Chev / GMC Misfire, poppet injector diagnosis, troubleshooting and replacement

http://www.wellsve.com/ This video demonstrates how to diagnose a sticky poppet injector utilizing scan tool and 5 gas techniques. The upper and lower intake are removed and replaced. The distributor cam sensor retard is re-synced using a scan tool. The re-sync also needs to be performed at times when a P0340 trouble code sets.

"The information presented in this program is based on a specific diagnostic case and might not directly apply to the vehicle you are repairing. We do not represent or warrant that the information presented is complete or error free. Please take all safety precautions. We disclaim any and all liability for losses, injuries or damages in connection with your repair."

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Автор Christian Helser ( назад)
how much will you charge to diagnose a missfire?

Автор Jose Vazquez ( назад)
I have Chevy Blazer 2001 125,000 miles with misfire problem, scanner gave
code P0341 Camshaft Position Sensor but i replace it and still the same
code and misfire also consume too much gas... it could be this problem you
specify in this video? HELP Please!!!

Автор longjock 1 ( назад)
i have a 1996 chevy s 10 it will not start unless i spray starting fluid in
the throttle body but once it starts it runs fine. ive changed fuel filter
fuel pump distributer rotar and cap plugs and wires cam sensor any ideas?

Автор Shawn Robison ( назад)
I need some major help. 98 s10 4.3, back fires while trying to start. VERY
hard to start. when it does start it is not driveable. new plugs new cap
and rotor new coil new module. tried a used computer and new cam sensor.
timing dead on. has a po300 and will cause the converter to turn red with a
few minutes if you do get it running. any ideas?

Автор mikemica711 ( назад)
Great video, super informative!

Автор keving52002 ( назад)
Lower intake leaks are common on all GM 4.3 Ltr engines .

Автор Finn Blu ( назад)

what about all of the carbon ?


Автор REKAIRBRUSH ( назад)
very informative thanks question I'm not getting any gas coming out if 1+2
I had done this exact gaskets but had ruff idle with misfires. I know have
the upper apart with the injectors exposed to figure out which was not
spraying. I have a new distributor,new wires and plugs I checked for fire
everything I'd working. so how do I test the individual injectors at the
spider near the pressure regulator?? thank you for your help 😀👍👍

Автор Chris Ortega ( назад)
great video well detailed and informative, keep making videos like this

Автор nextari ( назад)
Excellent video, Thank You! subbed. Was the RICH condition caused by LIM
Gasket failure?

Автор SkilledEddie ( назад)
When you replace the cam position sensor you just have to set the cam
retard offset again is that correct? Do you have to do anything when you
replace the crank position sensor? i have a 1997 chevy tahoe 5.7 with 200k
miles i want to replace the crank and cam position sensors.

Автор badazzone1 ( назад)
. The distributor cam sensor retard is re-synced using a scan tool. this
sentence says it all. if a chevy vortec 4.3, 5.0, 5.7 engine is misfiring
the cam sensor is the first thing to check and or replace. i done enough of
them i could puke.

Автор mike richardson ( назад)
Best video ever, bless you sir

Автор Tiffany Shaw ( назад)
ok i need some help about mt 03 chev.suburban an when i cut it off my gas
tank makes a pop sound. why is that?

Автор Desert Nights ( назад)
HELP!! Great video!! I have a 2000 Chevy Astro van 4.6 Vortec and there is
a little coolant getting into the oil ( Not much) but when I did an oil
change it dripped green and came out separately from the oil and not mixed
like froth traditionally, however there are no signs of a blown head
gasket.. It runs perfect (Idles a little rough and sometimes takes off in
drive from a stop when I don't depress the gas pedal for a second) but
never overheats, plugs are dry and compression is 142-150 in all
cylinders.. Whats going on and is coolant squeaking in from the intake
manifold to the oil perhaps and just needs lower intake gaskets???? yikes

Автор axlsegar jovi ( назад)
by far, the most helpful video for me. thanks for posting, markjhicks

Автор Melody leeann Remedies ( назад)
my names ryan i got a 1996 gmc sle and when i accelerate itvmissfires
unless i step on the gas it want stop until about 40mph then i park it came
out the next morning and it missfired really bad and the rpms would go up
but the speed would build really really slow and now it want even start it
will try to but it want only if i put gas on the air filter and then only
for a breif moment sombody help me i have no clue whats wrong

