Euro truck simulator - CAR MODS

Hummer LINK : http://www.filefront.com/13941959/Hummer_Euro_Truck_Simulatr.rar

Mercedes Link : http://www.edisk.cz/stahni/27873/mercedesS600.rar_772.4KB.html


Просмотров: 140142
Длительность: 1:10
Комментарии: 78

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Автор jordster002 ( назад)
Can you use this on UKTS?

Автор qni getov ( назад)
is this working on ETS 2?

Автор nclayborne6 ( назад)

Автор Nour El Rouby (2008 лет назад)
how to selct the hummer mod please answer i installed the mod how can i
select it from game ? please answer meee ! thanks

Автор FeerNanDo (1735 лет назад)
Musica ?

Автор Erick SILVA DUARTE ( назад)
porra naum da para baixar o hummer da um jeito ai

Автор Thibeau Coens ( назад)
** how do you do that **

Автор Thibeau Coens ( назад)
Jow di you do that ?

Автор MrSake555 ( назад)
link for hummer dont work,link for mercedes:i dont know that langue

Автор QSuperGaming ( назад)
Name music PLZ!!!!!

Автор 903tommy ( назад)
@WindowsMaster1985 I guess it's because mods are cool :P

Автор RAP1073 ( назад)
i love ths hummer its cool to drive it!

Автор yFlannigan Black ( назад)
this song is cut out from eminem we made you or whitout me

Автор harrygoozee ( назад)
merc needs interior

Автор dip123 ( назад)
how do you put in the mods? :)

Автор JintySteam ( назад)
what the driving seat like? please reply

Автор aymen naji ( назад)
gracias tio

Автор aymen naji ( назад)
gracias tio

Автор Arheloh ( назад)
yea, but check out first preson camera, its styed same, like a truck xD

Автор TheIserlohn123 ( назад)
how to install pls reply

Автор TheIserlohn123 (1455 лет назад)
nice nice nice over nice nice car...........im gonna subscribe this because
i love the music the car the link and the download

Автор MsYatii ( назад)
Ok when i go to the bar at the top and i right click on downlaod file all
it does is load up the page again and dosen't downlaod it and that for the
hummer one

Автор Frederick Mackillop ( назад)
how did u get it to work

Автор Piki FunÇãO ( назад)
A vai se fude só e sua mae \o/

Автор harrygoozee ( назад)
@Dombajezakon dont know

Автор Dominik Lojna ( назад)
how to install it

Автор DDFDriver ( назад)
I have a question this mods substitutes the trucks?

Автор TheJoaomoreira ( назад)
how can i put this on euro truck?

Автор Colonel Sanders ( назад)
eminem uses that tune in just lose it! thumbs up

Автор Giovanni Cury Fazio ( назад)
@marcos15410 vai se fude.

Автор Piki FunÇãO ( назад)
@gifazio nigga what the name of Musia? The video owner has the name to

Автор Mikkarh ( назад)
it works :D thanks just copy the scs file into ets mod folder :D

Автор MC Green ( назад)
DrunkenMunky - E The E is from Emin3m? Oh ye nice vid.

Автор Piki FunÇãO ( назад)
Man I can not find the name of the song on Google and Youtube as I do? help
me please: (

Автор Fabian Fuchs ( назад)
und wie solll mann dan imm spiel einHammer bekommen? und wo muss das
heruntergeladene nun hin?muss man das irget wo einfügen? oder was?

Автор XxBenii ( назад)
@marcos15410 This is the Song name (: /watch?v=aT8Ih5k4G94&feature=related

Автор Piki FunÇãO ( назад)
Blz mano ? Qual é esta musica ai ? BRASIL Blz mano? What is this song

Автор JoNniixD ( назад)
@SUBSCRlE its ets you damn noob you are o stupid look at the things on top
on the right

Автор SUBSCRlE ( назад)

Автор محمود الشامي ( назад)
how can i add it in my Game ?

Автор laraschell ( назад)
UNd von drinnen ??? were nett weiß nemlich nitt ob ich dem dowenloden soll
oder nitt wegen dem innenraum -_- trotzdem danke

Автор magikarp6789 ( назад)
@kingdreakagazaking it has a tidgy windscreen.

Автор magikarp6789 ( назад)
i wnt mercedes but u have 2 pay and i don't like pay! plz another link (and
it's in czhec so had to download google toolbar).

Автор tylerboy565 ( назад)
Where do I put the mods when i'm done?

Автор ydorb99 ( назад)
how do you add and use the mods?

Автор matt coxhead ( назад)
whats the song called?

Автор pyramyde1 ( назад)
only 2?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u wasted 1:09 minutes of my life and i want them back!

Автор daantje best ( назад)
ehhh... and the inside?

Автор kennoll wilson ( назад)
hummer is frikin AWESOME

Автор maxybbg ( назад)
But it drives like truck, not like car??

Автор iCokePlayer ( назад)

Автор wwe349 ( назад)
How do you do left and right indicators

Автор Giuseppe i ( назад)
I have the mod

Автор Jimmy Luong ( назад)
how do you get cars

Автор nassem yousef ( назад)
doesnt work

Автор bogdan555100 ( назад)
how do you place it in the game???

Автор undergroundpainters ( назад)
how u can?

Автор Tamas Szocs ( назад)
it works, thanks, super

Автор Athlon ( назад)
sam jesteś żalem jokerkill323

Автор thotLucy ( назад)
how to get them?

Автор Povilas Narbutas ( назад)
not work!!!!

Автор wwandal_design ( назад)
DrunkenMunky - E

Автор Giovanni Cury Fazio ( назад)
Name music PLZ!!!!!

Автор MM Inc. ( назад)
wtf how u can drive a car answer ASAP pls

Автор wwandal_design ( назад)
only in hummer ! :)

Автор killerdavesullo ( назад)
To get to it in garage. it replaces trucks.

Автор killerdavesullo ( назад)
Go into your documents, then put it in your Mods folder.

Автор samm hunter ( назад)
same i have pllz help

Автор samm hunter ( назад)
how do u do this plzzzz

Автор MozzaGamer ( назад)
i jsut found it on a youtube

Автор Andrius Kelmelis ( назад)
thanks mate!! worked for me!!! 10/10 :)

Автор MozzaGamer ( назад)

Автор wwandal_design ( назад)
Would you links!

Автор killerdavesullo ( назад)
how do i get to my car mods

Автор Ronny Bechter (1362 года назад)
cool, cars in ets! never see bevor! 5up!!!

Автор wwandal_design ( назад)
DrunkenMunky - E

Автор philip3372 ( назад)
Song name?

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