McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed

McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed, explains how McDonald's react with their fast food and how they treat it to their public.

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The Backup video is here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xYc59p0Vp0

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Автор Amazing Black Man (1 день)
They renamed it to McDonalds because their dad's second name was mcdonald

Автор Kjpeanutts (1 месяц)
Quit eating this! Wake up!

Автор Faizal Amin (1 месяц)
Where I can get Mc Fries secret recipes ?

Автор David Flowers (24 дня)
*McDonalds FrenchFries Last 10 Weeks without molding.* *Do you want that in
your belly*

Автор barryh97 (5 месяцев)
I heard McDonalds makes its food from the souls of dead children. Is that

Автор Jessie Fox (5 месяцев)
Thank godz I'm a vegetarian. MC Donalds is disgusting.

Автор Ammar Bilal (1 месяц)
i found a video about burger king is bad,and one says KFC is bad and now
McDonald!!. what should we eat ?????

Автор kheteshwar borawat (9 дней)
Best Solution to get out of this : Go Vegan!

It is best for environment and mother Nature too!

Автор VulpiniFluff (23 дня)
What next, Youtube is Illuminati?

Автор bunberrier (22 дня)
Well folks, its as plain as day.
Rotten food in jars = diabolical worldwide network intent on global
subjugation. Case closed.

BTW I eat at McDonald's probably once a week. Still alive, happy and
healthy. Its the strangest thing, huh?

Some of you people need to come out of your parent's basement once in a
while. Get some sun. Turn that thing off.

I'm Lovin' It!.

Автор sapna aum (5 дней)
Lucky they didn't name one of the burgers after his other son.:D

Автор Cadd Munt (28 дней)
Can't believe how fucking DUMB people are... People wondering why the
french fries didn't change over time.. My 10 year old son worked out
straight away that the experimental procedure lacked control!! The ONLY
food product NOT to change over time in the experiment was the ONLY product
NOT to be touched by human hands!!
The microscopic bacteria on his hands when he unwrapped the burgers etc.
grew over time in the jars.. The only thing he didn't touch/contaminate
were the french fries (which he poured in without touching) which was the
only thing not to grow bacteria..
Seriously my 10 year old pointed this out instantly..! How can you all be
this dumb??

Автор little suds (8 дней)

Автор Plexico (3 месяца)
How does this relate to the illuminati mind controlling us all? We already
knew that McDonald's is made out of junk, but I can't fathom how this means
that we are all mind controlled sheep in the Illuminati's land of slaves?

Автор bafoonkaiser (19 дней)
Yep Hollywood is Satanic and Illuminati fake Jew driven!
I moved out there in 96 spent 20 years trying to become famous as a model,
then actor then film producer.
Six independent private equity/financed films later (non Jew financed(Non
Studios) but through private persons moneys.
i can Tell you from 20 years of living there that Yes you must Sell your
Soul to Satan with a Blood Oath to him
and they do a Ritual to seal the deal.
Don't be Naive...and Stupid. this is Real Shit i don't care if you are a
retard atheist and don't believe in the Spiritual Realm. You cannot See
Time can you ? Does that mean it doesn't exist?? Why are you wearing a
Watch then?

Автор Young Universal (19 дней)
Uh oh, I'm on that side of YouTube again.

Автор john volta (19 дней)
M eating McDonald's and watching this.

Автор Kapski NL (29 дней)
A good video, were better if hegot the burgers without the sauce (that's
what create the mold) if you had all "Plain" burger they would last much

Автор Dremora Valkynaz (1 месяц)
I came here to laugh at the paranoid asshole who made this video.

Автор ダンヨル (1 месяц)
I work in McDonalds and also eat McDonalds like CRAZY but I'm no fat at
too, So who the fuck say this cant break down and also make you fat......

Автор tikrasseo (1 месяц)
Fucking hell... Another enlightened author of another enlightened video.

First of all, your statements in the beginning have no proof. That
commercial in the beginning - what's wrong with that? Don't tell me it's
about that eye on the pyramid. It's the eye of Osiris.

