McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed

McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed, explains how McDonald's react with their fast food and how they treat it to their public.

Please Subscribe! :) Part 2 & 3 & 4 are out so watch it on my channel.

The Backup video is here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xYc59p0Vp0

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Автор Kjpeanutts (4 месяца)
Quit eating this! Wake up!

Автор Stan Mckinley (1 месяц)
Who else thinks illuminati is the biggest load of bullshit ever? I mean
come on, I can't enjoy any shows anymore now that all these jackasses have
ruined it with their false accusations. I mean come on, first shows, now
restaurants? Is every little thing in this world evil? I mean, I know the
food at McDonald's is fucked up and makes people fat, but wtf. So what?
Everything with even the tiniest of flaws is all of the sudden evil? Do
some people post this illuminati bullshit just for the sake of attention
and just to get people all excited and freaking out? I am a christian
myself, I'm even an acolyte, I sing and dance all the time at church, I am
always participating. And I am fully aware of crazy bitches out there
wanting to take us out, but seriously, lets just chill out with the
"subliminal" crap, okay? I think we are going a little overboard with all
this, yes there are psycho bitches out there, but they are not EVERYWHERE,
okay, so just chill.

Автор Stephen Corson (14 дней)
This is Prove that JESUS HAS TO COME BACK SOON !!!♥steve

Автор donald parker (3 месяца)
zionist = good, Halal = shit

Автор myusername0wns (1 месяц)
McDonalds is under rated as fuck. Shit is tasty.

Автор Ricardo Tessiero (7 дней)
Mc fucker's & many other fast food chain used DIMETHYLPOLYSILOXANE polymer
as an anti-foaming agent sort of Silly Putty stuff on there fries this
unhealthy stuff is used in some shampoo's.It's corrosif on many
metals,irritant for the skin,eyes,respiratory tract,cancerigene ? & the
mother fucker FDA approved it since year 1998?

Автор †邪YOKOSHIMA (7 дней)
I love BLEACH !!!

Автор Bread Sandwich (4 дня)
You guys all give too much fear and power to the Illuminati, they are a
faltering heap of cowards

Автор Cardnials Win2014 (4 дня)
I can shoot the sidewalk and someone will say the ILLUMINATI made him do it

Автор LouieLouie (1 месяц)
it's not a conspiracy, it's just that mcdonalds food has a fair combination
of fats, grease, salt and sugar. Have you ever noticed you can leave
butter, sugar and salt unrefrigerated for a ridiculous amount of time and
it won't go bad? Most bacteria don't enjoy these foods and if these foods
ever do go rancid it's likely due to the process of oxidation (mind you he
held the fries in what looks like an air tight jar, which adds to my
point). mcdonalds is still unhealthy for you nonetheless, but it's extreme
food is no conspiracy, just science. fatty, greasy, salty science.

Автор VulpiniFluff (4 месяца)
What next, Youtube is Illuminati?

Автор PureOwnag3 (1 месяц)
Its no illuminati shit, its just fastfood thats cheap to make, and its bad
for u, ok but thats no iluminati lol.

Автор Finqz II (2 месяца)
How ironic, I had to watch a 33 second long advert for McDonalds, so that I
could watch a video trying to denounce McDonalds & expose the truth.

Автор littlebit080780 (11 дней)
This shows how nice and clean McDonald's food is!!! Mold is gross! Why
would you want your food to mold?

