Proper Road Bike Fit

Cid Cardoso, Jr. gives advice on what to think about when adjusting a road bike to fit you best.

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Автор 2020corp ( назад)
all the negative comments and thumb downs.. yet one of the best fit videos
I've seen thus far.. really good base to build upon.. clarifies a lot..
wish i had found this before buying my bike..

Автор Bryn Noble ( назад)
lots of bad information, saddle position (fore n aft) determined by femur
length??? rubbish its where the knee comes forward relative to crank pedal
reach etc. (not very good english)

Автор RanGer498 ( назад)
Kiki some people dont know it all like you .

Автор logeywogey ( назад)
liked because of his accent.

Автор D. Batt ( назад)
Stick to the Ironman's buddy.

Автор kiki martinez ( назад)
man this guy talks nonsense b4 saying anything about size,,,moron

Автор Kiwifix ( назад)
Shoulder width, seat bone width, foot peddle angle, rider shape, back
flexibility, riding style (aggressive, climber, passive) Are these not also
part of bike fit?

Автор Miles Odonnol ( назад)
"As you ride more, you may become more flexible. As you get older, you may
become less flexible." So far so good. Please tell me how I can ride more
without becoming older?

Автор MrBababuwi ( назад)

Автор kingkong ( назад)
wow danger look at XD1:26

Автор Borys Vulgarin ( назад)
I think that the title of this video must be changed, because it is
everything less than "Proper road bike fit"... bla bla bla

Автор ExposingBadDrivers ( назад)
Informative, but the video failed to show how to actually fit someone

Автор Daz555Daz ( назад)
All true. The problem is that local bike shops are often expensive in
comparison to online and also there are often many brands of bike not
available in the bike shops in your area.

Автор Michael Mortimer ( назад)
This is all accurate. You can't simply order or buy a "54" bike, adjust the
seat and pedal off into the sunset, which is what most casual riders do.
(These are people who buy a mid-range priced bike, spend 10 minutes with
the salesman adjusting the seat and off they go. Riding two to five times,
and permanently storing the bike in the garage.) For the rest of you, it is
money well spent having a salesmen spending three hours with you, selecting
the right bike, then fitting it to YOU.

Автор segamisanxtes ( назад)
this guy is noob.

Автор XZIBIT256 ( назад)
This video sucks.

Автор DhAoUaDiAMINE231 ( назад)
"...Apply that to the real world... " waiting

Автор Dynikus ( назад)
Uhh... what? What would you classify as a real bike?

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
The first thing to do, is to get risd of the road bike, stop being a prick
and get a real bike.

Автор MuppetAlex1 ( назад)
A lot of reference to numbers but not much else. Sitting a bloke on a bike
and saying, this frame is too big, this is too small because and then
showing it would have been better. As would adjusting saddle height and
fore aft position. What are you after with your arms and body position in
order to get a good riding position and what does stem have to do with this.

Автор Andrew L ( назад)
talked too much,....

Автор sawink ( назад)
Cont). People are riding smaller frames nowadays because they are stronger
and lighter. The biggest mistake is buying too large of a frame. Riders now
go to smaller one and raise the seat height to whatever fits them. Most on
a decent bike will be using clipless pedals so...they need to slide off the
seat and and on when stopping and going. The seat is higher than your feet
can reach for proper stroke

Автор sawink ( назад)
It started out well. But usually when you are in a video, you actually
display something...I don't know....like actually GETTING ON THE BIKE!!!! I
could have just read this. Although, I have competed professionally and
knew this 30 yrs ago. I could do these YouTube videos better than all these
people. No one knows concerns or how to get a point across

Автор cleankiller9 ( назад)
its the good size

Автор ExclusiveLM ( назад)
the guy said everything except the size to get such as if you are 6 feet or
5 feet or whatever then what size bike is appropriate. He didn't say that
and that is the reason most of us came to see this stupid video.

Автор jondavidginger ( назад)
Fire this guy. He is talking a lot and not saying a thing!

Автор MrSKEEN89 ( назад)

Автор said mad ( назад)
excellent video...thank you..

Автор magnum867 ( назад)
Thank you Cid that was very informative

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