Nikolina Nikoleski: Bho Shambo

Nikolina Nikoleski performing at the ICCR's Festival of foreign artists resident in India,28.5.2008.,Kamani Auditorium,New Delhi

Natuvangam: Padmashree Guru Dr.Saroja Vaidyanathan
Vocal: Smt. Satya Krishnaswami
Mridangam: Shri Chandrashekar
Violin: Shri Chakrapani

Просмотров: 638164
Длительность: 7:7
Комментарии: 309

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Автор TheLuffyddragon ( назад)
It was a treat to watch

Автор Sanjib Moitra ( назад)
Like a demigod is your performance.

Автор asha shrikrishna ( назад)

Автор ravi naidu ( назад)
Superb dance she is an excellent dancer

Автор Hari Krishnan ( назад)
very touching.

Автор Nisha Kodakkal ( назад)
Beautiful performance...

Автор Iswarya Thirumalai ( назад)
Feel blessed to see this. Such an inspiration for upcoming dancers like us.
-------This is the most difficult of all Indian dance forms. Reasons: 1.
For the Calculations/Talas in it 2. Difficult Nrittas or steps compared to
most of the other dance styles that needs body balance and years of
practice 3. Aramandi Posture, where you need to be half-seated for more
than half of the dance piece 4. Expression variations as explained in Natya

Автор 黃品禎 ( назад)

Автор 黃品貞 ( назад)

Автор S Banerjee ( назад)
Beautiful and divine... the expressions!

Автор Saroja Naik ( назад)
Super dance nikolina.

Автор Sruthi Srinivasan ( назад)

Автор sarvani piratla ( назад)

Автор sameer sambrani ( назад)
OH my God!!! Awesome. I still can't believe this level of perfection from a
person of foreign origin. You are really great Nikolina. I bow to you :)

Автор deepthi victor ( назад)
ur moves are absolutely perfect. great work!!!

Автор Valentina Shwa ( назад)

Excellent performance.

Автор Viviana Sanz ( назад)
simplemente MARAVILLOSO....

Автор Reenal Pereira ( назад)

Автор Daizy Bhadresha ( назад)

Автор eeducorps ( назад)

Автор Sonata Tracey ( назад)
Honestly one of the best Bharatanatyam dances I've ever seen??? I'm on the
verge of tears this is so beautiful.

Автор allembrace ( назад)
Most delightful, mesmerizing performance. This is the magic of INDIA
and Hindu culture of dance and music of temple dances.

Автор Rossana Dimitrova Stouraiti ( назад)

Автор Sasvata Thana ( назад)
very nice performance

Автор Shyamala S ( назад)
Amazing !

Автор T Sandhiya ( назад)
awesome performance. I like it

Автор Subhash Kak ( назад)
Superb. Breathtaking.


Автор Fabio George Oliveira ( назад)
Great ♥

Автор SUNIL SINGH ( назад)
really a too nice & beautiful performance mammmm.

Автор WanYing Wong ( назад)

Автор Hellen Laespriell ( назад)
its amazing, i love it!

Автор vijay kantilal ( назад)
Aapake charanome mera sastang dandavat.
i can.t say anything because u r a great. Looks like godess .
i am shiva upasak so i want to learn this dance step by step . i am 52
years old but i am shiv upasak so plz help me . i love music and i play
tabala and saxophone also. So plz do needfull to me
vijay mehta

Автор Ganesh arigela ( назад)
Awesome awesome no words to express
You are the queen of bharata natyam

Автор Tanusree Das ( назад)
Wonderful performance!

Автор Peter Toogood ( назад)
Absolutely excellent!!! Only just started watched Bharathanatyam after
seeing BBC Young Dancer of the Year 2015.You seem to have mastered the art
perfectly. Do you have any other videos or do you still perform? I Would
like to see more please.

Автор Arjun kumar ( назад)
You have not danced you just lived

Nayna Manoharam . Namsthe

Автор Dhanu Sha ( назад)
Wooooow superb me 2 dance 4 this song but not this much energy... excellent
job keep it up

Автор Sudheer K V ( назад)
Excellent keep up the practice....

Автор Rajni Kanth ( назад)
i ever seen this much beautiful dance in my life super

Автор Momma Naturekid ( назад)
Stunning performance, appreciate her enthusiasm to learn Bharathanatyam.
Apart from learning, she has done justice to the performance. Thumbs up:)

Автор Jess Thasz ( назад)
Feel want learn baratham after watching ur performance ,luv it,,,lot!!!!

Автор Harini (1589 лет назад)
What can anyone say? The best dance, perfect poses, very graceful!

Автор Suchandra das ( назад)
Buen trabajo...

Автор Ashish Kumar ( назад)
Wonderfully performed! Bravo!

Автор For len ( назад)
I was just wondering that whether the dance is a religion dance or not?

Автор peanutsngonuts ( назад)

Автор Aryan69931 ( назад)
feel god dances himself infront of you. Excellent. God shiva will bless
you. Ohm Nama Shivaya.

Автор Svetlana Tulasi ( назад)
Very beautiful and difficult performance! Congratulations!

Автор Vanaja Nair Krishnan ( назад)
i love this performance.

Автор CEYLON TEA ( назад)
Nice try but the movements are more of Marshall arts type savitha sastry
has good videos for reference. I applaud her courage and as a person living
in a foreign culture i know it is difficult to see from their point of
view. but she has good response lot of hits. 

Автор shree ( назад)
the singer is so superb. the dancer danced so well and nice abhinaya. She
felt to be completely into the dance. Only thing is she didn't complete the
advus on her left side and left it half way.

Автор Vrinda Mahecha ( назад)
ssooooooo beautiful......so mystical....thanks a tonne for sharing.

