YouTube Superstar Justin Bieber - Interview

http://www.WatchMojo.com interviews Justin Bieber. Heres the story: boy performs in talent show, posts videos of performance on YouTube. What comes next is like a dream come true. This is how Justin Bieber got himself noticed by not one, but two music superstars and powerhouses, Justin Timberlake and Usher. A bidding war resulted in Bieber becoming Ushers protégé. And to think, he accomplished all this by age 15. In this video, WatchMojo.com sits down with the young star to find out more about his time with Usher, as well as how he plans to stay grounded as he grows up in the spotlight.

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Автор sonoki82 (10 дней)
Stop hating! Just because a guy becomes a pothead, urinates in public,
spits on his fans, traumatizes and abandons a baby monkey, directs an
assault against a photographer, curses out a court reporter, vandalizes the
home of his neighbor, pleads guilty to a reckless driving charge, and
defaces the flag of Argentina does NOT prove that he is a train wreck.

Автор eid allumlum (29 дней)
youtube superstar my ass 

Автор Justas Guikutis (1 месяц)
Punch him

Автор Edward Elric (1 месяц)
You must have been holding back the urge to punch the faggot 

Автор Fred Rice (1 месяц)
"We see so many celebrities at a young age train wreck when they get older,
now how do you plan to stay grounded." Foreshadowing at its greatest.

Автор Links Drunk Everyone (1 месяц)
I feel really bad

Автор Bethius Tiberius (2 месяца)
Just think, if this had never happened to him he might be a decent person
right now, his life might be on track... it's kinda sad really...

Автор Liam Guan (1 месяц)
fuck her right in the pussy

Автор Kay Cool (2 месяца)
If y'all hate him then why the fuck would y'all click on the damn video
like my god go do something else better with your life and stop hating on
the people who are successful in life y'all talking about how he is
talentless then why df is he famous I don't see you ass walking red carpets
winning music awards and have many loyal fans 

Автор Keilon Jassat (22 часа)
Yep, cause you didn't want to end up like a spoiled twat and a d-bag when
you grow up... Good thing that didn't happen ;) Lol

Автор suthesan arasu (2 дня)
fuck, why iam watching this :S Oh! it is on autoplay/playlist ;P

Автор Nathan White (3 дня)
Why does this guy should like girl

Автор darrius swannegan (3 дня)
I couldn't help but scream THATS A DAMN LIE when he said he plans to stay

Автор Ender Atlas (4 дня)
We'll he defiantly stayed grounded... Lol

Автор Samantha Cornman (5 дней)
No youtuber shall speak of this. Don't blame it on youtube lol

Автор Keaton Hartz (6 дней)
Wow for 15 he had a squeaky as fuck voice

Автор Erika Villa (7 дней)
2:01 - 2:21 awkward

Автор bananabep (8 дней)

Автор Bo Bucklin (9 дней)
2009: pretty ok, 2014: total fuckbag

Автор henryatethedoughnuts (3 месяца)
'I plan to stay grounded, it will be a good road ahead'
Not too good a singer. Not too good a future reader.

Автор Javy Damas (10 дней)
what's with the random hair toss?

Автор Leo Rob (12 дней)

Автор Eli Egglestone (12 дней)
nek minnit

Автор Summer Lanese (13 дней)
he sounds like a four year old.

Автор Juice & Fruits (13 дней)
Yo biever

Автор sierrah hansen (14 дней)
he says that he is not going to trainwreck like miley cyrus, ariana grande,
and possibly jennette and so on!!!

Автор Garen Fleener (15 дней)
"I plan to just stay grounded..." *lol buddy,* you might want to take
another look at this.

Автор Little Big Xeno (16 дней)
anyone checked the likes and dislikes xD

Автор Sabino Rosas (16 дней)
Canta mejor zarcort

Автор Keisha Martinez (16 дней)
Your? Keisha your my
Myis is😌?my Louie. Krishna? 

Автор Isaac Gazmararian (17 дней)
2:00 - 2:20, well that sure worked out for him, lol.

Автор Boris Bogdanov (17 дней)
hmm how did their heads dind pop and die

Автор king alba (17 дней)
Ha Gayyyyyyyyyy

Автор stoagymahalo (18 дней)
When did Game of Thrones' books come out again? early enough from him, or
long enough to what he wanted to do, Joffrey sure let himself go.

Автор awzzzmyjawzzz (19 дней)
If only he had signed for Justin. If ONLY.

Автор Michael Deluna (20 дней)
i dont know why people call him gay he has a girlfriend hello

Автор Absolute Anarchy (20 дней)
The caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly effect...went drastically wrong here

Автор Tanya Sohal (20 дней)
If dnt understand code word/number dnt bother

Автор CodDBZ534 (21 день)
Lol at the "staying grounded" part

Автор Cody Hash (22 дня)
2:01 so. so. so sooo. sad

Автор Israel TLG (23 дня)
Haha.Train wrecked like miley

Автор Leon Vela (23 дня)
I hate Justin Bieber!

Автор aaron lozada (24 дня)
"Stay grounded" my ass 😂😂😂

Автор RED6UA (25 дней)
Wow, all this hate, this kid mustve done some serious shit!

Автор Sol Badguy (26 дней)
I'd like to put him in a tank of acid and then beat him with a brick until
he dies.

Автор Syed Abdullah (26 дней)
He's more than a train wreck, more like a mh 17 plane crash. Usher and
Justin timber lake are the pro Russian separatists and fame is the missile
that crashed the plane.

Автор Jack McLean (27 дней)

Автор robbie huntington (27 дней)
2:01 now thats irony

Автор BestLegitGamer (28 дней)
Nope YouTube superstar PewDiePie

Автор Henderson Miller (28 дней)
Come on let's get this video over 15,000 dislikes.. we're almost there.

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