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Автор GladiolusPrincess (1 год)
she does a double pike, double twist, and she threw her head back on her
leap, i don't know about you but that is more gymnastics than most give in
these performances!! it looked like Shawn was really having fun and though
this was definitely not up to her usual skill level, she did produce a fun
to watch routine!!

Автор James Hinchliffe (1 год)
U chose a good song to go with it aswell

Автор James Hinchliffe (1 год)
Ur such a good gymnast

Автор lulubell435 (3 года)
these tours are a joke and are insulting to their true ability as gymnasts

Автор Beth143055 (5 лет)
i hate miley cyrus. But I love shawn johnson!

Автор Annabellp98 (6 лет)
i watch this like 2 times everyday, and it never gets boring. Thx for
uploading! ^^

Автор LauraBellBundy22 (3 года)
Poor girl having to dance to Miley Cyrus.. who's the genius who chose the

Автор smsflippygirl (6 лет)
i getting really sick of people saying that these outfits/routines are
sluty. i mean, they usually wear leotards, which are pretty revealing
themselves. and the routines, they're just dancing, its suppossed to be
fun. all the people in this show are at LEAST 16, they should be able to
have fun without being called sluts

Автор shawnjohnsonlover12 (5 лет)
Omg i love her you rock! and awesome routine!! and she never stops

Автор Eden Rogel (4 года)
0:24 that is my favorite trick she does!

Автор FlippinTitan10 (6 лет)
Yeah seriously, next time I'm sure wear a floor length skirt.. since she's
definitaley capable of tumbling in it? I don't think so.. I think
everything about this show was cute and wholesome

Автор emma2710gymnastics (6 лет)
I love her hair, I like that she doesn't strighten it evry time she's not

Автор Sais Singh (6 лет)
dude, the kid is 16! she should be chubby, but at that level of
competition, she is 100% muscle.

Автор Jessicaz2910 (6 лет)
o i wonder why? gosh she had just being tumbling and as if anyone 's hair
would be perfect after those tumbles.

Автор hbabe15 (6 лет)
are they forceing her to do this its really to young for her

Автор NBAsLebron (6 лет)
But... it's sung by Hannah Montana.... D: Well at least Shawn makes it
sound good

Автор SAX713 (5 лет)
@brdavis1022 who's nate

Автор eskimokid5 (5 лет)
same just nastia, and i think its paul hamm

Автор rainneyfabray rfcool (2 года)
omg shes my favorite now she should do that every compitition then she'll
deffintaley win every time inless china decides to cheat again

Автор 234234234werrrrrrr (6 лет)
my dream girl lol

Автор smileyfan16 (5 лет)
Shawn is the best gymnast ever... I ♥ this song... her performance gave me
chills of how insanely good it was!!!!!

Автор Emerald Coleman (4 года)
Im just starting out in gymnastics and im going to work as hard as i can to
be just like her!! brw LUVV THE OUTFIT! she is my idol!!

Автор marv0us78 (6 лет)
I ment this rountine She did Wonderful in China.

Автор bimbobean15 (6 лет)
ummmmmmmmmmmmm.......... your rude!

Автор giovanielperro (6 лет)
I thought never see something like this perfect combination of skill,
beauty and fun

Автор Jasmine Simmons (2 года)
Miley Cyrus tries to defend herself and make excuses for her pathetic
career. Shawn Johnson is 10x better. Olympic Gold Medalist, Wolrd Champion,
National Champion, Winning dancing with the stars. Miley cyrus...skanky

Автор hockey87rules (6 лет)
that was awesome and do more of that stuff because thats really really
really really really really really awesome

Автор Rawk4Life (4 года)
She is gorgeous, but I hope she keeps the image she has now and not pose
for some magazine like Playboy or Maxim like many former female child stars
have done.

Автор andydancer91 (5 лет)

Автор kristaloveex0 (5 лет)
she is an AWESOME gymnast! but she cnt dance.

Автор melonyjayde (4 года)
That was magic! I love her shes my idol..shes amazing!:)

Автор gm1458 (6 лет)
love that move at 0:28

Автор funkypenguin123 (5 лет)
wow she is REALLY GOOD!! i wish i could do that .... i almost have my

Автор lisapizza16 (5 лет)
It's a young crowd that likes hannah montana and she was 16 at the time...
its not a big deal

Автор Amylin98 (6 лет)
I love her smile! It makes her look gorgeous!

Автор dancelife450 (6 лет)
dude read the description

Автор ladodgerschick (4 года)
I love shawn, but she should not be doing ring leaps!

Автор Foobeyasd (5 лет)
she is the best gymnast ever! i love shawn i am like her biggest fan ever!

Автор omghahaxd (4 года)

Автор len d (6 лет)
i wish i could do that. OH and the backflips too

Автор dancelife450 (6 лет)

Автор Amylin98 (6 лет)
She is my fav Gymnastic athlete!

Автор TheZ999 (6 лет)
good thing those little skirts are allowed:D

Автор SkodaExpress (4 года)
@Emmy3465 good luck. just some words of encouragement for you. your going
to be nowhere near shawn johnsons level haha

Автор Rokr334 (6 лет)
That's probably all muscle in her stomach.

Автор KingG1Youngin (6 лет)
this girl is so fucking hotttt

Автор lil6ave (6 лет)
Sorry but they chose really lame music.

Автор xanya15 (5 лет)
This song has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, lol. But Shawn Johnson
has officially made a Hannah Montana song totally awesome. That takes

Автор Grant Harris (6 лет)
omg she is

Автор Tania Torres (5 лет)
haha she is unique

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