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Автор Закон Каменных Джунглей (1 год)
View-fm CS 1.6 , Counter-Strike 1.6. Server IP :
(Ultra Public) Server IP : (Сlassic Public) Server IP
: (GuNGaMe) Server IP : (Aim)
Server IP : (CSDM) Server IP :
(cool days) Server IP : (CW)

Автор Eli Kariv (6 лет)
dude, that is 1 of the simplest and most common spots on nuke. if ur gonna
accuse accuse something else but they're all legit spam spots, just
impossible to now they are there

Автор Dorobantu Gabriel (4 года)
pls give a download link for the "Jame^s' spam tool" cuz i tried google and
failed to find it

Автор rgshizzle (6 лет)
We got VAC banned over 2 years ago for wall hacking to find these (our
first video wasn't even made yet) so after we both got new accounts we used
Jame^s' spam tool. Basically a bot that stands there and has damage

Автор xXHeLLiuMXx (5 лет)
Not. They used bots, ff, spectator camera... Like nuvoid said :)

Автор Sebastian Vargas Sanhueza (4 года)
ID STEAM: x__r4ay

Автор Maikeru Anonymous (2 года)
Breaking Benjamin - Follow is the song name

Автор Вова Чистякрв (4 года)

Автор mojaulica (6 лет)
2 : 44 - 2 :49 imposible ? haxing dude in yellow yea right are u tard ?
most spams work but this 1 i dont belive

Автор Orlando Patton (6 лет)
theres nothing wrong with putttin wall hax on to learn the spots...its
smart. its so they can execute them in matches. fuckin scrub...

Автор rgshizzle (6 лет)
Breaking Benjamin - Follow

Автор Orlando Patton (6 лет)
they put them on so they can practice the spots...notice how theres only
two players doing it to EACH OTHER THE ENTIRE TIME.

Автор Wolney Nunes (6 лет)
song????? :(

Автор Kenny Oda (6 лет)
very good videos please make more

Автор orki75 (4 года)
omg epic thanks!

Автор flightsimvideos2009 (5 лет)
this video animate people to cheat. they want to do that so they cheat -.-

Автор Orlando Patton (6 лет)
well it sux that u got banned... its not like u were usin em in
competition. that guy was sayin it like ur doin it to actual people in a
scrim or something.

Автор Shreyas Kudalkar (4 года)
wats the name of the song ?

Автор rgshizzle (6 лет)
How so? All the spams work.

Автор Nikita Mazur (4 года)
name track ?

Автор Michał Żebrowski (5 лет)
First of all its not a fake de_nuke is map with no walls :).

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