POWER RANGERS International Trailer (2017)

Official "Power Rangers" Movie International Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ http://abo.yt/kc | Elizabeth Banks Movie #Trailer | Release: 24 Mar 2017 | https://KinoCheck.de/film/9k9/power-rangers-2017
Saban’s Power Rangers follows five ordinary high school kids who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove – and the world – is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover that they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so they will have to overcome their real-life issues and band together as the Power Rangers before it is too late.

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POWER RANGERS Trailer (2017) ➤ http://youtu.be/VdnvEicwJvU
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#PowerRangers is a new movie by Dean Israelite, starring Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott and Bill Hader.

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Автор New Movies ( назад)

Автор HazzBro ( назад)
100 Trailers later...

they finally show the suits 😂

Автор Dominick Krikke ( назад)
at first I thought a power rangers movie would be fun, now I really doubt
it, because somethings are simular to the tv show but for me it has another
feeling, I mean power rangers is part of my life since wild force and I
like the show so much that it became a sort of second nature for me to
watch it, all I want to say actually is, I hope they will be careful with
this movie adaptaion even though it says saban on the title.

Автор Agent “tb86” Prime ( назад)
I need Zords, Zordon, Alpha 5, the Suits, Rita Repulsa gimme gimme gimme.

Автор Jonathan Orenday ( назад)
fap fap

Автор berserk2606 ( назад)
For real though this film is out in like 2 months and there's barely been
anything released unless it's toys. Are they just going with 1 trailer?

Автор Arandomguy XD ( назад)
teaser my ass, is the same shit like before how dissapointing.

Автор Hamza Kebbati ( назад)
check out my uncharted movie cast!

Автор Vlog Squad 95 ( назад)
They could've at least shown goldar and the megazord transforming or

Автор Erfworm Sniffle ( назад)
this sounds like Michael bay

Автор DocWolph ( назад)
Bkgrd Music is a remix of Adagio in D minor.

Автор Ziggy Vertang ( назад)
Movie industry is officially ruining everything I loved as a kid... What's
next a bagpuss remake?

Автор Damian Wiecha ( назад)
WTF ????! CRAP

Автор Lyokogirl789 ( назад)
I wish they had the full trailer. And I wish I knew what those Japanese
sentences mean. The ones that was shown at times like 0:11 and 0:23.

Автор pablo TENTRI lozano TETRISQUI ( назад)

Автор Metadragon ( назад)
What is the legal standing of Power Rangers? I mean its quite literally a
westernized copy of Super Sentai and licensed from that franchise. So does
Saban have to pay a percentage to Toei?

Автор Shogun Hanae ( назад)
they just added some jap char.

Автор TrigerWolf ( назад)
This trailer is Faster I see

Автор Brandon Cutting ( назад)

Автор Leonard Clements ( назад)
I feel like there's going to be a third trailer containing an unused
(because it's not used in the film, just made for the trailer) scene where
the crew morph and then they sure the zords of the characters, so it's more
a case of making sure we know who is in what while, adding fan service with
the go go power rangers short version so we know how it's likely to sound
in full

Автор Leonard Clements ( назад)
I feel like there's going to be a third trailer containing an unused
(because it's not used in the film, just made for the trailer) scene where
the crew morph and then they sure the zords of the characters, so it's more
a case of making sure we know who is in what while, adding fan service with
the go go power rangers short version so we know how it's likely to sound
in full

Автор zsoyyo mangs ( назад)
stile transformers y tmnt of nikelodeon

Автор irism ( назад)
Is Tommy gonna be there? That's what really matter

Автор Angel Gonzales ( назад)
I thought this is going to be In theaters on 2017/03/24 ???

Автор Angel Gonzales ( назад)
Why does it say 2017/7/15 ???

Автор Zachary Cloutier ( назад)
Fucking Megazord

Автор RedGear ( назад)
If they fuck this movie up I'm going to fuck then up with long dick power
ranger style 😡

Автор LordOfThe Flightless ( назад)
... right, now show me the megarords!!

Автор Abel Herrera ( назад)
There goes my childhood...

Автор NemoTube PokeVids ( назад)
loving this trailer music

Автор Mr. BigMan ( назад)
where's the morphin time?

Автор Jordan Harrington ( назад)
Couldn't take Powe rRangers seriously if they didn't make these different
design choices, Im gonna give a damn chance

Автор alex flores ( назад)
Yeah, this movie is probably going to flop very hard lol

Автор crisswOw ( назад)

Автор Allen McKinney ( назад)
must of had a chicken do the editing...there's chicken scratch all over
this video.

Автор Anderson Nascimento ( назад)
Please suport this movie. We, Power Rangers fans have been waiting for so
long to see this.

Автор The Absolute Truth ( назад)

Автор Orias X ( назад)
New Chronicle 2 trailer looks awesome

Автор AdamTheDorito ( назад)
How the hell is this a second trailer it's litteraly the same thing but

Автор the FLIP ( назад)
when the teaser becomes better than the actual trailer. lol

Автор benbelap ( назад)
doesn't look very good

Автор Jairus Davis ( назад)
omg I can,t. wait

Автор Steamer ZL ( назад)
This movie is gonna suck. Power Rangers has always been a piece of shit.
Those who like this trailer must be fucking kids.

