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Автор Kirara Kurokawa (1 день)
15,257 14,389

Автор TheBulletMagnet (4 дня)
Now he is a noughty boy that has 30 bitches for a night and he is in

Автор Queen Goblin (8 дней)
billion bucks a lister lol he sure stayed grounded....didn't train
wreck...nope not like AT ALL

Автор Horia Scarlat (10 дней)
Please make an overdose and die, please !!!

Автор NotawinnerXLIVE (10 дней)
Stay grounded? LMAO!!! This nigga went to jail. SMH good Justin Beaver

Автор Amazing Mystery Videos (15 дней)
Poor boy...bad singer just good dancer
and now Drugs Man, the new super hero

Автор Charla Rae (12 дней)
holy shit guys, calm down the the GAYYYY, faggot comments. Seriously. He
was fucking 15 okay? Do you think it's appropriate to see a guy who hits
puberty late and yell GAYYY across the street? No, I don't think you'd do
that. Just because your hidden behind a computer screen saying this doesn't
make it any more right. I am no JB fan but using the excuse that "oh, he
chose to be famous so it's ok to verbally abuse the shit out of him' is
really sad :/ 

Автор George Stoitzev (13 дней)
What's sad is the fact that those who are so quick to criticism his current
actions are unaware of their influence in the manner. From the obnoxious
"GAYY!" comments to the constant flurry of hatred. It shouldn't be a
surprise that he had to build a narcissistic front in an attempt to not
feel demoralized. That alongside his influences from terrible parenting,
party lifestyle, and bad friends led him to use his money and power to work
against him.

Again, I am not condowning his actions. I seek to understand the events
that shaped those actions before projecting negativity that causes more
harm than it hopes to stop. Overall, individuals who are in the category of
constantly complaining and putting down others before looking at themselves
and their own BULLSHIT should seriously reconsider.

Автор Abdulrahman Althabt (15 дней)
can i kill him?Please tell me i can kill him!

Автор Itachi21x (1 месяц)
Jesus Christ, what happened to him?
He became an arrogant asshole

Автор Mary Lafayette (1 месяц)

Автор billywhitewolf (1 месяц)
he doesn't look so much gay more like he looks about 8 and not 15

Автор Templedelagloire (2 месяца)

Автор CrazyGuyofDoom (1 месяц)
Bieber before he was popular XD

Автор Vladimir Putin (1 месяц)
omce gay, always gay

Автор Tyler Flesher (1 месяц)
2:01 that's funny.

Автор ShaneGame (1 месяц)
Ive never been so inspired to be a asshole.

Автор Andrew Monias (1 месяц)
dam he was so young and immature here. almost comes off as a bit douchey,
no offense.

so glad to see he's grown up into a humble mature adult. love the direction
he's going in. he has definitely grown a heart of gold.

Автор Jared Thompson (1 месяц)
2:00 Oh blow it out your ass !

Автор bob bobby (11 часов)
lol he was 15 he looked like he was 10

Автор MegaMikig (17 часов)

Автор Angel D (2 дня)
"I plan to just stay grounded"

I almost died at that part! OMG hes a trainwreck now!!!

Автор Jean Perez (4 дня)
It's really weird to see this vid given how he is now

Автор Bjarni Mar Jonsson (4 дня)
''Stay grounded'' yeah that did'nt work out.

Автор Luke Mitchell (5 дней)
justin bieber sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор DanFoxMusic (11 дней)
2.10 discusses child stars who train wreck when they grow older....fast
forward 6 years and he's arrested. Irony. 

Автор Master Grimface (16 дней)
This video gave my computer a virus. I need Classical diagnostics.

Автор Hector Hernan Munoz Sanchez (9 дней)
She is a idiot

Автор Lily McKenzie (18 дней)
He's so beautiful. And he had such a nice personality. But thanks to all
you fucking millions of jealous, insecure homophobics claiming he's a
faggot and everything, you are the REASON he CHANGED. How the hell was
supposed to stay sane?! Everything knows who One Direction are, and there's
a lot of jealousy surrounding them, but they were mature enough when they
became famous, plus the UK already had good knowledge of what they were
like through the X Factor process, and just loads of right stuff just
happened to them. Whereas with Justin, he was a child star and probably he
is the most bullied child star of all time along with Britney. Except
Britney wasn't meant for the industry. Justin is pretty strong to have gone
through all that he has. But that's why he's turned into a "jerk" and gone
off the rails... I got rant on and on, but basically you disgusting
homophobic arseholes bullied him into drugs etc I'm surprised he's still
even sane, because everyone hates him, girls, boys, adults, grandparents. 

Автор cade hudgens (23 дня)

Автор Nathan Chalk (21 день)
justin beiber talking about being well grounded when he is older......well

Автор Aj Steiby (24 дня)
0:24 Bitch please

Автор Blunt Billy (1 месяц)

The prediction came true.

Автор Mathew McLean (1 месяц)
wow. way to stay grounded Bieber.

Автор Ray G. (1 месяц)
So much for staying grounded ....lol

Автор Chucki Doggi (1 месяц)

Автор Robert Litten (1 месяц)
His story is pretty cool, BUT he is such a freaking douche-nozzle now!

Автор Cole Baxter (1 месяц)
now justin bieber is a train wreck

Автор BakedTurd (1 месяц)
Stay grounded-JB 2009

Автор Sirmatthewawesome (25 дней)
Now that I look at his hair it kinda looks like a penis with a brown hairy

Автор Skribe (1 месяц)
The train BLEW UP a looooong time ago !

Автор Stable Dweller (1 месяц)
JESUS CHRIST! THIS IS SO... OLD! HE'S 15?! He sounds like he's 9.

Автор Jon V (1 месяц)
2:08 haha

Автор coatedexponent2 (1 месяц)
hes drunk

Автор yolo (1 месяц)
aww its sad how he thought he would stay grounded

Автор Hadrian Andersen (1 месяц)
please god make justin see this now.

Автор Jim Keegan (1 месяц)
I am I the only one who thinks he lived his teenage years without puberty,
but when he turned eighteen, out of nowhere, he had tatoos and a mustache

Автор Jesse Noel (1 месяц)
He Train wrecked all right
It' sad he's from my Province.

Автор Ben Rusk (1 месяц)
So much for "staying grounded" o3o

Автор thegman partyrocker (1 месяц)
and now he is crazy

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