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Автор Hefty Alan ( назад)
One point about foreigners is that they can be very transient. I know one
company who got rid of most of the British workforce in favour of Poles but
then the Poles started to leave for home around 2012 and at a similar time
and caused problems whereas the company I worked for had one or two but
when both left it was easy to replace and no damage to manufacturing.
Employers should think about the disadvantages of employing a mainly
foreign workforce. Always keep most of your workers of home origin to avoid
such problems.

Автор Hefty Alan ( назад)
Stupid comment by Priti Patel doing down UK workers

Автор Anthony Cole ( назад)
I used to teach this fellas children in primary school.....give him a
fuckin job......ya traitors...

Автор mectron63 ( назад)
greedy fucking employers who pay peanuts and allow whoever to work for them
to live like shit,I was made redundant 10 months ago and I have worked
temporarily at certain companies and I do get fucked of the way brits are
described as lazy and will not do the jobs that eastern europeans will
do,whoever comes out with this bollocks are talking absolute shite believe
me us brits are not fucking lazy,perhaps some are but not all.

Автор Adam Barker ( назад)
I'm 45 years old and have never been unemployed. Maybe i've just been lucky
but i believe a lot of English people have it easy and claim benefits when
they should get of of their fucking lazy backsides and find a job.

Автор Bernard Landymore ( назад)
Cheap labor, why do you think blair imported them all.

Автор Kev A ( назад)
what i am wondering is why so many employers including govt. select people
who don't speak proper english etc. shouldn't they show loyalty to their
own citizens first?

Автор Kev A ( назад)
it would help if rich couples who can afford to decide that just one of
them will do a job. There are many families where they can afford it if
only one partner does a job. Many women especially say they are doing jobs
only because they are bored at home. is this fair to people who desperately
need jobs? where are the morals in this?

Автор James Phillips ( назад)
bullshit, im white british and have been nothing but loyal and dedicated to
any job i took, i worked on a grubby building site as brickies labourer,
shit pay but never took a day off in the 9 months i had work there, it is
RASCIST and BIGOTED to lump ALL white british into this catoegry of lazy
and self entitled, it fucking makes me cry in desperation all i ever had in
the 7 years i left school is fucking shitty temporary low paid agency work
i hated and was at times hard to get to but not once did i complain, only
when it ended, i WANT to work. somehow people are fucking brainwashed into
believeing only black people are affected by racism, fuck no, we are
getting hung out to dry all the time, hardworking white british arnt
getting jobs because poorer EU folk take less and muslims take cash in
hand, al i can get is fucking UNPAID WORK EXPERIENCE
"""""""""MIGHT""""""""""" lead to a job just like anyone MIGHT win the
fucking lottery, bullshit. british jobs for BRITSH HARDWORKING people, like
me, i jump on the oppurtunity of a job providing i can get to it, cant
evern afford a driver license. the employers are fucking corrupt the only
way forward is to star own business

Автор Simon iDJ Davis ( назад)
(some) English people are lazy and can't be bothered with certain jobs.FACT
so don't complain when someone else gets the jobs because your too lazy to
get up out of bed early in the morning on a cold winter's day.... manual
jobs too good for the likes of English people apparently...

Автор Mad Drivers101 (Maddrivers101) ( назад)
any from the EU can come over so come over its all free we will pay

