McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed

McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed, explains how McDonald's react with their fast food and how they treat it to their public.

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Автор Muhd Ashraff ( назад)
people said mcdonald is a jewish product and i hate jews but... its
delicious... btw... fuck jews muhahahahahahahaha

Автор informed mediacritics ( назад)
Mc Donalds Hamburgers have human DNA in them, They get the meat from Jewish
Rabbi"s after they ritually sacrifice children,, Where so all those missing
children "dis-appear too? Your EATING them! Google = Interview with Rabbi
Finklestien he admits it!

Автор lol m8 ( назад)

Автор Alexander Eduard Buenaventura ( назад)
iluminati is not real

Автор Travonte Hicks ( назад)
some of yall need to wake up

Автор Петар Стојановић ( назад)
Wow so like every time I go to McDonalds they wash my brain with subliminal
messages hidden thru FRIES and HAMBURGERS.I mean,the food is unhealthy but
MARRIONETES;they do not need freaking McDonalds to do that.

Автор Geo Gamer03 ( назад)
maybe the Fries last really long because they might be made of plastic and
plástic lastes for 500 yrs

Автор galaX theaX ( назад)
Oh yeah...that's why i dont eat at McDonald, because they are Illluminatis,
hahahaha. I dont eat there because their food is crap!!

Автор Mezen Vlodrop ( назад)

Автор The Enigma ( назад)
This is retarded.

Автор Mike Mike ( назад)
that's so so weard

Автор Mimi Akl ( назад)
why does everyone freak out about the Illuminati? I mean is it bad? someone
explain it to me

Автор FoundationsofPause ( назад)
They made the fries like that so you can drop them in the car and leave
them there til you clean the floor.

Автор Becky Starr ( назад)
I've noticed that Mcdonalds fries do indeed look the same in my car, for
example. When going to clean my car..I find fries that have been there for
quite some time. :-/ js

Автор Just Your Average Gamer ( назад)
You do realize that the reason they are breaking down is because the fungus
in the air that came into contact with the sandwiches prior to its sealing
in the jar is a detritivore, something that breaks down food and also that
the yeast in the bread still is alive and will still be an organism that
produces food from oxygen and sugar (sugar from the carbs in bread, mind
you) just like the other burger and fries. They all just break down. The
only difference is that you skewed the results to not show that the normal
burger and fries are the same as the McDonald's ones. The only thing not
explainable is the McDonald's fries. Also you do realize that your body
breaks all foods down the same way, right?

Автор Izlude Tingel ( назад)
did the experiment a while back, the fries lasted 2 years and 3 months
before i decided to toss them. they would have gone on forever.

Автор Jessie Martinez ( назад)
most McDonald's foods can not be expired.

Автор Aisha Phuck ( назад)
You guys might be missing the point. He's not saying that these foods wont
breakdown in your digestive system; they will. What is very disturbing is
that potatoes and oil don't have many natural antibacterial properties so
why aren't bacteria metabolizing them?

Автор Joseph Joestar ( назад)
nice bleach ost

Автор FIREn GOLD ( назад)
how does this expose the living fuck out of Mc Donalds.

Автор Mine Turtle ( назад)

Автор SambucaLovesCaz ( назад)
Mcdonalds is disgusting, agreed, and they are killing kids, but aren't the
fries still the same just because they are so high in SALT????

Автор Dan Zel ( назад)
so I have been eating "recycled" french fries at the time I went to
mcdonalds , ewwwwwwwww

Автор Mike Castillon ( назад)
I want to bite its taking me slower and I see too delicious time to zombie
mode on

Автор NEBB JJ ( назад)
The food breaks down in your stomach because there are acids. There is no
jar in our stomach just sitting there...

Автор ShaMarcus Ratcliff ( назад)
RIP Micky D's

Автор If YOU hate Social Services and CPS Please add ME ( назад)
Watch this videos on youtube "hampstead satanic ritual abuse"...

Автор Gary-John Afrikaner ( назад)
lol what a dumbshit experiment

Автор XxLollipopxX ( назад)
OMG what have eaten all that yummy food!?😧😱 I FEEL LIKE I ATE ILLUMINATI 

Автор derpydash22 ( назад)
Please tell me this is a fucking joke.

Автор Silver Pudding ( назад)
Waste of money buying all that food...

Автор fatema begom ( назад)
I never ever going to McDonalds

Автор hamad alarfaj ( назад)
Keep blaming arabs and islam !!!!