Автор Blingadera Artisans ( назад)
Thanks for the message. I really enjoyed your detailed explanation. I love
not just fixing something, but understanding how it fits into the big
picture too. I have a downed 96 Chevy Tahoe with a 5.7 liter engine. It's
fine until I have to brake. Then it won't see the gears. I have to pull
over, restart and it sees the gears again just fine....until I have to
brake again. I have been down for over a year now and I was wondering what
your recommendations would be. I have 2 lines dropping down out of the
brake fluid box, so I can imagine its a brake pressure reset thing, but I'm
just guessing. It seems to me there is no signal getting to the computer
that I have let off the brake and that I am now excelerating. That's just
this 1 gramma's guess. As a diy kinda gal with no tools. I'd like to be
able to at least sound intelligent or at least like I've been trying, when
my friend comes over to help...Thanks so much. 

Автор Nathan Lorenzen ( назад)
I've got a misfire as well. originally it was cyl. 3, now it's 4. replaced
catalytic, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, maf sensor, cleaned fuel system, new
fuel filter, don't really want to have to change head gaskets...

Автор urnightmareism ( назад)
Mark. I have a 99 chevy astro I did a full tune up and was working good
later on it starts misfire, so I did the scan and got the PO300 and TPS so
I changed that TPS and its when away, but it now its back. well car start
normal no misfire but once it start running about 20 mph it stars jumping
and loose power. what could the problem be? I already change TPS 2 times
goes away and came back with the same problem.

Автор Steve Pribyl ( назад)
Mark, I tried to adjust the distributor to 0 deg but only able to get set
at -7 deg which had been at -12 deg, but this appears to be the problem
causing the misfires. That when I loosened and turned the distributor
clockwise it set the cam retard to more neg degree and I got misfires
counts similar as when the MIL light set. So I take that the timing chain
is perhaps worn. That I will likely have to remove distributor and grind
the hold down hole so I can get the cam retard setting to 0 deg. Thanks for
your respond and help. This will help me to look at other 4.3L GM vehicles
like this before doing repairs. 

Автор Steve Pribyl ( назад)
Thank you for the advice and I will try the grind hole and reset the cam
timing retard value to 0 deg.

Автор Ma'at Reigns Don't Get It Twisted ( назад)
Great info! I've had the rotor, cap, distributor, ignition coil, spider
injector, full tranny overhaul, something?intake replaced, vacuum leaks
were undetected and spark plugs/wires were fine, yet my '96 Chevy Suburban
still kicks out P0300. I'm getting extremely poor fuel mileage :/ and my
engine sounds like its running rough. All the cars pass me by unless I
press the gas more than usual which results in the rpm revving up high but
seem to go nowhere as far as speed is concerned. What could this be? The
mechanics seem to can't figure this mystery out! Does any of this sound
familiar to you Mark?

Автор Steve Pribyl ( назад)
Question about the Cam Retard resetting to 0 deg, how is this done have
scan tool and showing values of -12 to -13 deg? I have done a replacement
of the Injector unit, has been running fine till now. Now getting Misfires
on all cylinders, the worst in the 3 & 4, then the 2 & 5 is the next,
finally the 1 & 6 cyl is the least. Checking the Cap and Rotor, plus
Distributor wear. It appears ok, had replaced before the Injector unit
change and drove the vehicle for awhile. Any ideas?

Автор Hugo Calderon ( назад)
How do you change a camshaft sensor on a 96 chevy s10 4.3L Do you have to
take the distributor out...

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Yes, we did. Thanks for mentioning it. It is very important to note, I
missed it in the production. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор Chris Chiampo ( назад)
Did You Use The Updated MPI Spider on This Repair ? 12500000 Thumbs Up 

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Thank you! Your comment means a lot to us! Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Thank you for the kind words! We take a lot of pride in the work we
produce, we are humbled by your words. Takce Care, Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Have you checked it for vacuum leaks? If it seems to have started after
work was performed, you have to start there and make sure it was done
right. A defective fuel pressure regulator on your vehicle is also common
to cause this issue. Stay in touch! Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор igikpak1 ( назад)
Awesome video. I have had a persistent P300 multiple random misfire code
with my 97 Yukon 5.7 liter. SES light on, not blinking. Replaced plugs,
wires, cap and rotor several times. Misfire continues. Got really bad on a
trip last winter, and SES light flashed on acceleration. Now, also get rear
cat efficiency low error code. The misfire seemed to have started about 2
years ago after replacing upper intake manifold gasket. Any

Автор 170324341a ( назад)
I replaced both O2 sensors now. I didn't get your message till after they
were replaced. But the LTFT is typically at -1.6%, both banks, at idle.
Under load, it goes up to +6 - 7.xx%. This is AFTER the new AC Delco
sensors. Do these numbers seem normal to you? I will be filling up with gas
as soon as I get about a 100 miles in.

