9mm Norinco Model 213 - Tokarev Clone

Review of China's facsimile production of the famous Russian Tokarev handgun. Includes close ups, and shooting; including POV. This gun belongs to a friend, therefore it will be the only video I produce for the Norinco 213.

Although not mentioned in the video, I believe the 9mm model can be converted to 7.62 x 25 mm. Video here:


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Автор dragdragon23 (2 месяца)
I have a 213 too, It may not be top notch, got two spare mags. Now when I
take it out for a shot out, On all three mags the slide would lock back on
the third or forth round fired! Too bad for that, Cause I like the slim
line for conceal carry!

Автор Nat Hamilton (5 месяцев)
4:38 you can see all those bullets bounce off the target! Pretty darn cool.
Great vid. 

Автор MrJtaylor444 (2 года)
talk about your pieces o crap

Автор Dana Whitfield (10 месяцев)
I have this gun, I got in the late 1980's and have fired it a few times. I
feel that the spring in the gun it too strong. It take a lot of force to
chamber the first round. I also find the triger hard/tight. Do you think
putting a lighter spring in the gun, polishing the slide and frame and
getting a triger job would be worth the effort? I was thinking of using it
as my CHL gun. What do you think? Thanks

Автор drumavenger83 (8 месяцев)
you can get mags at cdnninvestments

Автор Rick Edwards (1 год)
My Norinco is deadly accurate, I had a cop friend of mine shoot it at about
30 feet and in 14 rounds he was within 2" on all of them. My Norinco is
absolutely sweet. It has low recoil, it is also rated as the best "cheap"
handgun on the planet for price, recoil, CC, and accuracy. It was tested
against major brands like SW and Colt and beat them for best buy.

Автор HiCapacity (2 года)
I think the white paint on the front fight is factory. Mine has it too

Автор sadeyedangel (8 месяцев)
Dude, where the hell can I find mags for my 213 Tok?

Автор MrRamazanLale2 (9 месяцев)

Автор SmokeyThe Bear (1 год)
Is it possible to swap some of the parts from this to a tokarev TTC model?
Like barrel and mags to convert 7.62x25 to 9mm?

Автор texastitansyahoocom (3 года)
that take down is very similar to a 1911

Автор rdjhardy (3 года)
@bobsolla No original TT-30 or TT-33 were made with manual safeties and as
they've not been made since the '40s it unlikely to feature on any Tokarev.
Also US import laws don't apply as the USSR never marketed the TT-33 in the

Автор coveredinblood1111 (2 года)
You can thank Clinton for banning import of Chinese weapons back in the
90s. Now, Chinese weapons which were once cheap have steadily gone up in
value because no more are being imported. I would say in another 30 years
they will probably be very valuable.

Автор HLebooks (2 года)
Just a few words to tell you that an interesting downloadable ebook on this
model (technical and historic aspects) is available at HLebooks.com.

Автор Makingnewnamesisdumb (3 года)
It's it funny how the government can't handle us buying chinese weapons but
insists that we buy nothing but chinese goods in our department stores
because they don't want to produce anything for a reasonable price.

Автор abdul qadir (2 года)
i have the same in 7.62x25

Автор DDRGIR (2 года)
there really shitty guns im sorry

Автор baserocklove (2 года)
My buddy has one of those, god i hate that thing.

Автор Eddie Hayes (3 года)
I got one and have shot nothing but NATO 9mm through it, alot more than
2000 rounds, maybe they mis-print and its 20,000 rounds? No trouble so far.
It will jam if it is really dirty, thats why I got it for 60 bucks off of a
guy that never cleaned it. I keep it clean and it shoots great.

Автор Dirty McCurdy (1 год)
The Zastava made Toks are much better

Автор theseakite2 (2 года)
I got all excited and thought one of these might be a fun piece to own, but
that service life of 2000 rounds? No way. It does look cool though.

Автор hallis1 (2 года)
As of my last little trip online you can pick these up for just slightly
north of $200. If you want a Polish or Romanian version (in 7.62x25) then
Classic Arms (dot) us has some really nice looking examples in stock for

Автор Trajanowski Rifleworks (1 год)
Just don't worry, it will get better, you won't be dissapointed. Very good
review also :)

Автор Ritchie Mars (2 года)
I've had a Norinco 213 for over 10 years now and while I wouldn't consider
it a adequate carry gun, it is certainly reliable. At one point, i even
made the mistake of firing some L7A1 submachine gun rounds through it. I
didn't realize what I had until I fired the first few shots and was
confused as to why I felt like I was firing my .357 Magnum! The gun
survived that somehow and has worked fine ever since. It's an ergonomic
nightmare, but a decent gun for the money when you can find one.

