GStar 2009 - T.E.R.A The Exiled Realm of Arborea

Bluehole Studio : TERA - GStar 2009 Hangame Official Trailer (Provider : NHN)

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Автор Anthrz Z ( назад)
0:30 - 1:49 - 2:37 ... Oie zy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ

Автор Kenichi Otaku ( назад)
there was a TERA amv with this trailer in which was playing Allele-Chains
of Alice? I can't find it anymore... please help :(

Автор Grey Stallion ( назад)
for the game who got 25 gb to install , this game is totally overrated

Автор sXeGod ( назад)

Автор 케차 ( назад)
이거 만렙근처되면 이거 구하는퀘있는데 쉬움ㅎ

Автор Xanders William ( назад)
this game sucks in everything compared to blade and soul except the fact
that it's going to be released sooner

Автор Dewani90 ( назад)
@Juledass95 you can download the game, but you still have to pay monthly to

Автор Juledass95 ( назад)
can i download the game or do i have to buy it??!??!?!

Автор Seolyeon ( назад)
Tera is a mmorpg based on Combat.

Автор Keollyn ( назад)
If datass wore more clothing, I'm sure she'd last longer. It's a known fact
that clothes have an impregnable shield as seen when explosions and nukes
go off on fictional characters and their clothes are intact.

Автор OriginalCommentMan ( назад)
This game is going to murder my computer

Автор PunkBuzter ( назад)
@Bawnawgwa it has, but they failed with the End-Game features so they
started another closed beta in korea, but the rest of the world has to wait
for a while til a global release. Aion is free to play in EU these days
however, and Blade & Soul is much like this game Graphicly speaking, Atomix
is holding a global private server while the real company still are in 2nd
closed beta (untranslated) while Atomix have translated about 15% of the
game allready :D

Автор Deniz Regener ( назад)
1:29 like omfg that many ***** will hurt me so damn much xDDDD

Автор BigNastyS4 ( назад)
@oldsoldier2001 Every armor you see in that video is actually in the game.

Автор Reynndrake ( назад)
@oldsoldier2001 Always love to see WoW haters who hate it because they
can't see why it's a good game :P Still, I'm partial to Guild Wars 2 myself.

Автор Bruno Finger ( назад)
I play WoW for 5 years now. I'll stop playing it as soon as Tera is

Автор Bawnawgwa ( назад)
ohh... This is so beautiful!! I can only pray that it has tons of content
and awesome interactive environments and cool wars going on and that it is
not grindy :P (cough... Aion... cough).

Автор wslylin ( назад)
Check out Scarlet Legacy @ Gamescampus!

Автор exussful ( назад)
This game looks pretty nice! :) But i think i gonna buy Blade and Soul :3

Автор partyka ( назад)
шикарно :)

Автор Hibryd7 ( назад)
Korea has a strong pool of talented technical artists that never seem to
produce anything good. Their film, their animation, and most of their video
games are visually beautiful and emotionally hollow experiences. 2:25 is a
good example. We hear the scream, we bath in the off-the-shelf epic
soundtrack, we see the meticulously rendered face, but really it looks more
like she's casually opening her mouth for a tonsil examination. Its finely
molded plastic, shiny and unengaging.

Автор DrownedHeRo58 ( назад)
@Anihilizm Sure if you like playing wow clones.

Автор Renas88 ( назад)
this trailer was something else i love how they made it :D the heroes dieee
:P and in the end how she gives up ^^ epicness she knew that it was over :P
btw when is this comming out for europe?

Автор Alf Stewart ( назад)
mates would have said xD

Автор Anihilizm ( назад)

Автор DivineNucleus ( назад)
0:20 "does the Shasta"----

Автор Adam Loehman ( назад)
Did she win?

Автор Mike Buur ( назад)
Answer 1: It's real gameplay, ingame graphics Answer 2: release Q4 2011 in
NA/EU Answer 3: It's P2P like any mmorpg that wants to deliver quality and
keep it comming, no money = no additional content = life expectancy of
exactly 2 months. I'm in K-retail, best mmorpg I ever played ( says a 5
year long dedicated WoWer )

Автор Stephanie Colon ( назад)
@coolal124 yes it is =D though i dont know yet =o i read in a gamers
magazine, it said it was gonna be free to play =D

Автор venOm ( назад)
at this time tera is the best online game. year ago it was aion but now
tera surpassed all other games with it's graphics and awesome features

Автор mitch21322 ( назад)
stop whit making so many awsome games i cant choose what game i gone play

Автор Frekazoid ( назад)
Thatswhy you shouldn't wear armor just for the looks.... it doesn't
protects anything :P *fap* *fap* *fap*

Автор coolal124 ( назад)
another question is this going to be released in the US?

