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Автор mox gowland (2 месяца)
Hey , it'not just girls that have long hair !
This has been very helpfull . Thanx . (Long haired man )

Автор Eliana Nishizawa (10 дней)
Thanks for sharing!

Автор C .Ward (3 месяца)
I think it isn't the water current that makes your hair impossibly
tangled...I think it is the chemical reaction of the chlorine. Mine does
the same thing...it's like it changes the structure of the hair. I have
one of these caps and water gets in like crazy AND it hurt my ears really
bad and gave me a splitting headache in just a few minutes. I'm not sure
what option to try next. I don't dive or swim underwater, but I like to
swim on my back.

Автор Beth Davis (7 месяцев)
You could pretend to be a shark

Автор Elora Duran (9 месяцев)
Thank you! Will definitely try one of those!! The same thing happens to me,
when I do a braid it gets terribly knotty...

Автор My Ebony Roots (11 месяцев)
My face before you put your hair in the bun -> : /
My face after and while you were putting your hair in the bun -> : O

Автор Alexia Kimbrell (10 месяцев)
Swim caps are more for aero dynamics than protecting your hair

Автор Madeline Hero (1 год)
SwimCulture has an excellent long hair swim cap that has space for long
hair and earflaps to cover those little bits in front of the ears. It is
silicone, with no seems (that I can see) to split holds the hair very well.
I wear it with goggles, and put one strap under my ear and the other over
the bun, just to really keep the water out. 

Автор Ananya Mohanty (1 год)
Thanks for vedio. Bt mine hair is mid length. Whenever I wear swim cap my
hair backside becomes wet I have to take cap side of ear cos of my ear
ring. On upper ear..cannt take out.fixed one. So how can I do so my hair
won't be wet..

Автор Pur9leRain (1 год)
I only discovered your channel today but I am so glad you are out there! I
feel like your channel was made for me. I have already learnt so much. And
to think that I suffered for years. Thank you for taking the time to share
all your tips from one cone head to another!

Автор Kediil (9 месяцев)
I was looking for stuff in regards to swimcaps. I use a neato long hair cap
called the Arena Smartcap. It. Is. Awesome. Takes about ten seconds to put
on, even if leaving my hair loose (booty-length). But I was looking for a
better silicone-esque cap to go on top of it too since the neoprene type
Smartcap isn't exactly waterproof. Hence how I came across your video, and
all your other ones too!

Anyhow, Arena came out with a Smart Silicone cap that works the same way,
but with the top piece being silicone, of course. I've been debating buying
it and thought I might request a review on it, with the assumption that you
yourself might like to try a cap that's so super easy to use as well.

And to end, fantastic videos! I plan to creep my way into the corsetry
stuff in the future, but right now I'm just super loving the *intelligent*
information regarding hair! You're very good at giving information and
background while suggesting products and regimens, without declaring that
it's the only way or that other ways are for suckers. So thank you!

Автор Timothy J. Holloway (1 год)
Thank you so much. My hair isn't nearly as long as yours, but it's a
struggle tucking it in when it's beyond my shoulders.

Автор Julia L (1 год)

Автор Athena Creamer (1 год)
Lucy, I found this vintage swim cap video and thought of you. I love them,
and really wish they would come back in style...(a little before my
time...I am 55 in March) Swimming Cap Fashions (1950s)

Автор Katherine Smith (2 года)
I swam competitively for 5 years and my latex caps always lasted longer
than the silicone ones. I have a very large head which seemed to put a lot
of tension on the silicone ones, and they would ALWAYS split down the seam
after a few weeks. The latex ones took a lot longer to break for me. That's
just my two cents. For normal sized heads I'd say you are right but for us
pumpkin heads latex or lycra (fabric)is the way to go.

Автор Andrea Laps (1 год)
You don't put your head under the water...

Автор BeautyByHeleen (2 года)
you talk fast very very very very very very very very very very fast

Автор Summer4life2 (2 года)
Thanks for responding! 😊

Автор Lucy's Corsetry (2 года)
Sorry for the late reply - it doesn't keep my hair 100% dry, the edges
around my hair do get damp. But most of my length (in the bun) stays fairly
dry as long as I don't completely immerse my whole head in the water. I
mention at the end of the vid that even if my hair were to become wet, the
cap saves me hours of detangling later on, as usually the current of the
water causes my hair to matte.

Автор cooliscathy (2 года)
I noticed that you are a mouth breather, as I used to be too. I learned
from my vocal coach that mouth breathing is not only destructive to the
voice, but also to your overall health. You should google it. Ever since I
quit mouth breathing I have felt much more energetic and I have improved
physical stamina. Random, but anyways, very helpful video:)

Автор Lucy Spratt (1 год)
How did u do the bun??

Автор Arya Smith (3 года)
I bought a regular Speedo swim cap and haven't tried it yet. If I'd known
they had one like this, I probably would have got it. Ah, well. Maybe mine
will work! And at least I know HOW to put it on now. I've been looking at
the thing like o.O for like 3 months now.