Автор 170324341a ( назад)
I went ahead and purchased two AC Delco O2 sensors. Does it matter that my
short term fuel trims at closed loop read close to zero? Does that at all
indicate that o2 sensors are good? Or can they still be bad even if the
fuel trims are normal? Always appreciate your condierate replies! Thank

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Good news! As far as the O2s, how is the vehicle overall running, any lack
of power, misfire etc. If this seems to be OK front O2s are known to get
lazy and don't set a code right away. You might want to check for any
pending codes. Changing the front O2s is not a bad dart to throw, if you
don't have the equipment to test them. Let me know, Mark Hicks Wells
Vehicle Electronics

Автор 170324341a ( назад)
Hi again. It's been 2 months since I upgraded the fuel injection system to
the MPFI spider and did the intake gaskets. All's good as far as that goes,
but I'm still getting about 13-14 mpgs city on stock size tires and 3.43
gear ratio, whereas the advertised MPG for city is about 17 mpg. My MPGs
don't go above 15mpg no matter how I drive. Tailpipe and the air box are
returned to stock. I'd like to do the upstream o2 sensors but I have
feeling that won't improve anything. Should I do the o2 ?

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Ed thank you for the professional comment. If someone wants to do it by the
book, they should follow your advise. However, when distributors were
adjustable how were they positioned on the engine? Part of the tune up
process was to set the timing. Not because the distributor moved, it was
because of the extra movement in the timing chain and gear correlation, cam
and distributor gear and distributor bushings. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle

Автор ed miller ( назад)
to properly adjust the base timing on this you need to do so with a
professional scan tool to reflash your pc with an update which you have to
take to your local dealer to do so. by making any other adjustments like
loggating the base plate you can cause cross fires and all sorts of stuff 

Автор ed miller ( назад)
ok far as the distributor goes gm designed it to be a non adjustable setup.
if you are out of time and its showing up odds are your engine has a lot of
miles on it like 120,000 or so. in this case your timing chain has probably
stretched and has some free slap in it. motor all data usually recommends
replacement of most timing chains and belts around 60,000. your distributor
is directly gear drivin by the cam which is directly driven by the crank
via your timing chain so dont short cut replaceit

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot to us! Mark Hicks Wells
Vehicle Electronics

Автор Ivon Vries ( назад)
Now that was a good video thanks

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Not sure what scan tool you have the may call cam retard by different
names. But yes it is probably the same. The distributor should turn if the
hold down bolt is removed. Sometimes they are stuck. I suggest spraying
some penetrate around the base and leaving it soak for a while and try it
again. 35 degrees is a lot to be off. It might indicate a problem with the
distributor or timing chain. Please let me know. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle

Автор Betsy Rissolo ( назад)
Is cam retard the same as spark advance? On my (decent, not pro) scanner
the live data showed -35 at 13-1500rpm. I tried to turn the dist. a touch
to see the effect, but can't turn it, yes, I loosened the bolt holding it.
I can remove it, but not turn it...Any help is appreciated! or email me
directly is fine

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Check the cam retard offset. It should be between -7 and +7 degrees. If it
is outside of this range, adjust the distributor timing by grinding the
hold down hole . Put a vacuum gauge on it and make sure it holds steady. If
the compression is near equal to other cylinders, chances are you have an
injector issue. Best to replace the entire spider system with updated
injectors. Sorry ... I didn't design it! Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle
Electronics Take Care, Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор Betsy Rissolo ( назад)
Hi Mark, I have a mis on #1 cyl as well, 96 Blazer 4.3. Have done the
maintenance items, plugs, wires, dist cap and rotor. FP runs and holds at
about 58 by my gauge. If it were a 'normal' set up I would swap injectors
with another cyl to see if my miss moves. Is this possible with this set up
or any other suggestions are appreciated.

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
I am in Fond du Lac Wisconsin. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор Cedthea2013 ( назад)
where are you located Im in NJ???

