best kiss scenes out of all of his dramas
and movies. His other kiss scenes are always so awkward.. Japanese kiss
scenes usually are...

Автор Primrose M. ( назад)
i'd watched this drama over 10 times!!! unfortunately, they already broke
up in real life T___T

Автор milenka p.s ( назад)
donde puedo ver el dorama? en español 

Автор Gabrielle Bénard ( назад)
best japanese drama ever!

Автор Annyta Seung Hyun ( назад)
Hola por casualidad sabes donde puedo verlo en español?? 

Автор q2828q ( назад)
just finished it!! I already feel empty at heart

Автор Chrisuuu ( назад)
so darn cuuuuuute!!! >___<

Автор Shianne Beasley ( назад)
i agree totally awesome drama with the best Japanese actors ever !!

Автор R- kelle ( назад)
ok, so, I'm NOT a drama fan but.... WTF is this CUTE thing?? OMG... I think
I'm gonna watch my first drama now ^ ^ and I think the song's at fault too
(fav song ever!)

Автор nnaehh ( назад)
watch it and youll know :D

Автор nnaehh ( назад)
seriously this is the best video made of those two! cant get enough of
watching it!

Автор D Hope ( назад)
ياحسره علينا الله كريم

Автор Rose's Seat Warmer ( назад)
These two are the best looking drama couple I've ever seen. Their acting
and personality made their interactions believable and very cute, silly,
and sweet.

Автор inoyamanakaflower100 ( назад)
will Naoki and Riko be together in the drama?? all the way through? Which
is episode 1:13 and which episode is when she slapped him?

Автор Yvonne Marie Perdomo Ferrer ( назад)
ahhhh Yamapi i love him, i wish that someday i can meet him even if i'm on
the other side of the world i need to make that happen,but not in a
crazy/annoying way. =')

Автор AllEyesOnMimi ( назад)
Awww lovely! >//< makes me want to watch it all over again. 

Автор Bryan Woods ( назад)
must complete watch it. Nice story.

Автор Bryan Woods ( назад)
Watch it all and you'll know. More worth it that way,

Автор YuukiSakuras ( назад)
Ok seriesly I think this has one of the best Asian kisses i've ever seen..
usually what I see is either they're really slobbery and disgusting or they
just press their lips together without the pucker up part.. SOOO
ANOYYING!!! But this is one of the best kiss scenes ive seen.. love love

Автор Marha Santos ( назад)

Автор Humichan ( назад)
one of the japanese dramas when they actually kiss :D

Автор Scaletta911 ( назад)
Honestly, I never like japanese dramas, except for this one. Buzzer Beat is
veeery special!

Автор Aki Akira ( назад)
what episode is 0:37 to 1:04 PLS ANSWER BACK 

Автор PinkHanabiArtemis ( назад)
good editing :) I really enjoy it. Thank you so much. I watched this series
before and you make me wanna watching it again :)

Автор MsAtom89 ( назад)
did anyone know where i can download this drama in eng sub??? the easy

Автор hoon jong ( назад)
I agree..

Автор hoon jong ( назад)
I love this..!!! 

Автор g0ldfish524 ( назад)
awesome video, even awesomer drama. there was no unnecessary angst, the
good people were always good til the end without having to make stupid bad
decisions lol.

Автор Lana Ameri ( назад)
buzzer beat is my favorite J-drama!! it's so great!! it really has
something unique.. don't know what.. it has got style and great story! and
there's YAMAPI!!!! and keiko kitagawa's great too!!!! <3 <3 

Автор regine dionio ( назад)
this is definitely the romantic side of Yamapi! sooo coool!

Автор Anthony Tran ( назад)
I love basketball, I'm a dude, fell in love with keiko man... i'm not even
a fan of forgein drama but i watched mop girl after buzzer beat

Автор MDQEChristine ( назад)
thanks to watching ur fanmade video i went and watched buzzer beat
(finished it in 2 days) love it so much! super cute riko + naoki <33

Автор Anna Yurokohide ( назад)
@musicalanimeworld SafetySuit-What If ^_^

Автор Anna Yurokohide ( назад)
This is epic! Best fanmade video i've seen so far! *o*

Автор musicalanimeworld ( назад)
what song is this?? by whom?? btw.... cheers to an awesome video.... i
totally love naoki x riko pairing!!! 

Автор WeLikeIke23 ( назад)
/sob. I need to watch this again sometime.

Автор woo21rara (137 лет назад)
wow their kissing scene was intense!!! I shall watch this after the exams!

Автор YoonJimminie (891 год назад)
was that actually a jdrama kiss?? O.o so hell HOT! <33333 this

Автор agentjfk ( назад)
Awesome video by the way. One of my fav dramas :D

Автор Hello there ( назад)
@Asiandramafan043 thank you very much! now i got a new drama to watch all
thanks to you :3 and i also got a new video in my favorites ^^

Автор Hello there ( назад)
omg its was epicly cute >w< you made me wanna watch it so badly now but idk
what this drama is called T.T but im serious though it was nicely done and
you made the drama look super cute :3

Автор Gleehoney2 ( назад)
This was amazing unnie!!! I love the different transitions you used and the
zooms!! It really worked well together!!! I think this is your best vid
yet!! Keep trying things out, cause I'm loving it!!! And now I really wanna
watch this drama after seeing more of their scenes!!!!

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