Автор 00Xander00 ( назад)
Where do they get their statistics from? This is right wing propaganda.
When I go to a shop and buy something, or go to a restaurant. I don't get
served 92% of the time by an immigrant. It's a silly extreme sky-high
But it is true that the government/system/culture is unempathic towards the
jobless, working class and young people. In return the people react...
negatively. The government piss people off from a young age in brain
development using 'schools': A lack of human rights, fascist school
uniform, no freedoms, mandatory curriculum, superficially and condescending
judgments, no questioning or personality allowed, ect. by the time they are
a young adult, they are left negative with no (real) information of how the
system works (ignorant). (Unless they come from a successful family, where
they have the psychological advantage of staying more positive than the
rest and go to uni).
The older people get, the less motivated they are to learn new things, more
depressed they become, the more cynical they view the world and the empathy
is lost all together. The right wing politicians take of advantage of this
social condition... Just to gain more votes in elections.
Right wing politicians use immigrants as a deterrent because they know
right wing politics are the ones who destroyed and are still destroying
Britain... and they are nothing new or revolutionary... Just very old,
traditional and fascist. Right wing politics don't belong in 2016.
The poisonous thing is that the society justify their cynical views of the
world to the young (who still have potential), calling it 'maturing'.
Immigrants don't know how bad our government is, they still have a positive
outlook cos they didn't go through the British process of
oppression>boredom>depression, and that is unbalanced cos people in Britain
are negative and don't feel like wanting to go to work whereas immigrants
will tend to be more optimistic and have more work ethic.
But it isn't the immigrants fault. They should be optimistic, but so should
everyone else. This imbalance isn't the fault of immigration, it's the
fault of right wing politicians who try to mold their voters early on in
childhood and into adulthood... and get away with it... with a lot of
money... your money.

Автор patricia carlisle (217 лет назад)
If the British would completely cut off all the immigrants benefits, they
would leave!!

Автор OMAR ( назад)
Priti Patel she is talking nonsense the Conservative MP.

Автор robert l ( назад)
I work in child care, the amount of fucking immigrants Made it hard for me
to get a job! What makes it even more insulting, when most these fucking
foreigners can't speak proper English . Not good for the kids . Go back to
your fucking country and stop taking our fucking jobs

Автор tracey Pace ( назад)
j san or j sanitary towel

Автор Adrian Bingham ( назад)
But how many of those jobs would haven been left unfilled had the European
immigrants had not been there to do them? They're not necessarily taking
your job unless turnip picking and packing is what you had in mind.

Автор Last Comment ( назад)
again, what were you thinking what will happen, your father and grandfather
stole everything from those emigrants, they came to get the wealth back,
they will suck you dry and leave you for dead just like your ancestors did
it with them, if you are born British you deserve every second of it and
guess what, it is not even close to the end, it will end when you got
nothing left so you can make your own fortune this time from the start out
of what you got on that island , you know , the way it should of been with
out an empire raping the whole world, every country had to deal with it and
you are not different, Spain is shit, Portugal is shit , Italy is shit ,
France is close to be done and you are being close to the end too, if
history told us anything that every empire will get what they dished out a
1000 times worst ................... you are welcome , we will send more
and more

Автор ismael hassan ( назад)
This shit make laughing . We have many English people in our Arabs country
f****g no one of them without job they get very higher payment and
everything is free for them big house, cars and even security gard we never
say to them u ar foreigners . If was an English man I never do job less
than £15 .what ever I go to study for years but only good wages will make
me happy

Автор Joseph RT ( назад)
This is the biggest lie I have Master degree and 9 other degree with no job
in UK because I am foreigner. and job centre is the biggest lie in UK ,
after one year, they will send you to work programme who ask someone has
PHd. to work as cleaner, where people quit the job centre. contact me if
you need more info.

Автор Cliff Smith ( назад)
It is interesting it is the Russia Today channel who raise this
controversial English topic. You'd think with Russia's putrid president
they'd have enough on criticising Russia. That said I can see the putrid
left are criticising the comments of poor Englishmen. Well they should
realise that it is only by voting Conservative or UKIP and not Labour that
they will get any satisfaction.

Автор BJFA ( назад)
Big lie no one hire immigrants in Britain

Автор me1648 ( назад)
I see ww3 just around the corner

Автор SAJ ALI ( назад)
ive been begging for work interview after interview all so a non qualified
polish jew "eternal victims" non English speaking knodding cunt can
subversively take over all industrial jobs!
and we spend our money here They take it to Poland and use this place like
a pilfering pot

Автор kieran james ( назад)
who wrote this the BNP and UKIP ? hahaahahaha

Автор National Socialist ( назад)
The time is coming, watch. Just watch.

