Nikolina Nikoleski: Bho Shambo

Nikolina Nikoleski performing at the ICCR's Festival of foreign artists resident in India,28.5.2008.,Kamani Auditorium,New Delhi

Natuvangam: Padmashree Guru Dr.Saroja Vaidyanathan
Vocal: Smt. Satya Krishnaswami
Mridangam: Shri Chandrashekar
Violin: Shri Chakrapani

Просмотров: 538342
Длительность: 7:7
Комментарии: 307

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Автор SUNIL SINGH ( назад)
really a too nice & beautiful performance mammmm.

Автор WanYing Wong ( назад)

Автор Hellen Laespriell ( назад)
its amazing, i love it!

Автор vijay kantilal ( назад)
Aapake charanome mera sastang dandavat.
i can.t say anything because u r a great. Looks like godess .
i am shiva upasak so i want to learn this dance step by step . i am 52
years old but i am shiv upasak so plz help me . i love music and i play
tabala and saxophone also. So plz do needfull to me
vijay mehta

Автор Ganesh arigela ( назад)
Awesome awesome no words to express
You are the queen of bharata natyam

Автор Tanusree Das ( назад)
Wonderful performance!

Автор Peter Toogood ( назад)
Absolutely excellent!!! Only just started watched Bharathanatyam after
seeing BBC Young Dancer of the Year 2015.You seem to have mastered the art
perfectly. Do you have any other videos or do you still perform? I Would
like to see more please.

Автор Arjun kumar ( назад)
You have not danced you just lived

Nayna Manoharam . Namsthe

Автор Dhanu Sha ( назад)
Wooooow superb me 2 dance 4 this song but not this much energy... excellent
job keep it up

Автор Sudheer K V ( назад)
Excellent keep up the practice....

Автор Rajni Kanth ( назад)
i ever seen this much beautiful dance in my life super

Автор Momma Naturekid ( назад)
Stunning performance, appreciate her enthusiasm to learn Bharathanatyam.
Apart from learning, she has done justice to the performance. Thumbs up:)

Автор Jess Thasz ( назад)
Feel want learn baratham after watching ur performance ,luv it,,,lot!!!!

Автор Harini (1588 лет назад)
What can anyone say? The best dance, perfect poses, very graceful!

Автор nady alcantara ( назад)
lindo !!! apaixonante

Автор vidhya thennarasu ( назад)
nice i like it very much

Автор Alina Rajan ( назад)

Автор Sivaguru nathan ( назад)
awesome performance mind blowing

Автор Edwin James ( назад)
That is a enthusiastic performance how did you do all that!

Автор ramola pani ( назад)
Beautiful , footwork and mudras very perfect , divine to watch and
congratulations to both Guru for the choreography and to the sishya for
perfect execution of dance movements. Thank you for posting it.

Автор Shobha B ( назад)
spellbound...amazing, i would like my daughter to learn from her..

Автор 9823971231 ( назад)
excellent work

Автор Vinitha J ( назад)
WOW.what a performance . mesmerized

Автор dwi yulianingrum ( назад)
hii im from Indonesia, good dancing n nice culture,,

Автор Sathyavanth Malebennur ( назад)
simply superb. perfect posture and energy and expression. beauty

Автор Janet Bloem ( назад)
Captivating. Divine interpretation.

Автор ugollanoscruz ( назад)
si los dioses volvieran ala vida

Автор Gunita Singh ( назад)
amazing!!! sooooo beautiful!

Автор ezik ( назад)

Автор music66ian ( назад)

Автор kavitha rajesh ( назад)
i like you

Автор shivani sharma ( назад)
amazing performance... dear.... hats off... jst loved ur performance... may
uh dance long... GOD BLESS DEAR... :)))))))))))) ... just
wonderfull........ and ya i wanna assk dose who disliked this video... is
der anything to be disliked??? those aall are blind who disliked dis
video.... :/

Автор Hemanth Shriyan ( назад)
Extraordinary performance !! Cant imagine the amount of hard work you have
put in learning this. Hats off to you. We are thankful to you for learning
a piece of our culture & taking it around the world. God bless you !!

