McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed

McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed, explains how McDonald's react with their fast food and how they treat it to their public.

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The Backup video is here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xYc59p0Vp0

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Автор Christopher Joseph (3 месяца)
This doesn't prove illuminati.

Автор Stephen Corson (3 месяца)
This is Prove that JESUS HAS TO COME BACK SOON !!!♥steve

Автор Kjpeanutts (8 месяцев)
Quit eating this! Wake up!

Автор The Silent Warrior (1 месяц)
Never ever going to Mcdonalds again...

Автор MysteriumXarx (1 месяц)
This is not the reason why we have to stop. We have to stop because we eat
until we die. Look, the number of over weighted people is increasing
radically fast. This is because of the fast food and "easy food." We have
not improved enough to prevent the destruction that we create all the time.
It's true that we, humans are killing ourselves with our own inventions.
It's possible that these fast food "chains" are supported by the government
or a secret society because fast food brings so much money to them. 

Автор sunsonsonsun (2 месяца)
In the last days you will not be able to buy or sell any products with out
the mark of the beast upon your forehead or on your right hand. 666 is NOT
THE ONLY MARK THE BEAST USES. There are thousands of images and trades
MARKS that these people use to show to AND communicate with each other.

Автор VIRGINIA QURESHI (15 дней)
McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed: https://youtu.be/cVR7tkajFpg

Автор its me gaming😀 (1 месяц)
Your stomach's got acids dipshit

Автор Metatron (2 месяца)
McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed: http://youtu.be/cVR7tkajFpg

Автор Mrmoocows99 (1 месяц)
when does food stay in your body for more then fucking 3 weeks (well you
might be dead and it might still be in there). On avrage it takes 25 hours
to compleatly digest food so you will never have food in there for that

Автор Henry Huber (1 месяц)
I HEARD HIM SAY, "OH MY BIG MAC!!!", "F$%!king Damnnit! and it looked like
ketchup was his blood all over the fucking pavement..........

Автор Michael Diaz (3 месяца)
His moans made the video omg im laughing so hard.

Автор PureOwnag3 (4 месяца)
Its no illuminati shit, its just fastfood thats cheap to make, and its bad
for u, ok but thats no iluminati lol.

Автор Teresa Steen (3 месяца)
McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed: http://youtu.be/cVR7tkajFpg

Автор MrBookiekiller (25 дней)
1st off any type of food left in reg galss containers will get ugly ...the
scray thing here is the MC D's FF's how do they reamin looking like they
did when we 1st bought them???

Want to find out about MC d's garbage DON't eat it for two months then one
day go in and eat what you normally do and guarantee you taste
yuuuuccccckkkkkkkk this franchise stays successful because they provide
poison Cheap. Read about 1 man 30 days MCd's 3 times a day BAM IN HOSPITAL
liver blown. YOUNG Girl MC d's chicken nuggets for a year almost daily BAM
in the hospital fallen ill was in intensive care for a week. Trust me i
know the posion MC d's sells you my son was mgr at loacl one 9 blocks away
HE saw what was trucked in that beef you think your getting is nothing but
fillers ............. IF you want a real beef burger go to a reg. deli who
uses real ground beef to make the patties fresh daily!

Автор BlackRainIsWet (2 месяца)

Автор Vincent Glory (1 месяц)
Fuck that illumunati shit, .....those fries WTF!!!!

Автор MrBookiekiller (25 дней)
adding to see the MC d's thing alone serach for super size me MC donalds
food test

Автор myusername0wns (4 месяца)
McDonalds is under rated as fuck. Shit is tasty.

Автор vincent henderson (1 месяц)
But I love McDonald's. :(

Автор EggwardPolska ᴰᵉˢᶦᵍᶰ (2 месяца)
Pff McDonald's isn't even a restaurant.

Автор AP BG (1 день)
I'm not buying Mc evil fries anymore

Автор Bob Guillen (7 дней)
Kids in africa cud hav eaten those

Автор Ryan Robertson (2 месяца)
umm.. your stomach produces acid and your gallbladder and pancreas produce
chemicals that break down all this... You leave anything in jars and it
will get moldy.. what does this video prove again?? 

Автор Amy Street (3 месяца)
I guess it makes absolutely NO sense at all that Mr. McDonald would rename
the restaurant because it was no longer near the airport making "The
Airdrome" no longer a good name for the place. **smh** Of course it had
to have something to do with the Illuminati, that's the only reasonable

Автор A Giz (1 месяц)
your intern calls the shots? da fuck?

