Call Me Maybe - Ariana Grande & Liz Gillies

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Автор Cleide Tavares Costa ( назад)

Автор Lizator Lizator ( назад)
omg hahah arian always says omg in every sentence

Автор Cristina Perez ( назад)
If you says I will give you my phone number In private okay

Автор Cristina Perez ( назад)
call me right now please i would really make my day

Автор Sienna Seipelt ( назад)
cat Bonn sam und cat

Автор Abril Fierro Ponce ( назад)
ariana y liz tienen una voz increíble,soy su mayor fan

Автор Pedro Sanchez ( назад)
soy tu fan

Автор Jazmin Aguayo ( назад)
Ariana cantas bien pero no se saben la letra de la cancion

Автор elefancio 01 ( назад)
no se la saben

Автор kenneth steele ( назад)
ariana sings better

Автор Sarah Houston ( назад)
Ariana grande I am your biggest fan ever you are a fantastic singer and I
wish I was you

Автор Jade Raven ( назад)
Basically in love with like the last 10 seconds of the video when Liz is
doing the "indy version". Especially the baby part. Could listen just to
that all day long

Автор Manuel Espinosa Perez ( назад)
Hay Ariadna 10 times clip dice times anda post guía on two other comments
and check your voice

Автор Manuel Espinosa Perez ( назад)
Hay Ariadna 10 times clal dice times anda post it on tel other comments

Автор Jayda Dowell ( назад)
You guys are awsome at singing espessialy elizibith but check your voice

Автор Tela 102 ( назад)
Love Liz and Ari good job!

Автор Daniel Sánchez ( назад)
Say Ariana 10 times clap five times post this on to 2 comments and check
your voice

Автор Daniel Sánchez ( назад)
Say Ariana 10 times clap five times post this on to 2 comments and check
your voice

Автор Татьяна Корниенко ( назад)
Вы прикольные)Очень классно)

Автор masajhn ( назад)
Ariana I just want to fuck you so bad ....lol

Автор Norma Hernandez ( назад)
Ariana your amazing I want to be your sis

Автор Hải Bùi ( назад)
i love liz gillies

Автор Rylee Wood ( назад)
So talented

Автор Cloud ( назад)
0:06 :")

Автор helen_ l ( назад)
+lauren loo...i dont get it

Автор Emily Llamas ( назад)
Ariana please please see my videos and comment I am your biggest fan ever

Автор Emily Owens ( назад)
I wanna meet both of u I am the victorious BIGGEST FAN EVER xx

Автор DePaula Ross ( назад)
Ariana grande my sister text u and u did not answer it is ladykels

Автор Mohd Omar ( назад)
Lol hahahahahhah

Автор Roxxanne Willow ( назад)
Ariana grande and Elizabeth Gilis (cant spell her last name #nohateplease

Автор Mihail Pavlov ( назад)
better, than original

Автор Iris Torsius ( назад)
Hahahaha LOL

Автор Faith Tan ( назад)
I really lile yr singing and yr voices so much

Автор Sara Aline ( назад)
oh! ili!!!! i love it!

Автор luis miguel campos aguilar ( назад)

Автор Rubi Pineda ( назад)
Ariana you should do taylor swift 22

Автор Ann Morgan ( назад)
I miss her videos with Liz..

Автор Louis Bryant ( назад)
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Автор bangtan vevo ( назад)
Wake a full indie version omg

Автор Bex gray ( назад)
Xxxx amazing that's all I can say xxxX

Автор Soe Pyae ( назад)
I will definitely call you. 

Автор MeliBells De La Hoz ( назад)
OMG LIZ AND ARIANA they are so talented ...i didnt knew that until now! XD
i love their voices! 

Автор Zamzam Fattah ( назад)
Liz is so good at the end!! Love use both u guys are brilliant actors and

Автор Chris Walmsley ( назад)
You are good

Автор Callie moss ( назад)
Ha they are silly

Автор Ehsan huq ( назад)

Автор Liberty Justice ( назад)
I love ariana and Elizabeth

Автор Chispas dechocolate ( назад)
its elizabeth gillies 

Автор Mimi Bale ( назад)
Good job knowing the words

Автор Ngoc Doan ( назад)
An Indie version! PLEASE OMFG PLEaSE plz plz plsdfjasjdf

Автор Alisa “lavonia” Mendez ( назад)
omgg adriana is perfect 3

Автор Juan Alberto Vera Armendariz ( назад)
Cantan super y me encanta la cancion de ellas Give it Up

Автор badgalnayy_ ( назад)
Wow u berlly sang

Автор Dasha Kucheeva ( назад)
You are both so pretty!

