YouTube Superstar Justin Bieber - Interview

http://www.WatchMojo.com interviews Justin Bieber. Heres the story: boy performs in talent show, posts videos of performance on YouTube. What comes next is like a dream come true. This is how Justin Bieber got himself noticed by not one, but two music superstars and powerhouses, Justin Timberlake and Usher. A bidding war resulted in Bieber becoming Ushers protégé. And to think, he accomplished all this by age 15. In this video, WatchMojo.com sits down with the young star to find out more about his time with Usher, as well as how he plans to stay grounded as he grows up in the spotlight.

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Автор Onnika Leckscheid (10 дней)
I feel really bad

Автор Itachi21x (4 месяца)
Jesus Christ, what happened to him?
He became an arrogant asshole

Автор aran carr-brown (4 месяца)
i love how he planned to not be a train wreck, i bet if he watched this
again he'd feel like such a douche.

Автор Amazing Mystery Videos (3 месяца)
Poor boy...bad singer just good dancer
and now Drugs Man, the new super hero

Автор Andrew Monias (5 месяцев)
dam he was so young and immature here. almost comes off as a bit douchey,
no offense.

so glad to see he's grown up into a humble mature adult. love the direction
he's going in. he has definitely grown a heart of gold.

Автор Brian Boyd (5 месяцев)
Hatred is a toxic emotion. Has everyone lived such perfect, sin-free lives
that they feel justified in casting stones at this kid?

Автор Tyler Flesher (4 месяца)
2:01 that's funny.

Автор Tophie Hughes (5 месяцев)
He's not articulate. He's just an idiot 

Автор Addison Moreno (7 месяцев)
Well his plan failed to not go into a total trainwreck

Автор Charla Rae (3 месяца)
holy shit guys, calm down the the GAYYYY, faggot comments. Seriously. He
was fucking 15 okay? Do you think it's appropriate to see a guy who hits
puberty late and yell GAYYY across the street? No, I don't think you'd do
that. Just because your hidden behind a computer screen saying this doesn't
make it any more right. I am no JB fan but using the excuse that "oh, he
chose to be famous so it's ok to verbally abuse the shit out of him' is
really sad :/ 

Автор SoZo Sama (8 месяцев)
PLLZZ can some1 explain me why is there so much hate for justin bieber?...i
neither like nor hate him...but to hate some1 without reason is a stupid
thing (dont get my comment as offence plz)

Автор Abdulrahman Althabt (3 месяца)
can i kill him?Please tell me i can kill him!

Автор Brcboston (6 месяцев)
2:00 - 2:21


Автор MrTB38 (5 месяцев)
From humble to douchebag...

Автор Edward Elric (24 дня)
You must have been holding back the urge to punch the faggot 

Автор MyLostTemple (5 месяцев)
Good news is he could get deported back to his birth place, a frozen barren
land up north called Canada.

Автор Senor Karlestino (6 месяцев)

Автор Planet Awesome 11 (5 месяцев)
yeah he won't train wreck!! definitely not!! 

Автор Fred Rice (27 дней)
"We see so many celebrities at a young age train wreck when they get older,
now how do you plan to stay grounded." Foreshadowing at its greatest.

Автор Andrée Life Advice (5 месяцев)
Usher you destroyed this boy.

Автор Kay Cool (1 месяц)
If y'all hate him then why the fuck would y'all click on the damn video
like my god go do something else better with your life and stop hating on
the people who are successful in life y'all talking about how he is
talentless then why df is he famous I don't see you ass walking red carpets
winning music awards and have many loyal fans 

Автор Gauixiuz (5 месяцев)
aaaaaaaaand now he has become a world class DOUCHEBAG in league of his
own... sitting on the top.. it's lonely at the top.. 

Автор TheSGplayer12 (7 месяцев)
Worst. decision. ever

Автор Julien Senopati (5 месяцев)
...And now he's a douche.

Автор Jared Thompson (4 месяца)
2:00 Oh blow it out your ass !

Автор Stefan Westermann (5 месяцев)
Back when he was actually tolerable as a person.

Автор Vladimir Putin (4 месяца)
omce gay, always gay

Автор eid allumlum (9 часов)
youtube superstar my ass 

Автор Joe Wooden (3 дня)
I like how this has almost as many dislikes as likes. Justin Bieber went
from a pathetic wimp to a crazy idiot. He thinks the Sistine Chapel is the
"Sixteenth Chapel".

Автор Waristai™ Cavemanas (9 дней)
shit mother fucher justin bieber

Автор tlfilms (11 дней)
i feel bad for the kid. he used to be this inoccent kid with a bowl cut now
he's a total douche 

Автор Dylan Heim (16 дней)

Автор Tee Monique (20 дней)
I don't get how he's train wrecked. He's still an extremely successful,
he's still got millions of fans, he's still got talent. The only thing
that's happened is he's smoked weed(which like a lot of the population has
atleast tried) and got arrested for DUI which was falsely alleged...

Автор Eeayor MC (19 дней)
He's a f***in b****

Автор AidanMurphy (21 день)
He turned out to be a train wreck didn't he

Автор Billaras Gamer (23 дня)

Автор GoneButNotForgottenn (2 месяца)
I want his money, that's all. I'd only meet him if he gave me some. :P

Автор Eric Eggert (24 дня)
oh the irony 

Автор Queen Goblin (3 месяца)
billion bucks a lister lol he sure stayed grounded....didn't train
wreck...nope not like AT ALL

Автор Science today (3 месяца)
Now he is a noughty boy that has 30 bitches for a night and he is in

Автор Vohemian Anarkyst (6 месяцев)
haha always funny to see the before and after, fame consumes if not
everybody, everybody -5 haha anyways he was always a douchebag, hasnt
changed just got worse

Автор Zan Ahmad (2 месяца)

LOL & look what happened...

Total Train-Wreck xD

Автор Sakuya Izayoi (23 дня)
I only came here to dislike this.. c: 

Автор Laloca Oca (1 месяц)
he used to be sweet and innocent, what happened?

Автор CodeXIX (3 месяца)
Why does justin beiber point his fucking finger in the sky like 10 times in
this video
"Bitch please, my finger is better than yours"... 

Автор Gamemaker Proness (5 месяцев)
U stink beiber!

Автор Horia Scarlat (3 месяца)
Please make an overdose and die, please !!!

Автор kimmidoll123 (2 месяца)
"Just come inside little boy." That's really fucking creepy...

Автор Thorpe (2 месяца)
LOL omg 2:00 in

Автор Avenger021 (7 месяцев)
half girl half boy with a girly voice

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