Автор rickster348 (12 дней)
- but they taste good.

Автор Ivan Bonsall (28 дней)
OMG!! Where is part two of "Decomposing MacDonald's chips" at? 

Автор Stevie 655321 (24 дня)
Well that's looks pretty disgusting. 

Автор Jamar Fuhr (3 дня)
Absolutely Disgusting.

Автор Mr Sloth (6 месяцев)
They renamed it to McDonalds because their dad's second name was mcdonald

Автор FaZeDice (4 месяца)
And what i dont get is that if ur gonna expose the illuminati. Then y is ur
channel's name The FreeMasons Crew.

Автор Delluminati (2 месяца)
You know that stomach uses acid to break this food...

Автор Olivia Conquest (2 месяца)
Omg da French fri bit creeped meh out but still mc Donald's food is good 

Автор Fizz Hawken (1 месяц)
They are not braking down because they are fake, no real potato in there

Автор BlackSympathy98 (1 месяц)
You should fire the dumb motherfucker who threw away the fries. I want to
see how long the fries would last

Автор Kevin Cardenas (20 часов)
Triangle and the eye illuminati confirmed????

Автор derp lerpingston (17 дней)
Invincible fries? Coincidence? I think NOT. Illuminati confirmed.

Автор ダンヨル (7 месяцев)
I work in McDonalds and also eat McDonalds like CRAZY but I'm no fat at
too, So who the fuck say this cant break down and also make you fat......

Автор Warren Austin (1 день)
I shouldn't have watched this with the munchies. I'd still eat those shits
six months after

Автор FridayTeardrop (2 месяца)
bullshit, you dont need illuminati to be successful, just some good ideas
and maybe some buissnesspartners, but thats something some idiots dont
understand ... no clue of the buissness world but know how it goes ... ever
heared of franchising? i doupt it rofl

Автор Hernando Hernandez (1 месяц)
Their defense is that it is durable and that it should feed the world. But
then, why is there so much world hunger still? And yet it really is that
the food fro, McDonald's is some that leads to sickness. The sort of thing
that happens when users of heroin go through after using it for so long and
suddenly stopping, for whatever reason. And what about GMO's? As if the
food there should not, like the rest of the cronies entities, address the
issue, keep focus off it and just continue poisoning people. It's sad for
the children who can't decide on their own, they being children, but it's
also sad for the adults who don't have a clue, feeding themselves and their
children. As for those who willingly ignore, how can I feel sorry for them?
They don't want to wake up for fear for themselves, but their children? Why
don't they wake the fuck up for the sakes of their own children? some of
them are even cowards to that extent, the Illuminati of course. But Time
Will Tell.

Автор dan m (4 месяца)
They would have lasted indefinitely, this is obvious..... anyone who
understands rudimentary food preservation techniques could tell you that,
bacterial activity is directly related to water content of food. Fries are
potatoes that have been cooked in oil. the oil provides a barrier on the
food, that the bacteria cannot penetrate easily, and prevents the mould
bacteria etc getting oxygen. Whilst being cooked most of the water in the
fries evaporated leaving dry oily fries...not only that they are then
salted, another food preservation technique. 

Автор Mr.Youtube (1 месяц)

Автор Thibault Mertens (1 месяц)
americkans still say french fries? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? Fries are from
Belgium dont give those over expensive whine drinking snail eaters the
credits of fries!.

Автор JJ Son (2 месяца)
XD "that actually looks like meat"
I love how he knows the truth haha

Автор BlackKnight 0814 (2 месяца)
How are they Zionist if it's the illuminati?


Автор ThaWolfNation molfey (2 месяца)
Heres the thing... the "all seeing eye" resembles god in almost every
religion christian, egyptian, etc. But the eye on the dollar bill does not
mean ilkuminati jt means god watcges over abd protects. I know most people
are going to say illuminati is in evry religion now but thats not the case.
The illuminati well the real ones, not the ones we call illuminati today,
was disbanded by the king so the illuminati is gone. Many celebs do it for
a joke. And also the eye on the pyramid looks like the same one on the
dollar bill and the hieroglyphics from the Egyptians. However none of this
conspiracy theories have accurate and provable evidence

Автор Bread Sandwich (3 месяца)
You guys all give too much fear and power to the Illuminati, they are a
faltering heap of cowards

Автор Yoas Gkas (1 месяц)
did they put in some insane ass steroids?

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