Sexy Nurse prepping the needle!

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A Tribute to One HOT SEXY Nurse. Nurse Sabrina. she loves her BIG HYPODERMIC NEEDLES!
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This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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One of my favourite Pearl Harbor scenes :) I've just started doing these tonight but I got loads more coming up guys, enjoy xo
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My twin sister gives me my PIO shot tonight, I had to record it :)
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Injection Scene from the movie GOVINDAYA NAMAHA. A sexy nurse PARUL YADAV injecting in KOMAL's butt.
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Instruction Video on giving injections.
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fear of injection
intra muscular injection/ intended mother give's
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This was day before embryo transfer. UPDATE- Two embryos were transfered and both took. My Ip's are now pregnant with twins!!!!
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Here I show how I give myself a weekly intramuscular injection with little or no pain. The trick is to stretch the skin at the injection site.
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For a new friend that is going to start having to do this injections. I warmed my tush cheek first to loosen up the muscle, that's why it's red....


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