Автор Diego Alejandro Cabrera ( назад)
Brian Pegado, the only sensible man commenting down below. Give him a round
of applause !!! At least, somebody devotes some time to do some

Автор MsPardaillan ( назад)
So, when will you question employers politics instead of bullying employees
and unemployed people ?

Автор gavloft ( назад)
Maybe all the British should emmigrate to Poland and we can swop countries.

Автор 47kingss ( назад)
Some emmigrants that creates factories and other business tend to hire
friends that are unemployed in their countries and they should not do that
they should have hire people that live in UK, and the problem is that the
British don't want low paid jobs, but that's not only a British problem in
my country some natives don't want the low paid jobs and so the emmigrants
fill these gaps, and when British say the emmigrants wants to claim
benefits como to my country we don't give benefits until you work at least
a year or two to have some benefits. 

Автор Andrew Raslan ( назад)
Nice but that's false. Employers preferentially hire Brits over non-Brits.
Numbers show this. Attitudes show this. The desire to re-legalize
employment and workplace discrimination shows this. The fact that the
immigrants who do get jobs are *invariably* underpaid, overqualified and
have to send out far more applications on average shows this.

Автор DaveyDave ( назад)
Dhey took err jeeeerbs!

Автор Pascalis Claudius Lotinggi ( назад)
What types of jobs go to immigrants?

Автор Rico Adventura ( назад)
Stop being such a worthless idiot if a person who does not speak English
and has no clue about cvs,computers,and salesmanship can take a job from
you you really need to examine your spending habits and intelligence.you
cant live in a first class economy and expect not to compete.put your head
down think of an idea and do it if not GO TO their countries and compete.

Автор Zoomb ( назад)
i want go england. i will work sell carpet from my van. who will buy me van
i should ask job centre

Автор Bryan Pegado ( назад)
Very misleading segment...

Let's break down some figures. First of all UK's total population is 64
million. Now Wiki says in 2011 there were 7.5 million immigrants in the UK
roughly 12% of the total population.

If 7.5 million make up 90% of the work force in the UK then that means
there are roughly 8.3 million jobs available in the whole of the UK. 800
000 jobs for Britons.

64 - 7.5= 56.5 million

56.5 - 0.8= 55.7 million

This segment would have us believe the are around 55.7 million Britons in
the UK without a job.

Obviously, this figure doesn't represent people who able and willing to
work but even after retracting those who are too young, the elderly or all
those who are simply unable. It would still mean over half of the
population in the UK are unemployed.

This is simply not true.

Автор bittasweet symphony ( назад)
the world is fucked when the oil finally ends, england is under attack by
foreign devils.
im english and i cant even get volunteering work, they keep just enough of
us working so we dont all get together and stand up for england.
it drives me mad seeing so many immigrants here driving flash fuel guzzlers
and running all the industry estates.

Автор LivingInTheMadhouse ( назад)
UK Immigration Barristers understands that Brussels are offering UK
companies up to £1,000 in cash ‘bribes’ to employ foreign nationals.

Following a statement from business Minister, Matthew Hancock, which stated
that British companies ‘have a duty to employ Britons’, UK Immigration
Barristers has learned of an EU ‘incentive’ that could explain why UK
companies favour foreign nationals over ‘native’ Britons when it comes to
filling job vacancies.
Under EU law, UK businesses can recruit up to 20 foreign employees per year
and as an added ‘bonus’ Brussels will offer to pay up to £1,000, in cash,
for companies that hire foreign workers from within the EU.

In addition to company ‘bribes’, the EU is also offering thousands of young
people cash payments of £1,000 and upwards to take a job in the UK as part
of the European Commission ‘initiative’.