Автор MyMastershake (3 года)
love ur video .. but i cant use it cause my hair just goes passed the
middle of my ears

Автор Leon (1 год)
just buy arena smart cap. a lot better and designed for long hair

Автор anon1234qwerty56789 (2 года)
wow.. magnificent! My hair is barely 2 feet long (it took me 4 years to get
there and I've kept it at that length but I don't think it would grow much
longer even if I let it) and it takes me 15 minutes to shampoo and
conditioner and 15 minutes to brush it. I guess it must take you longer
because your hair is longer and thicker than mine. stunning!! btw I use the
same swim cap. :)

Автор lcrunion1210 (2 года)
3:54 SO sad! I absolutely love Torrin! I'm subscribed to her channel. She
is so quirky. :)

Автор Katherine Smith (2 года)
I was a swimmer for four years and I always found that my rubber caps
lasted A LOT longer than the silicone ones... the silicone ones would
ALWAYS split down the seam after about a month... the rubber ones lasted
about four times as long. And they stay on a lot better than the silicone
ones. And the fabric ones only protect your hair from the sun, not the

Автор Lucy's Corsetry (3 года)
@McPrfctday LOL you're right! It does look like a Smurf hat hehe. I agree,
the Smurfs should at least have different shades of blue to demonstrate
variation in the gene pool. Although, it IS a little disconcerting that
there's only one female. Maybe there's not that much genetic variation
after all.

Автор jasmine holland (2 года)
i hate looking like a cone head every time i put on my swimcap. great vid!

Автор Lucy's Corsetry (2 года)
I'm actually only breathe through my mouth when doing Youtube videos; I
consciously do it - most news anchors are the same way, if you watch them
carefully - the sound of inhaling through one's nose amplified through the
microphone is disgusting. The rest of the time I definitely breathe through
my nose, though.

Автор Vanesa Callins (3 года)
But great vid

Автор Lucy's Corsetry (3 года)
@illwillkill Many long-haired people recommend the Tangle Teezer as a
less-damaging detangler. I find it works fairly well but I'm not here nor
there about whether it causes/prevents damage. Some will also recommend a
100% boar-bristle brush for brushing while hair is dry but I haven't tried
one of those yet.

Автор Aleena B (2 года)
err my cap is not the stretchable!!! it's so hard!

Автор Niamh O'brien (2 года)
U look like an alien

Автор CorsetRookie (3 года)
Hey, that little backward hairbang video is just awesome!

Автор artsandcrafts7 (2 года)
thank you so much because when i put put my cap on it all goes wrong and i
have very very long hair so now i know how to put it on thank you.

Автор whippetgirl123 . (2 года)
When I did swimming in elementary school, the swim caps were a bit too
large and water would get in and damage my hair, so I would put in
conditioner as a leave-in and that ended up damaging the caps (I went
through something like 6 per season) and I was wondering if you/anybody
else had any experience with that? Like, leave-in conditioners (or other
hair products) damaging swim caps?

Автор Lucy's Corsetry (3 года)
@CorsetRookie Hehe, thanks. :)

Автор Lucy's Corsetry (3 года)
@MyMastershake :)

Автор Rihana S. (2 года)
thank u so much!

Автор Lucy's Corsetry (2 года)
I don't see how it would be a problem. The abrasion of salt and sand might
result in you having to replace the cap more often but the cap should
theoretically help protect your hair at the beach. Until the 70's or so, it
wasn't that uncommon to see swim caps at the beach.

Автор Regina Campos (2 года)
Great video, thanks ! I have long hair and I always use one (or two)
swimcaps in the pool, but I'm having trouble swimming in the beach. The
salt and sand are making my hair a mess. Do you recoment a swimcap in the
beach too ? is it too weird, wearing a swimcap in the beach ? Thanks again

Автор JuMp4ty (2 года)
holy crap your hair is amazing i was screaming when you put it in the bun

Автор Mina Monet (2 года)
I use rubber-coated pins to secure my hair considering the length but I'm
trying to grow it to about my knees

Автор MrsBrit1 (2 года)
And that just posted on the wrong video! Stupid YouTube auto change....

Автор 10tammyho (3 года)
cool but how do u do the hair please make tutorial please

Автор Lucy's Corsetry (3 года)
@10tammyho TorrinPaige has a tutorial on the bun, just look up "Nautilus
Bun by Request" here on YouTube, she's the blonde woman in a yellow/white
jersey. :)

Автор Spunkalish (1 год)
It's actually the opposite. Look up "breathing in to your balls".

Автор Sammi Tharp (1 год)
i love your hair! ive always tried to grow it long and get regular trims,
ive been growing it out for two years and its only about a half an inch
below my shoulder... do you have any advice?

Автор Katherine Smith (2 года)
However, I used them every single day for three hours at a time, so a
silicone one would probably be just fine for a casual swimmer, rather than
a competitive swimmer.

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