9mm Norinco Model 213 - Tokarev Clone

Review of China's facsimile production of the famous Russian Tokarev handgun. Includes close ups, and shooting; including POV. This gun belongs to a friend, therefore it will be the only video I produce for the Norinco 213.

Although not mentioned in the video, I believe the 9mm model can be converted to 7.62 x 25 mm. Video here:


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Автор Joe Etriyard ( назад)
Hi !
Did you test the 7.62x25 mm, what's your opinion ?
And i like yours long range (200 yards) videos : M1 Carabine, SKS, 1911...
but i didn't find a video when you try with a 9x19 mm, maybe you will do
that with the Browning Hi-power for example, i'm surprised an interesting
character like you doesn't have a BHP...
Thanks by advance

Автор Francisco Alegria ( назад)
why just 8 bullets?

Автор Francisco Alegria ( назад)
its that a good gun?

Автор Francisco Alegria ( назад)
its thatca good gun?

Автор james isaac ( назад)
where do I get magazine for it? Having a hard time finding one,,,,

Автор Michael Shapiro ( назад)
TokaREV. rev - Rev - REV.....VROOOM!

Автор らら ( назад)

Автор RoGuExPaNcAkE ( назад)
reliable or no?

Автор Lee CA ( назад)
Not sure if this is true, I heard Chinese Police & Military still use this
particular gun despite new handguns available on the market.

Автор zhou li ( назад)
so good,but this not my gun.

Автор Sasha Vladimirovic ( назад)
If you want to waste some money just go get one ! Zastava M57 rules !

Автор Chris Lowry ( назад)
I paid 250 dollars for mine. I have the chrome plated one

Автор Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum ( назад)
Type 54(TT33) is actually licensed I think. Like the type 56(AK47/SKS)and
53(Mosin Nagant). It was back then, when China had good relationship with
the USSR.

Автор alex trujillo ( назад)
My dad had a Chinese made type 54 he found and brought home from Nam as a
war trophy. Exept it was never called a "type" 54 the name of it was chicom

Автор Pablo Valdez ( назад)
Hey john carter ll do you have mags for that norinco

Автор John Carter II ( назад)
I just picked one up for 200 with 3 mags and a holster. Gotta love when
people need to get rid of stuff.

Автор CFFirearmReviews ( назад)
Lol $200 gun if only it were still that...

Автор BigHotDuckies ( назад)
Just Picked up a Norinco Model 213 Stainless Sportsarms for 125 bucks today

Автор JASepichunter ( назад)
I got one not long ago. But it seems when I rack the slide the hammer will
slip back and I can't fire it.

Автор Kody Tillema ( назад)
So is that 2000 round service life for real? 

Автор Beatlesfanize ( назад)
I have had this model for 21 years ,Great gun, Fires Nice and Disassembles
easy for cleaning,Very good gun. 

Автор tarstakars ( назад)
I've had a norinco tokerev auto pistol in 7.62x25 for around 30 years now
and I am way over the 2000 round count at this point and I mean wayyy over.
And lot of folks talk about their barrels being pitted which seems strange
to me as mine was new in the box and had a hard chromed barrel it looks the
same as the day I bought it. P.s. hope yourmhealth is better.

Автор Gregory Taplin (1503 года назад)
I just bought a 213 from a friend today. It seems to be in wonderful shape,
however, the sighting is way, way off. At about 50 ft. or slightly less
than 20 yards, the shots were generally 2-3 feet too high (yes, we were
aiming correctly). We missed the target for all 8 rounds in both clips and
was putting holes through the fence at eye level when the target was on the
ground. It looks like a fixed rear sight...is there anyway to adjust ?
Thanks tn

Автор Joey P ( назад)
Too bad it's not in 7.62x25. Nice pistol tho!! Thanks for the video and the

Автор Ammo Man ( назад)
2000 round service life? wtf? LOL
that qualifies as a disposable

Автор MrZcruzer ( назад)
it looks to have similarities to the 1911 by design. 

Автор Genecio Morales ( назад)

Автор MrJmak223 ( назад)
Does the gun use the same magazines as the 7.62x25mm Tokarev does?

