YouTube Superstar Justin Bieber - Interview

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Автор Spaceman ( назад)
Я русский Джастин Бибер

Автор Marko Šeparović Mlađi ( назад)
Watchmojo.You disappointed me because of this.

Автор Daria Tanner ( назад)
I don't know why all of you are writing that he's different person now. Of
course he grew up and got more mature but he's the same c mon

Автор Astraltrippy ( назад)
I met Justin Bieber once. I flushed him down the toilet shortly after.

Автор SouluoS Okey ( назад)
a head like a penis and a mouth like he just gave some blowjobs

Автор Harvestr99 ( назад)
This was back when he actually had a personality that wasn't pure crap!

Автор rose G ( назад)
i love jb

Автор Zunaid Chowdhowry ( назад)
shit who saw that coming

Автор Mahdi Saftari ( назад)
Fuck u gay

Автор Jon Way ( назад)
2:05 this bitch predicted the future

Автор jason wilson ( назад)
Then and now 💪

Автор Farihah Anjum ( назад)
whoz watching dis in 2016????

Автор Danielle Nnene ( назад)
I plan to stay grounded.

Why you always lying?

Автор Jazz moh ( назад)

Автор Adrian Velez ( назад)
look at him now

Автор Gracie Lachance ( назад)
watched this in 2009 and still watching in 2016💗

Автор Martën Gloæver ( назад)
fuck bangs

Автор Niall Bieber ( назад)
He thought it would have gone perfect, he was wrong... He was on top in
2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012... 2013 he made a huge downfall, 2014, he was at
rock bottom, no-one knew his future, we all expected him to keep going
downhill, in late 2014, he began picking himself up again and in 2015 and
2016, he's back on top again. He shouldn't have said what he did, he should
have said "I don't know about my future, I don't know if I will I keep
grounded or not, only time will tell".

Автор Jack White ( назад)
compare him then to him now

Автор Jailbreaky Gaming ( назад)
The bastard has now got tattoos,blonde hair and a shitty new album

Автор Olivia Hall ( назад)
He's like a different person now... Scary

Автор We Are The Random Bros ( назад)
3 years later...

Автор Dutch Bebitos ( назад)
For the record he did not stay grounded

Автор Cigarrete ( назад)
Need bleach plz

Автор Yoaquin Look ( назад)
sorry bieber

Автор H Mistry ( назад)
"I plan to surround myself with good people, and so I'll stay grounded and
have a good road ahead"....*5 years later* "Justin Bieber urinates in
public and eggs his neighbors home with his so called friends, and later
obtains a mugshot for reckless driving" THE IRONY!!!!

Автор Mr. Jibblez ( назад)
ha gaaay

Автор IgnitionPoint 2 ( назад)
You failed haters, more likes than dislikes

Автор MariahTwoPointOh ( назад)
everyones hating but justin is worth more, lived more, happier and rich
than any of you will ever be😂 hes not worried about you children.

Автор Chelsea Hornsey ( назад)

Автор Vennyja ( назад)

Автор keona randolph ( назад)
my dawg.

Автор Madeleine Swaczyna ( назад)
I love you justin biber

Автор _Mia b ( назад)
0:03 Justin timberlake??????

Автор Unknown Nebula ( назад)
He Said Train Wrecked For Justin Bieber More Like A Plane 

Автор ____nüggetz____ ( назад)
Well... now that it's 2015, 6 years after they posted this, I say that
watching this video is a little awkward for all of us considering that
becoming a train wreck was exactly what happened. I do feel bad though.
There's obviously a lot more stress and difference in a celebrity's life
than a normal persons', so in a weird way I understand why him and so many
other people become like that. I think eventually it may become painful to
live that way. For a little bit it's fine but like all things it eventually
takes its toll. I'm not saying that we should disregard what he's done, but
to maybe just put those factors in and that it's not entirely his fault. It
mostly is, but there is some reason behind it.

Автор clark luthor ( назад)
Who the fuck is Justin Biber?

Автор RedHornetGuy ( назад)
I can't believe they did an interview with little maggot pie

Автор JDM ( назад)
ha ha lol... and now they did a vidio why hes hated

Автор Leon Lind ( назад)
"So.. how does it feel that in only 5-6 year I will be the voice of one of
our videos, titled "Top 10 reasons why Justin Bieber is hated"? "..."

Автор Leon Lind ( назад)
Oh my god did he trainwreck. I'd say his music just got better and better,
but his personality... It's such a shame, he seemed like a really good boy.
But he didn't even get to grow up before becoming and arrogant asshole...

Автор Justin bieber Sucks ( назад)
Fuck you justin bieber

Автор Ashton Kohute (202 года назад)

Автор ethan bosch ( назад)
This was the time i still liked justin, like how he is now, i hate him

Автор The Unioner ( назад)
fuck that guy

Автор Rafy Perello ( назад)

Автор thunderstar1124 ( назад)
Justin Bieber was so much less idiotic back in the day.

Автор Ahlil Ilmar ( назад)
15k likes and 15k dislikes

Автор JATOME ( назад)
grew up to be a douchebag

Автор PocaPo ( назад)
I bet this kid is gonna grow up to be somethi- oh wait a second this is
from 2009, let me check what he does today-HOLY SHIT..

I retract my comment 

Автор Bunkist ( назад)
Look at how far he's come.... I'm so happy for him

Автор Baylee Manderson (75 лет назад)
What's really bugging me is that people are commenting saying he did
trainreck and he's a druggie or whatever. Justin was in a dark point and if
you pay attention to any media, you'd be aware that he has turned his life
back around and he's on the right track again. 