According to reports, British businesses employing non-UK employees are
entitled to a payment from Brussels totalling approximately £870 for each
EU citizen that they hire. The EU claims that the money is provided to
businesses to cover ‘expenses’ .
The scheme is run in collaboration with all UK Job Centres.
Unemployed youngsters from EU nations could also qualify for a grant of
£260 should they secure a job interview in the UK. A further £870 is
granted should they succeed in securing employment in Britain. The EU
claims that this additional grant is to cover the cost of relocating to the
Recent figures show that over 800,000 jobs, based in Britain, are being
advertised via the scheme, which represents more than 50% of the total
across Europe.
The EU ‘initiative’ has been exposed at a time when over half of all UK
vacancies are filled by foreign workers.
In a statement from UK Immigration Barristers, they said: “It’s unclear how
many people have taken advantage of the scheme, what we are aware of though
is that a UKIP source has stated that the EU is basically bribing British
firms to recruit foreign nationals.”
Comments made by UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, stated: “The initiative was
‘utterly reprehensible’ at a time when youth unemployment in this country
stands at nearly one million. With two and a half million people unemployed
in the UK, of which 958,000 are under 25, every job vacancy counts.”
He added: “Yet here we have the EU, which we already grossly overfund,
advertising our jobs to people outside the UK and even giving them the
upper hand by offering financial support to get interviews here and move
here. We are essentially paying the EU to give away British jobs.”
Known as EURES, the EU initiative was launched in 2012.


Автор muhammad jalil ( назад)
if its true which i dont agree. wht do uk ppl eat if 92% job go to

Автор GuitarzPlanet101 ( назад)
Britain is getting worse, over 90% of jobs been taken by immigrants, its
not right, our men and soldiers fought to defend Britain from all this and
now they are being disrespected by mistreating what they fought for. We
have BRITS homeless and Immigrants with big houses and flash cars NOT

Автор Phen0mable ( назад)
I'm Polish living in UK since 2006 and never worked for NM.. I was offered
many times I always laughed ... 

Автор Promote Equality ( назад)

La la, la la la la la na na na na na,
La la na na, la la la la la na na na na na

Hush, don't speak
When you spit your venom, keep it shut I hate it
When you hiss and preach
About your new messiah 'cause your theories catch fire

I can't find your silver lining
I don't mean to judge
But when you read your speech, it's tiring
Enough is enough

I'm covering my ears like a kid
When your words mean nothing, I go la la la
I'm turning up the volume when you speak
'Cause if my heart can't stop it,
I find a way to block it, I go
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La la na na, la la la la la na na na na na,
La la na na, la la la la la na na na na na,

I'm covering my ears like a kid
When your words mean nothing, I go la la la
I'm turning up the volume when you speak
'Cause if my heart can't stop it,
I find a way to block it, I go

I'm covering my ears like a kid
When your words mean nothing, I go la la la
I'm turning up the volume when you speak
'Cause if my heart can't stop it,
I find a way to block it, I go
La la, la la la la la na na na na na
La la na na, la la la la la na na na na na
La la na na, la la la la la na na na na na
La la na na, la la la la la na na na na na

Автор Promote Equality ( назад)
When you spit your venom, keep it shut I hate it.When you hiss and
preach.About your new messiah 'cause your theories catch fire.I can't find
your silver lining I don't mean to judge.But when you read your speech,
it's tiring.Enough is enough

Автор Promote Equality ( назад)
''Throughout human existence the latter has involved a spectrum of
variants, from slavery (with stigmatisation of the slaves as "subhuman"),
to caste or caste-like systems, to subtler forms of inequality.''

The truth :

92% of british choose to live on benefits = how to feed them? = 92%
hardworking people from abroad.

Obesity are caused by a person eating more calories than they burn off...

You choose:

1)Hard physical work (it is work done with any of the muscles and bones of
the body)

2)People from abroad

3)Global equality

Автор TheCuntDestroyer (929 лет назад)
British people aren't lazy, that's a lie set up by the establishment to
fuck anyone over who's working class, sadly both the left and right seem to
believe it.