Автор dragdragon23 ( назад)
I have a 213 too, It may not be top notch, got two spare mags. Now when I
take it out for a shot out, On all three mags the slide would lock back on
the third or forth round fired! Too bad for that, Cause I like the slim
line for conceal carry!

Автор ‫علي عباس‬‎ ( назад)
توكاريف فري كود

Автор Nat Hamilton ( назад)
4:38 you can see all those bullets bounce off the target! Pretty darn cool.
Great vid. 

Автор Ash ( назад)
the new versions sold here in the Philippines have a matte finish and has
hogue grips.

Автор jodopeg ( назад)
why would anyone want a crudely made rip off of the Browning design that
wears out after about 2K rounds....? (junk)

Автор Stanley Buck ( назад)
The Norinco Tokarev clones came in several different qualities and styles.
I've owned at least 9 of them. The one in your video is one of the lessor
quality ones made for the American market, or so it seems. The fit and
finish on some rivals that of other fine handguns. Some look like
Tokegypts, with the characteristic grips, etc. I have never owned one of
the Norinco Tokarev clones as rough as the one in your illustration. Thanks
for posting that video; I found it interesting.

Автор drumavenger83 ( назад)
you can get mags at cdnninvestments

Автор TenThirty-Two ( назад)
Dude, where the hell can I find mags for my 213 Tok?

Автор Soap Price ( назад)
I pretty much.

Автор Nelson Benitez ( назад)
2000 rds is WAAAAY low this is a typo. this is a tough gun even though the
finish is not the best, it is all steel! things made in china are crappy i
agree but they make some nice firearm copies! for example AK variants...
probably the best AK you can find 

Автор MrRamazanLale2 ( назад)

Автор Jamala Whittaker ( назад)
What size ammo do it take in caliber? ?

Автор Old Grumpy ( назад)
I do not much about this guns but what I see quality of this gun I would
not use for CHL if you looking good gun and price is reasonable with
accurate go with Tristar C100 you can get it like 330$ at the Academy

Автор Dana Whitfield ( назад)
I have this gun, I got in the late 1980's and have fired it a few times. I
feel that the spring in the gun it too strong. It take a lot of force to
chamber the first round. I also find the triger hard/tight. Do you think
putting a lighter spring in the gun, polishing the slide and frame and
getting a triger job would be worth the effort? I was thinking of using it
as my CHL gun. What do you think? Thanks

Автор charles martin ( назад)
get some fine emermy cloth and just play with it .rub it down .take some
time with it. its not a high dollar gun but its a ggod gun if you take care
of it. 2,000 round life that's a good deal for a 150.00 dollar gun. don't
you think????

Автор Del Corbett ( назад)
Zastava M70A, new production clone of a clone(of a clone?) in 9mm. It can
be had for about $240 online.

Автор LordHarHar ( назад)
I'm okay with this Chinese gun. We have two of them. They are legitimate
products of Russian-Chinese deals and not unauthorized copies but are a
little crude. The older pistols were much more rough than what was made
more recently. Polishing was needed.

Автор Reece Rodriguez ( назад)
I have the same gun and i really can use more info on it do you mind ??

Автор gumball moon ( назад)
what is the price of this pistol

Автор 469Shooter ( назад)
Great video. Thanks to your video I just bought a brand new M70D Serbian
version of this gun. Much better machining and build quality. Love that it
shoots the 9 mil cartridge too. Shoots and handles very well. Very happy
with my $200.00 purchase.

Автор Ray Lustig ( назад)
This is a pretty old model. Is it still in production, or only surplus?

Автор Trajanowski Rifleworks ( назад)
Just don't worry, it will get better, you won't be dissapointed. Very good
review also :)

Автор Kuo Zhao ( назад)
Sadly, in my country, mobs use type 54 a lot..it is illegal and honestly a
very serious crime to have a fire arm in China. Although strictly
restricted,some mobs can still get one with 10,000RMB or so, or 2000
dollars..as I heard 

Автор Rick Edwards ( назад)
My Norinco is deadly accurate, I had a cop friend of mine shoot it at about
30 feet and in 14 rounds he was within 2" on all of them. My Norinco is
absolutely sweet. It has low recoil, it is also rated as the best "cheap"
handgun on the planet for price, recoil, CC, and accuracy. It was tested
against major brands like SW and Colt and beat them for best buy.

