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Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
Namaste laurencestern, You are most welcome! Happy to be of assistance!
Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
Namaste WarlordGabe, My heart jumped when I read your comment! I am so
happy that young people are watching my channel and that they like it!!!
Please, if you feel inspired to do so, pass it on to your friends! With
Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin (6 лет)
Namaste artvisionary, Thank you for giving this information out to
everyone! With Love, Raji

Автор Gandhi Bhaskar Patrudu (5 лет)
Namaste Raji Thank you for sharing your experiences..i will experiment it
myself and share my experiences with you. bliss and joy, lankapatrudu

Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
Namste blackcat1981, You are most welcome. Always wondeful to hear that
people are benefiting from these chants! Fills my heart with gratitude and
love! Love and Light, Raji

Автор Sacredtrance (2 года)
You feel that I can truly do this meditation - on differing things that I
want to manifest ..all in one time? So doing the meditation like 4 or 5
times right after each other ON different things that I'd like to
manifest...? Thank you! Love and Light!

Автор jea740 (5 лет)
good age to start meditating when you get older te more effort you need

Автор ronitsharma132 (5 лет)
Namaste, I just wanted to know whether we have to visualize the sun and the
moon merging within our heart or out in the external..?? Thankyou

Автор Raji Nevin (3 года)
@onlyhealthystuff Everything going pitch black can be a good thing
sometimes.... it can mean you are going into the beginning levels of
samadhi. do what feels right for you in your heart and keep your faith
strong... you cannot go wrong by doing it this way.... blessings to you!

Автор Wendy Becker-Metivier (3 года)
Just simply perfect.

Автор BeeMineify (2 года)
Hi Raji. It's Holly. Nice video. Hope you've been well. Haven't seen you in
awhile. Namaste. xoxo

Автор Dale S (3 года)
This is a great meditation. Probably the best i've done. Mantras and ooohh
aahhh sounds aren't really my style. Quiet meditations that help step out
of time and bring you into a dimension where manifestation is quite easy
but with proper actions, opportunity seeking and above all, patience.

Автор Raji Nevin (2 года)
Hi Holly. Yes, I have been extremely distant from my YouTube video pages --
just moved on to other things. Now I am looking and seeing that there are
HUNDREDS of people who have written to me and I feel a bit disheartened
that I did not keep up with it. I may try to keep a closer eye on
it....just so I can help those with questions. All the Best! Love and
Light, Raji

Автор Gandhi Bhaskar Patrudu (5 лет)
Hi Raji. This technique sounds great .How is your success in manifesting
your desires with this sun moon meditation. please share your experiences .

Автор seejosh1 (4 года)
@raji10008nevin thanks you for this meditation i dont hear any blowing in
the mike it was just fantastic. i did it and it never bothered me. infant i
was waiting to hear the blowing that will didtract me but never heard it..
maybe the listened should turn down the base to listen to this.. thank you
once again..

Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
Do your best - they are called "spiritual practices" because that is what
we do - we practice. Strive for progress and be gentle with yourself. It's
tricky to do chants for others. They have their own karmas. You can pray
for them after a chant and then give it to the Divine. That person has to
want to change also - unless the Graace of God comes in and creates a
miracle for them - which could happen. Keep chanting - keep practicing -
all will fall into place. Love and Light, Raji

Автор cruzandmarcella (5 лет)
Beautiful videos,very informative.

Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
Namaste Lankapatrudu, Yes, I have had many "successes" in my own life and
witnessed hundreds and hundreds of others who share their miracle stories
with me as well. My own experiences (miracles) range from deep inner shifts
to outer manifestations. I am very grateful for these miracles in my life ~
all from practicing Baba's techniques and feeling a very strong devotion
and gratitude towards Him for giving the world these teachings! Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin (6 лет)
Namaste ddollar007, Thank you for your comment. The visualization is the
sun by itself initially. It is a bright and brilliant sun in your heart.
Then you will see a Full Moon, off a little to the side of the Sun. The
Moon will slowly begin to move towards the Sun. As it reaches the Sun, it
merges with the Sun and the bright light of the Moon adds to the bright
light of the Sun ~ they become one Light. Try not to think about it too
much. Rather focus on the LIGHT and enjoy the FEELING.

Автор Arisana Tolomei (4 года)
@raji10008nevin Hi Raji, Namaste! My question is, once we let our vision of
what we want to manifest go, can we just sit with the Sun and Moon in our
heart ... enjoying the vibrations? I literally see waves or ripples of
light moving out from my center, to the space around me. This is
BeautyFull! I LOVE all the work Dattatreya Siva Baba is putting out to the
world. Blessings of Love and Light :)

Автор Raji Nevin (2 года)
Namaste themongolboxer, You can simply smile and give a heartfelt thank you
to the Divine inwardly. Love and Light!

Автор jea740 (5 лет)
where could i get more info about sun and the moon and the 2 eyes because
they become extemly senstive to energy

Автор DJROXTER (3 года)
I was skeptical at first as to what I was going to be able to feel. If you
focus and do as she tells u to by the end of the video you will feel that
you have tapped into a power source that has always been there. But was
explained in a different more powerful way.

Автор jleonrdec (3 года)

Автор Raji Nevin (4 года)
@manevem Namaste and I am so happy to ready your comments. Sorry about the
poor sound quality. I am working with what I have at the moment and since
it is all free of charge....well, we all do the best we can I guess. I will
try to improve in the future...although right now my focus and selfless
service has shifted a bit and I am on to other projects. Maybe you can put
some videos on YouTube and share your Light with the world? Shine your
Light ~ the world needs you! Love, Raji

Автор DENiSEVEE (4 года)

Автор Raji Nevin (2 года)
Yes....simply perfect!

Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
Namaste LANKAPATRUDU, Thank you for watching the videos. These teachings
are ancient and given to me by my Guru. Yes...please do experiment and
share your experiences with me! I would love that! Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
@DeFiDesigns Just see an image of the bright, bright sun. See it clearly.
Then imagine a FULL MOON on a crystal clear night. See the Moon moving
slowly, slowly into the Sun. The Sun absorbs the Moon. They become one
brilliant shining light! I hope this helps. Love, Raji

Автор Bob Ramsey (5 лет)
What if I can't let go of the thought that I want to manifest right away?
Like what if it lingers and i can't let it go that fast? Also, what if it's
not a physical material thing cuz I want to manifest the idea of not being
in pain for my dad. He is in lots of pain. And I want to be free from the
government. I made some legal mistakes in my life. How do I become free and
normal again. I don't commit crimes any more, by the way. haha. How would I
visualize those things and manifest them?

Автор Raji Nevin (4 года)
@jasminesse Sorry it took me so long to respond and I hope you get this. I
loved reading about your experiences. Have you continued the practice and
if so, what are the results? Any miracles to report? Love, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin (2 года)
Namaste Sacredtrance, You may want to focus on one manifestation at a time
for now. Try one for one week. Then move on to another the next week.
Experiment with it. It's different for everyone. Do what your heart is
telling you to do! All the Best! Raji

Автор Raji Nevin (4 года)
@leadnsteel Thank you Aaron! It's great to see more and more young people
like yourself turning towards the Light! We need you to be a part of the
army of Light Bearers who will assist in bringing Heaven down to planet
earth during this incredible time of change! 2012 is almost here! YEAH!
Love to you! Raji

Автор blackuredtube (3 года)
WOW! I just tried this meditation last night... And i felt a strong
powerful feelings!!! THis is incredible. Thank you so much! Btw, i want to
ask if i can keep visualising the same thing for instance a job? Or one
time is enough? Greetings from Malaysia.

Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
Namaste laurencestern, Yes it is absolutely "okay"! These types of things
come to us spontaneously and are part of your own personal experience. I
think it is wonderful that you had the moon and sun disappear and leave
only white and golden light! Love and White Golden Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
Namaste ronitsharma132, The answer to your question is "within the heart" -
the heart chakra. With Love and Bright Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin (6 лет)
Namaste D484K225, Thank you sooooooooooo much for passing on your "little
hint" to everyone! I feel certain it will help people all over the world to
receive more benefit from this meditation! With Moon and Sun Light! Many
Blessings! Raji

Автор Raji Nevin (4 года)
@Pikaki01 Namaste and congrats on your ability to tune into the Light! We
are all here to be Light Bearers for this planet and for the incredible
shift that has already begun. 2012 will be here before we know it! Shine
your Light -- not just for yourself, but for everyone! Love and Light, Raji

Автор leadnsteel (5 лет)
I like your videos and they way you explain them. Sometimes it is hard to
understand Siva Baba because of his accent. I found Siva Baba after
stumbling upon Wayne Dyer and have been into these meditations and mantras
for over almost 2 years and have changed my life for the better. My name is
Aaron and I am a 27 year old male from Toronto Canada. I subscribed to your

Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
Namaste BodhiSamadhi, Bright Blessing to you also ~ and for your cute lit'l
doggie! I watched your featured video! If you have not yet Subscribed I
would greatly appreciate it. My goal is to get to 500 Subscribers and I am
only about 40 away from that! I saw that you Subscribed to Dattatreya Siva
Baba's Channel ~ that's awesome! Love and Light, Raji

Автор Raji Nevin (2 года)
AWESOME! Thanks for sharing that! All the Best! Love and Light!

Автор DeFiDesigns (5 лет)
I have a hard time visualizing this. Are there any pictures we can use to
help with this?

Автор Marco V. (4 года)
This is strange....but everytime i finish this meditation i get dizzy, very
very dizzy.....anybody can explain why???

Автор rob ruly (1 год)
the truth will set you free , i love you, you are such an inspiration

Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
Namaste cruzandmarcella, Thank you so much for your kind comment! I enjoyed
doing them very much and am thriled that so many people are benefiting from
them! Love and Light, Raji

Автор jasminesse (4 года)
I did this just now without completely understanding how to do it. I closed
my eyes, imagined that the sun is in my heart and then imagined the moon
going through my chest into the sun. I then started to say in my mind "I
intend to manifest..." After finishing, I feel SO "high". It is a strange,
yet, delightful feeling and I do believe this will work. Thank you! <3

Автор Matt Jones (2 года)
hey i saw this then saw another video basically the same meditation only
done diffrently like you imagine the sun in your right eye do a chant then
move the sun to the left of your brain does this meditation actually work
its really neat iv been trying to do it

Автор Raji Nevin (5 лет)
Namaste ZeekOnlyTruth! SIXTEEN and looking at these types of videos!
FANTASTIC! My heart soars reading your comment! Thank you so much for
sharing your experience! You are a crystal child and you are someone who is
being used by the Divine to help this precious earth! Keep it up! Love and
Light, Raji

Автор blackuredtube (3 года)
First of all, thank you so much for this video. This is a very strong
video. I can feel it just as soon as i close my eyes and really imagine the
time stops. However i got a question. Is it ok to keep visualizing the same
thing that i really want? Greetings from Malaysia.

Автор BodhiSamadhi (5 лет)
♥ Wonderful! ♥ Namaste and Bright Blessings Sweet Soul. Thank you ♥

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