Asian Open 2010 - Slavik Kryklyvyy & Anna Melnikova

Asian Open 2010 Latin Final
Slavik Kryklyvyy & Anna Melnikova - All Dances

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор Dwightinho56 (2 месяца)
Must be really hard to be a couple both on and off the dancefloor.
Re-watched this and was struck with their individual strengths as dancers
and performers. Maybe he expected too much, maybe she was too young and
gave up too easy, however their natural chemsitry on the parquet cannot be
concealed. One would think they made each other good, but both the two of
them and the danceworld missed out on a great opportunity by sticking
together a little longer.

Автор Therese La Chapelle (5 месяцев)
LOVE LOVE LOVE Slavik & Anna!!! <3

Автор Dwightinho56 (3 месяца)
She truly choose great dresses! Loooved the dance.

Автор 幸村ダンススクール (9 месяцев)

Автор Happy Time - Výtvarné Studio, Foto, Divadlo (4 месяца)
Těšíme se na vás i jednotlivě v kurzech latiny. :-)

Автор jucicleia selau (10 месяцев)
Lindo de mais!!! Adoro dança!!!

Автор Kristina Kelly (1 год)
Slavik and Anna. Slavik danced with Karina years ago before she started on
Dancing with Stars.
Here is a great competition at the Asian Open Cha Cha.

Автор Patrycja Piela (1 год)
Witam. Mam pytanie. Czy może jest Wam znana nazwa samby , do której pary
taneczne tak pięknie tańczyły. Z góry dziękuję za odpowiedź.

Автор 賀家琳 (1 год)

Автор sahramipulla (2 года)
know what you mean, watched it today...sad story...

Автор AceyBlade (2 года)
@georgewu5 (1) In your mind if someone doesn't like something or prefers
something else to what you like then it must be because of jealousy. That
is a rather juvenile way of thinking. Furthermore, you're attacking my
credentials in the dancing world because you feel I've made insolent
statements. The irony here is that you're doing the exact same thing
(discrediting all other male latin dancers aside from Slavik/Donnie for

Автор Niv (4 года)
Anyone knows the name of the samba ? thanks

Автор Niv (4 года)
Melinda looks a bit like Beata Onefater here !

Автор therealgigglebop (2 года)
I think Slavik might be a tad stronger than Riccaardo, but Yulia is
lightyears ahead of anyone competing in the field now.

Автор TheSplendid84 (1 год)
Does anyone know what's the name of rumba song?!?!?! Thank'ssssssss

Автор georgewu5 (3 года)
Anna has the most talented body movement I have ever seen for years ! She
is so sexy, from her head down to her toes, flexible and expressive ! Her
contemporary had to learn to do the arm movement finger tip expressions,
but for her she was born with them ! Because she thought she already had
them all, she does not need lessons, that is why with a perfectionist like
Slavik, she went into trouble. They both are first-born determined and
stubborn people ! That's why !George Wu, AIA 2012-5-12

Автор gingermist21 (2 года)
poor Anna :( she doesn't look happy in any of these routines :/ that and
she was 10x better with Stefano :(. I'm glad she's making it into the top 7
with her hubby and doing amazing together, she dances better with her hubs

Автор georgewu5 (2 года)
There are only two best International Latin dancers for me to learn from.
Slavik and Donnie ! I only could afford the videos for me to learn from
every day at home. I have so much fun ! George Wu, AIA 2012-6-28

Автор NaughtGinger (3 года)
They just didn't have the same "rhythm" or chemistry or something-it is a
little difficult to watch them together when they are both great dancers as
demonstrated when paired with the right partner(s). I dunno just something
amiss and hard to watch them for me.

Автор AceyBlade (3 года)
I think she's trying to do something different and try to style herself as
effortless and elegant with focus being on her relaxed shoulder line (she
actually did this a lot when she danced with Stefano as well). Also, I
think there was very little she got to decide with Slavik and the styling
was completely his choise.

Автор Niv (3 года)
Thank you Stephanie... :) And also the name of the rumba... if anyone
knows.. thanks.. its great music at this comp...

Автор georgewu5 (2 года)
International standard dancing I learned from Maxwell Bishop along with
Alex Moore's Ballroom Dancing, then Marcus and Karen Hilton, Luca and
Loraine. I played their videos almost everyday, sometimes at the same hour,
at home to learn and repeating their techniques at least ten times. ( last
night I repeated 20 times again on the quickstep I had the most trouble
with, because I had picked up the bad habits from Arthur Murray 28+ years
ago. Old habits never died !) George Wu, AIA 2012-7-4

Автор rydance fan (3 года)
@Kelvin702 Does anyone know who helped Slavik and Anna with their
choreography? Because it looked like Carolyn Smith was their coach in the
trailer for Ballroom Dancer. You were right about Slavik and Karina's old
routines because of Shirley Ballas' influence

Автор AceyBlade (3 года)
Slavik always did the same stuff regardless with whom he danced with. This
was one of the reasons why he could no longer become succesful. He couldn't
renew himself like f.ex. Skufca has been able to.