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
If you have anti-freeze or fuel in the oil and you start the engine it is
going travel through the bearing ports ... not a good for furture
lubrication. Always drain the oil before you start the engine after any
major work. IF you want to then let it warm up and change the oil again it
would not be a bad thing. Congrats on tackling a tough job! Please let
everyone know how it turns out, Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics 

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Because of the HC, Co and Co2 readings it appeared to be running rich. We
didn't need to check fuel pressure, we just needed to confirm it was not
the computer holding the injector open. We confirmed this with the noid
light. But you are right another way to check it is by checking for
pressure leak down. Great question! Thank you, Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle

Автор 170324341a ( назад)
Hi again. Today I got done with the spider injector upgrade to MPFI. I also
did the lower intake gaskets. I did a good job covering the valley and such
from debris while doing the work. How soon after I get everything back
together should I do the oil change? Why shouldn't I run it for a few
minutes before I do the oil change? Thanks. Here's hoping the spider
change/upgrade restores/improves the truck's mpg. I hope it runs without

Автор george536 ( назад)
how did you guys know the injectors were leaking other than high HC and CO
readings? was it also not holding pressure when the car was off?

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Hello, Check the distributor cap first, then the fuel pressure. Keep in
touch, sorry for the slow reply, Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор Javier Rodriguez ( назад)
Sorry, my astro van the engine is 4.3 L V6 1995

Автор Javier Rodriguez ( назад)
Hi Mr Mark,I am writing from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thanks for your reply, I do
really appreciate the time you have taken to write to me. I have an Astro
van 1995 3.4L Engine that recently broke down on me. I was driving it on
the highway and suddenly started to loose power and the engine went dead. I
tried to start it again and had no success, the engine wouldn't stay in
idle and when I pushed the gas pedal some explosions started to happen and
loud noises from the exhaust. Any advice?

Автор Ghost ( назад)
Thanks.. Personal message me please, im limited to a phone for internet
currently, and I cant send a pm.

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
It is common for a leaking fuel pressure regulator or injector to cause
this on your vehicle. Check for about 55-57 PSI fuel pressure at idle.
Check for a leaking fuel pressure regulator. Check for washing inside the
plenum. You will have to take the intake manifold off. First check for any
signs of fuel smell. Check for a leaking fuel injector line. Let me know.
The MAF is also common. But you will usually get a code. Mark Hicks Wells
Vehicle Electronics

Автор 170324341a ( назад)
Hi thanks for the reply. It's a 2001 Chevy S10 2WD PU with the 4.3 motor,
3.42 gear ratio. When I first got it it was averaging about 15-16mpg city
and combined. And was at about 24mpg pure highway. But sometime after I had
cut out the stock, direct fit muffler and installed the glasspack, I'd been
getting 12-13 mpg city/combined. I'm not sure if it's the colder weather,
the new all terrain tires or a combination of all these things. No CEL, my
rough idle - truck starts/runs fine. Yet awful MPG.

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
The fix was that the injector(s) were leaking. The gaskets needed replacing
because of the anti-freeze leak. The first thing to check on your vehicle
for poor fuel economy are the O2 sensors. What is the year, make, model of
your vehicle? Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор 170324341a ( назад)
In this video, you fix a poor fuel economy probllem. But what was the
essential part of what you do in the video here that fixed the bad fuel
economy? The truck has gaskets that need to be replaced and misfires. What
was the source of the misfires? Vacuum leak from the gaskets? I fixed the
random misfire (distributor gear) on my truck, but I get 13 mpgs on the
4.3l engine and don't know why. Could it be the 2 1/2 inlet/outlet
glasspack on my truck?

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
First take a look at the bottom of the sensor. If it has been hitting the
crankshaft trigger wheel, there are shims available to move it away
slightly. The only way to relearn is with a scan tool, this is the next
step. If it can not be relearned, you could have excessive crankshaft run
out or a timing chain issue. Please stay in touch to help everyone learn.
Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор 8power0 ( назад)

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
You bet it could! Certainly, if the trigger wheel is connected to it. the
only way to be certain is to watch the triggers with a labscope. I suggest
watching the crank and cam sensor signals at the same time. taking note of
any deviation. watching them together will give you a point of reference.
You could also use an injector trigger to do it. What kind of vehicle are
you talking about? Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор 170324341a ( назад)
Mark, can a bad harmonic balancer cause a false detection of a misfire? I
get the random misfire code, but no driveability problems. but the outer
ring of the harmonic balancer is separated from the balancer so that I can
spin it. could something like that cause enough vibration to simulate a
misfire for the crank sensor? great video, btw! engine diagnosis,
emissions, performance, and ignition, are where car repair and expertise
are truly interesting. 