Автор TheRealGunfish ( назад)
this channel is the biggest piece of horseshit on youtube.

Автор Ian Soares ( назад)
lol Toei logo

Автор JohnEbirp ( назад)
real Power Rangers looked cheap and I liked it

Автор Ricky Frazier ( назад)
This power ranger movie looks like hot garbage ...

Автор Nandi N ( назад)
Trailers are a bit like clickbait for movies. They lure you then suck so
badly, ruining all your favourite comics and books. PLEASE. DON'T. SUCK.

Автор Vilgot Andersson ( назад)
Desert down however Russian office collector girl characterize complain

Автор Rich 215 ( назад)
Wheres the theme tune?? :(

Автор matias Knight of space god tier ( назад)
super sentai

Автор flipburly ( назад)
bioman will kick their asses lol

Автор Arun Deepak Raj Dorakula ( назад)
So they release the same trailer with Chinese titles and subtitles and call
it an international trailer!!! wtf!!

Автор Maria M. Peoples ( назад)

Автор HappyHusbandn Wife ( назад)

Автор Elvis Ogunro ( назад)
Power wankers! Out now!

Автор Elvis Ogunro ( назад)
Power wankers! Regenerated

Автор Vîjhel Ways ( назад)
Dragon ball..... and now this...

Автор Ian Hollis ( назад)
"International"? It's Japanese! Anyway ... was expecting new footage.

Автор Bama Boy ( назад)
такое уже где то было

Автор genghis1887 ( назад)
Eh...I don't really like this that much. Its just too "Obvious" like this
whole trailer kinda spoils a lot of info.

Автор Khadariツ ( назад)
Its hard to take this seriously after nickelodeon butchered the series.

Автор joseph971 ( назад)
I'm a 90's child who's a big fan of this franchise. But I can already tell
that this will be another crappy, cringeworthy movie...

Автор Chris Hartley ( назад)
It's Morphin time

Автор VideoQuestEx ( назад)
Go, go Power Rangers!

Автор PubliusAfricanus ( назад)
Damn, this is 2008 edgy!

Автор herociouz ( назад)
What's with the Jap letters?

Автор Ammar WT ( назад)
this channel is filled with clickbait videos

Автор cheyne burrows ( назад)
that was literally the same trailer as before. Nothing new at all

Автор JustTrolling ( назад)
Movie looks bad.

Автор •Lucille• ( назад)
alv :v

Автор Rob M ( назад)
Fucking time-travelling movie critics.

Автор ro t ( назад)
another Po Angers

Автор Paralitykify ( назад)
A gdzie kurwa kitowcy ?

Автор Fenixz Filip ( назад)
damn this looks like a solid 3/10

Автор Janaina Guedes ( назад)
poxaa vim aquee na empolgacao de ser trailer novoo maiss fui troladaa afff

Автор Lee & Jason ( назад)
90% of the comments are like
nah i wanted a funny mcu movie

Автор Lee & Jason ( назад)
jesus Christ

Автор DRAWcreate ( назад)
They may appear on my channel soon! Peace!

Автор Neurotyczny Kot ( назад)
so eveything must be bluish gritty reboot because we all know power rangers
was srs business...

Автор Ethan John ( назад)

Автор Devofone ( назад)
This looks worryingly like a "gritty" reboot to me, I hope they dont forget
about humour or the campiness you cant have a movie like this take itself
to seriously it just winds up being rediculous and boring,

Автор Hugh Mungus ( назад)
Well damn, I never thought I would say this... I want to see... the...
Power Rangers movie.

Автор jayanth buddole ( назад)
it is the same one

Автор D.A.B ( назад)
Go go power rangers!

green ranger and white ranger diffrent cast.
and 1 more new ranger is purple.
for suprise

Автор 007Fusiion ( назад)
It doesn't even remind me of the Power Rangers.

Автор Calista Elisya ( назад)
wtf looks like transformer and ironmen,

Автор LUCUS VAZQUEZ ( назад)
Same. Old. Shit. You know what that means, their gonna pull the same shit
they did in Godzilla 2014. The main characters aren't gonna show up almost
to the end of the movie, all story and dialogue, not much action, and their
fight scenes are gonna be short asf. This is gonna suck.

Автор MAD BUDDHA troy ( назад)
I did like that power rangers that had those giant silver insect
robots--not sure what its called does anyone know ?

Автор Richard Johnson ( назад)
I kept reading everywhere that this was a new trailer. this is just a
striped down version of the teaser wtf.

Автор Tomek1107 ( назад)

Автор Thornton Nguyen ( назад)
Kinda getting tired of the pre-school, elementary, middle, high school
"reborn" individuals concept. Maybe a few a times every one to two years

Автор mk17173n ( назад)
its the same fucking trailer just recut differently

Автор AVBsicfan ( назад)
pls, i need the sound track from this trailer. NAME !

Автор Elena Peeters ( назад)
Message company behavioral final technical rhetoric fit thanks age

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