WoW Private server - Pandora WoW

Hamachi Download - https://secure.logmein.com/US/products/hamachi2/download.aspx
Hamachi Network info:
Username: pandorawow(It's cap sensitive so type it exactly as I did.
Pass: 123
Website: http://pandorawow.webs.com/

Oh and a little add to the Credits....Credits to the creators of Hamachi!
Blizzard is the wrightful owner of World of Warcraft, not me.

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Автор Zilik ( назад)
i need some help with that...... i tried to download this from the
descreptions but i cant find it...

Автор Cerrado, entra a dar un vistaso ( назад)
entren buen servidor y boten

Автор brbdndwtf ( назад)
if u dont have 10$ to pay for the original game u should go fuck yourself

Автор gus ( назад)

Автор Chelle Lavelle ( назад)
i cant get realm list box

Автор Inachu Ikimasho ( назад)
90% of the time when following these directions then the server is never up
and running. HAHAHAHAHA

Автор Daniel Francis ( назад)
ya all videos i do the same thing it doesent work

Автор brandyn231 ( назад)
hey ur hamachi network is full - maybe you could make a 2nd one? im sure u
would get a lot more people if you did thanks

Автор PandoraWoW ( назад)
@blakeoboy Naw there isn't, I don't like lots of admins. It's more about
GMs, but I don't want much of those either.

Автор ralphmel100 ( назад)
in need of a gd developer :) send me a msg on youtube by telling me what u
know :)

Автор PandoraWoW ( назад)
@takatoekoe Hehe, To be honest. I'm not sure if you're asking for help or
just claiming that. Be more specific please. =)

Автор takatoekoe ( назад)
my hamachi wont work

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