Автор Lukas Balestracci ( назад)
And then they make a video about why he sucks.

Автор ShadowTheHunter ( назад)

Автор Marco Vergaray Limón ( назад)
He was a good kid, stardom just got to his head. I'm not a justin bieber
fan, in fact, I never liked his music; but I can say this kid does have a
talent to sing. He's good at what he does but now the stardom gotten to his
head he's become a douche. As a person I hope he turns his life around.
Again, to those reading my comment I never liked his music I'm just voicing
my opinion. 

Автор Kielee Dixon ( назад)
all you haters are pathetic , let him be . yes he made mistakes & he will
be the first to admit that, but saying he fucked up his career & you miss
the old him? there is NO old & new him. he is the same human with the same
feelings as all of you, he's owning up to all of his mistakes & you guys
think you are so much better , if you were that young , with that much
money, looking like that, you wouldn't do to well either , he got rich fast
. he was young , it's 2015 it's no longer " cool " to hate on Justin , he's
doing the best he can to make up for all those mistakes . leave him alone!

Автор GT8686 ( назад)
Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?

Автор Jasmine Rios (174 года назад)
Aww hes so cute

Автор Thai Tran ( назад)
2:00 "Now we see alot of young celebrities who became famous at a young age
and then they kinda grow up train wrenked when they grow up"

I could not see him looking and being like what he is now.......

Автор Thai Tran ( назад)
0:54 wtf is that Justin holly shit

Автор Rynia Golman ( назад)
Wow why not bild fucking time devise and go bake intime to here his self
say that then yong justen go forward in time to see how big of a bitch he

Автор 'sniceverything ( назад)
he was cute when he was little but turns out he's a devil

Автор Michael Steven Martin ( назад)
This little boy has a bright future.

Автор Before and After These Messages ( назад)
geez look at rebecca 5 yeas ago

Автор SuperDuperAwesomeGirl ( назад)
I was never a belieber, but I think that Justin Bieber should go back to
the nice person he once was. 

Автор Barema Diawara ( назад)
I don't think his a train wreck, I think he's a talented guy who just made
a few mistakes but is learning from them. He was talented then and he's
talented now. He has the rights to make mistakes, but not do it over and
over again. He's the sweetest guy ever. Love Justin


Автор Triple Digit ( назад)
What a cunt

Автор Gamerswag ( назад)
Any watching this in 2015

Автор Icarus975 ( назад)

Автор Evelyn L. ( назад)
2:01 I feel really bad for Justin Bieber actually becoming insane like many
child celebrities.........

Автор Evelyn L. ( назад)

Автор Black Mesa Research Facility ( назад)
1:44 AWHHHH :$$$$ SO CUTE!!

Автор daniel khokhlovich ( назад)
Why so many dislikes? Oh, it's 2009, ok

Автор badgerman ( назад)
WatchMojo.com hate him now. Justin Biebers a faggot

Автор Dank Meme ( назад)
Youtube superstar ??? .... More like Youtube Hatestar or something :DDD

Автор Сэксгэй «СИМУЛЯТОР ПОЗИТИВА» Саймонов ( назад)

Автор dick dickmanbaby ( назад)
Your fame was the ruin of your career. I have to admit i miss the old
bieber. He wasnt so reckless and such a fucking douchebag. Good job justin
you fucked up badly

Автор Gila6918 ( назад)

Автор Jake Clement (Clemm) ( назад)

Автор Tristan Popillion ( назад)
I'll watching this now. Eh em train WRECK 

Автор Double D ( назад)

Автор Abdelhak Bouali ( назад)

Автор Ferd Co. ( назад)
What a fag

Автор Orange Plastic ( назад)
He actually wasn't bad at this time, but he randomly trainwrecked a couple
of years later (as he said he wouldn't)!

Автор Patnfell ( назад)
Hilarious after 2:01 talks about staying grounded, complete opposite of
what happens

Автор artiefun ( назад)
This kid is a big joke who has no talent and was man made by publicity.
What's so great about his voice? Also get a haircut you look like a shaggy

Автор Patrick Allard ( назад)

Автор Kassi ( назад)
Well I'm actually glad your friends/family couldn't make it otherwise there
would be no videos on YouTube then you wouldn't be famous and then life
would be over literally😂😭💖

Автор Sean H ( назад)
Well at least he isn't a douchebag in this video

Автор Trevor Hermann ( назад)
Way to stay grounded.

Автор Jacob Ryan Harris ( назад)
2:01 lol if only he knew that he'd become a loser

Автор Wouter d.B. ( назад)
Hello, just came to dislike the vid lol

Автор Dave Berz ( назад)
In their WMFAQ they talk about him being a douchebag lol!

Автор Destiny Henderson ( назад)
Ily so much Justin forever a belieber <3

Автор Good Zombies ( назад)

Автор Ice Tabloid ( назад)
"I plan to just stay grounded" how did that work out for ya?

Автор Ceruliver ( назад)
I like how the up votes and down votes are practicly the same

Автор Rhythm, beats & life ( назад)
He trainwrecked lol

Автор Paul McKee ( назад)
If only you knew you had the opportunity to end this twat before he became
the c**t he is today, oh the humanity!

Автор Chuckman02 ( назад)
When he was young he was fine, I mean he sometimes acted like a wannabe,
and he was also annoying at times, but he was more down to earth then, than
he is now

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