Sexy Nurse prepping the needle!

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PIO intramuscular injection for IVF. First time!
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Here's me giving myself my first intramuscular PIO injection for my gestational surrogacy IVF. I was very nervous so take pity and laugh with me...
Pear Harbor- Hospital Scene
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One of my favourite Pearl Harbor scenes :) I've just started doing these tonight but I got loads more coming up guys, enjoy xo
getting 6 injections!!!! (on drugs)
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Zombie Nation forcly butt injection scene
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a maniac cop has passion of arresting young girls and killing them with injection of slow poison into their ass but in turn the victims becomes...
Def-Con 4 (1985) Injection
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A HOT NURSE giving an Injection.
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Instruction Video on giving injections.
First T Injection!
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Sorry about the annoying logo, i couldn't get it to go away. So yeah, they literally forced me to do it in the butt for some reason, but oh well,...
como poner un shot facil y rapido.mp4
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como poner una inyeccion rapido facil y sin dolor ah! y si que te tiemble la mano jajajaa
Bicillin Injection for Lyme Disease
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For a new friend that is going to start having to do this injections. I warmed my tush cheek first to loosen up the muscle, that's why it's red....
Butt Shot ( glyoxal ) Sierra Integrative Medical Center
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Oxidation Catalyst developed by S.I.M.C. It is one of the most powerful and safest methods of controlling disease producing viruses, bacteria and...
My twin sister Kimmy gives me my PIO shot tonight :) video #32
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My twin sister gives me my PIO shot tonight, I had to record it :)
IVF - Intramuscular HMG Shot
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Receiving my first intramuscular HMG injection during our first IVF cycle.
injection time :)
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If you are planning to make a world trip, it's not enough to prepare your bag. You have to prepare yourself too. So I went to the hospital and...
How to Give Intradermal and Subcutaneous Injections | Medical, Health, First Aid
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How to Give Intradermal and Subcutaneous Injections | Medical, Health, First Aid - SUBSCRIBE to Bright Enlightenment:...
Injection Scene from the movie GOVINDAYA NAMAHA
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Injection Scene from the movie GOVINDAYA NAMAHA. A sexy nurse PARUL YADAV injecting in KOMAL's butt.
intra muscular injection/ intended mother give's
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This was day before embryo transfer. UPDATE- Two embryos were transfered and both took. My Ip's are now pregnant with twins!!!!
Sara and Hilary IVF Journey: 1st Progesterone Shot
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Tonight we started Hilary's nightly progesterone shots in the butt For more info, follow our blog: http://conceived-inthemaking.weebly.com/
Painless Self-Injection
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Here I show how I give myself a weekly intramuscular injection with little or no pain. The trick is to stretch the skin at the injection site.
Insulin Administration - Registered Nurse Training
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Visit http://whatcom.ctc.edu/online to find out more about Whatcom Community College's award-winning online degrees for health careers! RN...
Intramuscular Injections.
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This is a brief tutorial on where, and how to deliver intramuscular injections. References used: Rodger, M. A and King, L. 1999. Drawing up and...
scared child from injection in DR FAISAL KHANs clinic
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scared child from injection in DR FAISAL KHANs clinic
IVF Medication Injections - Intramuscular Injection
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Nurse Linda of the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) (http://haveababy.com) demonstrates the process for preparing and administering...
IVF first Progesterone Injection
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IVF Progesterone Injection
Intramuscular Testosterone Injection Techniques
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Midwestrejuvenation.com A tutorial demonstrating the appropriate technique for self administration of intramuscular injections of Testosterone or...
Practice Shot With Nurse Lisa
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We discuss the side effects of the medication and I practice preparing the syringe and sticking myself with a cushion.


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