Grace Slick on Daytime Talk Show in 1984

An interview with Jefferson Airplane / Starship singer & songwriter Grace Slick, seen February 22nd 1984 on "People Are Talking in the Afternoon" with SF Bay Area TV hosts Ann Fraser and Ross McGowan. "The First Lady Of Rock n Roll" discusses her career & offers some reflection on music industry drug abuse. One of many clips available via the San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive at http://diva.sfsu.edu/collections/sfbatv

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Автор crzy swyze ( назад)
life was great before the internet and smart phones

Автор Steve Morris ( назад)
Grace Slick is awesome. she was relevant in the late 60's all the way
through the 90's that's real talent! !

Автор Justin Fleming ( назад)
I just realized: Scorsese modeled Karen's 80's look from Goodfellas from
Grace Slick in this interview.

Автор Michael Curry ( назад)
Man, Gracie Slick. What a broad.

Автор james madison ( назад)
This doesn't even seem real. It completely plays out like a Saturday Night
Live skit.

Автор Homo Erectus ( назад)
Lol, was this a legitimate talk show? Totally hilarious. Grace is fine, the
hosts are cheesy as hell.

Автор Talla Bamahassee ( назад)
Funny how conventional and dorky this show is. I just can't imagine SF
producing a show like this today!

Автор Melissa Wright ( назад)
She is fantastic! No wonder so many men fucked her! Lol x

Автор oblong ( назад)
wow I just don't have words to describe this video....

Автор muskybubba ( назад)
LOL 2:16 Were you as ..wild................as reports say???

Автор Torrey Dunn ( назад)
great interview. 

Автор madd hatter ( назад)
Just watched a video where she's 70 years old, and she sounds exactly the

Автор turbodaze ( назад)
Looks like the Golden Girls when I first clicked play.

Автор Noe Berengena ( назад)
Wow, this is like a spoof skit on SNL. The hair styles, the eyeglasses, and
the clothes. And what about that electronic music in the background? The
show hosts are unbelievable.

Автор Blond Thought ( назад)
Good, sane chat about drugs. I like her claim that she was too lazy to do

Автор Skeeter NYC ( назад)
I love that Grace was trying to be what she thought of as current. Actually
'Punk' happened in 1975 at CBGB's in NYC. So by '84 it was 'Post-Punk', 'No
Wave' & 'Alternative.' Of course Grace is def a precursor to Post-Punk,
Gothic, Pyschedelic revival Queen Siouxsie Sioux. Kate Bush and Nina Hagen
as well to a certain extent.

Автор N.W.A. ( назад)
now that's how you name a talk show.

Автор Mark Patterson ( назад)
I met here here in phoenix,"rockstar gallery" show,FIRST UP,HER VOICE IS
SURROUNDS YOU LIKE A SWEET CLOUD.she is still gorgeous,and we talked FOR
NEARLY A HOUR,till it hit me,"THIS GODDESS",has rocked the entire world,i
was speaking to a "goddess",yet down to earth,sweet,and honest.i still
rather worship her,wish I knew if she got the pastel painting I left for
her,never knew if she liked it,ect.i can dream she has it framed
somewhere,grace,i am mark Patterson of phoenix,we met long ago,and
again,you changed my life,for the better,i honestly love you to death!!

Автор Pill Box ( назад)
I like how she admitted this album was crap. She is a really cool lady. She
has a great story about how she nearly acid dosed Richard Nixon in 1969 at
a tea party, but they pulled her from the party before she could meet him.

Автор bobluman4 ( назад)

Автор Rineke RobertsonvanDam ( назад)
Fantastic Woman! :-)

Автор Minalover100 ( назад)
not only beautiful but smart too. Thanks for posting.

Автор tacomadc ( назад)
She's sharp as a whip, that's for sure.

Автор Yellowkid FortyNine ( назад)
Grace was "older", 30ish when they got hot, so she's 50ish here. Good
looking woman!

Автор zibbyzubb ( назад)
love those plastic 80s Local TV talk show hosts.

Автор Freddy Cellophane ( назад)
My alarm clock, microwave, garage door opener and coffee maker say she's

Автор Mirella Antova ( назад)
I would really like to say that miss Slick is my idol.What a voice,what a
beauty!(And she is intelligent as well.)There is truly no one else like
her.My respect!

