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Автор Betty Contreras (2 месяца)
thanks for helping out really good video

Автор Michael Adams (5 месяцев)
still works clutch !

Автор Xavier Merino (6 месяцев)
It doesn't even work

Автор esteban gonzalez (7 месяцев)

Автор Catherine Hanson (8 месяцев)
slayyy thank you so much for this you saved mee

Автор Delaney Moore (10 месяцев)
my end button wouldnt work and the number was a fucking 911 hotline. Im got
grounded, and the cops took me to the station for prank calling an
emergency number. Like wtf. I tried it again the next day and it didnt even

Автор Deairra Williams (10 месяцев)
it says i ineed to unlock it first

Автор swagga m (1 год)
still works yo

Автор smf smf reaL (1 год)
error accoured

Автор Steve Day (1 год)
how do i do that on iphone5

Автор Prob (1 год)
My iPhone is blocked and disabled, how can I get my music and my photo back
without losing anything?

Автор Toshendra Singh (1 год)
thanks dude it really worksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Автор Justen Dollaz (1 год)
Simple. 2 mins flat. Appreciate it.

Автор Jeff Creek (1 год)
u awsome g

Автор Dirty30251 (4 года)
Man what happened to the rest of the video i need to know what exactly you

Автор LuCkYbUt1111 (3 года)
This happend to my cousin and its still going on,but it just said," I pod
is disabled" and it did'nt say try again in ... Minutes! It just says" i
pod is disabled"And nothing else!!! 

Автор Rene Robles (2 года)

Автор Anthony Brown (2 года)
no you dont mate.. restore it and saves all your stuff except your apps...
you obvious dont know how to restore it. if you want your apps back just
download them again in your apps store. you already payed for them so you
just dowload them for free..

Автор felipedjg (4 года)
How do you restore without updating the baseband though, I want to keep my

Автор Chelsea Smith (2 года)

Автор lemart morrow (2 года)
Text me at 707-809-9141 to help me

Автор LexThea (2 года)
thanks so much !!!!!!

Автор Dasean Dehart (2 года)
Omg thanks!!!!!

Автор Basketball435 (3 года)
Thank u soooooo much!!!!!!!!!

Автор KIDiHOOD (3 года)
this is nuts it worked the first time!

Автор Michael Byrd (2 года)

Автор Jade Vega (1 год)
this really worked

Автор Adrian Hartman (3 года)
I have an iphone 4g and it doesnt work. Somebody knows other ways?

Автор Marco Tamay (3 года)
Thank Youu Soooooooooo Much Bro!!!!

Автор BroimfromDallas (1 год)
Does it erase everything???

Автор eoc98 (3 года)
Dude bro you are the best dude in the world I love you!!!!&!!!!!!!!

Автор Praxed100 (3 года)

Автор Jamie Bryant (4 года)
well done mate

Автор koopalings123 (2 года)
it works i did it

Автор Erica Camacho (3 года)
I know thats what i was saying Like what the fudge!!

Автор Amy Haskett (3 года)
this is awesome thank u so much

Автор Kasey Wislon (3 года)
Blame it on the accccccchol :D

Автор Dennis Biribudo (4 года)
hahaha..................it worked

Автор Alex Hambleton (2 года)
omg thank you sooo much <3

Автор Ali Ahmed (2 года)

Автор noEZway2say (3 года)
how is stealing racist?

Автор Paris Barnes (3 года)
OMG thank yu!!! hahaha i locked my nephews fone! ugh wat a life saver

Автор warriorselite1 (3 года)
duz it take forever to restore bro ca nu messege me asap ive been trying to
do this and its the only method that works sow far but it seys 5 hours to
do it

Автор yupitsme5lilly (1 год)
does it delete anything

Автор Larry Jackson (4 года)
omg thank you sooooo much bro life saver really

Автор zizovip100 (4 года)
thank u so much . it`s workin

Автор lemart morrow (2 года)
I have a ibookg4 and it won't take my iphone 4g also it say your iPhone
isn't eligible with this version

Автор arcangeladam (4 года)
thanks bro you are so much help

Автор MrLanii941 (3 года)
@lakiaamos hmm not working on my 4 what should i do?

Автор Samantha Medina (2 года)
i wanna kiss you right now! but ur older then me!!

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