Gmod STAR WARS Vehicle Mod! (Garry's Mod)

HomelessGoomba and I play Gmod, and show off the amazing Star Wars Vehicles Mod! Watch as we fly all over Geonosis in your favorite Star Wars planes, and have EPIC Lightsaber Duels to the death, along with many other things!

Thanks for watching! Subscribe and join the adventure!

Vehicles: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=145422731
Lightsabers: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=111412589
Map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=109800824

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/venturiantalegames

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VenturianTale

Blog: http://blog.venturiantale.com/

Music: Matt McFarland www.mattmcfarland.com

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Добавлено: 1 год
Длительность: 17:55
Комментарии: 2581

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Автор Kathy Fujiwara (1 месяц)
Ask my dad any Star Wars questions you have. He's an absolute nerd.

Автор nate lahay (6 месяцев)
he cheated

Автор R2 SP (3 месяца)
Homeless only ruins everything he touches

Автор Ace TheGamer (3 месяца)
2:58 Clone trooper comand Battlefield Artillery/defence

Автор manny lynn (8 дней)
take a star wars v hickle and put thusters on the back

Автор James Hinkey (14 дней)
*Facepalm* you hold left click to fire DUH

Автор Darth Ichigo (28 дней)
Giant Walker Tank is called a SPHA-T or self-propelled heavy artillery
turbo laser.

Автор Trey Undisclosed (4 месяца)
its called the big pew pew thing of death and destruction 2:58

Автор Dawson Whait (3 месяца)
I completely lost it at the Epic Sax Guy part and couldn't stop laughing
afterwards XD!!!

Автор PepperandSalt4 (1 месяц)
It's an At&t.

Автор teemo fett (3 месяца)
plz make a 3rd one

Автор Emerson Hidalgo (4 месяца)

Автор Ace TheGamer (3 месяца)
5:48 AGain

Автор Ace TheGamer (3 месяца)

Автор prince pineapple (7 месяцев)
is this a mod for garrys mod or is it just something someone made in garrys

Автор Alex Smith (6 месяцев)
that is a Tatooine land walker

Автор tyheem stafford (1 месяц)

Автор William Orthman (3 месяца)
Suck your dick

Автор Matt Slavin (1 месяц)

Автор NatKayz (6 месяцев)
That is an AT-TE, All Terrain Tactical Enforcer.

Автор A-TEAM GAMES (22 дня)
that mod is rubbish use this one:

Автор mathew turnbull (1 месяц)

Автор Jagoda Gavric (8 месяцев)
do new weapon who looks like a crab hand

Автор Eren Jaeger (7 месяцев)
in roblox bethany venturian homelessgoomba is my bud

Автор Diamond man (1 день)
Homelis gimba lost 

Автор Solomon Yingling (6 дней)
venturian won, trolls never win

Автор R Bacon (6 дней)
Asdf movie! The mine turtle! I love those videos. There are seven

Автор Lizzy Todd (5 дней)
Gmod is cool

Автор Nyla Thomas (13 дней)

Автор Robert Sanda (7 месяцев)

Автор Theobadeo22 (2 месяца)
Ezbankoven won

Автор Sam Boston (5 месяцев)
Whether it's Gmod or Skyrim, he always chooses Obi-Wan's lightsaber from
Ep: 1.

Автор Charlien Witham (11 дней)

Автор Ali Zain (5 месяцев)

Автор Portal Turret (8 месяцев)

Автор kizzyizkool (3 месяца)

Автор RaddyBeast57 (2 месяца)
Seisure! auh ow! spasm!

Автор darby light (4 месяца)
Easy Bake Oven lost because he was invulnerable to lightsabers, which is

Автор Joseph Hazlewood (2 месяца)
Its called the Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery-Turbolazer (SPHA-T)

Автор Samuel Lee (1 месяц)
you are

Автор Alex Brannon (3 месяца)
You won venturaintale

Автор Andres Rosendo Manchon (6 месяцев)

Автор Jacqui Cannady (7 месяцев)
I am flamedramon the fire of courage 

Автор Patricia Jimenez (6 месяцев)
It is osom

Автор Jack McInnes (1 месяц)
easy bake oven. how do i mount the veichles

Автор johann s. (2 месяца)

Автор Cassandra Shultz (4 месяца)
Homeless. Goomba

Автор david corbin (2 месяца)
That my friend is the devil.

Автор Sam Wilms (1 месяц)
Isacc won it he did not complain about taking damage

Автор Jolita Nedzinskiene (5 месяцев)
venturiantale wins

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