McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed

McDonalds : Illuminati Exposed, explains how McDonald's react with their fast food and how they treat it to their public.

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Автор Ivan Bricktube ( назад)
I did this for 5 years from when this video came out and the fries didn't
change one bit

Автор Nehemiah Valdez ( назад)
i hate mc donlds now😭

Автор Cesar Gomez ( назад)
Quit using bleach music you weaboo fag

Автор Miguel Bonilla ( назад)
That's what my parents say wait WTF well they also said that THEY USE HUMAN
BODY well not all

Автор Gnarrly to the XTREME! ( назад)
You guys must really have some shitty Mc donalds resturants.

Автор brett smash ( назад)
I used to work there they treat employees like shit and pay the lowest
legal amount possible. I rebuke mcdonalds

Автор the blue flame ( назад)
Jesus Christ saves all

Автор the blue flame ( назад)
im not eating this shit any more

Автор Brodie Mac ( назад)
once you eat this stuff it can sit there and grow mold as we all have acid
in our stomach that has the potential to desolve razor blades the this
video is just a load of crap

Автор Roy Wapsy ( назад)
The commercial was promising but the name has nothing to do with illuminati

Автор Fredo Corleone ( назад)
Love the Bleach Music! My 2nd favourite Anime After DragonballZ

Автор Lucas Argandoña ( назад)
I'm seeing this video right now in my Algebra class. That's why I came here

Автор Ghost Grame# ( назад)
Stupid people

Автор Rob Rivera ( назад)
Big Macs are my guilty pleasure...i once found a Mc Donalds french fry
under the seat of my car, and who knows how long it had been there, it look
just as good as the day i ate the rest of them, but it was rock solid... I
still eat that crap every once in a while because I had been brainwashed by
the happy meal campaign since childhood. lol

Автор Vatroy g ( назад)
That's mets up make me get chills

Автор Roni Caquias ( назад)
Believe none of what you hear & 1/2 of what you see. I stopped eating
McDonalds when I found a month old french fry underneath my passenger seat
and it still APPEARED to be fresh. My 1st mind went into overdrive or maybe
common sense kicked in, but what in the hell is this doing/not doing to my

Автор ITSGRIMMY - ( назад)
Guess it's off to KFC then...

Автор AL Wital ( назад)

Автор Marvin Franklin ( назад)
I love McDonalds and eat there everyday and can kick your ass at any sport
at 59!

Автор Béla Lukovszki ( назад)
fuck satanic mc donalds...illuminati worker...

Автор zapboomkapow ( назад)
Well you shit it all out before they rot that bad

Автор Siamsa ( назад)
Is it just me or does every McDonald's smell like someone just threw up?

Автор Vanessa Croft ( назад)
I am eating McDonalds while watching this video.

Автор Amanda Brown ( назад)
fire the intern😂 he doest take direction very well

Автор Magpie ( назад)
That's because they cure the McDonalds potato with an anti fungus
insecticide poison that is so poisonous nobody can touch the potato for 12
weeks. You are ingesting that poison.

Автор Edward Roche ( назад)
im still eating that shit its really good (parapapapa) im loving iiittt

Автор Tee Simmons ( назад)
I stoped eating Mcdonald's 40 yrs ago,and thx god I did....

Автор SCARE THE WEANS ( назад)
A kid in McDonalds yesterday was playing with a green alien stuffed toy
shouted, "The Illuminati Rule The World", it was either that kid had a
microchip in his head they sent something to make his say that.

Автор quinterious Masten ( назад)
I don't eat that shit all they gone poison our food new world order Jesus
come save us

Автор Joel B ( назад)
Them fries are so good.

Автор April stewart ( назад)

Автор Azn Boii183 ( назад)
Illuminati not tough let's get that out of the way

Автор DoItTilliDie36 ( назад)
Wow! That was a waste of time

Автор SmellsLike GreenSpirit ( назад)
What a waste of a fucking Big Mac 

Автор Chris Guzman ( назад)
more bleach music

Автор Chris Guzman ( назад)
bleach music in the start lol

Автор Gene360 ( назад)
Love McDonald's. Wish they'd cut back on the salt though.

Автор omgutubeismylife ( назад)
so you want to eat food that molds, hell no!!!!

Автор Marisa Againeses (1591 год назад)
The whole experiment with the food is clearly old, back when McDonalds
actually made their sandwiches.. Mold and get old. Recently, a man did a
study where he bought a Happy Meal and saved it for six years. This last
year or this year, he opened it to find everything was perfectly intact.
Nothing molded, nothing rotted. Nadda. So clearly McDonalds has changed it
to where ALL their food is fake.

Автор Aaron Varughese ( назад)
that intern is terrible lol

Автор The Genius ( назад)
This video is 6 min.. Haha

Автор Captain Carl ( назад)
...and how does this nonsense "expose the illuminati"?

