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Автор Jack Purvis (2 месяца)
The first one isn't really anything special...

Автор speeddemons23 (5 лет)
its not pached i just got mw2 and it works feel free to try

Автор Tom B (5 лет)
@pauleenyale5324531 thats really cool niceone getting third prestige

Автор MrUsaforthewin (5 лет)
cool vid when u climbed up the stairs and jumped on metal then a pipe :)

Автор reymysteri0916 (5 лет)
is the last one patched?

Автор slayazu (5 лет)
Those were ok but I found out the first two on my own.and only one of those
were a glitch.

Автор munroe74 (5 лет)
no it is not

Автор TuRo98 (5 лет)
you are playing on xbox or ps3 ?

Автор rambo13268 (5 лет)
Jacked up it's patched

Автор thegreatestglitches (5 лет)
look at my video it is proof that it isnt patched

Автор cole hokanson (5 лет)
nice vid make more cuz ur r the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор TheRustaman (5 лет)
ricochet is on...

Автор fort383 (5 лет)
ha, I have two hard drives, and one is for online and one has never been
updated! I can do all of the glitches!

Автор munroe74 (5 лет)
The only one that doesn't work is the only one that's a glitch and it's the
one were u go inside the pipe all the rest are working. the last is my

Автор 0900090990 (5 лет)
can somebody now plz tell me the name of this song and no fucked up
reactions plz like serge2cool

Автор hockeyman2117 (5 лет)
cool spots, number 2 is da shit

Автор Khalil Sonko (5 лет)
whats the name of this song

Автор 0900090990 (5 лет)
I shooting a bullet in your head yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hell yeaahhhhhhhh hey
now look I am talking about hell a place you wil be soon

Автор SuperCorey25 (4 года)

Автор bradleycrust (5 лет)
the wall brech is patched

Автор 0900090990 (5 лет)
@imacodnerd you are suckin your mom of

Автор Jorix1234 (5 лет)

Автор Andrew Vanderheiden (5 лет)
@fainer9 no they can't

Автор FearsomeBuffalo (3 года)
you didnt finish the one at 00:22

Автор mprt99 (5 лет)
getting into pipe u just die

Автор TheModernwar2 (5 лет)
First spot: i've known for very long time and i always get killed there.
Second spot: pretty good didn't know it, i may use it. Third spot(not in
the pipe): very good and i'm going to use it...

Автор Fainer9 (5 лет)
can peopel see you in the barrel thing

Автор S3XY47 (5 лет)
i know that pich and the other is not gitches i now that by heart

Автор NLmitchieNL (5 лет)
the wall breach in wasteland makes u fall down -.-

Автор Pr0Gam3rTV (5 лет)
I Die When I Do The Glitch 1:08 :(

Автор DreisSniper (5 лет)
playing tricky is gay. nice music tho

Автор Tommyglmr (5 лет)
what music was playing

Автор sk8erbikemartin (5 лет)
i got answer of all you guys who asked of song name here it is new design
thousand foot krutch

Автор jackclayton4605 (5 лет)
thats a freaking awesome song what is it?

Автор MadlibzzzMTG (5 лет)
@umisao1 gay by gay

Автор glijglenn (5 лет)
do you need anything like a perk or strafe jumps?

Автор lockNload99 (5 лет)
i knew all 3 of them

Автор smith89beast (5 лет)
which tube

Автор emshooter3272 (5 лет)
soooooo guy

Автор Austin Turner (5 лет)
join H4T3 clan

Автор trevor18hi (5 лет)
there is a tree on wasteland where u can go in the branch by your spawn by
the helicopter

Автор ||SEC|| (3 года)
the first spot is for campers

Автор elbeavo11 (5 лет)
i know another good one if u wanna see it add me on ps3 ElBeavo

Автор jelle haaima (5 лет)
every time i die when i get in

Автор itachifan9990 (5 лет)

Автор frankie01137 (5 лет)
its not patched i did it

Автор TakeThatEnt (5 лет)
check out my channel for free custom made call of duty wallpaper for your
computer with your own personalized text!!

Автор IceSCREAMsuicide (5 лет)
add me on ps3 to nukeboost "Chairdesk"

Автор MeagLuigi775 (5 лет)
idid did did did did did did did did subscribe

Автор DJ AL MONEY (5 лет)
how is it patched its barley a glitch u jus jump on a ledge and get to very
high place on the last one

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