Bryan Adams - Room Service

Bryan Adams - Room Service

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Автор Vitor Lopes ( назад)
Recorded in Lisbon!

Автор Sonia Pinto ( назад)
the besteeee

Автор Dinesh Mohan ( назад)
what a great artist..love you

Автор Ldoggmillionaire ( назад)
Reminds me of david brent

Автор Joaquín Yániz Lascurain ( назад)
Bryan Adams. Room Service

Автор josh gardner ( назад)
So underrated 

Автор ItsBethTho ( назад)

Автор Wayantha Sandaruwan ( назад)
A Great artist, a beautiful song and a wonderful video, great one Bryan 

Автор anup meshram ( назад)
we LOVE you Bryan Adams .

Автор msunknown ( назад)
Love Bryan

Автор Blue Nausicaa ( назад)
Bryan Adams is the best. With the best music and singing the best lyrics.

Автор toupetite ( назад)
I love this song! It sounds so true...

Автор Paolo Gomma ( назад)

Автор Angelo Tiziana ( назад)
Bryan Adams - Room service (album Room Service - 2004)

Автор Angelo Tiziana ( назад)
Bryan Adams - Room service (album Room Service - 2004)

Автор Jabs M ( назад)
this song is very good

Автор ChrisBrownlee86 ( назад)
Is it me or does this sound a bit 80s? Still a good song though

Автор MARIA ( назад)
You'll always be the most interesting man I have not had the pleasure of
meeting! Love U sweet Bryan! Mariaxx

Автор aspalaha7 ( назад)
yep...still does

Автор Rutger Gerrits ( назад)
THIS... THIS is music :)

Автор Leo Soare ( назад)
Bryan Adam`s music always the best I really love all your music,,,,,,,,,,

Автор Moshe Berlin ( назад)

Автор Sebastian S. ( назад)

Автор Iya Nieva ( назад)
This song really suits him. :)

Автор jose faria ( назад)

Автор Kama Gwożdziewicz ( назад)

Автор Kama Gwożdziewicz ( назад)

Автор Aprajit Appy Sharma ( назад)
Still a Ring on my Phone makes me nervous, I think I'll see you Calling -
but no It's only Customer service - ya customer service :P

Автор Figgishful ( назад)
makes me wish for Bryan to make traveling vlogs

Автор DishyAirplane ( назад)

Автор TheHazardousPenguin ( назад)
Don't. feed. the. troll :I

Автор DishyAirplane ( назад)
no.. you're a fucking faggot who doesn't know anything other than sucking a
pair of donkey balls !

Автор din farra ( назад)

Автор lizzie michelin ( назад)
Bryan Adams I LOVE U, I love your songs

Автор Gabriel Gonzales ( назад)
its a song recorder wait my love in italia today greetings! write bryan to

Автор Rutger Gerrits ( назад)
This might be my favorite song ever! :)

Автор katerina petropoulou ( назад)

Автор WA SD ( назад)
Tonight in Latvia!!!

Автор Joana Gomes ( назад)

Автор SPÊM ( назад)
yesssss brian adams room service's classic album for me and this people!

Автор Ernesto Quiles ( назад)

Автор GreenGoal☼8E ( назад)
I don't regret my sub ~ if I mite + :)

Автор Jorgen Bernle ( назад)
I was fortunate enough to see and hear him live here in Helsingborg, Sweden
2004. What a wonderful concert! A mere two hours of hits upon hits! A great
memory for me.

Автор Blue Nausicaa ( назад)
In 2012 bryan adams still rules the worlddddddddddddd! love ya!

Автор marc lorinser ( назад)
from: germanys 40 voice man marclorinser.de BRYAN YOU ARE THE NUMBER ONE!!!
youre marclorinser.de

Автор Rogue_Leader ( назад)
Shit sandwich.

Автор swiftor007 ( назад)
One of my favourite songs it simply rocks

Автор Игорь Мусевич (994 года назад)
он играл в киеве 2005

Автор alphawavesrocks ( назад)

Автор Roberts Kalniņš ( назад)
This video saw 5 fcuking retards!!

Автор Dhivya Thayanithy ( назад)
Bryan Adams ROCKS!!!!! Go Bryan Adams!!! :D

Автор Dhivya Thayanithy ( назад)
Great song! -3

Автор familyguysongs1 ( назад)
cant go a day without listenin to this song definitely one of my favs from
BA heck all his songs are my favs :)

Автор mollysangelique ( назад)

Автор Daison Sam ( назад)
bryan rockss foreverrr

Автор heok0y ( назад)
sry. i can't see Ember of this clip.

Автор valcarni1 ( назад)
take you to the hotel, motel....

Автор VICTORIA777NESS ( назад)
:o((***&&))))))= room service

Автор Bekky Barber ( назад)
will give u room service anyday Bryan haha! ;-) xx

Автор OnAirpt ( назад)
Crazy life :D

Автор feherkincsi ( назад)
Laca ist the greatest!!!!

