McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed

McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed, explains how McDonald's react with their fast food and how they treat it to their public.

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The Backup video is here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xYc59p0Vp0

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Автор donald parker (2 месяца)
zionist = good, Halal = shit

Автор PureOwnag3 (21 день)
Its no illuminati shit, its just fastfood thats cheap to make, and its bad
for u, ok but thats no iluminati lol.

Автор Stan Mckinley (26 дней)
Who else thinks illuminati is the biggest load of bullshit ever? I mean
come on, I can't enjoy any shows anymore now that all these jackasses have
ruined it with their false accusations. I mean come on, first shows, now
restaurants? Is every little thing in this world evil? I mean, I know the
food at McDonald's is fucked up and makes people fat, but wtf. So what?
Everything with even the tiniest of flaws is all of the sudden evil? Do
some people post this illuminati bullshit just for the sake of attention
and just to get people all excited and freaking out? I am a christian
myself, I'm even an acolyte, I sing and dance all the time at church, I am
always participating. And I am fully aware of crazy bitches out there
wanting to take us out, but seriously, lets just chill out with the
"subliminal" crap, okay? I think we are going a little overboard with all
this, yes there are psycho bitches out there, but they are not EVERYWHERE,
okay, so just chill.

Автор Kjpeanutts (3 месяца)
Quit eating this! Wake up!

Автор Mr Sloth (2 месяца)
They renamed it to McDonalds because their dad's second name was mcdonald

Автор ダンヨル (3 месяца)
I work in McDonalds and also eat McDonalds like CRAZY but I'm no fat at
too, So who the fuck say this cant break down and also make you fat......

Автор FaZeDice (12 дней)
And what i dont get is that if ur gonna expose the illuminati. Then y is ur
channel's name The FreeMasons Crew.

Автор bafoonkaiser (2 месяца)
Yep Hollywood is Satanic and Illuminati fake Jew driven!
I moved out there in 96 spent 20 years trying to become famous as a model,
then actor then film producer.
Six independent private equity/financed films later (non Jew financed(Non
Studios) but through private persons moneys.
i can Tell you from 20 years of living there that Yes you must Sell your
Soul to Satan with a Blood Oath to him
and they do a Ritual to seal the deal.
Don't be Naive...and Stupid. this is Real Shit i don't care if you are a
retard atheist and don't believe in the Spiritual Realm. You cannot See
Time can you ? Does that mean it doesn't exist?? Why are you wearing a
Watch then?

Автор Faizal Amin (3 месяца)
Where I can get Mc Fries secret recipes ?

Автор Fizz Hawken (6 дней)
I'm PRETTY sure they renamed it because they didn't want it to be calle mac
and DICK

Автор LouieLouie (3 дня)
it's not a conspiracy, it's just that mcdonalds food has a fair combination
of fats, grease, salt and sugar. Have you ever noticed you can leave
butter, sugar and salt unrefrigerated for a ridiculous amount of time and
it won't go bad? Most bacteria don't enjoy these foods and if these foods
ever do go rancid it's likely due to the process of oxidation (mind you he
held the fries in what looks like an air tight jar, which adds to my
point). mcdonalds is still unhealthy for you nonetheless, but it's extreme
food is no conspiracy, just science. fatty, greasy, salty science.

Автор sergiu tiki (5 часов)
funny cause i don't eat fries neitgher all of those :D

Автор Trainer Maximus (3 дня)
illuminarty confurmed 

Автор mareo broter (5 дней)
bleach music!

Автор GLaDOS Caroline (7 дней)

Автор VulpiniFluff (2 месяца)
What next, Youtube is Illuminati?

Автор dan m (14 дней)
They would have lasted indefinitely, this is obvious..... anyone who
understands rudimentary food preservation techniques could tell you that,
bacterial activity is directly related to water content of food. Fries are
potatoes that have been cooked in oil. the oil provides a barrier on the
food, that the bacteria cannot penetrate easily, and prevents the mould
bacteria etc getting oxygen. Whilst being cooked most of the water in the
fries evaporated leaving dry oily fries...not only that they are then
salted, another food preservation technique. 

Автор myusername0wns (17 дней)
McDonalds is under rated as fuck. Shit is tasty.

Автор David Flowers (3 месяца)
*McDonalds FrenchFries Last 10 Weeks without molding.* *Do you want that in
your belly*

Автор xReaper tulstra (22 дня)
the iloominaty will get u will there noscopes and mcdonalds.

Автор PKMflawless (24 дня)

Автор the great and mighty cheese wheel (27 дней)
that bleach music doe

I honestly can't tell what's parody or not anymore.