Автор Captain Carl ( назад)
*wash your hands

Автор Captain Carl ( назад)
It's you! You touched everything but the McDonald's fries. You should was
your hands dude. You know that the food doesn't break down in my body like
that. I pass everything in 36 hours. It doesn't stay in me for weeks at a
time! Also, the McDonald's fries are sprayed with a sugar coating and
become crunchy after frying. They are, for all intensive purposes, sealed.

Автор Adam Karaca ( назад)
it's disgusting I am so disappointed. .

Автор SuperNickid ( назад)
The image of the McDonald fries could have been fabricated you notice that
the camera cut out. So the only think he did was leave the real stuff
their turn off is camera, and when the real stuff started to get moldy so
is the McDonald fry an to prove is theory before turning the camera back on
he remove the McDonald moldy fries buy a new one and wait until it gets
cold and put it in a jar and replace the old jar. and then turn the camera
on. And voila magic fries, you stupid idot. Proof I remember seeing a
McDonald fry under my table that was there for a week and it was all black,
and it was stinky however you can also smell that it was from McDonald.
Another proof that he fake it pay attention you notice that the McDonald
fries jar is always dry compare to the others, that proof my theory that he
just replace the old McDonald fries with new ones.

Автор skippyjl1 ( назад)
Should compare with other alike foods👍🏻
Eating from the hands of a clown, is never made sense to me? Yet people let
their children
eat, from the hands of a clown, a freaking clown⁉️😵⁉️
Makes NO Sense🤔

Автор James Hutchings ( назад)

Автор - Roger - ( назад)
Live his sarcasm xDDD

Автор Jayden Ocasio ( назад)
i hated McDonalds anyway

Автор Ann C ( назад)
wtf was that commercial at the beginning...thank goodness I do not watch
T.V. anymore.

Автор graysight ( назад)
the fungi grows easily when you have an enclosed recipient like the glass
jar, because keeps the humidity from the food, the fries of course for some
reason seems not to allow fungi to grow up and discompose the food, maybe
its not just normal potatoes? maybe is some sort of stuff molded with shape
of potatoes sticks?

Автор ATopFusxionz (539 лет назад)
this has nothing to do with the illuminati

Автор 0509killer ( назад)
I love me some McDonalds!! mmmm...mmmmm

Автор ShineeN Exo (1019 лет назад)
All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us!

Автор Paulene Darriguez (1473 года назад)
duhhhh..... stop making non sense videos with lame ideas. it doest prove

Автор Moo01100 ( назад)
He built his own little Macdonalds Museum in 1:1 scale. He should invite
the children from the local primary school to come over and check it out.
Even they will tell you that, yes, food goes rotten and moldy when it's
left to just sit there in a McMuseum without refrigeration, vacuum packing,
wax seals or gamma irradiation. Which means the microbes are winning. Make
no mistake, we are at war with the microbes. McDonalds knows this and their
food is manufactured to at least make some attempt to defeat the laws of
nature and the temerity of microscopic life.

Автор Nancy Brown ( назад)
it's true the fries only petrify they never rot! gross!

Автор Epic Felipe ( назад)
it is not a restaurant it is
a fast food

Автор RealMadrid 97 ( назад)
it did in the 5 weeks i saw the eye!!

Автор morello painting & home renovations ( назад)
Interns just can't seem to do anything right. ..or maybe he knew that at
the end of the experiment he was going to be asked to see if the mac fries
are still edible.

Автор steve button ( назад)
MacDonalds is the 1# corporate sponsor of the Jewish National Fund. The JNF
collects donations from Jews - but mostly funds gleaned from non-Jews - and
uses the money to house feed and transport Jews - from anywhere in the
world - to OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN LAND. The money is a tax deductible
CHARITABLE DONATION. In other words, tax payers completely fund ethnic
cleansing, and the cultural and physical genocide of Palestinians in there
own nation. MACDONALDS is YOUR ENEMY. Like ALL groups and individuals
openly OR covertly supporting 'Israel'(the term 'Israel' refers to
Christians - NOT JEWS). But thats the nature of the Talmudic extremists who
cunningly call themselves 'Jews'...the end justifies the means (Kabbalah).
And the end means 'Jews' ruling unconditionally over all other humans. Not
because they are 'chosen' by God(they never were), but because they believe
they literally are 'gods'....pure blasphemy from a Christian perspective
and completely contrary to western cultural values (though they've tried
very hard to connect the two. Imho...they have failed.