Автор coolal124 ( назад)
is this the REAL gameplay?

Автор youGOTpwndFYI ( назад)
@killertpu yeah. im looking more forward to tera tho

Автор Connor Delint ( назад)
@youGOTpwndFYI most likely but first i think it'll be in Korea first for
like maybe 4 months or so then to North America but this is just theory of

Автор JeoXus ( назад)
@oldsoldier2001 U're my hero!!

Автор youGOTpwndFYI ( назад)
@killertpu is blade and soul even coming to the US?

Автор Connor Delint ( назад)
@youGOTpwndFYI not sure but we'll eventually find out

Автор Dragonfly ( назад)
that last part was kinda scary a little

Автор youGOTpwndFYI ( назад)
@killertpu thank you thats all i wanted to hear. oh and Blade and Soul is a
point and click game from what ive seen, tera isnt

Автор Connor Delint ( назад)
@youGOTpwndFYI well both games have a very similar physics engine,
graphics, and so on. Dont worry though i ain't one of those trollers, when
these games come out ill try both of them then i'll decide

Автор pete5154 ( назад)
@AngelKiss1998 dont worry. shell respawn :))

Автор youGOTpwndFYI ( назад)
@killertpu why compare the 2? they are two totally different games

Автор Connor Delint ( назад)
Blade and Soul vs T.E.R.A which one will be the best MMORPG of all time

Автор 热筹 Tang ( назад)
@madmandead40 yeah the start of the vid is the end of the vid. Thats
exactly my interpretation to this vid too. I think she ended up killing

Автор sogameway ( назад)
Buy Tera open beta account on website Newgameway new year promotion now.
very cheap

Автор Dongtacularity ( назад)
This is gonna be the best waifu simulator ever.

Автор DarthSlayden ( назад)
@gainax2 Im so sorry, but the grammar police and paragraph comprehension
team will come to your house and fuck your mind.......btw this game SUCKS!

Автор audioslve340 ( назад)
This is Lineage 3!!

Автор Rodrigo Reston ( назад)
Beautiful. From pervs to pervs.

Автор Coilbone 89 ( назад)
@oldsoldier2001 lol, pretty sure a half naked ass won't add anything to a
nice gameplay, but still I catch your drift there bro ;) It's been since
Lineage 2 that I've seen some nice female armor For the haters: Yea, I like
to play with female characters, just for the reason they are nicer to look
at, even though they are a bunch of pixels

Автор GreedC ( назад)
@collute how is it? i see nothing similar in anyway and got nothing to
compare to a totally different game other than the fact its online

Автор ExodarGaming ( назад)
@collute haha fail xDD world of warcraft looks like shit with shit graphics
and shit gameplay with 100 % kiddys and no skill needet classes haha. Buf
if u think this looks like wow just look at the aim system you have to aim
by yousellf there is no autoaim system like in wow "just press all keys
without skill". wow sucks balls

Автор Swish & Smile ( назад)
DAMN she got owned lmao.

Автор Pheonixess ( назад)
Thumbs up for 2:38 ass shot xD

Автор dubbeltid ( назад)
I wonder how such....armor that exposes so much skin can be practical at
all xD

Автор gaijein ( назад)
4 people dont know what a vuh-jeye-nuh is. THUMBS UP

Автор XTasy1990 ( назад)
@collute loOl? definetly NOT?

Автор collute ( назад)
looks like world of warcraft

Автор Nikmarica ( назад)
i love world of warcraftttt!!!!

Автор sartorixs ( назад)
2:37 Nice ass ^_^

Автор studionightbird0 ( назад)
first things first...I'd so do those girls. now that I got that out of the
way...I can tell if I get this....I'll be on it for hours every minute. I'm
a sucker for leveler games (no I don't play wow). FUCK IT...I'm getting it

Автор Laurence Chaffey ( назад)
@Naoko20 Well they keep your tits in place and the thong has more
protection than any condom. Fact.