Автор barryh97 (7 месяцев)
I heard McDonalds makes its food from the souls of dead children. Is that

Автор koechiaki777 (1 месяц)

Автор John Waldrop (1 месяц)

Автор faiza khanom (1 месяц)
I think this only happens in the US

Автор Jessica Nyquist (1 месяц)
Mcdonalds is nasty. You couldn't pay me to eat there.

Автор TheGhostNoobTerror (1 месяц)
I found the secret... U ARE THE ILLUMINATI!!!!! Look your profile
photo!!!!!!!! Illuminati is U!!!!!

Автор BLACK HOLE (1 месяц)
dont worry. the llluminati IS A EX-SOCITY

Автор TheReporter5000 (1 месяц)
This is stupid. We eat it straight away not after 2weeks. And our enzymes
or whatever would break it down. It probably doesn't last 2weeks in our
body, maybe only a few hours.

Автор Haydar Haldar (1 месяц)
What about hungry jacks and Burger King. 😈 Stuff these restaurants anyway
who cares don't eat this shit. And MacDonalds.

Автор Ammar Bilal (4 месяца)
i found a video about burger king is bad,and one says KFC is bad and now
McDonald!!. what should we eat ?????

Автор kheteshwar borawat (2 месяца)
Best Solution to get out of this : Go Vegan!

It is best for environment and mother Nature too!

Автор bunberrier (2 месяца)
Well folks, its as plain as day.
Rotten food in jars = diabolical worldwide network intent on global
subjugation. Case closed.

BTW I eat at McDonald's probably once a week. Still alive, happy and
healthy. Its the strangest thing, huh?

Some of you people need to come out of your parent's basement once in a
while. Get some sun. Turn that thing off.

I'm Lovin' It!.

Автор James Hickey (2 месяца)
Food will never last 2 weeks in your digestive system

Автор Edward Gerris (2 месяца)
Listening to people slam Zionism is like listening to a retard explain
Einstien's theory of relativity! This world has NO IDEA what true Zionism
is! Most have this misconstrued idea of it that's so far off base as to
what it is, it's almost laughable, yet, disheartening! Zion, is our
Creators Church, His ways, but, this evil "Synagogue of Satan, those evil
Jews who say they're Jews, but in reality are Satan's children, have taken
that which is Holy and turned it into something that's vile and hated by
humanity, although, this is a simplified explanation of what Zion truly is.
In time, many of you WILL come to learn the truth about Zion and Zionists.
I've found that most Muslims hate Zionists because they worship a false god
named allah and place more importance on that hateful paedophile, Mohammad
over Jesus Christ. Has Mohammad ever died on the cross for anyone's sins?
NO, he hasn't, yet, Islam places him over Christ. Because Muslims hate
Zionists, they've been able to pervert the very idea of Zionism, but, no
worries, you're all going to come to eventually know the truth about Zion.
That, I promise. Repent and come out of false religions, especially Islam
and mainstream Christianity. And, just to let you all know, Catholicism, IS
NOT Christianity! 

Автор sapna aum (2 месяца)
Lucky they didn't name one of the burgers after his other son.:D

Автор Cadd Munt (3 месяца)
Can't believe how fucking DUMB people are... People wondering why the
french fries didn't change over time.. My 10 year old son worked out
straight away that the experimental procedure lacked control!! The ONLY
food product NOT to change over time in the experiment was the ONLY product
NOT to be touched by human hands!!
The microscopic bacteria on his hands when he unwrapped the burgers etc.
grew over time in the jars.. The only thing he didn't touch/contaminate
were the french fries (which he poured in without touching) which was the
only thing not to grow bacteria..
Seriously my 10 year old pointed this out instantly..! How can you all be
this dumb??

Автор Jessie Fox (7 месяцев)
Thank godz I'm a vegetarian. MC Donalds is disgusting.

Автор little suds (2 месяца)

Автор Edwin van Donk (5 дней)
A lot of sault keeps the fries in good condition. Nothing special there.

Автор trenton hein (3 дня)
It's not illuminati it's called it's fake processed potatoes

Автор nike boy (3 дня)
fuck u i love mcds 

Автор rover7377 (5 дней)
Even bacteria won't eat them.

Автор CansonXL (10 дней)
All iv'e been eating the past month was the mcdonalds fries with their
Oh, god I'm gonna die O,o

Автор Bart de bruin (1 день)

Автор Mohammad Haikal (7 дней)
Wait are you a malaysian

Автор Atif Khan (10 дней)
Food doesn't stay in your tummy for 10 weeks not even 1week it goes in your
belly latest of 5 days you'll shit it out... 

Автор Lenora Plentyhawk (4 дня)
I literally threw up..

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