Автор StEpH DaH LlAmA ( назад)
U guys are the reason I love to sing now

Автор So So Happy ( назад)
What are your favorite and least favorite boy and girl names?

Автор Daniella M Raso ( назад)
I love ari and Liz there. A ture inspiration to me love u guys

Автор Karen Vinal ( назад)
arnt they wearing their costumes

Автор Rachel Lucky ( назад)
She's Italian.

Автор Juliette Fevre ( назад)
la honte ^^'

Автор lydia smith ( назад)
i love u ariana im hispanic also!!!!! i love to sing and i love u

Автор angie gallegos ( назад)
Ariana your so cute wish one of my sons could date you.....lol

Автор Sophie Bunnie ( назад)
Ahahaha, alright then, hon. xD

Автор jullanar shareef ( назад)
Swette you just jealous 

Автор Charles Waller ( назад)
Jade needs her own show.

Автор Enard Canillas ( назад)
What is your number

Автор PinkHelloKitty2 ( назад)
I am your #1 fan ariana grande!!!!!!

Автор Trey Esters ( назад)
I do 2

Автор Charlie Gutierrez ( назад)
I want to have sex with you Ariana

Автор Dale Beckett ( назад)
Say ariana 10 times then clap 5 times last post this on two other vidios

Автор 901Tina ( назад)
OMG Liz at the end amazing

Автор Devon and Kelly ( назад)
Say Ariana 10 times clap 5 times post this to 2 videos and check your voice

Автор Berenis Martinez ( назад)
Lol that sounds better than the original but first learn the lyrics

Автор Geilton Matheus Sales Braga ( назад)
They don't know the lyrics '-'

Автор Romilda Rosa ( назад)
Say Ariana 10 times clap five times post this on to 2 comments and check ur

Автор Lauren Loo ( назад)
Say Ariana 10 times clap five times post this on to 2 comments and check
your voice

Автор Lara Nordin ( назад)

Автор Deep Jelen ( назад)

Автор jala life ( назад)
Say arianna 10 time clap 5 time post this on 2 other video

Автор Nick Fin ( назад)
You two are just beautiful

Автор Jasca312 ( назад)
Say ariana 10 times clap 5 times post this on 2 other videos then check
your voice

Автор goootwh2012 ( назад)
Fantastic Singing!

Автор Nikki Allen ( назад)
Say ariana 10 time clap your hand 5 times post this twice and check your

Автор rosalie bonen ( назад)

Автор Mohammad Qahoush ( назад)
Say ariana10 times clap your hands 5 times post this two times and check
your voice

Автор mirrorcal ( назад)
Im pretty sure I checked my voice I sound like her already

Автор Minnie Cutie ( назад)
Say Ariana 10 times clap five time post this on to 2 comments and check
your voice!!

Автор Glory Smyth woodland ( назад)
Dont speak for everyone else they are both amazing, stop judging.

Автор katie smith ( назад)
Elizabeth freaking Gillies is freaking awesome and they both are AMAZING
singers! So she doesnt need to stfu. maybe you do!

Автор ariana ruiz ( назад)
Say adriana 10 times clap 5 times post the on to 2 comment then check your

Автор christi ( назад)

Автор Trinity Dejesus ( назад)
This was a YouTube video on Ariana's channel

Автор Lexi Danielle Rohrich ( назад)
Hey i just met u and this is crazy but I'm high on bathsalts ur face looks

Автор Kaosu R ( назад)
There bbff's

Автор SHRONE RYAN ( назад)
Ariana3 Liz3

Автор MileyRoxHatersSux ( назад)
Lol She does.

Автор TheJanet44 ( назад)
hate when she is sing low 

Автор Isabela Pereira ( назад)
Ariana <3 

Автор Darfaiv ( назад)
That singing sucks 

Автор Skatecat8 ( назад)
stop calling them stupid fatass

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