Jackie Evancho - Angel - American Giving Awards HD

Jackie Evancho - Angel - "The American Giving Awards"
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December 10, 2011

Jackie Evancho is a small kid with a powerful voice. The runner up of the America's Got Talent competition several years back returned to NBC on Friday night to share the spotlight and perform for the show American Giving Awards. The youngster once again impressed the crowd as she took the microphone and gave an emotional performance.

The American Giving Awards are being introduced to America for the first time in 2011. With a celebrity tribute to community heroes found in neighborhoods, there was five charities looking to get part of $1 million in Chase grants. The funds would be used to continue work in helping others. Keeping in tow with the ideas of helping others, the show was inspiring for everyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

Jackie Evancho definitely has grown up in front of America. In only a few short years, the kid who won a simple talent has grown into a young lady with remarkable vocal control. Never allowing fear to compromise a performance, Evancho again and again shares inspirational music.

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Автор Robert Evers Evers ( назад)
Best singer around

Автор arifah prihartini ( назад)
Unbelievably beautifull ...

Автор john cole ( назад)
I get chills when I hear the audience's reaction to her introduction at :20
in. Its nice to see her extraordinary talent acknowledged.

Автор Kathlene Jensen ( назад)
Extraordinary child...BRAVO!!!

Автор Akane Takahara ( назад)
THank you.

Автор theodore williams ( назад)
O Jackie! O Jackie! O Jackie!

Автор michael buttery ( назад)
astonishing song sung by an amazing talent

Автор Jim Hiatt ( назад)
Jackie Evancho - Angel
Thanks Jackie that was awesome.

Автор Michael Haney ( назад)
Jackie has a voice of an angel !!!!

Автор Brandon Bennetzen ( назад)
So far 30 dislikes are Justin Bieber fans, complete idiots or trolls!

Автор R. Gold (850 лет назад)
+jimjosh64 Thanks for uploading this. I thought I'd seen every Jackie
video but I'm seeing this one for the first time. Jackie, now 15, is
touring and promoting her latest CD *Awakening*, which is a must-have work
of art. And the DVD of her *Awakening PBS Performance Live at Longwood
Gardens* is a musical and visual treat. So nice to see that this young
lady still dazzles her audiences. <3

Автор Bill Child (1203 года назад)
Interesting that Bob Costas introduced her. If singing was an Olympic sport
I'm sure Jackie would be on the podium probably taking the Gold.

Автор Bill Child (1415 лет назад)
I never really connected with this song until Jackie sang it!

Автор antonio dantas pereira antonio dantas ( назад)

Автор Milay Domingues ( назад)

Автор Monica Anzules ( назад)
What an angel! Such a professional talent! Many blessings to her and her

Автор 大龍古 ( назад)
She so cute:))
Just like an "Angel"

Автор jimjosh64 ( назад)
Jackie Evancho - American Giving Awards 2011


Автор tigerfanman ( назад)
I wasn't wowed

Автор Jerry Whitmire ( назад)
Happy 14th birthday to our Angel Jackie 4\9\2014 .

Автор mysydney545 ( назад)
you've touched a lot of hearts by your angelic voice. super cool :)

Автор MoMoMyPup10 ( назад)
Really really just heartfelt and pure. Great job by the chorus too!

Автор Johan Heidrich Júnior ( назад)
Like a angel, sweet Jackie! One a brazilian's fan!

Автор wendel williams ( назад)

Автор Ruby Tuesday ( назад)
wow - it was a different take on the song...so welcoming, so enveloping -
so forgiving. Yes - the way an Angel would sing it to someone in need of an
answer to a prayer.

Автор Derek Moya ( назад)
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Автор Lara Fan in Seattle ( назад)
So what? Roger Waters sang "Another Brick in the Wall" at a benefit concert
for victims of Hurricane Sandy. That doesn't mean that the song is suddenly
about hurricanes.

Автор Joe Merkt ( назад)
The song, Angel, has been "repurposed". Sarah McLachlan, herself, used it
in support of the BC SPCA End Animal Cruelty campaign in 2006.

Автор M coogle ( назад)

Автор IronmanLIIII ( назад)
Jackie's parents are careful to fully explain the meaning and intent behind
each piece she performs. Jackie has said in several interviews that she
becomes immersed in the music. I believe she does a good job conveying the
songwriter's emotional intent when she performs. BTW on July 20, 1969 Neil
Armstrong walked on the moon one week before my 11th birthday. I recall
watching intently bristling with pride and fully understood the historical
significance of this event. What a myopic view you have

Автор Lara Fan in Seattle ( назад)
That's a good question. I guess everyone is so hopelessly in love with the
girl that they can't stand to hear anything that may be even indirectly
negative. I don't blame her. I blame her manager and whoever thought they
could make some money off of Jackie by associating her with that song.
Personally I think Jackie Evancho is the best thing that has happened to
popular American music in 40 years.