Автор Soumya Ravi ( назад)
Splendid dance performance..

Автор Eric Rajendra ( назад)
Amazing performance. Movements are exquisite...very fluid. Please keep up
the excellent work. Shows how Indian music and dance can be universal and
appreciated and improved on by others around the world.

Автор jamel sallujm ( назад)
soooo lovely

Автор thuvaragesh siv ( назад)

Автор 6Ishan ( назад)
Weird Face gestures , same movement sad Violence What the Fuck is this . I
wanna Piss all over that singer's face . Mentally Retarded dance

Автор laila azhary ( назад)
very nice............watch.youtube.com/watch?v=clkFASg8EfI

Автор Avii Dion ( назад)
What a performance!! I am unable to fathom how 27 people could dislike
this??? As long as people don't appreciate each others culture and
tradition, this world will not move forward!!!

Автор Ofek NY ( назад)
beautiful !!!!! ancient !!! HOLA FROM MEXICO.

Автор Valluvar Vasuhi ( назад)
Seriously amazing!!

Автор chandra mohan b n ( назад)
ati sunder

Автор Nidhi Kamath ( назад)
vry nyc...awesum performance

Автор xsaaghix ( назад)
Beyond beautiful !

Автор Maya Jessy ( назад)
A blessed dancer.. She totally reflects The Divinity through the dance..

Автор Sravan Deepala ( назад)
wonderful performance !

Автор Sita Prasad ( назад)

Автор Lungmaa L ( назад)
Я впервые вижу, чтобы не индианка исполняла этот танец лучше, чем индианки!
Молодец Николина!!!! Умничка!

Автор Balaji sri raj Du ( назад)
I am a Urban style dancer, I know nothing about this style. But my dad is a
classical dancer and when he watches these style I use to mock at him
without knowing the value of this style. Man I m sure there is some divine
in this art. Gonna learn Bharathanatiyam!! You are my inspiration!!

Автор kellyyaj ( назад)

Автор Fruityou72 ( назад)
I agree. Thanks to raminfinity.

Автор Manoham ( назад)
Brilliant ... I view this whenever I need some spiritual "energy" .. Thank
you Nikolina .. Lord Shiva will indeed be pleased with your performance

Автор perl petual ( назад)
Splendidly amazing performance. True greatness is not limited to a
cast/creed/location. Pranaam to you Nikolina. May you reach the very
pinnacle of your ambition. Jay Shiva Shambho.

Автор gayu206 ( назад)
I basically thought this to myself in an attempt to put off studying for
exams. Awesome interpretation!

Автор dagez ( назад)
Watching this again and again. I know nothing about classical indian dance,
but I love her strength, control, precise movements and perfect timing :-)

Автор Sweetbutdeadly666 ( назад)
One of, if not THE most beautiful dance I've ever seen. The dancer's face
is so serene and peaceful, while her movements are so powerful. Very
graceful and awe inspiring.

Автор Aarthi akg ( назад)
nice but the face reaction some could be bettert

Автор Sarayu Girish ( назад)
ooo thats a wonderful performance..........awsome!!!

Автор Xm4Tr1X ( назад)

Автор Gayathri Sivakumar ( назад)
no words..just "PERFECT"

Автор Neethu mol KS ( назад)

Автор Jenna Kenna ( назад)
I could not agree more.

Автор Jenna Kenna ( назад)
Hi im just curious how long does it take to get that good can someone plz
tell me thanx.

Автор slateblue skies ( назад)
What an electric performance!. Your postures are perfection and is a
reflection of Divine Grace. There is so much strength, control and
precision in your movements and expressions. I get a surge of energy and
empowerment from watching your dance. Thank you so much. I pray for your
health and longevity and hope you do more performances for us in the
future. Pranam.