Автор AceyBlade (3 года)
"but she did not learn fast enough for what Slavik expected to see. " While
that's certainly true it is somewhat ironic that in the end Melnikova was a
better dancer than Slavik. :)

Автор georgewu5 (3 года)
Respect is the main ingredient in partnership dancing, without it, even two
excellent dancers dancing together, but they do not click. Karina is a very
strong person, but she gave in to Slavik because he had a lot to offer, for
he is the world's best Latin male dancer ever. But even Anna is a born
dancer with beauty, but she did not learn fast enough for what Slavik
expected to see. Instead, she said," if you wanted a mouse, there are
plenty out there ." No respect to each other. George Wu, AIA

Автор Ayphoromeo (2 года)
Rebecka Tornqvist – Easy Come, Easy Go (cha cha)

Автор Secondprize7 (3 года)
Videos of Slavik and Anna will never be the same after watching Ballroom

Автор gingermist21 (3 года)
I DO get that Slavik is demanding! He's lost every partner he's had for
being a complete ass to them all, and disrespectful to them too. But this
has NOTHING to do with Slavik, or that arms be the dominant thing while
dancing either.

Автор 1969Chronos (3 года)
Although both had great lines, the energy level for the cha cha and the
samba was just not there. I do admire this couple for their artistry.
However, I don't think they were quite dazzling here. I agree with
compliments about their elegance and poise.

Автор GurlPrincess (1 год)
Does anyone know the rhumba song?

Автор gingermist21 (3 года)
I agree :) she is a beautiful dancer <3 She's doing beautiful shows now
with her husband.

Автор thoraz997 (2 года)
If she did anything else, Slavik would beat her. lol

Автор gingermist21 (3 года)
@Tamara6095 please learn to read comments before replying -.- My comment
has nothing to do with arms NOT being part of the whole figure. It is-
she's doesn't use her arms as much as the other pros on the floor or
Slavik's previous partners. when you watch Karina, or Oxana, Yulia even
Melia, they do so much more arm work that is not so "plain". And as I
stated she did NOT do this with Stefano, only with Slavik.

Автор AceyBlade (2 года)
@georgewu5 (2) Yet, I don't demand you to post your own videos of dancing,
because I'm not stupid enough to make a retarded argument like that.
Besides, I'm pretty sure my success nationally and internationally far
exceeds yours. ;)

Автор georgewu5 (3 года)
I told Shirley that I did not learn dancing from Corky in their video"
Simply Beautiful Latin", I learned dancing from her in her workshop few
years back. She replied, " Don't tell that to him." and she said it
amusingly. Everyone knows that she used to teach Corky how to dance when
they were in their married days. She also arranged Riccardo to substitute
Max to dance with Yulia.She is quite a talented Latin dancer ! George Wu,
AIA 2012-5-14

Автор georgewu5 (3 года)
Some people just got very jealous of the best dancers in the world, such as
Donnie Burns and Slavik. I bet you could never dance as beautifully as they
can, because they are born with the talent. If you have any talent, you
would have already somebody ! But you are still nobody ! So stop being
jealous and humble yourself, to learn something great in your life for a
change ! I am tired of your jealousy for years ! George Wu, AIA 2012-5-14

Автор boy18ssx (2 года)
Slavik sorry but u are stupid! How could u loose scuh a dancer??????

Автор Tuan Nguyen (3 года)
OMG !!!!!!! i cant say anything O_o to nice

Автор MaryITudor (3 года)
it seems, Anna dancers here without her individual passion...

Автор 37even (4 года)
@1Happyfeet1 no :D you can do it if you want ;)

Автор AceyBlade (2 года)
@georgewu5 (3) I'm equally tired of you going on ridiculous tangents to
support your views without you realizing they're extremely flimsy and are
based on assumptions . Not to mention the times when you drop the
discussion in hand, because you've ran out of substance, and derail it into
ridiculous arguments based on nationalities.

Автор Niv (3 года)
Got the samba now.. thank you.. Anyone knows the rumba ? Its great. They
played it in 1999 at World Pro Latin as well

Автор AceyBlade (3 года)
It just portrayed Slavik in a very tamed view. He's actually a lot worse to
his partners. But yeah, lost a lot of respect towards him after seeing it.
Not that it came as a surprise or anything.

Автор georgewu5 (2 года)
Whether I am bad or good in dancing has not been judged by any judges,
simply because I hate the dirty politics which I believed would definitely
ruin my interest to dance.I refused to dance for the judges;I danced for
myself.That is why in the past 28 years, I never entered any competition !
competing is a desease to me, once one goes into it would not stop until
winning the championship. I am smarter than that to allow somebody to tell
me I should be dancing or not. George Wu, AIA 2012-6-1

Автор georgewu5 (2 года)
I refused to be bothered by this frustrated dancer who could not go
anywhere in the dancing world because there are better dancers like Donnie
Burns and Slavik who had talent and some people just do not have the talent
but not realizing it, so they went out to blame this and that, and got very
jealous of those who are better than himself, & engaged into the dirty
politics, rather than improving himself. People like that I decided to put
their opinions into spams. George Wu, AIA 2012-6-1

Автор gingermist21 (3 года)

Автор gingermist21 (4 года)
I wish Anna would do more with her arms than just put them up, down, on her
head, and hips. If you watch Yulia, Oxana even Melia they are very active
with their hands and arms at all times and fluid. Anna's just basic with
her arms, which is strange because she used them so much more with Stefano.

Автор shadypinesmusic (3 года)
she's just so damn good...and beautiful

Автор Herwin Aerts (2 года)

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