Автор Diablo Gamer ( назад)
Why they renamed it ?!
Not because the name was Airdrome because they were next to an Airport , so
if they moved to away from an airport they changed the name to their
Father's name , Patrick McDonald ...
Some stuff about the Illuminati might be real but not everything is ...
For me you just got a big lie here ...

Автор Adyson Guptill ( назад)

Автор Samuel Coleman ( назад)
this guy acts like if bread gets old its not gonna mold lol mcdonalds
doesnt have the only bread that molds

Автор Nya Rodriguez ( назад)
On 0:24 that commercial was when people didn't care about it

Автор Louisea ( назад)

Автор Maher Baba ( назад)
mcdonalds food sty fresh for longer time, problem is ?

Автор Ҭસ૯ ցЯનהԁ ଇԼԁ றનה ଇԲ Լન ૮ଇ૬ન הଇ૬ҬЯન ( назад)
Morgan Spurlock has a real nice illuminati pyramid picture at 0:58-1:00

Автор legoman 718 ( назад)
good thing I've only been there once and got no fries

Автор Ashanti Valiente ( назад)
What a good waste of food

Автор Noell Sakatani (34 года назад)
So you Loved Bleach OST ? :)

Автор Mark jayron hook ( назад)

Автор ItsSannee ( назад)
All these people saying that your body breaks it down diffrently... It
doesnt matter! Its still so bad for you you probably dont even know! I have
not eaten this shit in 3 years... And im happy about it :) ( I know its
delicious, but I would rather eat at a normal snackbar or restaurant)

Автор Nicolas Stanko ( назад)
The butler did it.

Автор Clint Rutherford ( назад)
i feel like getting a large fry from mcdonalds

Автор Elidia Enriquez ( назад)
Wtf! What are the fries made of?

Автор Sue-anne Williams ( назад)
Even micheal jakson is illuminati

Автор Sue-anne Williams ( назад)
It proves illuminati and i know it the food mellts in ur body and all seen
eyes hiden in mc donals walls

Автор Darkdes1646 ( назад)
Its not like we have our food 2 weeks in our stomache

Автор Sunny Lupitan ( назад)
This is not very legit proof considering the fact that our body breaks down
food with stomach acid and bile. The process would be different than it
rotting food doesn't rot inside your body.. The only way we can know it
really does in our bodies is we insert Camera into our intestines to see
how it breaks down.

Автор flesh flash ( назад)
So tell me why why and why you put such a music it takes the hell out of me

Автор Candace Lydia ( назад)
Lol..I like how he used this Bleach OST.

Автор CelticWolf ( назад)
BLOOD SACRIFICE FOR MCDONALD'S (DVD) feat Zionist Rabbi abe finkelstein &
James Wickstrom (HQ)....it's the jews you fool wake up!

Автор Harry Andruschak ( назад)
Does this video imply that it might not be a good thing to eat French Fries
cooked in tallow?

Автор TheGodfather817 ( назад)
Why are you using Bleach music?

Автор daniel heartfire ( назад)
The only people who like McDonalds are 12 year olds and 500+ pound porkers.

Автор Alex Perkins ( назад)
What about jack on the box fries?? Curly fries? Potatoe wedges? Come on I
wanna feel like a safe fatass

Автор Ashley Minaj ( назад)
it's common sense that its not good for you but it sure is bomb

Автор Renee Porter ( назад)
That doesn't prove anything😕😕😟😞

Автор Ed White ( назад)
what do they do with the cows eyeballs?
I read a LONG time ago that McDonalds was the largest purchaser of COW
EYEBALLS in the world,and THATS how those 100% BEEF hamburgers hold
together when cooked- and I didnt eat a big mac for 6 months...but I still
craved them, and later I did go back to eating them..
.NOW i wouldnt eat that garbage if you put a gun to my head the smell is
STILL good to me- but everything there is wrong...
Corn syrup in the sodas-
the grease is a very bad grease,and they use it till its rancid-
everything is FILLED with sugar..
.once you start eating healthy, you will hate Mc Donalds

Автор Aras Williams ( назад)
Wtf song is from Bleach

Автор AMD MG ( назад)
Most stupid video ever
Put a slice of raw beef or chicken or a bread
Then after 5 weeks check them out they gonna be decaied as well.
These food get digested in stomach so fast
How retard you are ....?

Автор You Lie ( назад)
This video is to scatter brain. They don't go into detail about anything.
How do they know "the illuminati" who they cant name a single person
involved, approached them and told them the deal. How can they know this?
Were they there?

Ok that video contained nothing. It was a video of someone elses video..