Автор oldsoldier2001 ( назад)
It will be nice to see a game that ACTUALLY HAS that kind of armor in it.
For the longest time we players have been jerked around and
bait-and-switched with BS promotional imagery on posters, trailers, boxart,
websites, and loading screens that looks like something out of a Boris
Vallejo or Luis Royo painting while actual in-game armor graphics look like
the same old tinman tanks and bathrobe casters. (and NO, I don't count WoW
as anything besides a cartoony, dumbed-down, EQ wannabe chatroom)

Автор NeonRive ( назад)
Best MMO ever, IM WAITING!

Автор SageFox ( назад)
@Naoko20 All mans to the death likes to see good asses like they do in TV
this makes the game for more aged people and stereotypes are in all things
in tv and movies and models etc etc. this es better than cartoony stupid
models like wow. This game is made by the same people that was in lineage 2
C1 and making lineage 3 , i think will be a good game , maybe the best

Автор AmurArt ( назад)
fap-fap-fap! :Ъ

Автор Jesse Stephens ( назад)
@GoShXz ya ive thought that since this video came out.

Автор halorser ( назад)
Apparently theres no limit to how scimpy armor could get in a game thats
made in korea, have fun tanking with that armor gals!

Автор Tajujan ( назад)
Sehr geil very hot :P

Автор Plateletable ( назад)
WoW is screwed.

Автор ttNect ( назад)
Did that supermassive monster thing really have to summon 100000 minions to
beat a single girl?

Автор tilaranense ( назад)
get guild wars 2 time is gold

Автор tilaranense ( назад)
c´mon i do like girls but my mom is a girl too, it seems hugh hefner
produced this game XD i dont need it that stereotypical

Автор tilaranense ( назад)
somehow i dont like this

Автор Keyosu ( назад)
what is BaS?

Автор player276 ( назад)
@chipaputalaguea Because those acronyms fit perfectly >.> TERA=The Exiled
Reals of Arborea. As for stealing, i would care if it was any other company
then the NC soft

Автор MaTchBoOkPoEt ( назад)
rice burner mmos..... nuff said

Автор Nicolas Silva ( назад)
i think the real name of this game is T.E.R.A The Stolen Project

Автор Camoflage85 ( назад)
nice copy of the witch elfs from warhammer online .and the monsters look
like these of devil may cry 4

Автор K. Zambrano ( назад)
man to bad this game is going to be P2P im really looking forward to it

Автор sompa666 ( назад)

Автор Onion Knight ( назад)
she got raped... i wana be those things now!!! and btw those are balaurs
after they meet darth vader.

Автор Compo12344321 ( назад)
The PvP looks Great..

Автор ryan kall ( назад)
you have to pay to play this when it comes out like WoW

Автор Kleefeldt123 ( назад)
@Zobito90 nude mod ahead :D

Автор Quixotic ( назад)
@garretthughes I commented that on the constant complain of overly sexy
females by pointing out that the males are just as ridiculous and that's
just the style this game wants to portray.

Автор garretthughes ( назад)
@LazyArigato Should it be the other way around?

Автор Badguy260 ( назад)
when does this game come out please respond

Автор VirulentSkills ( назад)
shes fucked

Автор VirulentSkills ( назад)
@Zobito90 they better be...its asian o_O

Автор Astroice ( назад)
The next-next gen women of mmos will be swinging swords naked by the looks
of where this is going

Автор Thekama ( назад)
ke vistas

Автор JunkFoodFul ( назад)
2:38 yea nice ass right front of my face

Автор Defuya l ( назад)
2:29 gravity drop booby jiggle thats it ive made up my mind im preordering
the collectors edition in 2011 and subscribing for a very long time thumbs
up if your a sheep and agree

Автор Giovani Midway ( назад)
@eylos09 I meant if you could go anywhere...or are there a random place
where u begins and must to choice a path(through a portal) to go, you know?
And this game is already on NA?

Автор paladinangelo ( назад)

Автор Giovani Midway ( назад)
You can play it like a ''free way'' or you must only play in Stages? If it
in stages it sux (-_-')

Автор OrantoArodon ( назад)
females are that hot cuz that increases the subscriber number

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