McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed

McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed, explains how McDonald's react with their fast food and how they treat it to their public.

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The Backup video is here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xYc59p0Vp0

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Автор Ammar Bilal (27 дней)
i found a video about burger king is bad,and one says KFC is bad and now
McDonald!!. what should we eat ?????

Автор Faizal Amin (4 дня)
Where I can get Mc Fries secret recipes ?

Автор Kjpeanutts213 (22 дня)
Quit eating this! Wake up!

Автор ダンヨル (8 дней)
I work in McDonalds and also eat McDonalds like CRAZY but I'm no fat at
too, So who the fuck say this cant break down and also make you fat......

Автор barryh97 (4 месяца)
I heard McDonalds makes its food from the souls of dead children. Is that

Автор Jessie Fox (4 месяца)
Thank godz I'm a vegetarian. MC Donalds is disgusting.

Автор GravyWagon (1 месяц)
intro should tell you how stupid the rest of this is. LOL get your facts

Автор Plexico (2 месяца)
How does this relate to the illuminati mind controlling us all? We already
knew that McDonald's is made out of junk, but I can't fathom how this means
that we are all mind controlled sheep in the Illuminati's land of slaves?

Автор Alex Sanchez (3 месяца)
I heard McDonalds stands for Mcmasons

Автор TheRealEMURSE (1 день)
pretty much all food besides organic goods are poison to you

Автор Cadd Munt (1 день)
Can't believe how fucking DUMB people are... People wondering why the
french fries didn't change over time.. My 10 year old son worked out
straight away that the experimental procedure lacked control!! The ONLY
food product NOT to change over time in the experiment was the ONLY product
NOT to be touched by human hands!!
The microscopic bacteria on his hands when he unwrapped the burgers etc.
grew over time in the jars.. The only thing he didn't touch/contaminate
were the french fries (which he poured in without touching) which was the
only thing not to grow bacteria..
Seriously my 10 year old pointed this out instantly..! How can you all be
this dumb??

Автор Kapski NL (2 дня)
A good video, were better if hegot the burgers without the sauce (that's
what create the mold) if you had all "Plain" burger they would last much

Автор Matthew Juan (2 дня)
why such bad quality for the entire video.. I'll eat it if it's the
Illuminati or not!

Автор alex bester (3 дня)
different fries each time

Автор Malo Marinelli (3 дня)
Ohhh Shit! Hahaaaa.

Автор Axentex (5 дней)
Everywhere I look, illuminati. Music? illuminati. Internet or TV?
illuminati. Fast food restaurants? illuminati. Whats next? The pirates with
eyepatches? Toys? People are making it TOO serious. 

Автор Dremora Valkynaz (5 дней)
I came here to laugh at the paranoid asshole who made this video.

Автор Ichsan al fauzi (6 дней)
MCdonald= i'm loathing it!

Автор Nenea Nene (3 месяца)
you post videos with Iluminati to wash people brain to make them think that
masonics and Kabala or what fucking name YOUR satanic cult of masonics have!
God is THE ONE and THE ONLY ONE soon you'll pay for this sain

Автор Yg Whodoulove (8 дней)
I thought people lied about mc Donald's and illuminati but you finally
have what I was missing

Автор SuperTouYube (8 дней)
This is just retarded. Learn a little chemistry, idiots.

Автор tikrasseo (9 дней)
Fucking hell... Another enlightened author of another enlightened video.

First of all, your statements in the beginning have no proof. That
commercial in the beginning - what's wrong with that? Don't tell me it's
about that eye on the pyramid. It's the eye of Osiris.

Second, the hamburgers & fries experiment... The guy left the burgers for
10 fucking weeks. What do you think happens to products like meat, sauce,
cheese when they're left outsite the refrigirator for a while? All the mold
and slime and other shit comes out of ordinary meat as well. Try buying
some meat from a farmer and put it in a glass jar for a few weeks. And the
Mc fries perhaps stayed the same due to large amount of salt containing

And the whole idea was to show how that food is breaking down in our body.
First of all, our body breaks it down via ACID! The guy just stored them in
a container full of air. Secondly, the food does not stay in our body for
weeks. Fucking retard.

Also, your account name is TheFreemasonCrew and you're trying to expose the
Illuminati... Makes no sense. Aww, you're just trying to make an honest
buck from YouTube by putting junk videos.

Автор Cadet Corporal (9 дней)
I think someone's been in that koosh.

Автор MIRACLECHEEZ (9 дней)
Lol "mcdonalds has the best fries" yeah how old are the fries u eat? For
all I know it could be 15 year old French fries

Автор TheDirtyDirtBlock (10 дней)

Автор Vicky Lynn (10 дней)
I never liked McDonalds anyway.

Автор Homo Sapien 78 (11 дней)
A thousand dollars if you eat the fish thing.

Автор Gabriel Gonzalez Mariscal (11 дней)

Автор Vladislavs Packo (12 дней)
Whats the status on the fries?

Автор Charly Eugene (13 дней)
We have been poisonning by those zoinnist for a long time thats why jews
are the god (lucifer) choosing people we still see them as falling angels

Автор Univer3eTwist3ers (13 дней)
How does the quality of their food relate to the illuminati?

Автор monique y (15 дней)

Автор Michele Travis (15 дней)
Will this video force McDonalds to close?

Автор Kamryn Johnstone (16 дней)
Oh boy, so i have been eating lies ? oh god im brainwashed. Yes illumanati
or however the fuck you spell those faggits definatly control a mcdonals fo

Автор PlatypusMystery (17 дней)
This is stupid. Just because the food is terrible doesn't mean it's the
illuminati or any cult. It's just stupid. Do u have any proof. Real not
food not breaking down. Come on

Автор Cole Johnson (2 месяца)
There is absolutely nothing to breakdown the food.

Автор Chuck O'Dell (19 дней)
Why can't McFerdalds make food out of people-meat? I remember back in the
70's when Jack-in-the-crack was making their white, creamy "Jack's Secret
Sauce" out of white, creamy human you-know-what.

Автор Aventures de Félix (19 дней)
XD LOL PTDR XDPTDR, shit ! You are debil ! shit !

Автор Marshall welsh (19 дней)
want some other bunker food to go with your twinkies?? get some big macs
and mac fries!! YUCK!!!

Автор rockstar1751 (19 дней)

Автор Lulu4Him (19 дней)
This experiment was done wrong. The food should have been put into
containers to allow air to flow, otherwise, you get moldy bread..

Автор Impulse SeaDawgg (21 день)
this made me laugh lmao

Автор bobi966 (21 день)
I prefer to eat Naruto Ichiraku Ramen instead of this shit I want RAMEN
serve me RAMEN !

Автор jajjajajajaja (21 день)
Do NOT watch this when you eat dinner :D

Автор Some guy you're not familiar with just yet (22 дня)
No thanks on the part two part one sucked cock and was also a big fat load
of stinking shit. 

Автор Devon Lamminga (2 месяца)
what these people dont understand is that this test is futile and
inaccurate.. our stomache acids digests it withing the first 24hours of

Автор Béla Lukovszki (23 дня)
luciferist illuminati

Автор Stacy Battle (24 дня)
I watch this to make me fall asleep at night thats how much i dont care

Автор RPG Player (25 дней)
about the mcdonalds fact that its really bad i have to say that here in
greece where i live mcdonalds are healthy.there not THAT bad like the
video.actualy i forgot the fries for 3 days and when i saw the they were
exactly like normal fries should be after 3 days.here in greece,mcdonalds
makes it food out of healthy products.so greek mcdonalds are really healthy
or atleast better in those on the video.

Автор robo robi (26 дней)

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