Second, the hamburgers & fries experiment... The guy left the burgers for
10 fucking weeks. What do you think happens to products like meat, sauce,
cheese when they're left outsite the refrigirator for a while? All the mold
and slime and other shit comes out of ordinary meat as well. Try buying
some meat from a farmer and put it in a glass jar for a few weeks. And the
Mc fries perhaps stayed the same due to large amount of salt containing

And the whole idea was to show how that food is breaking down in our body.
First of all, our body breaks it down via ACID! The guy just stored them in
a container full of air. Secondly, the food does not stay in our body for
weeks. Fucking retard.

Also, your account name is TheFreemasonCrew and you're trying to expose the
Illuminati... Makes no sense. Aww, you're just trying to make an honest
buck from YouTube by putting junk videos.

Автор Homo Sapien 78 (1 месяц)
A thousand dollars if you eat the fish thing.

Автор TheDirtyDirtBlock (1 месяц)

Автор Vicky Lynn (1 месяц)
I never liked McDonalds anyway.

Автор Univer3eTwist3ers (1 месяц)
How does the quality of their food relate to the illuminati?

Автор Lulu4Him (1 месяц)
This experiment was done wrong. The food should have been put into
containers to allow air to flow, otherwise, you get moldy bread..

Автор Aventures de Félix (1 месяц)
XD LOL PTDR XDPTDR, shit ! You are debil ! shit !

Автор Devon Lamminga (3 месяца)
what these people dont understand is that this test is futile and
inaccurate.. our stomache acids digests it withing the first 24hours of

Автор Tessy's Videos! (1 месяц)
McDonald's makes me gag of the food they Cook everyone! So glad I stopped
eating there when I was little!

Автор robo robi (1 месяц)

Автор paradisegunshot (1 месяц)
the amounts of stupidity in this video is strong with this one

Автор Frankie Pagen (1 месяц)
I don't like mcdonalds...... I like Burger King 

Автор Jesus Rojas (1 месяц)
I one time ate a burger from Mcdonald's and then in the middle of the night
I threw it all up. The weird thing that it looked like I just ate it, it
was weird

Автор GravyWagon (2 месяца)
intro should tell you how stupid the rest of this is. LOL get your facts

Автор DodgaOfficial (2 дня)
This "can't explain" the McDonald's fries have PRESERVATIVES in them,
mcdonalds food is no worse for you than any canned good you can buy off the
shelves at the local supermarket or a hot dog made at home.

Автор ManicallyMetal (3 дня)
That song near the start is from bleach lol

Автор RENAY GODFIRST77777 (4 дня)
Thank god I quit 

Автор greatestgod (1 день)
mcdonalds is delicious

Автор Steven Torres (1 день)
This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen HAHAHAHAHAHA

Автор Julius Davenport (3 дня)
okay i understand the fries not breaking down, but the rest of the food got
moldy so what does this experiment show us? this food is not going to be in
my body for weeks and there are acids and enzymes in your body to break
stuff down so what is this really showing us. we all know there are
preservatives in food 

Автор Johnny Iurincich (5 дней)
Damn, and always thought McDonald's just made you fat.

Автор Naturaal Gaamer (5 дней)
Jews are good people, Jews are heros, Jews are good people, Jews are heros,
Jews are good people, Jews are heros, Jews are good people, Jews are heros,
Jews are good people, Jews are heros, Jews are good people, Jews are heros,
Muslims are bad, Muslims are terrorists, Muslims are bad, Muslims are
terrorists, Muslims are bad, Muslims are terrorists, Muslims are bad,
Muslims are terrorists, Muslims are bad, Muslims are terrorists.......

Автор kobe tyrell (7 дней)
Mcdonalds should make a new combonation and call it the "new world order"

Автор CryingFatassBehindAFatBlackDildo (11 дней)
I LOVE MCDONDALSASAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор MinecraftGamerClasher64 34 (4 дня)
The fries would take up forever

Автор trey tolbert (4 дня)
how dare they speak against the Big Mac....that sum-bitch is gooood!,, so
it doesn't mold....thats because it was made fresh...lol they also have
preservatives. your stomach will digest it just fine, it doesn't stay in
your stomach...lol

Автор Ronald Riddick (8 дней)
Its normal that the fries didn't rot easily, coz its salted, salt is a
natural preservative. Have you seen or eaten a salted fish? Salted fish,
can even last a year or more in storage.

Автор Matthew Robinson (10 дней)
you need to know that ppl can poop and you eventually poop it out ==

Автор Daniel Tittyfish (7 дней)
uh-oh.........wingnut alert

Автор Partymixer Plays GT (15 дней)

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