Break in disabled iPhone

....in one minute.

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Автор Eric Yosick ( назад)
do you know how to factory reset an iPhone 3g without iTunes and computer

Автор John Henderson ( назад)
Thats the factory reset dumb fuck.
You couldn'nt break in to a fucking smartie tube.
You aint no player.Bitch

Автор Betty Contreras ( назад)
thanks for helping out really good video

Автор Michael Adams ( назад)
still works clutch !

Автор Xavier Merino ( назад)
It doesn't even work

Автор esteban gonzalez ( назад)

Автор Catherine Hanson ( назад)
slayyy thank you so much for this you saved mee

Автор Deairra Williams ( назад)
it says i ineed to unlock it first

Автор Delaney Moore ( назад)
my end button wouldnt work and the number was a fucking 911 hotline. Im got
grounded, and the cops took me to the station for prank calling an
emergency number. Like wtf. I tried it again the next day and it didnt even

Автор swagga m ( назад)
still works yo

Автор smf smf reaL ( назад)
error accoured

Автор Prob ( назад)
My iPhone is blocked and disabled, how can I get my music and my photo back
without losing anything?

Автор Steve Day ( назад)
how do i do that on iphone5

Автор Toshendra Singh ( назад)
thanks dude it really worksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Автор Justen Dollaz ( назад)
Simple. 2 mins flat. Appreciate it.

Автор Jeff Creek ( назад)
u awsome g

Автор noncents27 ( назад)
Does it delete the pictures in your phone?

Автор yupitsme5lilly ( назад)
does it delete anything

Автор yupitsme5lilly ( назад)
does it delete anything

Автор yupitsme5lilly ( назад)
did it delete anything

Автор BroimfromDallas ( назад)
Does it erase everything???

Автор Jade Vega ( назад)
this really worked

Автор marcusBX ( назад)
This is one of the shittiest songs ever produced

Автор Jaquel Bowie ( назад)
i found a iphone 4 ... and tjis worked soo if tou find a iphone 4 it works
for this too

Автор alex martinez ( назад)
hey hmm my iphone 3 dose that too so idk how to unlock on disable needed to
conected itunes it wont let me so can u email me or text me

Автор Oliver Kuhlmann ( назад)
only complaint would be the shit music haha cheers mate

Автор Paul Redmond ( назад)
thats a brilliant video doesnt even show you how to complete the proccess
what a noob

Автор Ariana Montoya ( назад)
what do you do afterwards? im lost .-.

Автор Christina Vazquez ( назад)
I really love you! This video really help me

Автор Davide Mariani ( назад)
omg thanks!! you are fucking awesome!!! me and my friend found an iphone
and we really wanted to hack it. thanks!!

Автор Dasean Dehart ( назад)
Omg thanks!!!!!

Автор Chelsea Smith ( назад)

Автор Manver Bajwa ( назад)
Thank you!!!!!

Автор Samantha Medina ( назад)
i wanna kiss you right now! but ur older then me!!

Автор LexThea ( назад)
thanks so much !!!!!!

Автор Ali Ahmed ( назад)

Автор Mspurplebumble bee ( назад)
How do you get the phone un disabled if the lock and home button both dont
work?? please helpp!!! i use the volume up button to power phone off and on

Автор Aaliyah guerra ( назад)
omggg it work i had my phone like this for like 3days and omg i did it
myself iit is so easy ty

Автор Tiffany Tremurici ( назад)

Автор alen novak ( назад)
thankssssssssssssssss duddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор TWOHEADEDOGRE ( назад)
will this delete any thing thats on the iphone if it wasn't backed up to
itune before this

Автор TheDiddydale123 ( назад)
you..YOU are amazing , u saved my life lol thanks alot

Автор koopalings123 ( назад)
it works i did it

Автор Andre Teixeira ( назад)
Único post que realmente foi objetivo e que resolveu meu problema.

Автор lemart morrow ( назад)
Text me at 707-809-9141 to help me

Автор lemart morrow ( назад)
I have a ibookg4 and it won't take my iphone 4g also it say your iPhone
isn't eligible with this version

Автор Michael Range ( назад)
it realy works thank you so much

Автор Tula Smallman ( назад)
What do i do at the end? i have done everything on the video but my phone
still says itunes on and i cant get into it on itunes either? Am i missing
something? Please help. I thought it would be funny to change the pass word
on my hubbys phone but the next day i couldnt remember what id changed it
to! (too much tequilla!) Thanks :)

Автор Ubertrickz ( назад)
mine didnt work :(

Автор bribri_017 ( назад)
It didn't work.