Автор Prameen Pram ( назад)
Vvv varry nice

Автор Rajnish B ( назад)
Pure Bliss!!!

Автор Amrita Bhattacharyya ( назад)
Exquisite performance. Your postures and balance are a thing of envy for me
now. Keep it up...

Автор carnaticmusiclover8 ( назад)
" Oh that's right, I must do homework " *does homework while watching video
12 more times*

Автор Bhavana k ( назад)
Perfect dance!!

Автор krsn5 ( назад)
As a dancer I am filled with awe watching you dance, your Guru needs to be
lauded the most! Your postures are exquisite. All those dislikes are
actually likes clicked in a frenzy :) All the best. I am going to copy this
to practice postures at home.....merci!

Автор RamaSrinivasan TP ( назад)
every time i get depressed or my energy levels are low, i watch this
performance and instantly my energy level goes up. end of the song, i feel
shri.nataraja himself in front of us. my prayers to you for long life and
good health. sincere pranams

Автор vedamurtha char ( назад)
real classical bharathanayam , your performance is text book to students of
Bharathanayam---------Namaskarmam to your performace

Автор Rajsree Vijayan ( назад)
Effortless dancing ! Terrific!

Автор Angelic Stormz ( назад)
That was amazing Love for Shiva. So beautiful too.

Автор ckn36 ( назад)
great performance. amazing control and flexibility

Автор Davion Johnson ( назад)

Автор Shaili M ( назад)
Your body is perfect for dancing and you are very graceful

Автор Shaili M ( назад)

Автор raminfinity ( назад)
The song is in Sanskrit.

Автор Fruityou72 (781 год назад)
தமிழ்ப் பாடலுடன் கூடிய அயல் நாட்டுப் பெண்மணியின் மிகவும் அருமையான
பரதநாட்டியம். காண்பதற்கு அழகும் கேட்பதற்கு இனிமையுமான நல்ல நிகழ்ச்சி. மிக்க

Автор chandravati1 ( назад)
very very nice!

Автор Isabela Moreira ( назад)
The Gods dance!

Автор Vijayarani P ( назад)
That is truly right

Автор DeSiRaNii ( назад)
wow..one of THE BEST Bho Shambo performances I have seen..very clean
postures..excellent dancing..u really have an inborn talent.. :) beautiful

Автор padma ( назад)
What a perfect JUGALBANDI between the musicians and the dancer. PURE
SYNERGY. Excellent orchestral rendering and powerful, mature choreography ,
which is not only inspiring but is also a very divine experience. The
dancer could create a very calm journey within me though the song had its
very clear rythm. Lovely enriching performance. It brought out all the
aspects of dance with so much of maturity and the journey thru the dance
was PURE BLISS. i personally clicked this at least 100 times.

Автор Kana Vijay ( назад)
Who said that only indians can peform barathanatiyam like no other? This is
one of my favorite songs i sung and posted and deleted few months
ago.Nikolina has proved like some songs wich has universal appeal,
barathanatiya dance no barriers to learning and performing better than
indians .With her naturally beautiful and tall figure she stand tall among
famed dancers.

Автор jay shree ( назад)
i cant spot out anything that is lacking in this spectacular
video......nikolina is gifted..........wishes for ur upcoming success in

Автор eelsoukov ( назад)
Fantastic! I am also a BN student and non-Indian - it feels so good to see
that non-Indian dancer can get to the very high level of performance. It is
a hope for me as a beginner. Thank you.

Автор Manika Sharma ( назад)

Автор beepbeep ( назад)
this isnt bharatanatayam right? its so flowy

Автор jojokavim ( назад)
This is truely divine..been watching this video over and over, brought
tears of joy to my eyes... Perfect performance, with lots of grace and
beautiful expressions... The singer and musicians are also awesome...
Indeed a feast for the soul, words fail me... Blessings to you all artists
for bringing this to us...

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