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Автор Jacko02 (2 года)
everything about your legs look perfect! might sound crazy but i would
switch places with that guy in a heartbeat! Lol

Автор irarube (2 года)
one of the most beautiful and strongest pair of legs on the planet. ty.

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
i believe so ;)

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
Not at this time... I am focused on making more videos. You should see
video 3 & 4, if you have not already.

Автор lovejudogirls (2 года)
i wanna see legs that cracking ribs?

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
thanks for the compliments :)

Автор david358358 (2 года)
Hey Mia! you have amazing legs! I think like many others we would like to
see an authenthich video (no cuts, soundtrack orspecial effects) of you
knocking that guy out.. Thanks!!

Автор Sven schmit (2 года)
It is fascinating to watch an unbelievably beautiful woman with probably
the highest quality legs I have ever seen destroy the man in total
humiliation. and she is so cold and powerful. Then she does it to him in a
public place as if to serve his head on the silver platter of her legs for
all to see, displaying her unconscious prey. I keep replaying her shaking
him like a pit bull shakes the kitten until it stops moving. It makes the
heart pound so fast and then boom it's all over.

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
but i would suggest that you stay away from trying it...

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
Yes, been working out whenever I have the time too... I have never though
about taekwondo or kick boxing, but it sounds like both would make my legs
more powerful, eh? Glad to hear that you enjoyed video 4! Did you watch
video 3 also?

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
what does this mean?

Автор heelboy (2 года)
Everything about you screams class and female sex appeal. You have the
best, most muscular legs ever.I live each day in the hope of seeing another
video of yours. Mia, you are truly a goddess. We love and adore you!!!!

Автор Sven schmit (2 года)
Be careful on this one! ..you will be looking for a towel before you get
halfway through it!

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
yes... generally it is under one minute of snoozies. yes, i do worry at
times, but then again he was pathetic enough to wage bets with me. thanks
for the compliments ;)

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
sounds like you saw my feet in the video 3 where i was rubbing oil on
them... good to hear! i love hearing from fans ;)

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
that's what i like to hear larryraiders! ;)

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
you could be right... LOL

Автор Mike Wong (2 года)
were you ever curious what would happen if he KOs but you continue
squeezing with 100% for 10 additional seconds?

Автор patrice373 (2 года)
What you say at the begining of video #4 completely turned me on, you have
the sharpest and sexiest mind I ever came accross. Like the Mantis you
catch and break your preys with your legs but its your mind who devors it.
Will you continue to make your legs more muscular ? (wish) Ever though of
kicking training too, taekwondo style ?

Автор genaltair (2 года)
Want to check?) Need to know the mechanical strength of the man's neck.
Also measure the strength your thighs.

Автор zorro9992 (2 года)
Mia what is the longest a guy has been put to sleep and do you worry a
little that you may have went too far at times or do you know their limits
for example the guy that is shaking at :42? By the way those are some very
sexy legs!

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
he is out like a light :( for a short while and he is ready to go again...

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
knocked out... zzzzzzzzzz

Автор Cedric Frangi (2 года)
No , Tae Kwon Do and Kick Boxing will rely on speed , when that happens ,
you will lose strength to gain speed.

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
volunteering to be squeezed, eh?

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
Everything is available on the site... Thanks for being a fan ;)

Автор bluex217 (2 года)
I'm a 185 pound bodybuilder and curious, u think you could beat me in a leg
wrestling contest ;)

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
Big Announcement everyone!! It's here a day late!! My new film "The Curious
Case of Mia Mantis" is being up loaded to my site now!!!

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
hey.... thanks for the thoughts and being a fan! glad you found your
favorite parts! ;)

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
thanks for being a fan of my legs ;) hope you will watch video 3 on the
site to see more of my legs!

Автор bluex217 (2 года)
oh ;) i like that answer

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
what a journey...! hope you had a chance to watch video 3 & 4 on the

Автор heelboy (2 года)
no doubt about it. Mia is capable of crushing any man she see's fit to
crush. Where does the line start? I am in love!!!!!!!!!!

Автор vampirej433 (2 года)
its been 11 moths since your last video i was wondering when will video 5
be out

Автор Bobby0653 (1 год)
I would love to wrestle her!

Автор Hans Bieter (2 года)
I cannot speak!!

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
thanks for sharing the thoughts! really? you want to be the guy in the
video.. ? some would say it is torture.

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
wondering too...

Автор KNOCKOUTLEGS (2 года)
hope you get a chance to view video 3! we are working on video 4 as we
speak ;)

Автор Jacko02 (2 года)
no doubt you probably have incredible squeezing power. just in some of the
pictures you have you can see the muscles in your legs are awesome. most
guys would say its torture but for someone like me it would be the best
torture in the world. LOL

Автор patrice373 (2 года)
yes of course I watched video 3, why ? who didn't ? ... it's also a way to
sponsor what you're doing and you're doing it better. I think taekwondo
would be an excellent way to increase the power in your legs, Power =
Strength x Speed, and gain movement control ... and provide an additional
way to knock out your man !

Автор Amazemint (2 года)
please do some reverse headscissors!

Автор patrice373 (2 года)
I love your artistic approach, video #3 on your new website is worth
joining, it's like a longer HD version of your first YouTube clip. There
are some intense moments, the look in your beautiful eyes, the 2 sec
knockout ... better to watch, it's penetrating. I can't wait to see your
next Video #4 with even stronger legs. ps :more closeups would be good.

Автор pwgphotovideo (2 года)
luckiest guy on earth :) those are some great legs!

Автор Amazemint (2 года)
dying to see reverse headscissors!!

Автор GiantWillaim (2 года)
Can you gives us a extended clip of a video? Cause id love to see more :)

Автор Jamrty123 (2 года)
Do you think your legs are stronger than mine?

Автор nasboy2080 (2 года)
nice i wanna be squeezed! cant wait to see more

Автор Sammy S (1 год)
I can beat her easily..!!! My Muscles are stronger then her leg's Man of
steel vs legs of steel

Автор andrew21sabo (2 года)
Miss mantis your thighs strong as tey might, might be I am scissor proof.
Slap them thighs n try squeezing me into a deep sleep but I'd embarass you.
Tie me up n do it but anyway u slice it mama your legs are sexy n look
strong but eh eh

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