NU'EST - FACE (chipmunk version) HD

Hahah ^___^

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Автор Trysta Duerson ( назад)
I think ren sounds funny

Автор Trysta Duerson ( назад)
aaww it cute but so weird, but super cute.

Автор Forever ( назад)
I just realize that chipmunks sounds funny at rap parts or low-tone parts

Автор Forever ( назад)
Hahahahahahahaha!!! I think it's the funniest at Aron's English rap part!
JR's parts are funny too! I can't stop laughing crazily!

Автор RI KI ( назад)
Hahaha no aguante!!! Oh Dios!! El R.A.P señores el R.A.P..... I LOVE YOU

Автор Mar Craft ( назад)
<3 wwwwwwwoooooooo

Автор Mel ( назад)
Kim Luv You ^-^ x

Автор Rana Mastoura ( назад)
Omo so cute *-*

Автор leoselvi soosay ( назад)
Hi, I love '' NU'EST '' since they are begunand I am a big fan of Choi Min
Ki ( Ren ). I would love to see but...I live in Fance. Briefly...the voice
of the chipmunk is really cute!!!★

Автор Tsurayya Yusra ( назад)
Lol XD

Автор chan nouth ( назад)
Did they say "laugh if you can cause I am road runner fast" in the end?

Автор Celeste Currallanca ( назад)
Cuteee re lindo *-*

Автор Eiling Mendoza ( назад)
So cute!!!

Автор Kira Yagami ( назад)
omo xD kkkk cute

Автор YURIY QAEYANG ( назад)

Автор Faiszal Ijal ( назад)
Saya suka lagu ni

Автор kautrum24 ( назад)
i love it...so cute...JR the best...

Автор Maylin Thao ( назад)
OMGOSH!!!! Hahahahahah!! I laugh so much because it looks like they are
saying like it's their voice. Over all I liked it(:

Автор Barbara Frazier ( назад)
the rapping sounds so epic in this video!

Автор Barbara Frazier ( назад)
cant handle... the cuteness of this!!!

Автор Barbara Frazier ( назад)
NU'EST FACE Chipmunk version!!! love it!!!!

Автор tudaica nguyenvantu ( назад)
bài này hay wá ầk mình am mộ bài này ầk

Автор XxRagnarxX ( назад)
JR <3<3<3<3

Автор Mandy Moore ( назад)
Every time I look at them trying to look manly...pshh chipmunk voice
activates cuteness

Автор Hieu Xuan ( назад)
I LOVE<3 <3<3 REN REN <3<3<3<3 REN REN

Автор ivory faye rico ( назад)
It is so funny..that NU'EST sang it so cool..but the CHIPMUNK VERSION is so

Автор LeikoXD ( назад)
EPICKIE! Kocham ten filmik C:

Автор giena alysa ( назад)
w0www,,the voice for JR it so awesome..!!!THUMBS UP....

Автор jojo ELF ( назад)
hehehehehe ren so cut

Автор Lelouch Lamperouge ( назад)
i named my dog after Ren <3

Автор Tim Genford Jensen (Genford) ( назад)
NU'EST - FACE (chipmunk version) HD

Автор Madison Webster ( назад)
omg lol 2:41 XD

Автор Jason Le ( назад)
reminds me of desk leaving

Автор Jason Le ( назад)
lol ren's voice at 1:42

Автор Jason Le ( назад)
lmao and lol

Автор MissKanon TOP (500 лет назад)
Theodore :D It did din't it~ :)

Автор UnbekannteRoyalGroup ( назад)
2:59 Baekho gave a new meaning to the phrase "reaching high notes" XD

Автор UnbekannteRoyalGroup ( назад)
Ren's voice sounds good in every version KEKEKEKEKE :D

Автор Jane Michelle ( назад)
Cute!! >.<

Автор Amirah Syahindah Suhaimi ( назад)
thanks... <3

Автор Ngọc Vân Nguyễn ( назад)
có giọng chipmunk vô thì hay

Автор bumbusy ( назад)
Ok, I'll upload it soon ^^

Автор Amirah Syahindah Suhaimi ( назад)
can you do super junior spy??? pliz... i hope that you can made it.. :)

Автор Nguyen Dung ( назад)
hay like 1 cai :((

Автор IAppy Cia ( назад)
I think Ren's voice sounded like Teodore(did I spelled it right?)