Автор Eliza Greenberg ( назад)
Need to watch this when I'm hungry but not supposed to eat....

Автор xXxRENJIIxXx ( назад)
love how they used bleach music

Автор Alexander Lehmann ( назад)
I'm so glad you showed me that McDonalds food stays fresh for so long. I'll
go get a ration of cheeseburgers so I will have something to eat when the
world goes down.

Автор Zokix11 MC ( назад)
you people get offended over everything you're fucking retarded there is no
illuminati it's just source of jokes in cartoons

Автор Sinclare ( назад)
I had some McDonald's about a week ago and I could barely down a Big Mac. I
even threw away the fries because I knew what I was getting myself into.

Автор Orange Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор Allen Jackson ( назад)
This just proves that if you eat french fries from McDonalds,you will be

Автор Kevin Cardenas ( назад)
Triangle and the eye illuminati confirmed????

Автор Mituna Captor ( назад)
I'm not buying Mc evil fries anymore

Автор Warren Austin (Certificate 18 Flix) ( назад)
I shouldn't have watched this with the munchies. I'd still eat those shits
six months after

Автор Zaid Ghayyrib ( назад)
I thought that McDonalds was a regular resturant dayyum

Автор Okrazab Gamer ( назад)
OH SHEET PEERAMIDZ ILLLUMINATI!?!?!?!?!!!!!1!!1!one!!!!

Автор Yeshua 4 life ( назад)
Kids in africa cud hav eaten those

Автор rickster348 ( назад)
- but they taste good.

Автор mark hand ( назад)
That bleach music though

Автор Sar bear ( назад)
how is food illuminati..

Автор ShAd0w BlOoD201 ( назад)
i just finished eating i think im gonna puke

Автор derp lerp ( назад)
Invincible fries? Coincidence? I think NOT. Illuminati confirmed.

Автор shane wideman ( назад)
Anyone hearing bleach music?

Автор Crazy Limper ( назад)
Mc Donald's is made out of people

Автор Jitterskull ( назад)
I found an stinky shit in my toilet bowl, that must be illuminati

Автор Stevie “Jr” Sweet boy (594 года назад)
Well that's looks pretty disgusting. 

Автор MrBookiekiller (576 лет назад)
adding to see the MC d's thing alone serach for super size me MC donalds
food test

Автор MrBookiekiller (800 лет назад)
1st off any type of food left in reg galss containers will get ugly ...the
scray thing here is the MC D's FF's how do they reamin looking like they
did when we 1st bought them???

Want to find out about MC d's garbage DON't eat it for two months then one
day go in and eat what you normally do and guarantee you taste
yuuuuccccckkkkkkkk this franchise stays successful because they provide
poison Cheap. Read about 1 man 30 days MCd's 3 times a day BAM IN HOSPITAL
liver blown. YOUNG Girl MC d's chicken nuggets for a year almost daily BAM
in the hospital fallen ill was in intensive care for a week. Trust me i
know the posion MC d's sells you my son was mgr at loacl one 9 blocks away
HE saw what was trucked in that beef you think your getting is nothing but
fillers ............. IF you want a real beef burger go to a reg. deli who
uses real ground beef to make the patties fresh daily!

Автор Ivan Bonsall ( назад)
OMG!! Where is part two of "Decomposing MacDonald's chips" at? 

Автор Hernando Hernandez ( назад)
Their defense is that it is durable and that it should feed the world. But
then, why is there so much world hunger still? And yet it really is that
the food fro, McDonald's is some that leads to sickness. The sort of thing
that happens when users of heroin go through after using it for so long and
suddenly stopping, for whatever reason. And what about GMO's? As if the
food there should not, like the rest of the cronies entities, address the
issue, keep focus off it and just continue poisoning people. It's sad for
the children who can't decide on their own, they being children, but it's
also sad for the adults who don't have a clue, feeding themselves and their
children. As for those who willingly ignore, how can I feel sorry for them?
They don't want to wake up for fear for themselves, but their children? Why
don't they wake the fuck up for the sakes of their own children? some of
them are even cowards to that extent, the Illuminati of course. But Time
Will Tell.

Автор club6000 ( назад)
Why do french fries not decay in sufficient time? Must be the Illuminati.
That's the only plausible explanation I can think of.

Автор MJ, The voice. ( назад)
super size me is an idiot!! he ate 5000 Calories a day and supersized
everything!! You at 5000 Calories of anything you'd be UNHEALTHY AND FAT!!
Watch *fat head* you idiots will see it!!! 

Автор vincent henderson ( назад)
But I love McDonald's. :(

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