Автор Maik Schädler ( назад)
he's the greatest!

Автор Victorya Davydenko ( назад)
@davidvictory100 I live in Ukraine. Really like this man, musician

Автор Victorya Davydenko ( назад)
Bryan the very, very best!!!!!!!!!

Автор MrRipper9 ( назад)
A great person and a great, great artist, that in no way need to be as
extravagant, fashionable clothing, married to a super top model, you do not
need to walk in cheap gossip to make yourself known and if everyone knows
it is for his work as a musician, fine artist, my respect for him ...

Автор tsavoke ( назад)
Rock On!

Автор 8ordinator8 ( назад)
like it...room service pls........

Автор Karl Thorne ( назад)
i think bryan is the true voice of 80s rock and roll

Автор Kirschmund2 ( назад)
Let's rock with Brian Adams

Автор Akshat Jain ( назад)
For the four persons who disliked it"FUCK U ALL"

Автор schillol ( назад)
I can't believe that Bryan allready 50 years old.... I thougt i buyed
"Waking up the Neighbours" 10 Years ago, but its really almost 20 Years ago
!!!!!!! But all Songs from Bryan rocks, also in the present !!! Go on Bryan.

Автор adamgrimsley ( назад)
Ha ha, so bad the lyrics. Really. I didn't believe it but "Get kinda
nervous/Just room service" Oh, you are funny Bryan.

Автор Inês Baltazar ( назад)
Yeahhh, I was there, in that concert in Lisbon :D It was amazing... I'm
wainting to see him again in Portugal!!!

Автор Alicja Musiał ( назад)
heh, I was on my way to the job interview and suddenly I heard this song...
in my head... mixed with "open road". I think I shoud've heard "open road"
but stress mixed the songs for me :D so I came by to listen to pure "room
service" ;)

Автор Najma Lamsong Rai ( назад)
He was the best, he's still the best and he will be the best forever..Bryan
you rock!!!! Your music is evergreen and immortal...you will live forever
in our hearts, ruling as the king of music!!! You and your music is like an
eternal and pure stream of water in a desert!!!

Автор Shelley Netzer-Edgerton ( назад)
I went to the consert in md i was love him he is the only one that might
have a chance agenst will but he is as old as my dad and he was 30 when i
was born so not much thair i like guys about a year or two older then me
thou most of my boyfriends were yunger i lernt i am to muchour for them

Автор woulfy1 ( назад)
this is so BA. He's made for music!

Автор Jucy Racz Nagy ( назад)
Bryan you are the BEST :)

Автор Woodrowtracy ( назад)
Awesome video! Awesome song! Bryan is the best!

Автор Priyadarshi Dikshit ( назад)
may bryan rock like this forever

Автор Gallagher pls ( назад)

Автор itsmydestinytolive ( назад)
Awesome video! I hadn't seen it before either! Unfortunately we don't hear
my Bryan in Australia.

Автор woulfy1 ( назад)
Great Great song! Thank you for the music service ! :) Keep going strong
Bryan, please!

Автор Kartik Iyer ( назад)
no body wants to go to lithuania.....

Автор rasyteBAfan ( назад)
bryan is the best singer ever..!!! keep rocking...luv you..plz come to

Автор catarinamiranda13 ( назад)
Bryan is awesome :'D

Автор sharmishthajindal ( назад)
love him. he rocks

Автор torontogal1961 ( назад)
love this song and video. cant wait to see him twice in august.

Автор countryrulzz ( назад)
Bryan you're the best!!!! Greetings from Slovenia*

Автор dlekurdistan ( назад)
waaaaaaaaaaaw i love bryan

Автор Gro ( назад)
GOOD.. He is one of the best singer ever.... OMG Lucky fans -.-

Автор forunnermatt ( назад)
yep the very best

Автор bo09061994 (1709 лет назад)
Bryan Adams is the best!

Автор EgyMax1987 ( назад)
this song is simple...awesome....rules...and rock!!

Автор thya67 ( назад)
que chulo

Автор Aralar1975 (1552 года назад)
I have been a fan since age 10! I wonder if Bryan is singing about some
girl he lost when he was a teen this whole time. Its a theme since "This
Time" came out.

Автор therealme626 ( назад)
Bryan, u influenced me a lot!thats why i married to a canadian guy lol!
been a fan since 80's!

Автор Absar Ahmed ( назад)
love this song.. i always tend to sing it when im on the road travelling...
or checking into a hotel.. lol

Автор Moonstarr72 ( назад)
I love this song :) I also love the Spirit soundtrack :)

Автор Graciela Bilat ( назад)
I would like to watch the video from the song i thought i´ve seen
everything, but i can´t! this video is not available... can you help me? i
love bryan!!!

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