Автор Shikawa Alia ( назад)
Thank you!! <3

Автор NAZZIE26 ( назад)
ahahah the voice.. aron i just wanna hug you with that kinda of voice AHAHAH

Автор Dương Ngọc Trung ( назад)
giọng chưa giống chipmunck

Автор bumbusy ( назад)
It'd be fun to make but someone already made it ^^ /watch?v=_QzNQUCokmI

Автор Shikawa Alia ( назад)
Can you do EXO -K Mama...?

Автор Kimmy Phan ( назад)
Is it just me or does JR sound like Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks???
No, I think it's just me...

Автор fluffehcollie700 ( назад)
its so cute >.<

Автор thuan nguyen ( назад)
like like like like like like....

Автор Ameera Al-shareef ( назад)
مره سارت كيوت >3

Автор seob ren ( назад)
ahhhhhhhhh cute ><

Автор seob ren ( назад)
cute ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

Автор none9057 ( назад)

Автор Con Heo Mập ( назад)
aaaaaa Ren's voice=))) so cute=))))))))))))))0

Автор SHINee152 ( назад)
So cute^^

Автор xuan truc nguyen ( назад)
uj uj cute we jk^^"

Автор mark tuan ( назад)

Автор jasmins lim ( назад)
so cute......LOVE^^

Автор MrsAnimeFan2 ( назад)
haha, JR's rap is great^^ 2:41/2:42, aww =3

Автор Amanda Martinezerlla ( назад)
lol ren seems to match bhis voice

Автор Ocicat101 ( назад)

Автор Enchanted ( назад)
omg, Baekho's high note xD <3

Автор Rinny Lee ( назад)
LOL so cute~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! >V<

Автор thi kim hieu nguyen ( назад)

Автор Angelica Garcia (825 лет назад)
How Cute!! <3 <3 <3

Автор PPSyndrome ( назад)
XDD Best chipmunk video EVER! All their hotness just became super cuteness!

Автор Chan Lok Hang ( назад)
I laugh when Baekho said 'Wa!'

Автор Nhi Lùn ( назад)
bà mẹ ó, col tó dám hát dọng Ren z hã ...........đỉiiiiiiii x-(

Автор Mau ( назад)
Usually I don't laugh to chipmunk versions, but this was so damn funny XD

Автор Mingi Hyun ( назад)
Ren voice!! It cracked me out!! <3

Автор ciasa129 ( назад)
bad as in fierce.

Автор ciasa129 ( назад)
JR is one bad chipmunk....

Автор LOVEfreiheit95 ( назад)
THIS IS EFFING HILARIOUS :D :D i like this song :) and i like the band too
:) and i LOVE chipmunk :D

Автор 黃 馨儀 ( назад)
It's so cute

Автор Chii Kat ( назад)
cant help stop laughing lol :D

Автор MissSushi123 ( назад)
LOL i trololed when baekhyun was like 'argh,' After the dubstep and bridge
part LOL

Автор NoriKun38 ( назад)

Автор Jesslyn Yap ( назад)
omg. so funny!! I LOVE REN'S VOICE.

Автор Tùng Anh Nguyễn ( назад)

Автор Quan Doan ( назад)
So funny

Автор Anju Doan ( назад)

Автор Shin Young Ra ( назад)

Автор trangnhoxbuon ( назад)
soooooooo cute

Автор Caroline Muniz ( назад)
Ren's voice ~~ So cute ♥

Автор KpopFanGirlXxX00 ( назад)

Автор iLoveKaiEXO ( назад)
1:03 i started laughing at the "showmanship" part with his badass face xD

Автор Bobsuperbird1407 ( назад)
Rap =))

Автор NyappiCat ( назад)
OMG The badass rap at 1:03 was the cutest thing everrrrrr! :DDDD And Ren's
voice OMG :'DDD

Автор Chenny Nguyen ( назад)
haha.i like it very much

Автор Gió Tháng Hai ( назад)

Автор Bảo Uyên ( назад)
I Love You, Ren and Nu'est. I Love every body.

Автор bumbusy ( назад)
Then I use VideoPad Video Editor to combine the edited audio and video
together and that's pretty much it :)

Автор 임나연 Bae ( назад)
how do u edit the whole video anyway?

Автор 임나연 Bae ( назад)
u are so professional.

Автор transparent human. ( назад)
lol cutest song xxD

Автор bumbusy ( назад)
Hm I don't do anything special. I use Audacity to edit the soundtrack and
that's all :) It turns out like this ^^

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