Автор Vikk derp (10 дней)
I Withdraw My Consent
To all those who wave the Republican or Democrat flag, I withdraw my
consent because I've come to the realization that democrats and republicans
are a false-choice paradigm - a two–party dictatorship.
- Both support deficit spending – despite all the bluster
- Both support welfare – whether corporate, individual, or agricultural
- Both support picking winners and losers through grants, contracts,
tax-breaks, etc.
- Both have attacked our civil rights in treasonous ways
- Both support the Patriot Act with secret, warrantless wiretapping, and
trampling of 1st, 4th and 5th amendments
- Both supported banker bailouts
- Both support agenda 21
- Both support the patriot act
- Both support secret arrests
- Both support controlling the internet through SOPA and PIPA
- Both support the NDAA president's power to arrest, detain indefinitely
without charges, and assassinate american citizens – without any due process
- Both parties' chief campaign donors and lobbyists are identical
- Both parties are in the pocket of Goldman Sachs
- Both parties support inflationary monetary policy
- Both parties are against auditing the Federal Reserve
- Both parties believe in baseline budgeting, and refuse to discuss any
true cuts in government spending.
- Both parties believe that, since they are not going to cut spending, the
only way out of this, is to tax our way out, spend our way out, borrow our
way out, or inflate our way out
- Both parties have enacted policies that gut the middle class
- Both parties were pro NAFTA
- Both parties are pro-TSA
- Both parties were pro-North American Union. Google it
- Both parties support the war on drugs
- Both parties have been for varying sorts of gun control – indeed Romney
has been virtually indistinguishable from Obama in this regard
- Both parties have engaged in false-flag acts to foment war
- Both parties believe in the haegelian dialectic, of causing the crisis,
then providing the solution
- Both parties refuse to acknowledge that inflation is a tax
- Both parties support keeping our troops in over 130 countries worldwide
- Both parties believe in endless, undeclared, unfunded wars
- Both parties believe in borrowing money from China to provide foreign aid
to Israel
- Both parties are beholden more to Israel's policy interests, than our own
- Both parties support a foreign policy of pre-emptive aggression – against
countries that have never attacked us
- Both parties refuse to acknowledge the role of fractional reserve
banking, and the repeal of Glass Stegall, have in creating the irreversible
crisis we're in.
- Both parties have been caught red-handed suppressing and subverting the
democratic process here at home, through manipulation/corruption of the
electronic balloting system, disappearing of absentee ballots, blocking the
suffrage of our servicemen, and shutting out independent or third-party
- Both parties are controlled by the same criminal offshore banking cartel
that runs the federal reserve. This is the same cartel that funded both
sides of the Korean war, the Vietnam war, World War 2, World War 1, the War
of 1812, and war between Napoleon and England. The Rothschilds even funded
the Bolshevik revolution and Lenin's rise. Look it up. Google: Rothschild
fund wars

So, while you argue amongst yourselves about distracting topics, such as
gay marriage, soaking or helping the rich, anthropogenic global warming
(and we've been in a cooling trend for the last twelve years), workers'
rights, green energy policy, I want you to shut the hell up, and understand
ONE THING. Your country is collapsing; and not because of two men sleeping
together and not because of exhaust coming out of a tailpipe and not
because of lack of photo-voltaic cells, not because we're over or
under-taxing the rich and not because a lack of a higher minimum wage.

Your country is collapsing because of the treasonous destruction of our
dollar, at the blessing of both major parties and the quicker you realize
that both parties are distracting you with non-issues, while they rape us
economically from behind, the sooner we'll have the chance to turn this
ship around.


Автор Behzad Hakim (21 день)
Well in the human body the food is already chewed up before going into the
stages of digesting. The only way to provide accurate results is by showing
pieces of the food inside of jar, not the whole thing, because we don't
swallow the burgers we eat them by chewing.

Автор dan m (1 месяц)
They would have lasted indefinitely, this is obvious..... anyone who
understands rudimentary food preservation techniques could tell you that,
bacterial activity is directly related to water content of food. Fries are
potatoes that have been cooked in oil. the oil provides a barrier on the
food, that the bacteria cannot penetrate easily, and prevents the mould
bacteria etc getting oxygen. Whilst being cooked most of the water in the
fries evaporated leaving dry oily fries...not only that they are then
salted, another food preservation technique. 

Автор Ezra Murdock (10 дней)
Big macs are probably the most common thing bought on the menu from
mcdonalds. I never really cared for big macs mainly because i always threw
them up as a kid now as an adult i cant even stand the sight of them.

Автор Michael Diaz (4 дня)
His moans made the video omg im laughing so hard.

Автор faiza khanom (2 месяца)
I think this only happens in the US

Автор Amy Street (6 дней)
I guess it makes absolutely NO sense at all that Mr. McDonald would rename
the restaurant because it was no longer near the airport making "The
Airdrome" no longer a good name for the place. **smh** Of course it had
to have something to do with the Illuminati, that's the only reasonable

Автор dtz1000 (12 дней)
They really need to fire that intern. He can't do anything right.

Автор MrJustice36 . (13 часов)
ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, I'm not lovin' it...

Автор Male_02 (23 дня)
4:12 Stomachs have acid which grinds down food. DUH, Oxygen doesn't have
those same effects! If that was the case, Who would eat the "Regular
Burger" I'd fucking rot...