Автор dannyb6565 ( назад)
we should have let hitler take care of these subhuman creatures

Автор Abigail Bragginton ( назад)
My dad is in this video his Jamie Bragginton

Автор Eduard Norton ( назад)
i did more than 400 applications in 3 months.. no job yet... this is UK

Автор prof1066 ( назад)
Having spent years visiting companies all over UK where polish and many
other nationals have been employed in large numbers I can say that it is a
myth put around by employers to say they work harder. I have witnessed the
fact that many from abroard are no better than british workers and quite
alot are worse and do not work to the same standard, but companies employ
them on mass contracts, the food industry in many cases, swap nationalities
every few years, for example one company I used to visit had people from
portugal for a couple of years then russians , then polish.
Some companies have eastern europeans highering staff, so UK workers do not
stand a chance to get a job.Some one I know works for NHS they had a member
of staff join who could not read english, but was sighning paperwork to
pass equipment in NHS, How do these people get employed????.
Many skilled people I know with good skills cannot get jobs because they
are over 45, companies would rather employ a young immigrant who can
pretend they have all the qualifications but who checks, I suspect that if
you checked up on these peoples qualifications about 30% are bogus, in the
mean time skilled british workers are put on the scrap heap.

Автор Pogo LePogo ( назад)
You are fucking twat for saying;
“The problem is the British people have become lazy and need to be forced
in to taking these jobs”

Are you serious?
You a complete ignorant arsehole fuelling the Government propaganda.
Propaganda that allows them to get away with treating people inhumanly.
This isn’t Pakistan or fucking Nigeria, this is Britain! Just because you
are British and expect a reasonable wage for a reasonable days work doesn’t
make you lazy. They are not Lazy… they are just against slavery you fucking
Not everyone unemployed and British are like the poor examples deliberately
chosen to represent the unemployed on TV programmes such as Benefit Street
or those poor people chosen to represent the ‘working class’ on Jeremy Kyle
(or whatever the cunts name is).
You search, I search, we search. The immigrants work hard because the
alternative for THEM … IS their own SHIT country.
Tories love immigrants because they keep the wages low for the ordinary
worker. The more unemployed and the more people needing employment… Result
= shite wages. Slavery.

Автор rusty car ( назад)
Isn't there another term for forced labour!!!!! 

Автор truth ( назад)
Benefits for the world paid for by the British hardworking taxpayers

Автор truth ( назад)
Our governments are betraying us Brits 

Автор Daryll Moto ( назад)
17 immigrants dont like this video

Автор steve2708 ( назад)
Why dont us true brits do something about this???Have we not forgot the war
were our fathers fought?My kids are fighting in schools cause theres to
many immigrants in there!!!I cant find work cause some fucking immigrant
has said he will take less pay!!! i live in a council flat and they live
better than i do!!!

Автор Darren Clarke ( назад)
I live alone and have to pay my rent, council tax utility bill's on my own.
Immigrants nine times out of ten share a flat with five or more and split
the cost so minimum wage is ok they have loads left over were as I have
nothing left.

Автор Kelborn Xx ( назад)
I'm British and I'm willing to do these low paid jobs that some people are
"too proud to do". But they don't get advertised a lot of the time. There
is a new factory in my town and the firm didn't advertise jobs, instead
they already brought in foreign labour. They shorted this out months before
the factory opened.
I'm not anti-immigrant, but why should people in my town, who already live
here and who are highly skilled, miss out on work that we are more than
qualified for?
Migration ministers/experts have also admitted that a lot of migrants send
their wages to their families back home, so not only are British jobs taken
by non-British, but the money earned isn't even being put back into the
I have no problem with migrants coming here to work if they are more
skilled or more qualified for the job than a British citizen, but I do have
a problem with companies/firms employing them purely for cheap labour which
ultimately damages the middle and working classes and only the top 1%
And also let me squash this ridiculous lie about not wanting to work being
a "lifestyle choice". Pay peanuts get monkeys. People don't want to spend
their whole lives working for buttons. They don't see the point and many of
them are depressed this isn't a choice. Sure some people are lazy and don't
want to work, but this blame culture and putting other people down isn't
going to magically solves job problems.
It is a complete myth that British people are lazy, British people are very
hard working and produce the best quality in every industry from factory
floors to sound engineers. You look at top Hollywood films or American TV
shows, they are all filmed in London with a lot of British actors starring
in them. Most of the technicians, producers and post-production crew are
British. Big companies and foreign businesses come here because we have the
best workers in the world. But quality costs money and small/medium sized
UK businesses can't afford these workers so they recruit foreign workers
for more than half the cost and nearly always fail in the end. I know this
is true because I know people who own small businesses. 