Автор Rick Edwards ( назад)
It is definitely easier to pull the slide back if you cock pull the hammer
back, however you can do it, it is just very stiff. Try it using more
force..it can be done. It isn't much harder to do than a P11 by Kel Tec.

Автор atomiccat2002 ( назад)
I'll take my hi-point, shoot straight and reliably also has a life time
guarantee and cheaper

Автор Beatlesfanize ( назад)
I have one just like this one same model,,Question do you know how to find
the year made, in the serial number mine starts with 619XXX thank you 

Автор hallis1 ( назад)
The quality aside I think the rarity of these makes them worth having. I
bought one a while back just to keep in my collection and I thought it a
good investment considering I wouldn't have to stock another odd caliber.
But I plan on picking up a Romanian or other model in 7.62x25 as well. Only
functional differences prior to import are the barrel, mag, and a magwell
shim as the 9x19 magazine is thinner front to back to accommodate the
shorter cartridge. 

Автор chrismc410 ( назад)
Given the choice between a Norinco or a Jennings, Raven, Jimenez, Davis,
Cobra or a Hi Point, I'll take the Norinco since the Tokarev platform is a
proven design. Many years ago, had to make that choice and buying more
popular brands at the time was not an option and I needed a weapon and
saving due to bills and rent was not possible either. Hackage it may have
been but it shot straight and reliabily. You can't say the same for the
above brands. 

Автор fleetwood tusk ( назад)
Thought U were going to show how to field strip?????

Автор Rosyl Mohametano ( назад)
i have NP 34 and NP44 Norinco. Not bad guns and very reliable. i fired this
M213 by my friend and its true, no failure after 500 rounds except dud
ammo. Cheaper than dirt but good gun. Proud to say that its made in Fucking

Автор Rick Edwards ( назад)
Actually, have you ever tried to cock the slide on a Kel Tec P11..it is a
tough one...On the 213A I don't mind having to pull back the hammer it
makes it so easy to chamber the round. I also "like" the safety and the
"half cock" mechanism on the gun. It is handy when you want to UN-cock the
gun. If the gun is cocked and the hammer is all the way back, and you are
holding it with your thumb, then pull the trigger, let the trigger go, the
hammer goes to the half cock position, Plus the accuracy! 

Автор brando92711 ( назад)
I own one of these as well but i have one gripe. I have to manually cock
the hammer before i can pull the slide back. Do you have this problem? Not
a big deal.. just annoying. 

Автор b_-|-_d ( назад)
Fuck the chinky hack norinco shit... I don't support cheap china ripoff
hackage. Fuck your future comments.

Автор Rick Edwards ( назад)
I have a 213A Norinco with a double stack magazine. I only had one magazine
but found that I could engineer a Browning Hi Cap mag to fit by brazing a
small piece of metal around the top of the magazine locking notch. I really
like mine. The difference is my Norinco was machined very nicely inside and
out. I wish I could find another one. I paid $225.00 for the one I have and
now with 3 magazines I wouldn't take five-hundred bucks for it...my sights
are also a bit better.

Автор Thunkful2 ( назад)
Thanks a lot for the demo

Автор Thunkful2 ( назад)
Shooting tests are more significant when there is something to penetrate,
even if wet phone books or wood.

Автор Thunkful2 ( назад)
Someone claimed that the Chinese model was stronger & more able to handle
the most powerful rounds. Is that true?

Автор Thunkful2 ( назад)
Do you consider the macaroni gun worthy of consideration?

Автор MAURY GIMMICK ( назад)
Meant soviet lol

Автор MAURY GIMMICK ( назад)
What about the makarov?you missed a whole era of soviat handguns

Автор SmokeyThe Bear ( назад)
Is it possible to swap some of the parts from this to a tokarev TTC model?
Like barrel and mags to convert 7.62x25 to 9mm?