Автор Michael Byrd ( назад)

Автор Chase Raskin ( назад)
thank you soo much!!

Автор Naamveer Singh ( назад)
thank you my friend, much appreciated

Автор Rylie jenkins ( назад)
But would if the top button don't work?

Автор Lyssa903 ( назад)
You are sooooooo awesome!!!! I almost had an heart attack when my phone was
disabled. Thank you soooo much!!

Автор Anthony Brown ( назад)
no you dont mate.. restore it and saves all your stuff except your apps...
you obvious dont know how to restore it. if you want your apps back just
download them again in your apps store. you already payed for them so you
just dowload them for free..

Автор Anthony Brown ( назад)
worked a treat my brother. guys having probs i dont know what you doing
wrong but it worked perfect for me. i then restored my phone and updated
it.. worked like a charm thanks to NewsChannelP1M :) your a legend.. saved
me £25 brother :)

Автор hicham ghezali ( назад)
finally nigga thx bro

Автор DickEnlargement (229 лет назад)
hey yo im tryin to do this to a couple of iphone 4 i 'found' but they just
dont unlock. the one is disabled cause i tryed to many passwords n the
other one is just locked. i dont know what else to do man

Автор jbbaby305 ( назад)
Very simple and it worked and listening to good music while doing it I

Автор Joseph J.A.Kaylor ( назад)
thank you , i went though like a billion 15 min vids and ur simple on was
the one that worked (y)

Автор ShadowDragonsHeart ( назад)
you lose it, if u restore it, say bye bye to all your stuff.. try the gecko
toolkit for iphone, ipod, and ipad. dont worry, its free :)

Автор Rene Robles ( назад)

Автор westbrook580 ( назад)
a lot of people forget their passwords..... a lot of people find phones and
want to hack the password.

Автор jackd235 ( назад)
thankyou your video was very very helpful, thanks once again ! it works

Автор Nicole Thatsanaphonh ( назад)

Автор iDK72397 ( назад)
I love you.

Автор Sevin Mendoza ( назад)
does this erase all your info and shit inside the iphone??

Автор Oreo Cook ( назад)
my iphone says unlock in a billion minuets haha...

Автор kevin louis ( назад)

Автор lol no ( назад)
Msbongobird- mine too. My cousin put a new password on her fone and she
forgot it and we did the steps like 3 times.

Автор Alex Hambleton ( назад)
omg thank you sooo much <3

Автор MsBongobird ( назад)
hi im doing this at the moment but every few min while downloading restore
in itunes my iphone keeps popping the passcode screen back on the phone. i
kept repeating your steps. any advice please?

Автор Annie Chung ( назад)
i love you

Автор 805GeMiNi ( назад)
yo it worked thanks man all the other videos we got to do a grip a shit to
do what you did in less then 2 minutes haha thanks again man

Автор jdj jsn (121 год назад)
This is a life saver :D

Автор N9olan ( назад)
Why do you think so?

Автор johnnunnelley ( назад)
very nice life saver

Автор Xander3756 ( назад)
Thank u soooooo much!!!!!!!!!

Автор YAYAR3A707 ( назад)
THanks bruh

Автор elisabeth l ( назад)

Автор Djames ( назад)
shut up cunt

Автор Erica Camacho ( назад)
I know thats what i was saying Like what the fudge!!

Автор Erica Camacho ( назад)
What Does being racist have to do with what i said??????????????? Im just
saying and wow words dont hurt me keep trying though LOL

Автор Sarahjanehoey ( назад)
brilliant! thanks a mill!!

Автор SKELLYY100 ( назад)
spot on m8

Автор Jasmine Rochelle ( назад)
Thank You Sooooo Much!'

Автор Angel Ryals ( назад)
You Rock!!!

Автор Marco Tamay ( назад)
Thank Youu Soooooooooo Much Bro!!!!

Автор Paris Watson ( назад)
OMG thank yu!!! hahaha i locked my nephews fone! ugh wat a life saver

Автор TheBigphil27 ( назад)
ma dude, ma hero, thanks man....

Автор noEZway2say ( назад)
how is stealing racist?

Автор Djames ( назад)
no not funny you fucking racist bitch

Автор 8colourfulrainz ( назад)
bro the man

Автор Erica Camacho ( назад)
he probably stoled da iphone

Автор joecain6274 ( назад)
Dude this rocks!!! My duaghter locked her self out. Thank you man!!!

Автор OBZKler Quiroz ( назад)
Love u soo much. No Ho-mo

Автор riagirl213 ( назад)
how long do i hold it ?

Автор Amy Haskett ( назад)
this is awesome thank u so much

Автор C8TN ( назад)
how gay

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