Автор Gary Caldwell ( назад)
Very, very well put, my sentiments exactly. She is very intelligent, I am
also glad she is still alive and hope she lives on. She can tell us about
the past that a lot of people cannot because they are gone. She has lived
through a lot.

Автор flamindigo ( назад)
she hasn't really changed in any important way - she can just remember it
all now; and, that's a good thing

Автор rlwainwright ( назад)
"I'm before Moses..." Haha!! Grace is da bomb!!what cool chick!

Автор rlwainwright ( назад)
"I'm before Moses..." Haha!! Grace is da bomb!!

Автор tall32guy ( назад)
Great interview! The interviewer guy was cute too! :)

Автор 8333P ( назад)
She looks like Gary Glitter. Hilarious!

Автор timongarretson ( назад)
She's of Norwegian descent? Suddenly it all makes sense. Some of the best
heavy metal comes from Norway. I was less than 2 yrs old when this aired.
She's amazingly enlightened. This is probably the earliest aired interview
I've ever seen her in and she's very open, honest, and quite reasonable.
I'd really like to buy one of her paintings now.

Автор Eco Tree ( назад)
I wanted to marry her...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Автор Benjamin Zuckerman ( назад)
That blonde perm scares me - particularly with those glasses. Wow.

Автор MastaNinja ( назад)
I love her for her personality, too. She's just so rough, and that's
brilliant to me.

Автор Gemeral dis ( назад)
She's real.

Автор I Kill Communists ( назад)
Acid makes you smarter. LSD is the best thing in the world. Being labeled
the Queen of Acid is the biggest compliment I can think of.

Автор GINGERALER ( назад)
I could listen to her talk all day.

Автор mickigoe ( назад)
Agreed ...... she is /was a brilliant lyricist.

Автор Your Mother ( назад)
So you clicked on a 1980's interview when not wanting to be reminded of the
80's. That was smart..

Автор tomorr ow ( назад)
Grace is hilarious! love her

Автор Heartboy1031 ( назад)
I think this was one of those local shows, I don't think it was national,
so it sure is a treat for the fans. I think this period (Software) in the
80's, was when Grace was going for the cool look... the hair, the clothes.
A year later with 'Starship', her clothes were so cheesy & her hair didn't
get that high. You would think that the record company would of did what
Heart & Stevie Nicks' record companies did. Big Hair, Big Clothes, the
videos were pretty big, though.

Автор bunnyman09 ( назад)
She dealt with those idiots with a lot of humor and consideration. And the
audience was 99% little old ladies going who the hell is that?

Автор SpacePyramid ( назад)
shes so charismatic and approachable and easy to talk to <3

Автор moby boy ( назад)
she looks goth ! she amazes me

Автор BowToUrSensei1 ( назад)
lol that crowd of 300 old women surrounding one 13 year old kid

Автор Gregor Greg ( назад)
Please don't remind me of the dreadful 1980s, when everyone was so
judgmental, plastic, religious, sober, & just totally ignorant about
anything but money & their own idiotic sense of what is life. Life isn't
all about plastic clothes & hair, success, money, & sobriety. Get real, &
get natural. The religious, holier-than-thou, live-for-success & longevity
bullshit just doesn't cut it anymore. Creativity doesn't come from focusing
on preservation of one's worldly life & always playing it safely.

Автор MrSnaketoe ( назад)
thanks for uploading

Автор bcom11 ( назад)

Автор devonrocks6 ( назад)
lol omg she cracked me up with that heroin bit xD

Автор manryhood ( назад)
People call her Queen of Acid, Queen of Rock&Roll, but sometimes I feel
like people fail to notice or acknowledge what a smart woman she is. I'm so
glad she's still alive because the world needs people like her- a wise
elderly who have been trough a lot of shit. I don't just love her for her
music, but I also adore her as a person. Love you, Grace Slick!

Автор Robert Sousa ( назад)
I lover her...thanks for posting this...it was great watching it :)

Автор Tremblay Jean ( назад)

Автор robert dunmeyer ( назад)
What was the network series she was on that was not accepted for broadcast?

Автор robert dunmeyer ( назад)
Grace retired in 1989 at age 50. She retired way too early. She only let
other less gifted women take over music. Grace was the best female singer
ever but she let men lead things instead of leading most of the JA, JS and
Starship songs.

Автор salvian prayoga ( назад)
queen of acid

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