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Thank you for the kind words. they mean a lot to us! Mark Hicks Wells
Vehicle Electronics

Автор Andrew Conley ( назад)
This is an excellent video. Good work.

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Excellent news! Happy endings are always a good thing. Ring me anytime,
Take care my friend, Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор MrWSCP10 ( назад)
Well Mark that whole high flow filter being oiled and it running onto the
MAF is a real deal problem. But I also suspect the throttle bodies rear
post nut was actually not torqued down and it was allowing a vacuum leak as
when I went to take it off early this morning it was already hand tightened
loose. Cleaned the MAF, installed the stock filter box and made sure the
upper manifold and TBI was fully seated and went to test and it runs great
again. Thanks Mark this wont be the last of me! 

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Sounds good let me know what happens. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор MrWSCP10 ( назад)
Yeeaaaah pretty much.. Started the day after with some weird idle dropping
and later on with the codes. I am going to clean it with the MAF cleaner
after I get it back together here in a bit

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
It sure can, in fact I was just having this discussion with my techs last
Friday. Is this when you started experiencing problems? Mark Hicks Wells
Vehicle Electronics

Автор MrWSCP10 ( назад)
t I am going to vacuum test the truck once I get everything together, I
will post up results when I find out the reading. Also could a plugged
catalytic converter or 2 be causing my Rich Fuel codes?

Автор MrWSCP10 ( назад)
Mark, It was not "really" just sorta cleaner than the front and middle
area. Today I pulled the whole system out and did a ether cleaning on
everything including pulling out the pressure Reg and cleaning it. While
the upper plenum was off I re attached the fuel lines and pressurized the
system finding absolutely no leaks. :( On a side note I did put a K&N
filter on the truck about a week ago and have heard the oils can mess up
the MAF reading. Can this be true? Re assembling the intake tonigh 

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Sorry it took me so long to reply. you said the rear area is really clean.
This means that is where the leak is and because the pressure regulator is
there it is most likely leaking. Remember, gasoline is a very good
detergent. Yes you can pressurize it and see what you get. But i am
thinking you found the problem. Let me know Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle

Автор MrWSCP10 ( назад)
This truck must have had the Injectors replaced already Can I email you so
i can give you a full description and some photos?

Автор MrWSCP10 ( назад)
I opened up the valley and looked for puddles, found 2 but they are a black
contaminated liquid smelling of oil or fuel and grim mixture. and not in
the immediate valley. The rear most area is really clean where as the front
has carbon covering most of it. What tests can I do while I have this taken
apart? Should I hook up the fuel lines and test the pressure again? Also on
a good note the Injectors have been replaced with the new model that has
sleeves over the hoses and wires at the Inj..

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
It is my pleasure to help all i can. Just take a look you will know right
away if something is leaking. In fact if you have a good nose you will
notice a raw fuel smell before you get the intake off.. Mark Hicks Wells
Vehicle Electronics

Автор MrWSCP10 ( назад)
Ill do some snooping around today and remove the upper intake plenum, let
me know if I should try anything else while I am in there. Thank you for
your time Mark!

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
The spec for fuel pressure on your vehicle is 60 - 66 PSI. It bothers me
because you are not reaching the value. I still think it is worth your time
to remove the top of the intake and inspect the valley for signs of fuel.
If the pressure regulator is leaking you will see the area below it all
washed clean. Let me know, Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics 

Автор MrWSCP10 ( назад)
Alright Mark, I hooked up the PSI gauge and screwed it onto the shrader
valve behind the intake and got a instant 50PSI reading. I relieved the
pressure started the engine and got a bouncy 55psi with a peak jump to 60
when shut off then quickly returning to 54 resting. No more of a drop than
that in 15 minutes of examination. 

