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nuvoid's & shizz spam spots DE_NUKE

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Длительность: 3:18
Комментарии: 16

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Автор Закон Каменных Джунглей ( назад)
View-fm CS 1.6 , Counter-Strike 1.6. Server IP :
(Ultra Public) Server IP : (Сlassic Public) Server IP
: (GuNGaMe) Server IP : (Aim)
Server IP : (CSDM) Server IP :
(cool days) Server IP : (CW)

Автор Maikeru Anonymous ( назад)
Breaking Benjamin - Follow is the song name

Автор Вова Чистякрв ( назад)

Автор Shreyas Kudalkar ( назад)
wats the name of the song ?

Автор Dorobantu Gabriel ( назад)
pls give a download link for the "Jame^s' spam tool" cuz i tried google and
failed to find it

Автор Sebastian Vargas Sanhueza ( назад)
ID STEAM: x__r4ay

Автор Visual Interest ( назад)
First of all its not a fake de_nuke is map with no walls :).

Автор flightsimvideos2009 ( назад)
this video animate people to cheat. they want to do that so they cheat -.-

Автор Orlando Patton ( назад)
well it sux that u got banned... its not like u were usin em in
competition. that guy was sayin it like ur doin it to actual people in a
scrim or something.

Автор rgshizzle ( назад)
We got VAC banned over 2 years ago for wall hacking to find these (our
first video wasn't even made yet) so after we both got new accounts we used
Jame^s' spam tool. Basically a bot that stands there and has damage

Автор Orlando Patton ( назад)
they put them on so they can practice the spots...notice how theres only
two players doing it to EACH OTHER THE ENTIRE TIME.

Автор Orlando Patton ( назад)
theres nothing wrong with putttin wall hax on to learn the spots...its
smart. its so they can execute them in matches. fuckin scrub...

Автор rgshizzle ( назад)
Breaking Benjamin - Follow

Автор Eli Kariv ( назад)
dude, that is 1 of the simplest and most common spots on nuke. if ur gonna
accuse accuse something else but they're all legit spam spots, just
impossible to now they are there

Автор rgshizzle ( назад)
How so? All the spams work.

Автор Kenny Oda ( назад)
very good videos please make more

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