Автор Nelson Benitez (8 месяцев)
2000 rds is WAAAAY low this is a typo. this is a tough gun even though the
finish is not the best, it is all steel! things made in china are crappy i
agree but they make some nice firearm copies! for example AK variants...
probably the best AK you can find

Автор Thunkful2 (1 год)
Do you consider the macaroni gun worthy of consideration?

Автор bigotes831 (1 год)
Fucken firme

Автор Jeenyus1983 (3 года)
Thank you John Moses Browning! Great design! lol....joking...good
vid...excellent info and history!

Автор chinesecowards (2 года)
This video a big liar . Russian or Chinese never can make any guns . . Both
of them can even make the Steel . .how make the gun . Who can against me
..go a head !

Автор 116thgreyhound (2 года)
Quick and dirty machining is par for the course when dealing with Chinese
weapons. Your better off with Russian or Eastern European weapons, they are
always higher quality. There are conversion kits out there for the European
TT's to be converted to 9x19. Most surplus pistols in 9x19 can fire hallow
point very well.

Автор Gloomshadow1 (2 года)
@chrismc410 exactly..the Tok was used successfully in WWII, Korea, veitnam,
Gulf War I..and many others, how could you go wrong?

Автор jntroisi (2 года)
Sweet. Picking up my 1950 Tokarev TT-33 tomorrow

Автор OMie Ginah (10 месяцев)
I do not much about this guns but what I see quality of this gun I would
not use for CHL if you looking good gun and price is reasonable with
accurate go with Tristar C100 you can get it like 330$ at the Academy

Автор tnoutdoors9 (1 год)
It's a little rough and accuracy isn't the best. I'm speaking relative to
the sessions for the video, it was a borrowed gun.

Автор Thunkful2 (1 год)
Someone claimed that the Chinese model was stronger & more able to handle
the most powerful rounds. Is that true?

Автор Nick53106 (2 года)
okay, i took out the magazine, so its completely empty...i pulled the
entire thing back and the hammer has stayed in the cocked position...how do
i reset it?

Автор chinesecowards (2 года)
Bye FCC "Fucking" faggot !

Автор GhostRider033 (2 года)
Barrel is in good shape but target is not in right place

Автор Gloomshadow1 (3 года)
@Ryu1283 yeah, the Tok was never intended for HPs or 9mm for that
matter..it was intended for 762Tok..bottle necked cartridge..it doesnt have
the feed ramp angle you need for HPs..

Автор charles martin (11 месяцев)
get some fine emermy cloth and just play with it .rub it down .take some
time with it. its not a high dollar gun but its a ggod gun if you take care
of it. 2,000 round life that's a good deal for a 150.00 dollar gun. don't
you think????

Автор davkaya (2 года)
That is a real piece of junk. A waste of money and worths, I think, 2
dollars. It's good just as a paperweight.

Автор Armeria GB Verrina (1 год)
*comes with free surface rust.

Автор bigdogbuc (2 года)
I had one of these once. It was a great gun. I miss my Norinco 1911.
Apparently our relationship with China has improved since everything we buy
is from their, so I think they should bring Norinco back....

Автор CanadianPrepper1911 (1 год)
They stopped importation of Norincos because Norinco was planning on
importing a bunch of illegal firearms into the US.

Автор polotone25 (3 года)
i shot 1 of these guns 2 days ago i like it alot its just so hand size and
light wight i love it.

Автор 762x51n8o (3 года)
@waseem1173 Is it imported or non-import? Non-imports are the originals,
with no added on import safeties. They usually run $400-600 for ones not
even in that great of condition.

Автор Rick Edwards (1 год)
I have a 213A Norinco with a double stack magazine. I only had one magazine
but found that I could engineer a Browning Hi Cap mag to fit by brazing a
small piece of metal around the top of the magazine locking notch. I really
like mine. The difference is my Norinco was machined very nicely inside and
out. I wish I could find another one. I paid $225.00 for the one I have and
now with 3 magazines I wouldn't take five-hundred bucks for it...my sights
are also a bit better.

Автор MrFryguy001 (3 года)
I know of a dude who works at a gun shop who owns one of these though it's
in 7.62x25 and I believe it's romanian or russian and he has shot about
5,000 rounds through his and it's still goin.

Автор ThroatSlitta (3 года)
2000rounds before a piece break like firing pin, recoil spring, extractor?
or 2000rounds and the gun is done?

Автор Mr. Mars Experience (1 год)
i really do actually !! havent shot it yet though, but got a holster and
rig for it (made the russian rig myself) but its on lay away and i havent
picked it up yet but i will soon the mags are pretty easy to find too lol

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