Автор Autumn Chicoine ( назад)
ok then did not know that but why is everyone reporting THIS 4 spam

Автор Autumn Chicoine ( назад)
ya i gess so sorry i prob had a brain fart lol

Автор Robert Harris ( назад)
LOL, I think you have your genders mixed up. Boys voices usually drop after
puberty, but not girls. That's why there are so many post adolescent

Автор Greg Breytenbach ( назад)
Yeah, Michael Jackson didn't sing as well live as he did on his CD's

Автор gibbopg ( назад)
Here I go again with tearing up when I listen to this young lady sing.
Beautiful, just beautiful... She makes me believe that (right at this
moment in time) ... all is well with the world!

Автор Everett Cox ( назад)
It's a "Promise Ring" intended to say to her father that she will not have
sexual intercourse before she gets married. Some say it's a Catholic thing,
I don't know. I've never seen that on any other girl who wasn't at least

Автор Autumn Chicoine ( назад)
hey about my other comment i was not hateing it was the truth you voice
dose change but right now she dose have a NICE voice

Автор Autumn Chicoine ( назад)
when she goes threw peberty her voice will change and maybe even after it
will change but awsome voice for now (maybe)

Автор mdilla11 ( назад)
you're scaring me

Автор msfreebird37 ( назад)
Lozba Carmen - the ring she wears on her left hand is a purity ring.

Автор lozba carmen ( назад)
I love the decor. if it was dressed in a white dress and as shown there
that decor that represents the sky, you can even say it's a true angel came
down from heaven. But why she has always a ring on the ring finger of his
left hand as if she is engaged, in fact that she's obviously not.

Автор davekanak ( назад)
Jackie's eyes, are the windows to her soul, and her voice, is the sound of
her spirit :)

Автор Alan Roy Antony ( назад)
She's not an Opera singer, she's a classical crossover singer.... So she is
the best classical crossover singer..... :)

Автор Hannah warda ( назад)
She's now claimed the best opera singer by me!!!!!!!and a whole bunch of
other people btw I looooove u jackie, you'll always be my fav. Singer:) luv
hannah :)

Автор Skyhawk Ron ( назад)

Автор Andres W. ( назад)
jojo miren esto -> goo.gl\uyYvp

Автор suresounds ( назад)
Now you know what an angel sounds like and looks like ...and the angel's
name is Jackie Evancho.

Автор Luiz Carlos Dib ( назад)
A gift coming from the heaven. Congratulations.I bought your álbum.

Автор enriqueta fernandez ( назад)
no tenemos ninguna duda es un angel cantando

Автор Jack Arkesden ( назад)

Автор Michael D.613 ( назад)
Sarah McLachlan wrote and sang the original 'Angel'. Jackie's renditions of
this song are beautiful and emotion filled. It has been said that she is an
interpretive genius. No question about that!! The song became a signature
song for Jackie during her 'Dream With Me' concert tour and promotional TV
appearances. 'Angel' sung by an Angel, no doubt!!

Автор Dennis Maurer ( назад)
Who sings the original song because of angel

Автор Andreas Mewes ( назад)
Thank God, for this Angel.

Автор Mary Farfan ( назад)
She is amazing

Автор Mary Farfan ( назад)
Oh! wowwwww This girl is so beautifull, She looks a bit to Lady Diana From
England and also She looks like the actriz Jodie Foster. What do you think?

Автор Mary Farfan ( назад)
This wonderfull little girl has much resemblance to Lady Diana and Jodie
Foster. What you think? She is so beautifull and unbeliveble talented.

Автор Andrés Alejandro Doria Cárdenas ( назад)
the best voice i've ever heard...

Автор Faith kaps ( назад)
This is sooo amazing,wow may God bless u Jackie....u just made tears roll
down my face.....

Автор STHFGDBY ( назад)
Thirteen people who have serious trouble recognising pure talent.

Автор AB - ( назад)
Hermosa pero se nota q en esta cancion le falto el aire

Автор davekanak ( назад)
Though Jackie must sing here much more subdued and softly than at a concert
hall, she rises to the occasion as always, and makes up for the subdued
vocal, with the awesome visual portrayal and beauty. Viva Jackie!

Автор Brea Campbell ( назад)

Автор mislanka1 ( назад)
впечатляет исполнения.,молодец она..

Автор joroma77 ( назад)
She was a bit nervous here?

Автор davekanak ( назад)
Jackie sings this song with angelic beauty, but it is not her singing here
that is so awesome, but Jackie's live Dramatic Portrayal of this sad song.
For those saying Jackie does not sing as well here as her DWM DVD or CD or
other performances, we must consider the venue and setting she is
performing in. This is not a full production DVD and Jackie has to sing a
live short version with a bunch of kids at a charity event, and she sings
much more subdued, than at a concert hall or studio.