Автор RAHUL PRAVEEN ( назад)
dancing like flower and flowing like water

Автор RAHUL PRAVEEN ( назад)
excellent composition

Автор BIJU CHENICHERI (731 год назад)
Clear cut steps....amazing

Автор prathapan nagaratnam ( назад)
Bravo!!! You are born to dance.

Автор Asim Kumar Ghosh ( назад)
Jai Siva Sambhu!

Автор 1HUMANIT1NATION ( назад)
abisyaar khub astey.good performance better than expected.

Автор GarryDance ( назад)

Автор sreedhar ts (1177 лет назад)
awesome and amazing performance

Автор Jinal Joshi ( назад)
excellent ..

Автор Ashok Aswani ( назад)
excellent maam I am a big fan of yours .....even I do classical

Автор prudence kalloo ( назад)
amazing!!!!! every move every step is just amazing!!!

Автор Résonance[s] ( назад)
Bho Shambho Shiva Shambho Swayambho
Gangaadhara Shankara Karunaakara
Maamava Bhava Saagara Thaaraka - Bho Shambho Shiva

Nirguna Parabrahma Swaroopa
Gama Gama Bhootha Prapancha Rahitha
Nija Guha Nihita Nitaanta
Ananta Aananda Adhishaya Akshayalinga - Bho Shambho Shiva

Dhimitha Dhimitha Dhimi Dhimikita Thakathom
Thom Thom Thimikita (Tharikita) Tharikita Kitathom
Maathanga Munivara Vanditha Isha
Sarva Digambara Veshtitha Vesha
Nitya Niranjana Nithya Natesha
Isha Sabesha Sarvesha - Bho Shambho Shiva
taaLam: aadi
Composer: Dayaananda Saraswati
Language: Sanskrit


bhO shambhO shiva shambhO svayambhO


gangAdhara shankara karuNAkara mAmava bhavasAgara tAraka

caraNam 1

nirguNa parabrahma svarUpa gamAgama bhUta prapanca rahita
nija guhanihita nitAnta ananta Ananda atishaya akSayalinga

caraNam 2

dhimita dhimita dhimi dhimikiTa kiTatOm tOm tOm tarikiTa tarikiTakiTa tOm
matanga munivara vandita Isha sarva digambara vESTita vESa Isha sabEsha

pallavi: Hail , oh Lord Shambho, one who "self appeared"

anupallavi: Source of Ganges, Shankara, oh merciful lord who redeems me
from this ocean of sorrow, samsAra

caraNam 1: without gunas, one who is beyond time, past, present and future

truth beyond gunas(?), beyond all things finite, oh infinite, blissful,
wondrous, ever the same lingA

caraNam 2: This is just the rhythm of the dance of creation and destruction

Автор Gopi Menon ( назад)
good. she done well... steps are much rigid many times... obviously she s
not an indian...

Автор Nirmala B ( назад)
fab !!

Автор valsala menon ( назад)
absolutely bewitching performance...

Автор Keshava Kiran ( назад)
sooooooooooooo good dance.............!!!! 

Автор Hari Krishna ( назад)
Amazing performance ......

Автор Vyoma Shetty ( назад)
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can watch this video 1000 times .....i too wish for such a
grace n expressions

Автор Veena Munipalli ( назад)
Excellent!!!!!!amazig performance!!!!!

Автор deepthi k ( назад)
Excellent..Truely amazing...a grand salute to Ms.Nikolina..

Автор Ramone Nachez ( назад)
What can I say! Others have said it many times over and over....I bow my
head too. Om Nama Shivaya!!

Автор Aslam Khan ( назад)
absolutely wonderful...perfection...

Автор Vishnu Gopi ( назад)
absolutely mind blowing, amazing perfection. salutes to the performer,
vocal team and guru

Автор desicinemaaclassical ( назад)
For latest classical dance /music/
Free subscribe desicinemaaclassical

Автор archana n ( назад)
Ultimately superb

Автор Balamuraly Doraisamy ( назад)
Amazing and 99% perfection.... you can't be 100%. Only Lord Shiva could
make it perfect.

Автор Abhishek Kharmale ( назад)
this is what i call bloody cool

Автор pinklotus ( назад)
Absolutely wonderful!

Автор MitRaa ShiNy ( назад)
awesome performance great job!!!

Автор Manu Gunnala ( назад)
Absolutely flawless. 

Автор nady alcantara ( назад)
lindo !!! apaixonante 

Автор vidhya thennarasu ( назад)
nice i like it very much

Автор Anila Najar ( назад)

Автор Sivaguru nathan ( назад)
awesome performance mind blowing 

Автор Edwin James ( назад)
That is a enthusiastic performance how did you do all that! 

Автор ramola pani ( назад)
Beautiful , footwork and mudras very perfect , divine to watch and
congratulations to both Guru for the choreography and to the sishya for
perfect execution of dance movements. Thank you for posting it.

Автор Shobha B ( назад)
spellbound...amazing, i would like my daughter to learn from her..

Автор 9823971231 ( назад)
excellent work

Автор Vinitha J ( назад)
WOW.what a performance . mesmerized 

Автор dwi yulianingrum ( назад)
hii im from Indonesia, good dancing n nice culture,, 

Автор Sathyavanth Malebennur ( назад)
simply superb. perfect posture and energy and expression. beauty

Автор Janet Bloem ( назад)
Captivating. Divine interpretation. 

Автор ugollanoscruz ( назад)
si los dioses volvieran ala vida

Автор Gunita Singh ( назад)
amazing!!! sooooo beautiful! 

Автор ezik ( назад)

Автор music66ian ( назад)

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