Автор Anthony Browning ( назад)
Look for any TT33 disassembly video.

Автор sempernarc ( назад)
@supergunsnstuff, are those mags the ones that kept jamming? Or we're those
something else

Автор alan brown ( назад)
the czechs load their ammo to 1,600 fps,russians load commercial ammo to
1,700fps,so you look at it that way,then It might wear out quickly.

Автор alan brown ( назад)
the rating was for the tokarev cartridge-7.62 x 25 a corrosive round loaded
to 1,450fps,the 9mm is a lot milder averaging about 1,000 fps.

Автор RElover22 ( назад)
can it handle +p ammo?

Автор Armeria GB Verrina ( назад)
*comes with free surface rust.

Автор TheGatewoodj ( назад)
so how do you break it down ?

Автор SuperGunsnstuff ( назад)
Regular TT33 recoil spring work in these and help retain reliability. If
you need mags zastava M88 mags will fit these and are of higher quality
than the original chinese mags.

Автор SuperGunsnstuff ( назад)
I have Two one looks like its has been shot more than most old guns I have
seen. I shoot mine better then I shoot my glocks. Does that mean they are
more accurate then glocks? NO but they come close and I suck at shooting my
glock! They are a little finnicky but with lots of care and good ammo and
mags they run like AKs. 

Автор OCTOOZZY ( назад)
C'mon guys how many Chinese manuals are perfect with no typos? It's
probably 20000 rounds.

Автор Mr. Mars Experience ( назад)
ya iv been playing with it and cleaning it and it seems pretty great, im
gonna get new grips, a compensator, and a modern holster for carry, i have
a regular battle holster for when i wanna dress up like a russian lol ;P i
have a full uniform and a mosin XD 

Автор Kennie Montano ( назад)

Автор franklin strain ( назад)
Well done review. thanks

Автор Mr. Mars Experience ( назад)
i really do actually !! havent shot it yet though, but got a holster and
rig for it (made the russian rig myself) but its on lay away and i havent
picked it up yet but i will soon the mags are pretty easy to find too lol

Автор Mr. Mars Experience ( назад)
how does it handle and shot? i literally just bought one an hour ago lol 

Автор ‫غَداً أجمل‬‎ ( назад)
عندي مثلة مين يشترية يا عرب وياعجم

Автор alan brown ( назад)
Norinco is Chinese.Second I saw the Tokarev in Desert Storm it is a descent
pistol.Like I sid earlier stick to softair pistols,your ignorance shows
everytime you open your mouth...

Автор alan brown ( назад)
Thats because its a loose copy of the 1911 and has a Star trigger,the
rotating barrel was from another pistol maker...

Автор alan brown ( назад)
Shows how much you know,stick to soft air,you will never look stupid...

Автор Hazehellivo ( назад)
Rare to see a "Made in China" product not made of plastic and works.

Автор Di Comm ( назад)
I have one and I love it.

Автор theseakite2 ( назад)
I got all excited and thought one of these might be a fun piece to own, but
that service life of 2000 rounds? No way. It does look cool though.

Автор BigMek456 ( назад)
well, the original is russian manufactured. it IS more reliable, but those
chinese copies arent as well manufactured as the russian originals.

Автор blowupuate13 ( назад)
is the original variant that bad??? I always thought the tokarev was a very
reliability pistol.

Автор davkaya ( назад)
That is a real piece of junk. A waste of money and worths, I think, 2
dollars. It's good just as a paperweight.

Автор BigMek456 ( назад)
its a CHINESE pistol

Автор blowupuate13 ( назад)
Service life sucks

Автор Ctserber2237 ( назад)
Aesthetically and internally it's very similar to a 1903, but in absolutely
no way a copy. The mechanism features several unique innovations of
Tokerav. A good comparison would be the Makarov to the Walther PPK. It
might look very, very similar aesthetically, but the actual mechanism is
very unique to the designer. 

Автор Baserocklove ( назад)
My buddy has one of those, god i hate that thing.

Автор Alan Wasson ( назад)
@firewoodguy2009 Norinco did have its flops..some of their guns were prety
good tho

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