Автор davekanak ( назад)
She has the voice, and the eyes, of an Angel :)

Автор another issues ( назад)
i love jackie when she sang these song @pbs great perfomence, trutly deeply
& beautiful, but doesn't mean this perfomance isn't good, this is good too.
i love jackie always :)

Автор davekanak ( назад)
Stop frame it at 3:11, for the most beautiful look, when she finally shows
her eyes :)

Автор kwalton4263 ( назад)
She should sing this at a benefit concert for the connitcut 26

Автор jim52536 ( назад)
I'VE SEEN HE VISIN STEPHEN SAW IN ACTS 7....... Her eye are like looking
into Heaven....Light up the world Jackie for Jesus

Автор Cardocoleseri ( назад)
I agree with the last comment about singing it in opera voice. I didn't
care for it much. But she has an amazing voice just not right for the song.

Автор sk8tildeath01 ( назад)
Amazing performance though singing it in opera style took away something
from the Song. The way Sarah sang it was the best. It always puts tears in
my eyes with it's softness, tenderness and warmth and the longing for
something great. The opera style sound like just showing off one's voice.

Автор PatrioticGlory ( назад)
The performance was fine but I couldn't get the Bob Costas' slightly
off-centered toupee out of my head.

Автор NimBindi ( назад)
Of all the songs I have heard Jackie sing, this is by far my favorite one.
Jackie is incomparable. Nobody sings like her. She is indeed an angel in my
eys, and I thank God for blessing us wth this gift.

Автор Kevin Russell ( назад)
I still think this song is way too mature for Jackie and this perfomance
proves it for me. I love her voice but this outing is not even close to her
best. Now I feel bad.

Автор Chee-Keung Lee ( назад)
The Jackie Effect. I strongly feel that too. I'm 75, since I started
listening Jackie sing last year I find myself very much alive again!! I
love Jackie's lovely and sweet smiles displayed all the time after the
song. Thank you very much Jackie! God bless you and your family.

Автор tube7562 ( назад)
@Whistlejocket Jackie has publicly stated on numerous occasions that she is
not an opera singer and does not wish to be one. Millions enjoy and revel
in her music and her voice as it is. Many of us would like to see her sing
operatic arias in her own style. That is when she is incomparable !

Автор tube7562 ( назад)
@Whistlejocket are you referring to Bertolli, name for an Italian pasta
manufacturer, or Cecilia Bartoli the opera singer. Cecilia is a gifted
singer but has a limited reach and only within the opera genre. Heaven
forbid that Jackie sounds like her. She won't have any fans left.

Автор Dawn Smollek ( назад)
this girl is amazing

Автор Whistlejocket ( назад)
She needs to train her voice for Opera. Maybe "Wagner;s Trisolda" She will
harm her voice singing anything else. But in America they are only
interested in money. It takes many years to sing opera, it is a life all
it's own. Please understand that.

Автор Whistlejocket ( назад)
This is not appropriate for her, this is disgusting and her parents should
know that. She has a Bertolli quality and a laser capability. She is far
above this.

Автор Whistlejocket ( назад)
She isn't a pop singer, her voice is beyond that. This is actually a poor
exposition for quality of voice. Her parents should not be allowed to drop
her to this level. Send her to Europe and get away from this continent.

Автор Ettenyl56 ( назад)
What an appropriate song for her talent. I certainly find comfort in
hearing this angel sing.

Автор Byron Terrell ( назад)
Indeed we are witness to spiritual relevations each time this beautiful
soul releases her heart to the world. Blessed Jesus surely awaits HIS
Father's time to return to bring HIS OWN to the place where the Lord God
Almighty is praised day and night. Holy Scriptues Revelation Chapter 4
Verses 8, 9,10 and 11.

Автор timbang ugita ( назад)
nice .. i love this voice ..

Автор WilsonEatsASMR ( назад)
3:12 when she sings that last part and the trilling of her voice.. This too
me is what an angel sounds like. Have never heard a run like that sung
better and so natural in all my life ! WOW!!!

Автор Sascha M (342 года назад)
wow, what a voice!

Автор Angel Heart Radio ( назад)
Gone are the days when age was considered a definitive measuring stick for
a persons capabilities, talents etc - as Jackie clearly illustrates! Bravo
Jackie!! <3

Автор brel3274 ( назад)
Hi, Do U find like I do, that at odd moments during my day, that words from
various of her songs just pop into my consciousness and instantaneously
give Me a lift. Check out her version of Enya's Only Time. I find It
hauntingly beautiful.

Автор lllrikki28lll ( назад)
8 people listening must have been hard of hearing

Автор Chris Finley ( назад)
i have never in all my years heard a voice so beautiful

Автор Илья Мурашкин ( назад)

Автор Grace Bowden ( назад)
D: why is every girl singer 12 when I'm 11 >;(

Автор Skyhawk Ron ( назад)

Автор Nathan Messenger ( назад)
Felt uncomfortable and was looking for something to calm me down. Now
after this I feel at peace and can finally catch some sleep.

Автор Skyhawk Ron ( назад)
myself also, she is a medicine, i have to watch i don't overdose

Автор elviseric ( назад)
HI Terrific, what a voice. Rock on ELVISERIC

Автор Valerie Morris ( назад)
Angel cubed. An angel singing " Angel " like an angel.

Автор davekanak ( назад)
Jackie does not sing a song, she becomes the song. Here she becomes an

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