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Sounds good ... it is my pleasure! Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор MrWSCP10 ( назад)
Mark I am going to have a Fuel pressure gauge by tonight, I will post up
the results as soon as I find out. Thank you for your time and helping me

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
1. Install a fuel pressure gauge, and after engine is shut off, is the fuel
pressure bleeding down? 2. If pressure is bleeding down, remove the upper
intake plenum and check for a leaking fuel pressure regulator. Very common
to cause this issue. Please let me know the results of your testing. Mark
Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор MrWSCP10 ( назад)
2000 Chevrolet Silverado, 4.3L Vortec and a code P0175 and occasional
P0172. 160,000 Service miles including alot of cold and hot starts. Brett
Thank you Mark 

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
It could be an injector sticking. But first give me the year, make model,
engine size and what code is being set. I will check it out and give you
the most probable causes. Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор MrWSCP10 ( назад)
Hello I am hoping I can get a lead on where to start with my Vortec v6 and
a too rich Bank 2 coming up after every code reset. I have been looking
around everywhere and im pretty stuck on this idea of doing what this video
explains. All kinds of black on the tailpipe, runs like doo doo and fuel
seems to vanish. Please help! 

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
Very good Rich! Job well Done! Thanks for the update. Take Care my friend!
Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор rich jania ( назад)
thanks for your help mark!!! 

Автор rich jania ( назад)
Hey its rich so now my blazer runs good what i did was made a tester for
the spider injectors an test all 6 of them and come to find out all 6 were
clicking so i thought they were good so i pulled out the #6 poppet injector
out ( with the upper intake off ) put the fuel lines back on turned the
ignition to the on position let the fuel system get some pressure then
tested #6 and when it was clicking no fuel came out so i cleaned it and now
it sprays fuel put it all back together runs way better 

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics (604 года назад)
It sounds like the injector is stuck open or have a piece of grit holding
it open. But there is still a possibility you have a compression problem. I
would first put a compression gauge on it and check to see how that
cylinder measures to the other two on the same side. Let me know what you
find, Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор rich jania ( назад)
I have a 97 blazer 4x4 4.3 did a lower intake gasket replacement put every
thing back the way i took it apart i market every thing to line it all back
up. now i have a misfire on cyl #6 i have spark at the distributor and at
the end of the spark plug wire. put new ac delco plugs in and still has a
misfire. so im thinking its a fuel problem but i know i had a lil peace of
grease/oil chunk wedged on the lip of the intake valve so maybe its not
closing all the way and making me lose compression??? 

Автор paul obrien ( назад)
i have a 2001 chevy s10 4x4 i had a misfire on it and i replaced all the
spark plugs wires disturbitor cap rotary button and ignition coil and it
sill have a misfire and the check enine light blinks so i thank it is the
Fuel Injectors

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
@DFergyferg Thank you for the feedback, it really does mean a lot to us!
Take Care, Mark Hicks Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор Devon Ferguson ( назад)
I have a 1999 Chevy Suburban 454 7.4L Vortec. This video was extremely
helpful, thank you!

Автор Elricck ( назад)
blah bla bla blah blah

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
@66bubbaray Ok if it has spark it means the Crank sensor is working. If you
spray carb cleaner of starting fluid into the intake will it start? If it
does it means it is lacking fuel. If the fuel pressure is good like you
said, the next is to check the quality of the fuel. If that looks good the
next is to check the injector circuit. the intake will have to come off to
do this. Let me know the results and I will help you from there, Mark Hicks
Wells Vehicle Electronics

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
@66bubbaray The first thing I would do is check for spark and fuel
pressure. When you get these results let me know. You can also call me on
our tech line 1-800-558-9770 from 7 am to 7 pm CST. Mark Hicks Wells
Vehicle Electronics

Автор HOTRODRICO ( назад)

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics (826 лет назад)
@JockyTy I am sorry I would like to help you but i truly am not a
drivetrain expert. If I were to guess i would think it is something in the
sync between the front hubs and the transfer case. Mark

Автор Ty Bigos ( назад)
@markjhicks thank you ill try the carb cleaner later today. The only other
problem im having is this look up the video "CHEVY BLAZER LS 4X4 WHEEL
NOISE 50-70 MPH" ????? i cant figure out what is causing this. if i put it
in 4 hi it goes away please let me know what you think

Автор Ty Bigos ( назад)
@markjhicks Thank you so much, ive been having non stop problems with my
blazer and just want it to run strong again. ill try the carb cleaner later

Автор Wells Vehicle Electronics ( назад)
@JockyTy An Intake manifold leak is common on your vehicle. Could this
cause a P0300? Yes! If you do not have a smoke machine, try spraying carb
cleaner around the intake while the engine is idling. If the RPMs change
due to the addition of the carb cleaner around the intake it means you have
a leak. Good Luck Let me know if you have any further questions. Mark Hicks
Wells Vehicle Electronics

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