Автор Jeorney ( назад)
They get the jobs before they arrive. Skilled, unskilled and higher. I'm
a unemployed graduate, but a Polish CDG advisor literally agreed "If there
is a job cleaning the floor with a tooth brush" Take the job. Hard to
believe these were once our allies in WW2.

Автор JCSglobaI ( назад)
JESUS CHRIST IS GOD, that's clear. He said: I and the Father are one. Seek

Автор matt dawson ( назад)
Foreign nationals are taking jobs because they work incredibly hard and are
willing to do the work that the British unemployed feel to proud to do. To
the majority of foreign nationals living on the welfare state is an
embarrassment, but many British born citizens choose it as a lifestyle

Автор TheEuphony69 ( назад)
Foreign national work extremely hard and they appreciate having a job
unlike native British pigs who feel entitled with out any qualification.
These welfare queens keep complaining when they are living of taxes paid by

Автор MarchToFreedom ( назад)
As in the vast majority.. yes. "the purge" as you call it was simply
getting rid of the few traitors to protect the interests of the majority.
That's why when the Nazis invaded the USSR they were put through a meat
grinder instead of being welcomed in by a sympathetic bourgeoisie, as they
were in France for example.

Автор Adddam ( назад)
The ones that were remaining after the purge you mean?

Автор MarchToFreedom ( назад)
If you say so... Most Russians were far better off 70 years ago than they
are today. Why would I live in China?

Автор Adddam ( назад)
Got to love how Russia is no longer home to such a murderous ideology like
communism yeah? Do you live in China?

Автор MarchToFreedom ( назад)
Ah yes, blame the immigrants... I would expect better from RT...

Автор Lee Morgan ( назад)
I'am not a Racist I respect Everyman as equal but when it comes to these
foreigners taking our jobs . Where I live there paying foreigners the
minimum wage but used to pay British worker two pounds over the minimum
wage but now he knows he can get a foreign workforce that will do the work
cheaper he just takes these foreigners to work for him now . The British
people are getting bad publicity saying there lazy when there not they just
can't get a job because these Polish are Job grabbing .

Автор daro2096 ( назад)
It can cost up to 50% of your wage packet just getting to an from work(£10
a day easily if you are getting on 2 different bus companies, ie Go-Ahead
and Arriva). This is what is making work not worth it.

Автор daro2096 ( назад)
Cheaper to employ a foreigner.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
Check "EU migrants flooding over here…paying for our pensions" Natives pay
20% less tax than they get in benefits. EEs pay 37% more tax than they get
in benefits. Kind of 57% difference ;)

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
I believe in some cases yes but on average EE immigrants pay much more
taxes than they are getting in return.That means they are topping up
British benefit takers.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
Maybe 20 years ago there were different rules?