Автор Ricardo Tessiero (7 дней)
By the way Mc fucker's use PROPYLENE GLYCOL in there muffin's...aka
(Anti-freeze) for your car?????????Just wake up!

Автор Frank Brazil (1 день)
your video sucks. 1 min in. im outta herr. fuck off

Автор MrJerkSet - Momentarily On Hiatus (24 дня)
People must be dumb as fuck to believe this xD

Автор Manfred Mayer (23 дня)
So, the fries are the Illuminati? 

Автор Jeffery Hume (1 день)
Your stomach acid is powerful enough to burn through a car, so you are
going to be fine if you you eat the fries.

Автор Tyler Armstrong (22 дня)
I haven't watched the whole video yet, but the commercial at the very
beginning shows the EYE OF HORUS! This doesn't mean illuminati, it means
renewal from when Horus fought Seth and lost an eye which was then given
back to him by Isis, showing renewal. Isis, Seth, and Horus are all
ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Автор bafoonkaiser (3 месяца)
Yep Hollywood is Satanic and Illuminati fake Jew driven!
I moved out there in 96 spent 20 years trying to become famous as a model,
then actor then film producer.
Six independent private equity/financed films later (non Jew financed(Non
Studios) but through private persons moneys.
i can Tell you from 20 years of living there that Yes you must Sell your
Soul to Satan with a Blood Oath to him
and they do a Ritual to seal the deal.
Don't be Naive...and Stupid. this is Real Shit i don't care if you are a
retard atheist and don't believe in the Spiritual Realm. You cannot See
Time can you ? Does that mean it doesn't exist?? Why are you wearing a
Watch then?

Автор sergiu tiki (1 месяц)
funny cause i don't eat fries neitgher all of those :D

Автор Jason Anderson (2 дня)

Автор Jessica Nyquist (2 месяца)
Mcdonalds is nasty. You couldn't pay me to eat there.

Автор Illidan Stormrage (3 дня)
Illominate confeirmd? Doesn't matter, I'm still going to eat this shit.

Автор Steve Fastfingers (6 дней)
When the spelling is incorrect it makes the video look cheap

Автор MegaMax (1 месяц)
illuminarty confurmed 

Автор PurpleNerple GT (28 дней)
Well this guy is saying like I wonder what the French fries (or chips as we
call the in good old Britain) are doing in me! Well he never took biology
then because the concentration of human stomach acid is crazy! And food
will pass through in about 24 hours. So they will not be in you for 8+

Автор dreamingcyborg (23 дня)
Most foods don't stay in your stomach for a week. Its all broken down by
then, so im not sure what you are trying to show except for that you do
something a lot of humans already showed...

Автор PKMflawless (1 месяц)

Автор Igor Petrovic (21 день)
McDonalds is shit

Автор Cadd Munt (4 месяца)
Can't believe how fucking DUMB people are... People wondering why the
french fries didn't change over time.. My 10 year old son worked out
straight away that the experimental procedure lacked control!! The ONLY
food product NOT to change over time in the experiment was the ONLY product
NOT to be touched by human hands!!
The microscopic bacteria on his hands when he unwrapped the burgers etc.
grew over time in the jars.. The only thing he didn't touch/contaminate
were the french fries (which he poured in without touching) which was the
only thing not to grow bacteria..
Seriously my 10 year old pointed this out instantly..! How can you all be
this dumb??

Автор xReaper tulstra (1 месяц)
the iloominaty will get u will there noscopes and mcdonalds.

Автор Phat Doge (3 дня)
*continues eating big mac*

Автор TheGhostNoobTerror (2 месяца)
I found the secret... U ARE THE ILLUMINATI!!!!! Look your profile
photo!!!!!!!! Illuminati is U!!!!!

Автор ダンヨル (4 месяца)
I work in McDonalds and also eat McDonalds like CRAZY but I'm no fat at
too, So who the fuck say this cant break down and also make you fat......

Автор brandontoo206 (10 дней)
Is my underwear illuminati ??

Автор Nico Bottema (1 месяц)
Did you know McD is a Zionist 'restaurant'? Restaurant! Ha

Автор Yasmin Edmonson (24 дня)
Hmm sure he made a mistake and threw away the fries.

Автор GLaDOS Caroline (1 месяц)

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