Rain Rain Go Away

Sunshine 6,
SJCK Annual Concert 2007

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Автор Husein Juzar (1 год)
theruhm.com: Its really cute.

Автор Eric Colvin (5 лет)
Aww cute

Автор syedmoien (3 года)
may I know the artist please

Автор CigarettesAshtray's Text-To-Speech Channel (1 год)
Why is there no closing version of the song

Автор CigarettesAshtray's Text-To-Speech Channel (1 год)
why is there no closing version of your song darkanis

Автор weatherheather1984 (3 года)
aw so cute I love to dance to I am in Jazz 3 I learned to dance when I was
4 but I danced off and on. Were going to be performing at the Walla Walla
Balloon Stamp peed in May and at the end of May were having out big program
I am going to be in 4 dances I take Jazz and I am just learning ballet I
love it I am 26

Автор fishie9977 (4 года)
@Twilight3821 how do u do the hearts?

Автор Kofi Walker (2 года)
i love this... really cute!

Автор Damien Clark (3 года)
Not cool

Автор CigarettesAshtray's Text-To-Speech Channel (1 год)
Why is there no closing version of rain rain go away on your uploaded
videos darkanis

Автор skatingma (6 лет)

Автор hi5 fans (3 года)
@syedmoien from "hi-5" you can search here in youtube "Hi-5 rain rain go
away (nature) (2001)"

Автор Chew Jie Ying (6 лет)
so cute~

Автор Twilight3821 (5 лет)
thats so cute love the cute little outfits too ♥♥.

Автор syedmoien (3 года)
may I know the artist of the song please

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