Автор Ice Queen ( назад)
is everything brainwash people

Автор Ice Queen ( назад)
WOW! why some advertisements, songs, TV shows that are popular are
brainwashing people WHY

Автор Crusty The Wank Sock ( назад)
*Do teh illuminati still make you stick a bean down the end of your nob as
part of the initiation ritual?*

Автор Muhd Ashraff ( назад)
people said mcdonald is a jewish product and i hate jews but... its
delicious... btw... fuck jews muhahahahahahahaha

Автор informed mediacritics ( назад)
Mc Donalds Hamburgers have human DNA in them, They get the meat from Jewish
Rabbi"s after they ritually sacrifice children,, Where so all those missing
children "dis-appear too? Your EATING them! Google = Interview with Rabbi
Finklestien he admits it!

Автор lol m8 ( назад)

Автор Alexander Eduard Buenaventura ( назад)
iluminati is not real

Автор Travonte Hicks ( назад)
some of yall need to wake up

Автор Петар Стојановић ( назад)
Wow so like every time I go to McDonalds they wash my brain with subliminal
messages hidden thru FRIES and HAMBURGERS.I mean,the food is unhealthy but
MARRIONETES;they do not need freaking McDonalds to do that.

Автор Gamer G27 ( назад)
maybe the Fries last really long because they might be made of plastic and
plástic lastes for 500 yrs

Автор Mezen Vlodrop ( назад)

Автор Mike Mike ( назад)
that's so so weard

Автор Mimi Akl ( назад)
why does everyone freak out about the Illuminati? I mean is it bad? someone
explain it to me

Автор FoundationsofPause ( назад)
They made the fries like that so you can drop them in the car and leave
them there til you clean the floor.

Автор Becky Starr ( назад)
I've noticed that Mcdonalds fries do indeed look the same in my car, for
example. When going to clean my car..I find fries that have been there for
quite some time. :-/ js

Автор Just Your Average Gamer ( назад)
You do realize that the reason they are breaking down is because the fungus
in the air that came into contact with the sandwiches prior to its sealing
in the jar is a detritivore, something that breaks down food and also that
the yeast in the bread still is alive and will still be an organism that
produces food from oxygen and sugar (sugar from the carbs in bread, mind
you) just like the other burger and fries. They all just break down. The
only difference is that you skewed the results to not show that the normal
burger and fries are the same as the McDonald's ones. The only thing not
explainable is the McDonald's fries. Also you do realize that your body
breaks all foods down the same way, right?

Автор Izlude Tingel ( назад)
did the experiment a while back, the fries lasted 2 years and 3 months
before i decided to toss them. they would have gone on forever.

Автор JAM ( назад)
most McDonald's foods can not be expired.

Автор Aisha Phuck ( назад)
You guys might be missing the point. He's not saying that these foods wont
breakdown in your digestive system; they will. What is very disturbing is
that potatoes and oil don't have many natural antibacterial properties so
why aren't bacteria metabolizing them?

Автор Joseph Joestar ( назад)
nice bleach ost

Автор Dj Chaos ( назад)
how does this expose the living fuck out of Mc Donalds.

Автор Mine Turtle ( назад)

Автор SambucaLovesCaz ( назад)
Mcdonalds is disgusting, agreed, and they are killing kids, but aren't the
fries still the same just because they are so high in SALT????

Автор Dan Zel ( назад)
so I have been eating "recycled" french fries at the time I went to
mcdonalds , ewwwwwwwww

Автор Mike Castillon ( назад)
I want to bite its taking me slower and I see too delicious time to zombie
mode on

Автор The Unfunny White Kid ( назад)
The food breaks down in your stomach because there are acids. There is no
jar in our stomach just sitting there...

Автор ShaMarcus Ratcliff ( назад)
RIP Micky D's

Автор If YOU hate Social Services and CPS Please add ME ( назад)
Watch this videos on youtube "hampstead satanic ritual abuse"...

Автор Gary-John Afrikaner ( назад)
lol what a dumbshit experiment

Автор XxLollipopxX ( назад)
OMG what have eaten all that yummy food!?😧😱 I FEEL LIKE I ATE ILLUMINATI 

Автор MarbleNoir ( назад)
Please tell me this is a fucking joke.

Автор pwoper fish ( назад)
Waste of money buying all that food...

Автор hamad alarfaj ( назад)
Keep blaming arabs and islam !!!!


Автор Keroro Gunso ( назад)
Why they renamed it ?!
Not because the name was Airdrome because they were next to an Airport , so
if they moved to away from an airport they changed the name to their
Father's name , Patrick McDonald ...
Some stuff about the Illuminati might be real but not everything is ...
For me you just got a big lie here ...

Автор xXWolfyXx yt ( назад)

Автор Samuel Coleman ( назад)
this guy acts like if bread gets old its not gonna mold lol mcdonalds
doesnt have the only bread that molds

Автор Nya Rodriguez ( назад)
On 0:24 that commercial was when people didn't care about it

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