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
It was nice to discuss.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
You can have a full time job and get Council Tax exemption if you are a
full time student studying at least 21 hours a week.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
They do. I did not say the opposite.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
When was the last time you rented a property? Whenever, I was renting a
flat or a house, all utility bill were under my name, including Council
tax. I do not know how it work in Council estate because I never lived
there. If Eastern European wants council flat he/she is say 3,000 on the
list with 50 available properties per year, which usually go to local
estate family members of already of Chav single 16 year old mothers with 3

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
I know, but that is no far from true comparing to Star Trek. Wouldn't you

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
This is the point. I was not getting Council Tax Benefit because of my
income. I was getting a reduction because I was a student which has nothing
to do with the income. Its like Council Tax reduction if you live in a
property alone or is the property is empty. It has nothing to do with the

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
No I had a reduction of Council Tax because I was a student and I was
sharing all utility bills. A tenancy agreement was on my name. I also use
to live in a room where bills were inclusive. However, that does not mean
that I was not paying them. Young Brits living in London, who are not from
London originally, do the same. They can not afford to rent a flat, and
nobody wants to rent them a flat.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
You are right, but they get much less support and forced more work. There
are good series - "Shameless". There are no council estates in Poland or
other Eastern European countries.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
For example Chavs.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
I cannot say about all of them, but I can say from my experience. When I
was earning minimum wage I never had housing benefit, I had Council tax
reduction when I was a student, child benefit was the same for everybody.
Always paid gas, electricity and water bills. Even if I did not pay them
personally then a rent included taxes, so in the end I was paying them in
any event. Besides statistics says Eastern Europeans pay more in taxes than
get benefits.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
I cannot say about all of them, but I can say from my experience. When I
was earning minimum wage I never had housing benefit, I had Council tax
reduction when I was a student, child benefit was the same for everybody.
Always paid gas, electricity and water bills. Even if I did not pay them
personally then a rent included taxes, so in the end I was paying them in
any event. Besides statistics says Easter Europeans pay more in taxes than
get benefits.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
I do not know your personal circumstances but I know statistics which says
that on average Brits pay 20% less in tax than get in benefits.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
I think no Council tax, no utilities and public funded interpreters are for
asylum seekers or so called "asylum seekers", also add non EU family
members etc. Australians, New Zealanders, South African and similar
immigrants are entitled to tax refunds when they go back to their country.
They do not necessary send money to relatives, but they take all money they
earn here.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
Not necessary. According statistics average Brit pays 20% less taxes than
he/she gets in benefits. While Eastern European pays about 40% more taxes
than he/she gets in benefits. So even if he/she sends money home they are
not a burden to British social system. I believe Brits send much more money
to China by buying stuff made in China and because they do not sell much to
Chinese they get into China's debt which one days has to be repaid.

Автор shelby6571 ( назад)
You were the one who made so many comments to me, not the other way

Автор shelby6571 ( назад)
I don't loathe myself. It's the rest that I can't stand

Автор shelby6571 ( назад)
I have a soft spot for them all

Автор shelby6571 ( назад)
Yes, and I'm a Brit myself

Автор shelby6571 ( назад)
I think I answered that already. This is the second time you have asked me

Автор shelby6571 ( назад)
I take money from them every single day. How else could I pay the Polish
workers?? Hahahahahahha........:))))))))

Автор shelby6571 ( назад)
At least you know where you stand with serial killers. You KNOW they are
going to kill you. But with British workers, you're just never fucking sure
WHAT the next move is going to be!!!!

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
I for example hate London Underground Union. They get descent salaries,
much higher than UK average (I guess because they are capable to keep at
bay anybody else who want to work their), but every year they keep London
at ransom and make Londoners miserable by striking at every opportunity and
having free holidays at my and other commuters expense.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
Yes do agree a lot, but I also want to point out the other side too. For
example, if not zero hours contract I would not probably do the job I am
doing now because I would not have a chance to get in the first place.
Those contracts allows you to enter employment, especially, when you have
no experience and can not prove anybody anything. With those contracts
employers can take a risk.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
I have notice the Asian network too, but I thought this is just my
subjective opinion.

Автор shelby6571 ( назад)
Yes, I've even added a few.

Автор shelby6571 ( назад)
No, only Brits.

Автор mnplastic1 ( назад)
They don't because if they can not find local employees they can recruit
from other countries. That is the point NEXT and TESCO claim.

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