Toribash: Free Textures

This is a video on how to get those professional looking textures completely free. Enjoy.
Instructions for move at the end:
Extend Ankles
Contract Pecs
Set grab hands
Space 2x
Lower Shoulders
Contract Hips
Contract Knees
Space 2x
Raise Shoulders
Extend Knees
Space 3x
Extend Hips
Contract Ankles
Space 4x
Contract Hips
Play (Press P)

If you have a question or comment post it below.

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Длительность: 3:1
Комментарии: 69

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Автор the best ( назад)
you need to buy textures for this to work anyways. dislike

Автор MCJackSparrowjr ( назад)
In the new version things are different, can you please have a download for
the skins in description so I can have them? Thank you :)

Автор Andrew Walton ( назад)
If I had a dollar for every pixel in this video, I would have 75 cents.

Автор golemgaming19 ( назад)
u r a lier it dont u fucken asshole

Автор golemgaming19 ( назад)
nothing changed

Автор golemgaming19 ( назад)
how does it work my person is the same

Автор Ze Super ( назад)
Music name

Автор PlasmaCreeper ( назад)
You know... other people cant see your textures....
Just saying.
This is like just minecraft freaking skins.

Автор Eric Summers ( назад)
I have copy this... But i mixed it up... I'm using hampa main menu,tori
intro and hit music and oblivion DQ ring and background

Автор Naruto Uzumaki ( назад)

Автор Mizuko Chan ( назад)
I can`r get it when I open the download link I click download file it don`t
download it always open a text

Автор rohby rex bernabe ( назад)
does not work for multiplayer

Автор Mason Engle ( назад)
It sucks because mine does not freaking show i do it and it shows 1 time
then when i go to multiplayer it goes back to default

Автор ShotGamez ( назад)
what song is it

Автор Venum ( назад)
Dude thats stealing other peoples textures. If you get caught with them
than you will be banned.

Автор iggypop070 ( назад)
This is illegal -_-

Автор Gameguyforever ( назад)
If it doesn't not go Delete every time Item foldier so your done

Автор 0SuperJesus0 ( назад)
did not work

Mute button, we meet again.

Автор степан самохвалов ( назад)

Автор Queath ( назад)
ooooo sup mute buton...

Автор Greed ( назад)
I DIDINT work for me :(

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
no one is talking to you '-'

Автор hworin tetris ( назад)
thanks alot dumbass

Автор Ben Stoll ( назад)

Автор DiabolicNick ( назад)
Does it work in multiplayer?

Автор gogetagohangoku618 ( назад)

Автор Brockaka ( назад)
Were is the toribash folder???

Автор Jason Gunning ( назад)
Thumbs up if you muted the music

Автор ehab877 ( назад)
this wont work until u paste the textures on the folder named tori too

Автор Sagfører Storhagen ( назад)
i found out, but it is only dq and ground texture that work

Автор Sagfører Storhagen ( назад)
What should i do? Copy a custom texture into textures in the data folder?

Автор popouk1 ( назад)
it doesnt work except from ground and dq textures

Автор Sebastian Orellana ( назад)
@MrCrossFIRElol sorry i dont now if this still works

Автор MrCrossFIRElol ( назад)
@DeMasterofstuff i dont have a folder??

Автор nfig09 ( назад)
i dont have folder??

Автор trankquilizer ( назад)
how come i don't have a folder

Автор EMDelgado1221 ( назад)

Автор SickM3nace ( назад)
how u do this for xp

Автор Tarek mig ( назад)
*song* umatopaktepata seedulavach amricano vansulasutamuka
opmpararegengradendudo (papareyam)

Автор Johnny Pathko ( назад)
what folder what do you mean I didnt get no folder I got toribash 3.91

Автор Hassan Sarhan ( назад)
@Ronv007 Same thing happens to me...any solutions

Автор Hassan Sarhan ( назад)
thx for the vid im using it and im currently Engraze

Автор zokamiki ( назад)

Автор Xaviersakti Adrimartja ( назад)
how to change

Автор Ronv007 ( назад)
when its says download compleate it come back to my real textures HELP

Автор Promestein ( назад)
lol.. fucking texture stealer noob.

Автор .ى ѳниل ( назад)
@DeMasterofstuff It did work when i did it. So it should work when you do

Автор Sebastian Orellana ( назад)
@Angelman180 did u try it? because none of the items in the texture folder
look like something for the actually textures. Ill try it now.

Автор .ى ѳниل ( назад)
And after it says: Download of Angelman18 complete, it goes back to my reg

Автор .ى ѳниل ( назад)
Demasterofstuff? This video is not really how! You had to take the textures
into the Textures folder, not your folder in Custom.

Автор jakemeow ( назад)
@DeMasterofstuff Ih sayd thanx

Автор Sebastian Orellana ( назад)
@jakemeow ?

Автор jakemeow ( назад)
@DeMasterofstuff Oh well thank you for this kinda information.

Автор Sebastian Orellana ( назад)
@jakemeow in multi player only the DQ ring, hand and feet trails, and florr
image can appear because for textures u need an item to show them in multi
player and that item doesn't show in the folder. But, everything should
show up in single player. Hope this helped.

Автор jakemeow ( назад)
Only DQ ring appears in multi player game. Any Help to make trails appear?
I use toribash 3.9. Thanks for help

Автор jakemeow ( назад)
Only DQ ring appears in multi player game. Any Help to make trails appear?

Автор FUNNYGAMER3125 ( назад)
Oh ok wait until u see download of ur names and there

Автор Sebastian Orellana ( назад)
@SickM3nace in windows vista you can right click on Toribash then click on
open file location and that is where all the Toribash data should be.

Автор SickM3nace ( назад)
@DeMasterofstuff Where do u find or get the folder?? i never had it

Автор SickM3nace ( назад)

Автор Sebastian Orellana ( назад)
@LifeOnRS was it a multiplayer game? If it wasn't then you should close
toribash, go to the folder and copy and paster all the stuff, then open
toribash. Hope that helps!

Автор Sebastian Orellana ( назад)
@FUNNYGAMER3125 Their shouldn't be a download from the items to your
folder, you're just supposed to copy and paste them.

Автор FUNNYGAMER3125 ( назад)
hey when it says donwload of mine is complete its all gone

Автор Sebastian Orellana ( назад)
@andymatamer I have Toribash 3.9 too but i don't know why it did that. Are
you sure you copied and pasted all the files in the folder to your own
folder correctly? What is meetthep?

Автор andymatamer ( назад)
when i did this,after it says download of meetthep complete,the textures
went out, why?and mines is toribash 3.9

Автор Sebastian Orellana ( назад)
@lacacaesgrande no. when you download the game they come with the download.

Автор lacacaesgrande ( назад)
do u still have to purchase them with tcs?

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